10 Best Nike Running Shirts Rated


Nikenot just a brand name, we can say this brand is a way of life for a lot of dedicated runners.

Around since the late 1960s, they have consistently delighted the sporting world with their ever increasing quality sporting products. One advertisement used in the companies early days easily sums up the ambitions of Nike to provide quality products:

There is no finish line.

In this review we look at something for everyone.  An interesting  selection of choices for 2018. Here are your class choice of stylish comfortable running shirts with their varies specifications.

Last Updated: September 15, 2017
By Brian Price:

We’ve made a few new updates to this guide, both to our list and the additional information below.

Check back every few months, as we regularly update our work to reflect the current top rated wares available.

Nike Dri-Fit Element 1/2 Zip
  • Nike Dri-Fit Element 1/2 Zip
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Nike Dry Fabric + Dri-FIT Technology
  • Price: See Here
Nike Hypercool Sleeveless
  • Nike Hypercool Sleeveless
  • 4.7 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Back Mesh Panels for Breathabiltiy
  • Price: See Here
Nike Dri-FIT Challenger Short Sleeve
  • Nike Dri-FIT Challenger Short Sleeve
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Set-In Sleeve Construction
  • Price: See Here

10 Best Nike Running Shirts


Nike Women's Dry Element

Dry Element Half Zip Running top. For the Ladies on those slightly chilly fall days.

You will need to search far and wide to find a top that feels so soft on your skin.

Fall gets a bit more chilly and this ladies top is perfect for running, the stylish top doubles up as a running shirt and for when you’re about and about socially. Two functions for the price of one.

Read our review and think about adding this to your running kit and social wardrobe.
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Not only do you get bags of style but you also get lots of practical functionality.

The half zip feature makes slipping on the top so very easy but it also acts as a tool for regulating body heat build-up while running. If you feel your body heating up, down with the zipper, if you feel chilly, close up the zip , simplicity to operate and so very effective. The higher designed neck collar can even be pulled up to protect your neck from chilly airflow.

The feel of the shirt against the skin amounts to bliss; the comfort level is physically and psychologically soothing, a snug fit but not to snug, you get space between the skin and fabric for air to circulate your skin to breath.

The top is very light but don’t be fooled into thinking it’s not protective against the chill air during fall, it’s very protective as a result of the high tech fabrics.

The reflective features are clear and vivid in a stylish context so you are safely seen while you run on dark fall evenings.

You can enhance sleeve fit by using the thumbholes and the seams are flat so you don’t notice them on your skin.

Moisture Wicking.

We know the wick factor will be good when we see 89 Polyester and  Spandex at 11 percent, this combination of fabrics are literally hostile to moisture retention.

The Ultra soft Dri Fit materials wick away sweat so rapidly that you barely notice you are sweating. Run a marathon or go for a short local ride, either way you’re going to stay comfortably dry.

Use the half zip tech to regulate your body heat, this will enhance the wick factor to an even higher level


The price is balanced, it’s a really good purchase  and once you own this top you will realize you have got a really good product at a customer friendly price.


Lots of style and very fashionable

Extremely comfortable.

Reflective Qualities.

Great wick capability.

Nice price.


Addictive: Once you own one you will want another.

Nike Unisex AeroReact

Available in Ladies and Men’s version.

Stay dry and comfortable through this innovative running shirt. The sweat sensing material technology designed into this shirt will ensure that your ride is comfortable.

The moisture wicking factor will wick away all unwanted sweat. This shirt belongs as part of your running kit, take a look at our review and see why.
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Comfort starts with the Dri-Fit fabric system which adjusts to your sweat ratio and wicks away moisture, so you can run at your own ideal body temperature.

This is forward thinking and up to date  running shirt innovation at it's very best, you want comfort and this shirt can most certainly provide.

No discomfort or irritation from sweat sodden fabric on your skin while you run, the shirt sits comfortable and allows flexibility for the upper body and it’s available in a stylish range of colors.

The shirt incorporates a network of articulated seaming to ensure a comfortable fit for the contours of your own body shape, and for a flattering body hugging fit via tailored hem vents which are deep rounded.

An eye appealing design is given through cross dyed tonal striping and for convenience the shirt incorporates a small hip pocket so that you can carry your key.

Moisture Wicking. 

Moisture Wicking capability is excellent through the Dri_Fit fabric system.

The AeroReact  is a network of interwoven fibers which synchronize with your body temperature and level of sweat to quickly wick away uncomfortable moisture, they open up to let out wet and close again when you are dry.


The shirt is attractively priced and will be a great addition to your running kit.

Dri-Fit Tech

Synchronize with your body temperature

Very Comfortable.

A pocket for carrying a key.


Some runners wondered if it could be made in a hood version.

Nike Women's Element Pullover

For the ladies as the cool nights draw in when you go running, a lightweight comfortable and very stylish pullover with half zip. The qualities and features designed into this running shirt/pullover are exactly what you want. Read the review, this was created by Nike specially for you.
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This is a great clothing item for runner ladies to add to the wardrobe, Nike have been very attentive towards the design, the materials used, functionally, comfort all blended into a stylish piece of clothing specifically suitable for lady runners.

A long sleeve half zip pullover with close qualities to a running shirt style being light weight and comfortable. Fitted with ergonomic seams which will enhance your range of motion and thumb holes in the sleeve to keep the cuffs in place for comfortable secure fit, slip in your thumbs and gently pull till the cover fit feel right.

Ideal for running, and offered in a selected attractive range of colors, not only good for running but easily stylish and fashionable enough for casual wear.

A nicely fitted reflective trim ensures you are easily seen while running after sundown, for more comfort and durability the fabrics are gentle synthetics presenting as polyester at 89% and Spandex blend at 11%, super soft and lays comfortably on the skin.

A very convenient " loop" cord management system allows you to secure cords while you run so that you are not distracted.

Here is a quick list for you to commit to memory next time you go shopping.

Long sleeve.

Half zip front pullover

Dri-FIT fabric wicks away sweat.

Ergonomic seams enable motion range enhancement.

Reflective properties for safety.

Cuffs thumb-holes to add coverage

Comfort through synthetic blended materials.

Dri-FIT tech.

Cord management loop system.

Moisture wicking.

The dri-Fit tech fabric works superbly at wicking away moisture so that you feel comfortable and free from skin irritation. The 1/2 zip system adds to security and a comfortable fit, if the day is a bit chilly you can zip up to close of any cool air flow.


The price is right, this is an investment so that you can enjoy your running when the weather cools down. A good investment with regards to style, functionality and comfort.

Warm when it gets chilly.


Good wick-ability.

Reflective qualities.

Dri Fit tech.


Nice to see a zip pocket added.

Nike Men's Dri-FIT Element

As the cooler days creep in, start of your run right, in a Nike element half zip stylish shirt. Look good and feel comfortable.

Bags of functionality  come with this shirt. Designed as a running top,  this shirt can be used for any activity or even casual wear. This shirt is designed with nice athletic features. you wont regret adding this running shirt with multi wearable uses to your wardrobe. here we take a closer look at exactly why this shirt is a popular must have among runners.

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I really like this top, it has such style, it can work pretty much for any sporting activity and is stylish enough to work as casual clothing, importantly for us, it is a very good running top.

Simple good looks blended into a high performing quality product.

Tailored with an athletic cut, the built in ergonomic seaming is a very good functional feature because it enhances your range of motion while keeping you looking good. The Dri-Fit fabric wicks away unwanted moisture while ensuring comfortable breath-ability.

Designed in mesh side panels ingeniously add to ventilation and breath-ability without impacting on the shirts sound insulation value.ts old zip up, to hot zip down.as an additional method for regulating body temperate, too c

The fitted half zip makes the top very easy to put on and the zip system acts as an additional method for regulating body temperate, too cold zip up, to hot zip down.

The inclusion of discrete reflective features ensures you will be spotted if your running on dark and dusky evening.

The days of cotton running shirts seem to be behind us due to clever technology. Cotton feels nice on the skin but it easily soaks sweat while having minimum wick values. 

Nowadays innovative technology gives us skin friendly light weight comfortable materials such as polyester, and the Dri Fit element comes in 100% polyester.

The sleeves are fitted with thumb-holes which are aligned to follow or work with the shape of your hand.

This shirt has a style all of its own and the style works, its comfortable, well tailored, certainly functional and durable, the range comes in a nice selection of colors.

Here is your DNA style list to commit to memory for the next time you go shopping for a quality running top.

88% polyester

12% Spandex

 Nice half zipper closure system.

Nike Dry fabric.

Dri-FIT tech.

Thumb holes  for a comfortable fit.

Moisture wicking.

Manufactured in 100% polyester, the wick  factors are greatly appreciated by runners, moisture dispersal is very effective.


Surprisingly, the price is reasonable when you consider the shirt is excellent for running and can be worn for many other purposes. It is comfortable and durable so you get longevity for your purchase.

Nice half zipper system

good ventilation through mesh pads.

Ergonomic qualities.

Very comfortable and durable.


Some people prefer a 3/4  zipper, not half.

Nike Men's Dri-FIT Wool Shirt

Good running shirt and similar in design to the Nike Mens  Dri-Fit Element 1/2 Zip but this shirt features 43% wool blended with 57% polyester.

It's all a matter of preference and interpretation of comfort and durability  appreciation.

Wool is a long term tried and tested material and it certainly feels comfortable against the skin. Generally wool tends to be a little more heavier than synthetic materials and the blending of wool with synthetic in this shirt tends to off-set any overly notable weight differences.
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There are runners that like the feel of wool blended into a running shirts base material. If you feel that an element of wool gives us our comfort and durability this is doubtless because it works for us. Wool is not synthetic and feels natural and this is appreciated by a range of runners and other sports enthusiasts.

The construction remains as Dri-Fit and retains the good wick-ability features to ensure dryness and comfort while running. The half zip feature gives you control over part of the shirts ventilation capabilities, if the air flow is too chilly simply pull up the zip and block of the air flow.

On damp days, flowing air contains more moisture which can increase the damp level, blocking access to it with the zip system is a good function.

Another plus with the half zip system is related to those times when you are in higher exertion mode, for example when we run up a hill our bodies require more energy which results in higher body temperature, at such times the zip can be down to allow more body heat to escape.

Fitted into the shirt is a comfortable light weight mesh lining with very good breath-ability features which in turn further promotes a feeling of comfort.

The flat seam system is stylish non obtrusive and works really well to prevent chafing, the shirt panels consist of 20% spandex and 80% polyester, the panels are excellent for allowing a runner an enhanced range of body motion to support performance.

The running shirt is offered in a minimal range of colors which are generally enough for its niche market audience. 

For those of us looking to go shopping here is a quick features list for this impressive running shirt.

The fitted panels comprising 80% polyester blended with /20% spandex panel.

DRI-FIT fabric high wick-ability performance.

Control over shirt ventilation through half zip feature.

 Enhanced breath-ability through Lightweight mesh lining

Minimal chafing due to flat seams system.

Side panels comfortably giving enhanced range of motion.

Moisture Wicking.

This shirt retains the comfortable Dri-Fit  system which is a tried and effective system.


The shirt is a quality product with good comfort, durability and stylish functional features. The price is not overly expensive and represents a good investment.


Very comfortable to wear

Dri-Fit wick-ability.


Half Zip system giving control over shirt ventilation.

Wool comfort features.


Some runners prefer full synthetic blended materials.

Nike Dry Run Club

Ready for a run and just want to quickly throw on a comfortable and stylish running t-shirt, this is for you. This shirt has proven to be consistently highly popular, offered in a nice range of colors and eye catching graphics.

If you haven't already got this running shirt, read our review and see why you want it.
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It can be said that simplicity works towards avoiding complications and this can and will result in comfort of mind. I believe we can say the same for simplicity in design,  this convenient and nicely styled shirt offers straightforward design features and basic user friendly functionality.

This shirt is  from Nike for all the ladies, for moments such as when on the spur of the moment you want to quickly throw on a running shirt and go for a run on a nice sunny day. The shirt is perfect for such a situation, it's light weight and good for all sports or even as a casual clothing item.

The shirt looks and feels fashionable, I personally know a lady that has bought the full color range and wears them for relaxing at home, running, casually when going out and even for shopping, the shirt is multi-functional a typical feature of https://runnerclick.com/best-running-shoes-for-women/.

The crew neck feature sits stable and comfortably due to the innovative inclusion of discrete durable inner taping.

Once again we see the reliable Nike Dri-Fit tech designed into the shirt through the clever blending of polyester, rayon and organic cotton.

The sleeves are strategically loose fitting which allows airflow to the body and works towards maintaining a balanced body temperature during running.

If you are looking for style blended with practical likable fashion characteristics while offering convenience, multi functionality and comfort this has to be a shirt of choice for lady runners.

If you don't own this shirt, think about the following features and commit them to memory for your next shopping venture into a local sports shop.

Convenient, Comfortable and Durable.

Crew neck style to keep the neck cool.

Dri-Fit tech to ward off moisture retention in the fabric.

Skin friendly blended fabrics, polyester at 75%, organic cotton 13% and rayon at 12%.

Lightweight to wear and machine washable.

Moisture Wicking

Made from blended Dri Fit fabrics, just as with all Nike running shirts, this shirt has a good performing wick-ability capability.


Very friendly price, purchase one and try out the shirt, at this price you may well buy a 2nd shirt.

Very comfortable and convenient.

Lightweight for warm summer running.

Stylish and durable.

Nice price.

Machine washable


Runners would like to see a fall version also.

Nike Women's Dri-FIT Cool Breeze

Just looking at this ladies running top and we see a major cool factor for running. Not only is the fit designed to be unquestionably cool due to ventilation and the tailored style but in a stylish fashion sense this shirt shouts cool.

Imagine wearing this on a nice sunny day, this shirt was made for you, read our review and see why.
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When we think about quality we can be sure that Nike will have factored this into the design of this ladies running top. If you want a top that performs to your expectations this is the shirt, if you want satisfaction and comfort, this is the running top for you.

Really easy to put on and the shirt is tailored for maximum ventilation while ensuring modesty.

Nike has engineered their clever blend of synthetic fibers into the shirt to sustain their known qualities of durability, comfort and functional styling. With 100% polyester you really can;t get much lighter unless you go for silk.

You might choose a short local run and on a warm bright summers day this top is perfect.

If you go on a more challenging short trail run this shirts works just great with its comfort and cleverly shaped design ventilation properties for maintaining your body temperature. The running top is all about being airy and very light.

The straps system at the back are racer back styling built around a keyhole design which promotes exceptionable breath-ability.

The fabric construction is Nike's DRI_FIt which we all know is a main brand feature which performs really well, the cut of this shirt drapes comfortably over the body allowing flexibility and the low drop on the back hem clearly promotes comfort while walking or running. The fit of this shirt goes as far as possible for allowing none restriction during mobility.

Offered in an nice endearing choice of colors to suit different tastes and designed in subtle elements for reflection in gloomy or low light environments.

Quick reference list for you.

Style, Strapping, stylish and functional.

All Polyester for airy lightness.

Design, Keyhole at the rear.

Keeps away moisture retention through Dri-Fit.

Washing machine as often as needed.

Moisture Wicking.

Dri-Fit fabric from Nike, Stay dry stay comfortable and enjoy your run.


The cost of this shirt is a real genuine bargain, low purchase price for a high quality product and a nice addition to the wardrobe.

Lightweight and breezy.

Very stylish.

Ultra comfort.

Good price.


Avoid using on cool windy days.

Nike Dri-FIT Touch Breeze

This shirt is a really nice choice for all the ladies, a versatile light weight running shirt which has endured as popular, it does deserve a place in this review, it is durable, versatile, comfortable, has a unique offering of pattern features and colors.

A very interesting running shirt which will remain a popular choice for now and probably into the future. The quality is right, the comfort is right and the price is right.

The shirt remains a current popular choice.
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So here we have an interesting running shirt the Nike dri-Fit touch Breeze, this versatile shirt range comes in variations and spans a range of happy users, men, ladies can purchase their version of this shirt.

Quite simply put, an ultra light and ultra soft shirt with sound durability. If you want this characteristic shirt you will need to shop around and you will track it down.

It has a unique design and styling with the pattern effect which is very appealing and attractive, the shirts gives off a feeling of looking nicely different.

A delightful natural feel to the fabric and superbly light weight, the fabric feels really good against the skin unlike some fabrics on offer contain more base plastic in the fabric, feel more harsh and have a tendency to hold smell and house some types of bacteria. i'm not suggesting that some other brands hold any harmful bacteria but it has to be said that some running shirt makers are a little over generous in using plastic fabrics and these fabrics have less wick-ability which means the retention of moisture in which bacteria can live and give of unpleasant smells.

The skill for makers of running shirts is getting the right blend of synthetics in the right percentages so that these blended synthetics work well as a material for the challenges met for a good quality running shirt. Nike has mastered this approach for creating stylish very functional running shirts.

This shirt meets those standards and requirements in terms of functionality, durability, comfort and quality.

The natural feeling from this shirt makes it a comfortable delight to wear it, the material has a flexible quality so that you can stretch in it, maneuver and resistance to these natural movements are pretty much none existent.

A loose FIT though it gently hugs the body but not sticking to the skin, if you want the shirt to feel like a tighter fit it is ok to just buy a smaller size than you would usually wear.

This is a warm weather running shirt and is popularly recommended in reviews by runners.

Take a look at the shirts DNA, very impressive.

No problems from annoying chafing as the shirt comes with bonded comfort seams at the shoulder.

Durable back tape.

A good secure zip up pocket fitted on the right hip side to carry a key or any small item.

Nicely designed cord control loop which will secure cords while you are running.

Moisture Wicking.

Nike's familiar high performing Dri-Fit fabric the ongoing top choice for wick-factor, this is what you need and this is what you reliably get with this shirt.


Nice price and very affordable when considering the skin hugging and shirt yielding comfort, versatility and quality.

Ultra comfortable.

Nice and light.

Dri-Fit wick-ability tech.

Very nice afforfable price.


Difficult to purchase in some countries.

Nike Men's Dri-FIT Miler Singlet

This is a wow running singlet, lots of nice extra tech designed into the shirt to make running a very comfortable experience. Just glancing at the shirt we see comfort and style.

This is the running shirt I would wear on a warm sunny day for a nice road run or an adventurous trail run.

This is the shirt you should have in your wardrobe so that on those warm sunny days you can grab it, put it on and enjoy the exceptional features provided in it by Nike.
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We all have those moments, the sky is blue, the sun is shining, summer has arrived and the weather brings up our feelings of get outside and enjoy ourselves, it’s time to go for a run and to be dressed for it.

That’s when I go to my wardrobe and dig out my Nike Dry-Fit Miler singlet and as I put it on I feel the gentle smooth texture settle onto my skin, the shirt hugs the body but not tightly, it feels comfortable, the material yields as I move my body. The two shoulder straps are cut to allow freedom of movement but a secure hold and of course the ventilation through skin exposure is very nice. Cut low but not too low under the armpits, the air can flow here and aid evaporation of sweat. The neckband holds steady with no hint of slip and that’s thanks to the self-binding tech designed into the neckband.

Ok so the sun is shining while I run and Nike have incorporated UV protection into the shirt, this is an ingenious idea and much appreciated. If I go for a late run in the day and the sun starts to go down I know I can be seen  due to the reflective elements designed into the shirt. I really like the thoughtful side seams in flat-lock design and I appreciate the down play of any possible skin chaff problems and the further anti-chaff prevention through the rolling forward of the seams.

I’m going to remain fairly cool and dry thanks to Dri-Fit, it’s so good at helping to wick-off moisture from sweat.

I did wonder why the shirt is called Anthracite and I checked and found out this is just a reference to my shirt color.

It’s a wonderful feeling to go for a nice run on one of the first really sunny days of summer and wearing this running top does a lot to enhance this happy moment.

Check out the DNA below, it’s time you got yourself a running top like this:

Light weight and comfortable 100% Polyester.

Stay dry and fresh with Dri-Fit from Nike.

Nice air flow cooling sleeveless design.

Rolled forward seams result in for chafe minimisation comfort.


Self-binding neckband.

Side seams are flat lock and minimize chafing.


Reflective clothing tech.

Moisture Wicking.

Really good moisture wick functionality-Dri-Fit.


It;s a nice surprise to find a shirt with this quality level and features at such a reasonable price.

Light and comfortable.

UV protection.


Natural air flow ventilation.



Can't be worn in winter.

Nike Men's Element Top

When the sunny days start to give over to cooler days in the fall you will want a running top which offers a little more protection to keep the chilly air at bay.

This long sleeved running shirt is an ideal choice for all runners and with it you get the high quality standards for which Nike is so well known among the global running community.

If you’re looking for a practical stylish, comfortable shirt which will provide that bit more protection from the early days in the fall, this shirt has what you need. Take a peek at our review and see what you get.
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This shirt takes into account that summer days are finished and giving way to the cooler days of the fall season, you want that little bit more protection from the elements but not too much, none of us want to overheat while we are running.

We want  just enough for comfort without the higher qualities that come with running tops for cold weather running.

Longer sleeves are a good start for extra protection against cooler air and this shirt has other great goodies designed into it.

In this shirt you can run a lot of miles and the shirt has extensive mesh with breath-able qualities designed into the shirt so that any sweaty moisture will be wicked-off to ensure that you maintain a comfortable temperature by staying cool.

Little chance of uncomfortable moisture building up and causes irritation to your skin. This is all achieved through the inclusion of Dri-Fit featured tech designed into the shirt and working with the strategically placed mesh zones to ensure breath-ability for the body areas where it is most needed.

Make good use of the half zip feature, this is another innovation included to give you input and control for your body temperature.

With the zip fastener pulled down you allow a good air flow created by your forward motion to enter and ventilate your shirt, this stream of air is excellent for regulating body temperature. Pull the zip fastener up and you retain enough body heat under the shirt to warm up if you find that you’re too cold.

I like the half zip feature because it also helps to easily slip on the running shirt over my head. In the sleeve cuffs you find the much appreciated thumb-holes which allows you to have more control when you want to slip in your thumbs and hold the cuff more securely to pull the long shirt sleeve down for snug arm fit while you run.

Attractively designed into this shirt are the reflective features which will ensure that you can be seen at those times when you are out running in low light visibility environments.

It's easy to conclude here that this is a shirt that stands out as a must have. This is a shirt you can use at those times of the year when you need it, you can even double up the use of the shirt as casual wear.

moisture Wicking.

Well protected through the Dri-Fit innovation built into the shirt.


Not overly expensive but you do pay a bit more for this functional long sleeved running shirt which will more than meet your requirements.


Stylish and comfortable.

Good Wick Factor.

Efficient temperature Control.


Reflective capabilities.



It"s not for use during all seasons.

Runners are able to enjoy top quality running shirts from Nike, these quality shirts are designed for use during the different seasons, if it’s cold Nike can offer a shirt that will protect you and keep you comfortable, the same applies whatever type of weather you run in.

Our Criteria For The 10 Best Nike Running Shirts


For our review of Nike running shirts, we looked across the availability of different shirts for different seasons. We looked at strappy shirts, singlet’s, short sleeved shirts and long sleeved.

We wanted to know does the shirt offer real comfort so that runners can enjoy a ride without being distracted by loose flapping material, does the shirt give a nice sensation on the surface of the skin and no coarse irritating effects. Does the shirt sit naturally on the body to a point where a feeling of comfort is beyond questioning?

Is the fabric durable? when we invest in a running shirt we look for durability, no early fraying on the seams or stitching coming loose, does the fabric retain its consistency and how does it react in different weathers? Does it fade under sunlight? Does it feel too heavy in damp running conditions? If a zip or pocket is sewn into the fabric will they stay true or will they pull on the seams and eventually break away from the fabric?

Moisture wicking is important, we all accept that on warm days we will sweat and it’s important that this sweat is wicked away so that we do not feel uncomfortable and distracted by resulting skin irritations. We reviewed the ability of the fabric to repel water penetration, though this factor cannot be 100% we wanted to see how good the water resistant factors are in the fabric.

Does the shirt offer natural and designed in body air flow ventilation features, when we run, we create air flow, and well-designed shirts will utilize this and design a warm weather running shirt which makes use of the air flow to strategically enter the shirt at key areas to keep the body cool. Alternatively we looked at cold weather running shirts and how the design is introduced to keep out unwanted cold air.

Flexibility is important, the shirt needs to be designed so that its flexibility works with the motions of the body while running, if your arm momentum is forward, you don’t want the shirt restricting you at the shoulders or riding up your back.

Innovative shirt tech is interesting, for example a half zip system designed into a long sleeve shirt can be used as a body temperature regulator, when the air flow is cold up goes the zip to close it off, when feeling hot, the opposite action will allow a cooling entry of flowing air.

We looked closely at the use of synthetic materials as we wanted to review how these materials work for a runner, comfort, adding to wick factor, durability, weight and flexibility. For shirts blended with synthetic and natural fibers we looked at the same criteria as just mentioned. Synthetic materials do have great water resistant abilities but in the wrong combination they can cause the body to sweat and the material might rub and cause skin irritations. We wanted to know if these materials were machine washable and if yes, they can be washed that way as often as required without impacting on the durability and quality of the shirt.

Finally we looked at cost. For all us we know the buying rule, the more you pay the better the deal and visa versa, however sporting brands are smart and they know that if they offer quality at often bargain prices that they still win because they increase their customer loyalty and customer base.


cool thermometer, ice frost snowflake temperature freeze day concept.

Modern day running clothing is stylistic and very functional for all types of weather.

In ancient time they were busy creating clothing which they hoped was also fashionable and appropriate, not much of that clothing has survived, they never used synthetic fibers, only natural materials.

For a quick fun read let’s look at what clothing was in vogue thousands of years ago.

Interesting Ancient Clothing. (Reviewed).

Caveman using a laptop computer

It was tough 5,000 years ago, walking and running were part of daily lives much like they are now but they did not have the durable long lasting choice of clothing fibre’s and shoe materials which we take for granted.

Can you imagine going trail running on a hot summer’s day wearing clothing made from the following?

Upper clothing would have consisted of a combination, durable skins from different types of animals, preferably heavy protective skin which could protect the body from the weather and resist slashing talons and bites from predators. No stylish tailored sewn seams, rough sewing done with needles made from animal bones, what they used for thread is still not fully known.

Fur was a popular practical fashion accessory, it was not unusual to take an entire skin from a fur covered animal and wear it, this would have been very heavy and probably very unpleasant to smell but perfect in very cold wintery weather, if they ran while wearing heavy duty furs it must have been incredibly tough and testing for endurance.

For walking and running, cured skin in the form of leather was wrapped around the feet, certainly reasonably durable but lacking the modern levels of foot protection.

Additional clothing items consisted of sea shells, leaves, grass, bones, thick protective mud, skin dyes and anything else that could offer protective qualities.

Let’s take a quick look at examples of very ancient clothing:

1    The oldest dress found so far.

Ancient Rome women - Goddess

The oldest hand woven garment ever found and worn by a sporting lady from ancient Egypt. Nike would have appreciated the dress design, a stylish v neck, fashionably pleated sleeves, a figure hugging cut which finished at the knees. This hand woven dress was found in a tomb which dates back to 3,218 BC and was made from a tightly woven textile.

2   The oldest pants ( trousers) found so far.

cartoon patched old pants

Pants  dating back just over 3,000 years were found in an ancient tomb in what is now China. These pants were suitable for multiple activities, outdoor work, sports and casual. The style shows a secure and comfortable fit about the waist and the leggings fit closely and finish at the calf on the leg. Thick woven quality wool with stylish colorful dye decorations but in wet weather they were probably uncomfortable and took a long time to dry out due to the thick heavy wool.

3    Around 3,00 years ago.

Stylized image of Anubis, the god of ancient Egypt, vector

Some ancient people had extensive wardrobes packed with quality clothes for formal, social, war and sporting occasions. In the tomb of the Pharaoh – Tutankhamen  were found a good selection of shirts, socks, a lot of underwear and kilts which would have been very comfortable for running on hot summer days.

4   Nike and Adidas styling was popular.

1,100 years ago, buried with a well preserved female lady was a very nice pair of felt/leather boots which archaeologist named the Adidas boots. The boot is impressive and fits up to the knee in a comfortable leg hugging style, the upper and toe are black and red banded colors and the shoe sole is durable quality leather and the boot is crowned with a stitched protective toecap. Ideal for walking or trail hiking.

5    Our final example was into wearing multiple natural materials .

Otzi.Prehistoric man with a straw rain coat

Otzi the iceman, a 5,300 year old mountain man was murdered in the Tyrolean mountains in Europe, killed by an arrow and a blow to the head. He and his clothing were preserved by the cold mountain weather for thousands of years, when he died he was wearing leggings made from goat hide, a black and white coat made from sheep skin, a hat made from bear  skin and fur, cow hide shoes. All of these types of materials are highly durable but not really suitable for running in mountains, much more suited for long enduring hikes.




Q: Long sleeve shirts tend to make me sweat, what can I do?

A: Nike shirts offer a body temperature control tech through the innovative half zip system in their pullover running tops. It’s not just a zip for convenience of putting on the top. When you’re running and you feel too hot, use the zip to regulate how much frontal air flow gets into the shirt to cool you down.

Q: I bought a cheap running shirt and within minutes I am sweating when I run, why?

A: Cheap low grade fabric sports shirts over use types of cheap mass produced synthetic materials, the make of the shirt looks colorful and stylish but the material traps body heat causing you to over sweat and the wick factor is weak.

Q: When I run my long sleeve shirts bother me a lot as it keeps slipping back up my arm, any suggestions?

A: Nike long sleeve shirts offer a thumb- hole feature, slip your thumb in the thumb-hole while you run and keep control of the sleeve.

Q:  Arm bands have a pouch for holding a key and ID card while we run, but the shirts I see, often don’t offer a pocket, why?

A: Some Nike shirts do offer a pocket but think about the style of a shirt when you run. The only place ideally for a pocket is on the chest, do you really want the weight of a key tapping at you there while you run? The solution is choose running shorts ( or an armband) to have a pocket for carrying items.

Q: Which is best for a running shirt, synthetic or cotton/wool?

A: This really is a choice for runners in terms of personal preference. Synthetic fibres blended with wool or cotton are the middle ground and you still get good wick factor.

Q: Who makes the best running shirts?

A: It depends on what type of running is to be done, certain brands specialize in quality shirt for road running and some focus on quality shirts for trail running, if you read runnerclick reviews you will see which brand choice is best for you.


Here are some of the sources we used:



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