Top 10 Best Rain Jackets for Running Reviewed


Unless you are bound to your treadmill, running entails contact with the elements. Wind, rain, sun, and even snow are probably well-known friends to you if you’re a die-hard runner. In some senses, this is a perk of running. Fresh air and the feeling of contact with the natural world can enliven and improve health. Then again you can easily get too cold, hot, wet, etc and this can detract from your running experience.

Light showers, flash storms, sudden snowfalls, mist, drizzle, wind-driven rain, damp air, chilly wet winds, all these vastly different weather conditions require brand running rain jacket makers to think very creatively. There is not a one for all weather conditions running jacket, jackets are designed with the seasons in mind.

A jacket which is good protection for a summer rain shower will not give the same during colder temps. Some jackets are designed to be super light, easy to stash away in a stuff-pocket and fine for a local run or a short trail run. Other jackets need to offer more, especially if a runner is caught out in the heavier rain while out on a tough long trail run. You can, if you look, even find jackets which were not specifically designed for runners but are still more than ideal for even longer runs.

Last Updated: April 25, 2018
By Brian Price:

Check out the latest updates we've made to our list, bringing up to 13 options for rainy days that we're pretty happy with.

Marmot Minimalist
  • Marmot Minimalist
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Great wind protection
  • Price: See Here
Outdoor Research Realm
  • Outdoor Research Realm
  • 4.8 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Breathable rain protection
  • Price: See Here
Marmot PreCip
  • Marmot PreCip
  • 4.6 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Reasonably priced
  • Price: See Here

13 Best Rain Jackets For Running


1. Marmot Minimalist Jacket

This Rainwear outfit is dedicated to an outdoor, running person. The Polyester shell keeps the Marmot Minimalist Jacket is simple and light though can keep a runner under protection from strong wind and rains through its Gore-Tex-Paclite technology.
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The Gore-Tex Paclite membrane is also responsible for keeping out all the moisture from the user. The angel Wing Movement and lower back hem gives allowance for softshell, versatile and lightweight too, giving the user comfort of not being restricted or overheated.

Its adjustable hood hem and hook and loop cuffs maximize the importance of the Marmot Minimalist rain running jacket by sealing out monsoon winds. From the front, the pockets help the runner in carrying important necessities that may be needed during the run.

The face is insulated and comforted by the DriClime-lined chin guard The Gores’s inimitable Paclite feature give the jacket a guaranteed reliability while the water resistant zippers and a front storm flap reduces vulnerabilities of the jacket to nearly zero percentage for ultimate protection. Not to forget the zippered underarm vents that regulate excessive production of heat and interior humidity whenever there are occurrences of rainstorms.

All these ingredients make the Marmot Minimalist jacket not only a classic wear but also fit and right for a user during rainy seasons.
  • Completely waterproof.
  • Breathable.
  • Versatile.
  • Very packable.
  • Durable polyester material.
  • Great wind protection.
  • Great variety of colors & sizes.
  • Machine washable.
  • High Price.
  • A bit on the heavier side, not a big deal.
  • No roll away hood.
  • No stuff pocket.
  • No fleece in the collar

2. Outdoor Research Realm

For any rain running runner that is performance oriented and looking for a good jacket that will suit him or her, then the Outdoor Research Realm is the answer. This outdoor jacket is designed with good features that favor the runner.
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Its fabric is created to be lightweight, breathable,water and wind proofed, movement-mirroring stretch and it is fully seam-taped. The fabric is also air permeable and weather protective.

It's AscentShell membrane manipulates the superfine polyurethane fibers that are designed in a random pattern to form small, air-permeable pores that regulate the users body heat and temperatures in all the weather conditions.

This jacket too gives enough space for the runner to carry all the necessities while on the run. It has two pockets on the chest and another meshed on ultralight stretch for added venting. It also has a bonus stretchy pouch where the user can keep his or her smartphone while on the run, and still be secured.
It has a carabiner loop too that the user can pack the jacket and the Internal front stormflap helps in blocking out wind.
  • Lightweight
  • Windproof
  • Waterproof
  • Breathable
  • Expensive
  • No women's cut

3. Marmot PreCip

In the raining jacket ventures today, the Marmot just seem to be getting well in the market.Marmot PreCip is another outdoor costume with good qualities and fit to performance oriented user.
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The price of this rain raining jacket is reasonable ant that makes it very much recommendable to family and friends. A big contributor to the PreCip’s popularity is its light feel and excellent breathability.The jacket is kept effectively cool all round and waterproofed by the Pit zips and Marmot’s features.

Ventilation of this jacket is also amazing. It is designed to pit zips that are 15-inch, pocket vents that are chest-high plus a Velcro storm flap that helps the jacket to repel the rain and wind even whenever the zipper at the front of the running jacket is open.

The jacket is surprisingly lighter even with the usage of 50-denier durable ripson nylon and the venting designs. All these features makes the Marmot PreCip a good jacket and usable overall.

Great value

Breathes well

Quality materials.


Limited hood adjustments

4. Arc’teryx Zeta LT

Let the price not scare you, this high performing rain jacket has got good features that any hiking or backpacker runner would love and dream to have in a rain running jacket. The Polyester shell feature of the jacket is responsible for the simplicity and lightweight of the costume, though can keep a runner under protection from strong wind and rains through its Gore-Tex-Paclite technology. It also constitutes the Gore-Tex Paclite membrane that is a keeps out all the moisture from the user when he or she is on the run. The angel Wing Movement and lower back hem gives allowance for softshell, versatile and lightweight too, giving the user comfort of not being restricted or overheated. Its adjustable hood hem and hook and loop cuffs maximize the importance of this rain running jacket by sealing out monsoon winds. The class of this jacket is unbeatable.
All the Arc’teryx products have the tendency of their designs being created for serious and productive use. It's features makes the Arc'teryx Zeta LT very ex comfortable to be used by a runner for a rain shell with a soft touch unique from all the winter running jackets. This is definitely what a winter running runner wants.

Cut design

Lovely feeling fabric

Excellent breathability

Light weight

Super neat construction


No wiring on peak

Quirky upwards-opening hand-pockets.

5. Outdoor Research Foray

Talk of style combined with good jacket features in one, this is the Outdoor Research Foray.This outdoor jacket is designed with good features that favor the runner. Its fabric is created to be lightweight, breathable,water and wind proofed, movement-mirroring stretch and it is fully seam-taped. The fabric is also air permeable and weather protective.
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It's Ascent Shell membrane manipulates the superfine polyurethane fibers that are designed in a random pattern to form small, air-permeable pores that regulate the users body heat and temperatures in all the weather conditions.

This jacket too gives enough space for the runner to carry all the necessities while on the run. It has pockets on the another meshed on ultralight stretch for added venting. It also has a bonus stretchy pouch where the user can keep his or her smartphone while on the run, and still be secured.
  • Completely waterproof.
  • Extremely breathable.
  • The best possible ventilation system.
  • Versatile.
  • Very packable.
  • Very durable polyester material.
  • Great wind protection.
  • Price.
  • A bit at heavier side.
  • No internal mesh (my favorite feature).

6. Patagonia M10

This is one of the jacket with that is super breathable, lightweight, compact and with versatile cuffs features.The breathability of the Patagonia M10 is impressive. The only cons is that it does not have pit zips. This rain running jacket can also be useful to athletes who hike or steam up a hill.
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The Patagonia M10's H2No fabric has a 3-layer membrane construction that stops heavy rain and melts snow on impact. The hood is big enough to fit over a helmet and cinches shut to keep out wetness and moisture. The zippers are water tight.

This jacket was constructed to be lightweight by using welding instead of stitching at the seams, as well as using the smallest size seam tape available. This also helped to make the jacket super packable, as it can fit inside its own chest pocket.

This Patagonia is a light jacket, so it won’t be as tough as some heavier weight options.

Exterior ripstop of the jacket manages abrasive environment condition

The compact shape of the jacket cuts through the weather without restricting movement of the user

 compatible helmet


High pricing of the jacket

 Bad sectioning of the jackets pockets

7. REI Rhyolite

7. REI Rhyolite
This is a stylish rain running jacket at a very friendly and affordable price. It has good features that define it to be a competitive jackets in the market today. It is multi purpose too.From skiing,hiking to ice climbing and rain running.
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Its ventilation and breathability features are good too and favor most aerobic and sweaty users.This makes the REI Rhyolite one of the best performing jackets in the market today.

Good and Stylished hoods designs.

Good fabric in terms of breathability

Lightweight Jacket

Friendly price



The abrasion resistance is not of good standard compared to other jackets.

not mobile

Columbia Outdry Ex Caldorado Shell Jacket

Exploring the world during colder and more rainy days won’t be a problem. OutDry™ waterproof allows you to stop being afraid of rain. It protects your body and belongings in the pocket from getting wet.
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This is 100% nylon ripstop. When it comes to breathability, the whole material is really breathable and thanks to the underarm venting, the airflow is even stronger.

There’s zippered chest pocket for your small items. The chest packet is also very useful if you want to pack your jacket- it’s packable into chest pocket.
The cuffs are elastic enough to provide also some ventilation and they don’t restrict your movements.
To make sure that the jacket fully protects your from rain, the hood is adjustable so you don’t need any type of a cap.

There are two color options to choose from and our reviewers were totally in love with Fission color. This jacket doesn’t have boring look, it has black straps in some areas to make the design less obvious.
The one thing that you won’t like about this jacket is the price- it costs about 200 dollars but the price tag really reflects the quality.

Waterproof and breathable

Very elastic cuffs



9. Outdoor Research Helium II

The 2nd edition of Research Helium rain jacket is one mega light jacket with a very good price. It can be described as a packable shell and waterproof,that allows an athlete to enjoy a very light run and climb.With a price which is less $40 than other competing jackets.
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The features in the jacket are just the same features that an athlete will get form a rain jacket that is ultralight. It has a chest pocket that is Napoleon, it has a very nice sizing with a protection zipper that is water resistant. Just below the hem you will find the jacket has a pocket on the interior part. The jacket,has adjustments that have cords that are single draw, for the jacket's hem and hood. The jacket is an amazing apparel for both athletes who love running both in the city and in upcountry. The 2nd version of Helium stuffs very easily into ones interior pocket that is small, and the jacket is also small enough to be carried for any given run. Light weight and with great carry ability.

Still a good jacket compared to new versions of rain jackets like Montane and Marmot. Its 100% waterproof, and has a feel that is slippery on fabric that is used to make the interior parts of the jackets. Though it lacks pocket venting and has no zips that are pits, this contributes to the jacket having limited brethability. But then its an affordable jacket with amazing lightweight features.
  • Ultralight, made from Nylon, 2.5 layer 30D Pertex Shield DS ripstop fabric
  • Waterproof zippers
  • Stuff pocket for easy storage
  • Elastic cuffs to keep water/air out
  • Adjustable hood drawstring
  • No side pockets

10. Montbell Peak Shell

The Peak Shell rain jacket from Montbell is perfect for athletes and climbers who look for protection from the weather and at a pocket friendly price. considered one of the lightweight rain jackets in the market, the Peak Shell weighs something around 9 ounces over.
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Its preferred by athletes who like hiking. It has an amazing feature of Dry Tec fabric construction that is 3 layered. The underarms in the jacket have pit zips that are helpful in dumping the heat. The cuffs on the jackets are also adjustable and very many of the emergency shells are cutting out.

The fit is greta, not very baggy neither it being too fitting like a running tank compression top. This enables it to have maximum performance and functionality.
The Peak Shell jacket is a little bit less expensive, regardless of having a membrane that is more breathable, but lacks the underarm zips.

Its also a little bit heavier than other rain jackets. One challenge is its crinkliness, a little loud, like a sleeping pad that is ultra light. This might limit its customer preference and attractiveness when considering everyday use.

The jacket also has a 3 point multi adjustment hood. 

Oversized pit zips for increased ventilation. 

Storm proof zippers to keep the wind and rain out. 

The additional waterproofing to the shell material has continued to bead rain off. 


Crinkly shell material.

Lack of hand warmer pockets. 

It truly is a minimalist jacket. 

It has one single breast pocket but no hand warmer pockets.  

Under Armour Scrambler Hybrid

Our next product comes from Under Armour. Scrambler Hybrid is a big hit amongst people who love to enjoy staying outdoor even if the weather isn’t perfect.
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UA Storm Technology is completely water-resistant. It repels the water and let you stay dry.
The jacket will be also a good option for more windy days. It’s 100% made of Nylon. The fabric is really wind-resistant and it’s also breathable so you won’t sweat.

This jacket is very convenient , as you can take it everywhere. You can pack it into its own pocket. This is very useful, you can easily put it into the backpack or wardrobe.
Users really praised the exceptional fit. The design of the jacket is very interesting, it’s called next-to-skin. It means that the jacket stays very close to you sin so it’s really windproof jacket but it doesn’t irritate your moves in any way. But don’t worry, there’s still god breathability. Low profile hook & loop boosts the ventilation.
When it comes to keeping your belonging safe, this jacket is on top. It has two zippered pockets on the chest. It helps to secure the phone and audio port so you can listen to music without worries that you lose your phone.
To protect your head from rain, there’s a hood which is fully adjustable. Next to skin design looks very good on the body, it can be used for sports and all daily activities. For funs of colors, Under Armour have prepared some- from black to lively blue and red.

This one is priced higher than average, it’s not the most expensive jacket on our list, but it’s not very cheap. This is because of very breathable and water-resistant material.

Outstanding fit

High quality

Many colors


Not good for hotter days

Saucony Vigor jacket

Saucony is well-known brand, you may know them from high-quality running shoes but they offer also many other things, including rain jackets. Dealing with rainy weather won’t be a problem anymore with this jacket.
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If you don’t like the feeling of wearing something really heavy, and you don’t want anything that takes too much place in your backpack, this model is very lightweight but it doesn’t feel cheap at the same time.

This jacket is made of Polyester. This is 100 % so you may be sure that it’s high-quality material. Also the FLEXSHELL fabric makes this jacket very cool for rain, you won’t end up wet if you’re wearing this one. But this jacket isn’t only good for rain. It’s also perfect for windy days. The sealed seems and barriers will help you to stay warm.

The design is very simple and useful. There are zipper pockets where you can keep smaller things and you won’t lose the while running.

To make sure, that you’re more visible on the road or trail, Saucony used reflective materials. Thanks to these, you will be visible from much longer distance.

You can get this jacket for around 140 dollars. The price isn’t very low but considering the quality and durability, it’s investment in your comfort
Athletes also claimed that this jacket is very fashionable. It shapes great the contour of your body and it looks literally amazing. Unfortunately, there’s only one color- black.

Really waterproof

Many sizes to choose from

Very durable


Only one color choice

13. Baleaf Unisex Packable Outdoor Waterproof Rain Jacket

A high performing, protective and comfortable raincoat which is packable and popular among runners. Fully waterproof so you can confidently stay dry and constructed from light-weight fabric.
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The jacket has a back pocket feature which is where you conveniently pack it,  nice funnel hood design and a drawstring system so you can adjust to a secure protective FIT.

The elasticated cuffs hold securely to the wrists and shut out wind and moisture effectively. Designed into the jacket structure you get logos which have a high reflection capability to make sure you are seen in gloomy light conditions.

Cost: Very affordable, convenient to carry, gives a good level of protection, comfortable to wear, nice for the price. Limited range regarding a choice of colors, however, this jacket is all about functionality.

Easy to pack in its own pocket system on the back of the jacket

Protective and comfortable

Good FIT


Made from durable nylon

Very affordable

Funnel hood with drawstring for adjusting fit.


Some runners advise the jacket is good for rain showers but avoid very strong heavy rain

The Criteria We Used When Searching For The Best Rain Jackets

Running is one of the most common forms of physical exercises that is easy, natural and require very little knowledge of working out techniques and can be done in both dry and wet weather conditions. During raining seasons, it is essential to choose a waterproof jacket that suits your needs while running. Breathability not only when trying on the running jacket in the store, but also when running and walking for couples of miles is a priority consideration most if not all runners should have in  mind when doing a selection of their rain jackets for running.

It is much recommended that sometimes when purchasing a rain jacket we don’t give too much priority to style, brand or the size and overlook the main aspect of every jacket which is comfortability at all times. It is also important to understand that different people have different needs when it narrows down to picking out their running jackets, that’s why a person must clearly understand their needs and make sure they pick the jacket that will be able to satisfy their needs.

This guide will help you to choose exactly what’s best for you to stay warm and dry while running. We’ll take you through some simple steps so you can buy your next pair of running shoes with complete confidence.

Rain Protection

This is one of the most important factors of a rain jacket, but there are both waterproof and water-resistant. Waterproof jackets completely protect you against the rain no matter how hard it’s pouring. If you’re not the type to be deterred by bad weather, this jacket is for you. You’ll be protected regardless of how heavy the downpour is.

On the other side, water-resistant means the jacket provides some protection from the rain. The jacket will also be lighter in general. If you’re okay hiking with the chance of rain or if it’s just sprinkling, this is your best bet.


When you are running, functionality is important, but let’s be honest- so is how you look. Even though you might be sweaty, you still want to look good while you run. We kept this in mind when selecting the jackets that made this list. Not only do they stand up well against rain, they are also stylish so you will want to wear them!


Running will be accompanied by intense sweating ( people have different degrees of sweating). Sweating a natural process of the body and those it’s helpful, nobody is always ready to deal with the smell. Sweating helps the body to get rid of soreness and ease pain from the muscles during a workout. Apart from clearing the skin pores one interesting fact about sweating, is that it can also improve the runner’s mood, get rid of the body toxins and regulate one’s body temperature.  comes with plenty of sweating, and nobody wants to have that gross smell of sweat.

Check for ventilation features on your jacket before buying it as this will allow maximum breathability during your workout session. With a breathable fabric, the air has the ability to move around the body freely. The material used to make the inner part of the jacket should also have sweat-wicking capabilities. This combined with breathability will guarantee a comfortable cool and fresh body for an athlete through the whole running session. Many athletes are discouraged from overheating especially during workouts as this can lead to dizziness, skin irritation, and other, more serious health issues.

Apart from the breathability factor, your ideal rain jacket ought to have all the features apart from breathability that make it weather resistant. Many cases out there will present a scenario of a jacket being waterproof it automatically becomes windproof. Why is this so? The same features and designed that make a jacket to be waterproof are pretty much the same that are utilized in making a jacket that is windproof.   When looking at the water resistant ones, go for ones that have laminate coating because they will also be windproof.

Levels of Layers

When shopping for a jacket, you’ll see 2, 2.5, and 3 layers. Two layers are the most popular and least expensive option. The two layers indicate the face fabric is attached to the membrane, and nothing else is connected inside. The 2.5 layer is similar, but abrasion resistance is provided via a laminated grid pattern that’s inside the jacket.

The 3 layer jackets are the most durable, but also the most expensive. This jacket differs in that the inner layer can be removed and worn as a separate jacket. If you’ll be outdoors in cold weather often, or like to have options, the 3 layer jacket is probably for you. If you won’t need too much protection, the 2 or 2.5 layers will be just fine.

Types of Shells

The different types of shells refer to how the jacket is made up. Softshells are water-resistant with an insulating layer. They tend to be more breathable, especially during activities where you might be sweating often. This jacket is good for those who like running or doing strenuous outdoor activities but also need rain protection.

Hard shells are waterproof, but as the name indicates, not as breathable as the soft shells. These tend to be stiffer as well, so it’s best to choose this if rain protection is your main concern. Hybrid shells are also offered, which are a mix of the two. If you’ll be going somewhere cold, an insulted shell will be a good choice, as there’s synthetic or down filling to keep you warm.

Size of the Jacket

Another important factor to consider when purchasing a rain jacket is what size to get. This will be determined by what layers you’re wearing under it. If you’ll mainly be using it in colder climates where you’ll have layers underneath it, buying a size up so you have room to move is a good idea.

If you’ll be using the jacket in a moderate climate that’s not too cold, a jacket in the size that’s your normal size should be just fine. It’s best to wear the clothes you’ll actually wear to the store and try the rain jacket over it to get an accurate fit.


Yes, insulation is very important in your rain running jacket.  It keeps you from getting too cold, and also helps wick moisture away from your skin. Make sure you know the environmental conditions of the area in which you will be running so you can choose the appropriate amount of insulation in your jacket.


Other Things Worth Considering Before You Buy

Weight and Pack-ability of the jacket

It is no secret that the weight of your running clothes can affect your speed. When selecting the jackets that made this top ten list, we kept in mind the importance of having lightweight running apparel that will not adversely affect your times, whether you are running a 5k or a 50k.

We also considered the fact that the weather changes, and quickly. You might leave your house to go on a run while it is bright and sunny, but halfway through it could begin to downpour. With this rapid change in mind, we also selected jackets that are packable and portable so you can always have them on hand for those just-in-case situations.

Wind Resistance

The main reason for having a rain running jacket is to help the runner keep dry while on the move. The features of the rain running jacket should be designed in a good manner that can be wind and water resistant. Windproof jackets help the runner to not have a lot of wind, which may interrupt his or her run, in the jacket.

The jackets that are wind resistant are not similar to the ones that are water resistant. One common trait though, is that they can offer weather protection to the runner but the protection is limited. The wind jacket can protect an athlete from a windy climate but when faced with stronger winds it won’t offer much help. This is because they are thin and of a lightweight constrution. Even though these features are not helpful in extreme weather conditions, they are indeed useful when one is traveling, as the jackets can be easily packed and carried along.

It is also important after getting your jacket to consider maintaining this weather features in the jacket. In case they fail or expire, it is advisable to either get the jacket for replenishing of the features or getting another rain running jacket.


Rain jackets have grown to be expensive these days.  However, there is no need to compromise economy for quality. When you are in need of this kind of gear, it is imperative to remember that the best rain jacket is one that is durable and comfortable yet breathable.



Q: How Is the Waterproofing feature of a jacket Measured?

A: Waterproofness is typically tested and measured by the factory, where the jacket is produced. The measurements have to get to the standardized rate set by the regulation companies where the manufacturing company is, example the county.

Q: What Makes my running Jacket Waterproof?

A: The waterproof feature of a jacket means that no water will be able to sip into the jacket and reach your skin. This feature is varied from one brand to another and totally depends on the material used. The coated fabric is a waterproof fabric that is used, though it has limited breathability and is ideal for moderate sporting activities. 

The other fabric is known as waterproof membrane. Its made form very many and tiny pores ( million of pores) which allow for liquid evaporation. Though it doesn’t allow water in since the evaporation is done from inside the fabric. Paramo also is a fabric used as waterproof material.  Paramo functions the same way as animal fur work in getting rid of sweat. Its lightweight also and has good breathability.

Q: What is the importance of insulation on my rain running jacket?

A: Yes, insulation is very important in your rain running jacket.  Insulation gives the runner a run that doesn’t have the worries of freezing because the weather is very cold. Most runners tend to check any alert related to the weather so that they can be in the know of their running climate. The ideal running temperature for most runners should be somewhere below 40 degrees. Go for insulated running hoodies or jackets as they keep you warm in the chilly running days.

Q: After choosing my running jacket, when should   I need to retreat my jacket?

A: A lot of people get this wrong. Retreating a jacket can make its caring and maintenance complicated and extra expensive.  One should not retreat a jacket after every wash. The only necessary time retreat a jacket is when the durable waterproof repellency has expired.Whenever it rains, a good running jacket will allow its waterproof ability to fall droplets of rain droplets whenever it rains.  Else, retreating the jacket more often tends to temper the running jackets features like the breathability of the running jacket.

Q: What exactly is breathability?

A: Breathability refers to the amount of ventilation a fabric allows.

Fabrics that are ventilated allow our bodies to regulate their temperature naturally to keep us at a cool, healthy body temperature. It also helps prevent us from running around in sweat-soaked clothing.

Q: If a jacket is waterproof and windproof, how can it be breathable?

A: This is very possible, and is determined the variety of coating material used in making the components of the waterproof fabric or windproof fabric. We have some component that when used offer windproof features but still offer great breathability to the runner. Even though it might be a little hard to grasp, a jacket that is waterproof may have limited breathability in case it uses hydrophilic coatings as part of the fabric.

Q: What is the difference between waterproof and water resistant?

A: A waterproof jacket prevents you from getting wet. A fabric can be made waterproof through the application of a coating (like polyurethane), a membrane (like GORE-TEX), or use a system like Páramo.

Water resistant fabric will keep you dry in light precipitation, but once it really starts to pour, you will still get wet. These types of fabrics are usually more breathable than waterproof fabrics.

Q: How tight is the jacket supposed to be?

A: This jacket doesn’t have compression features so it doesn’t need to be skin fit. Consider the breathability offered, mobility and comfort when fitting your jacket.  A good fit must be loose enough to allow free air flow, even though you can get a fitting jacket that has very breathable fabric that will promote moisture evaporation. The fit should also not limit the natural movement of your hands in any way. Also, excess fabric can make the whole running experience to be more focused on adjusting the fabrics.If you want fitting jacket make sure you check the fabric for breathability and compression ability.

Q: Is it better to have a tighter fitting jacket or a looser fitting jacket when I run?

A: This is completely up to personal preference. The jacket you wear should be comfortable and fit your personal style. However, it is important to keep in mind that a jacket will be better suited for running if it allows for full mobility and is breathable.  These two factors will allow you to move naturally and keep your body temperature at a safe level.


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