Best Waist Trimmers Reviewed & Rated for Quality


Between running, your family and friends, your job, and social life, you’ve got plenty to keep you busy.   When it’s time to run you need to maximize the time you have.  Waist trimmers can help you do just that.

By creating a sauna effect, waist trimmers help you lose weight, provide back support, and improve your posture at the same time.  All you have to do is put it on.

Last Updated: September 6, 2018
By EJ Callanan:

In this update we've brought you the best waist trimmers on the market today. We've added an option for people with up to a 50 inch waist, the AZSport, and adjusted the ranking based on the most current reviews.

Featured Recommendations

Sports Research
  • Sports Research
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Durable & affordable
  • Price: See Here
  • McDavid
  • 4.7 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Lightweight design
  • Price: See Here
TNT Pro Series
  • TNT Pro Series
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Extra wide belt
  • Price: See Here


Since we know how busy you are, we put together a guide of the 10 best waist trimmers and then reviewed and rated them for quality, so that you don’t have too. After you see the top 10, don’t forget to move onto the criteria and metrics we used to help us find the best waist trimmers for your running and exercise needs.


10 Best Waist Trimmers


1. Sports Research Sweet Sweat

The Sports Research waist trimmer is designed to help you shed those extra pounds during your normal, everyday, exercise routine. It comes in five different sizes, so you should have no problem finding the right one to fit you. This Sweet Sweat premium waist trimmer is designed to fit both men and women and includes a free breathable carrying case as well. This waist trimmer helps you to intensify your normal workout and helps provide maximum results.
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5 Sizes to Choose from

This waist trimmer comes in five different sizes, small, medium, large, X-large, and XX-large. Since this waist trimmer is naturally flexible, you simply stretch the size you ordered around your waist, secure it with the velcro closure and head out on your run.

Free Bonus Included

The waist trimmer includes two free bonuses for you to try with your waist trimmer. It comes with a breathable carry bag and a sample of the Sweet Sweat gel by the same company. Try the sample along with your new waist trimmer and see how well it works for you.

Cost and Value

This is an affordable waist trimmer that will allow you to maximize your exercise and training routines during your running. Whether you are on a run, bouncing on your mini trampoline, or simply doing jumping jacks, with the free bonuses and the well-made belt, this one is worth giving it a try.

Free bonuses included

Flexes for a comfortable fit

Comes in 5 different size choices

Fits perfectly




Some users report the waist trimmer as being low-quality

A few customers reported the trimmer as ripping at the side seams after a few months

2. McDavid

The McDavid waist trimmer is a primary one level support belt that comes with a fully adjustable velcro closure that fits most waist sizes. The waist trimmer is for men and promotes sweat and weight loss in your mid-section. This is the perfect complement to a runner's exercise routine. The waist trimmer features therapeutic heat technology, prevents injuries, and is also comfortable to wear and lightweight.
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Therapeutic Heat Technology

This waist trimmer features therapeutic heat technology that may help you lose that belly fat and even helps with minor back aches because of the heat it generates.'

One Size Fits All

With its adjustable velcro closure, this waist trimmer will fit almost any waist size, up to 40 inches, which means that the belt adjusts to fit your waist as you lose those pounds.

Cost and Value

One of the more affordable waist trimmers on the list, the fact that it has an adjustable velcro closure makes it worth the price asked for it. The fact that it is made with therapeutic heat technology is an added bonus for sure.

Features therapeutic heat technology

Adjustable velcro means one size fits all


Lightweight design



Many users reported the side seams coming apart on the first use

Some customers reported that the belt is made cheaply

3. TNT Pro Series

The TNT Pro Series waist trimmer is designed with exercise in mind. It features an extra wide design, a non-slip interior grid, comes in five different sizes, and two color choices. It is also designed not to become a stinky belt after you have exercised and sweated in it.
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Extra Wide Design

This waist trimmer features an extra-wide design that ensures it will fit around most waists. It is available in five different sizes and comes in your choice of yellow or pink.

No More Stinky Belt

This waist trimmer is designed to repel the sweat as you run and exercise. It prevents sweat and moisture buildup, which means you no longer have to hold your nose when you take off and put on your waist trimmer, as the sweat and bacteria won't be there to bother you!

Cost and Value

With its extra wide design and interior that repels moisture and sweat and the fact that this waist trimmer is designed for all shapes and sizes, it's a pretty good deal for a runner who is looking to trim that waist as they go about their daily exercise routine.

Fits all shapes and sizes

Features an extra wide belt


Affordable for what it does

Prevents sweat and moisture buildup


Many customers reported that this waist trimmer is cheaply made and falls apart easily

Many consumers complained that the belt has a strong smell that makes it impossible to use

4. MaxBoost

4. MaxBoost
The MaxBoost waist trimmer is an adjustable weight loss ab belt that is designed to fit both men and women. The trimmer is easy to use and fits waist from 25-inches to 42-inches, with ease. It features an anti-slip lining as well and is made of a flexible neoprene material that prevents bunching and scratching when you are on your run.
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Works with All Shapes and Sizes

This waist trimmer works with all shapes and sizes by featuring adjustable velcro straps that fit waist sizes from 25-inches to 42-inches, so as you trim down your waist size, the belt trims down with you.

Burn Fat Faster

As a runner, you already know how important it is to burn fat fast so that you can streak to the finish line during races. This waist trimmer helps you to do that and fits comfortably while doing it with the anti-slip lining, so the belt stays put.

Cost and Value

For what it does, this waist trimmer is a good value. It works with all shapes and sizes, meaning you don't have to replace it as you trim your weight and it comes with an anti-slip lining for added comfort. This waist trimmer is certainly worth checking out.


Burns fat fast

Works with all shapes and sizes


Anti-slip lining


Some users report the belt breaking easily

Some customers reported the trimmer being a faulty design

5. ActiveGear

5. ActiveGear
The ActiveGear waist trimmer is designed for stomach and lumbar back support. As a runner, if you have ever had problems with your back, then you know how important it is to have that support there when you need it. Also, if you are trying to lose that extra belly fat, this waist trimmer is the way to do it. It's now available in two sizes and designed to fit both men and women comfortably. It is also made of moisture repelling neoprene material for added safety from bacteria and germs.
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Now Available in Two Sizes

This waist trimmer is now available in two different sizes. The medium design is 8-inches wide and 42-inches long and will fit up to a 48-inch waist. The large size waist trimmer features an extra-wide design and comes in at 9-inches wide and is 46-inches long. The large size will fit up to a 52-inch waist as well.

Moisture Repelling Material

This durable waist trimmer is made of a moisture repelling neoprene material with a special flex design that makes it anti-slip enabled. This allows it to repel moisture and prevents germs and bacteria from building up on your waist trimmer and causing you health problems.

Cost and Value

One of the more expensive waist trimmers on the list, but worth the price being asked for it. Since it's available in two sizes and made of moisture repelling material, you can't go wrong with giving this belt a

Made of moisture repelling neoprene materials

Provides lumbar back support

Helps with weight loss

Affordably priced

Does not have a bad smell


Some users reported that the waist trimmer is not slip resistant as stated

Many users reported the waist trimmer as being poorly made

6. Fitru

6. Fitru
The Fitru waist trimmer is made from only the highest quality materials and is designed to fit both women and men. Made with superior craftsmanship, this waist trimmer works to enhance thermogenic activity, increasing sweat, which in turn helps you to trim your waistline while you are running or exercising. It also features anti-odor and anti-slip technology as well.
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Features Elite Technology

This waist trimmer features elite technology such as anti-slip grids on the interior surface of your waist trimmer. This prevents the sauna trimmer from bunching up, moving, or slipping while you are on a run or in the middle of any other exercise routine.

Steady Pain Relief, Comfort, and Support

Comfort and support are comfortable when wearing a waist trimmer during running or exercising so that you can concentrate on getting fit and trim. This waist trimmer features lightweight materials for comfort, which improves your lumbar and abdominal support. The therapeutic heat it creates works to soothe mild pain as well.

Cost and Value

This waist trimmer is one of the most affordable on the list and since it features elite technology and pain relief, it is well worth checking into for all of your waist trimming needs.

Features elite technology

Provides comfort, support and pain relief

Doesn't have an awful smell

Features anti-slip linings



Many users report the trimmer tearing easily after a couple of uses

Some customers report that the waist trimmer bends and rolls during use

7. Lhotsee

7. Lhotsee
The Lhotsee waist trimmer is great for any runner who wants to trim their waist and get lower and lumbar back support during a run or even during their daily exercise routine. It is made of eco-friendly material and features a design that works to repel sweat and moisture. For men and women both, this is a durable waist trimmer that you will want to check into.
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Eco-Friendly Material

This waist trimmer is made of eco-friendly material, which means that you aren't only going green and helping reduce your carbon footprint on the earth, but avoiding putting toxins in your body as well. Because it is made of eco-friendly material, it also has no unpleasant odor to distract you from your run.

3 Sizes, 4 Colors

This waist trimmer comes in 3 sizes, small, medium and large, so you can find the right size for you. It also comes in four different colors to choose from. Those colors are your choice of pink, black, red, or yellow, allowing you to add a little personalization to your waist trimmer.

Cost and Value

This waist trimmer is designed to fit women and men, comes in three sizes, and is available in four different colors, making just the design worth the money you pay. It is one of the most expensive options on the list, but worth the money as well. The fact that the waist trimmer is made of eco-friendly materials, not only protecting you, but the environment at the same time is a welcome added bonus.


3 sizes

4 colors to choose from

Eco-friendly materials and design

Affordable for what it does.


Many users reported that the waist trimmer broke within a few days

Many customers reported that the waist belt was faulty and didn't work as stated

8. Hurmes

8. Hurmes
The Hurmes waist trimmer is designed specifically with women in mind. It is made of high-quality, comfortable, durable, stretchy fabric that is 100 percent latex-free neoprene fabric. It is a corset style that helps women to keep that slim look, even when trying to use baby flab. The waist trimmer is fully adjustable and features huge strips of velcro to keep the waist belt in place. It comes in seven different colors and five different sizes.
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Designed with Women in Mind

This waist trimmer was designed with women in mind, coming in five different sizes. You can choose from small, medium, large, X-large, or XX-large, according to your waist size. The waist trimmer is ideal for back support and to help you lose that belly flab. If you are a runner, then it does double duty as well.

7 Colors to Choose from

You have seven different colors to choose from with this weight teaser. The colors available are black, yellow, purple, pink, beige, fluorescent green, and fluorescent pink. The choice is yours on which color you choose to complement your workout and running routine.

Cost and Value

This waist trimmer is affordably priced and worth the money as it is designed with a woman's body in mind. The choice of different sizes and seven different colors made it easy for this waist trimmer to make the list.

Designed for a woman's body

7 colors to choose from

Five sizes offered


Super affordable


Many users complained of a horrible chemical smell that made the trimmer impossible to wear

Many customers reported that the waist trimmer is smaller than advertised and wouldn't fit around their waists

9. AZSport

9. AZSport
The AZSport waist trimmer features an adjustable stretchy neoprene fabric that will fit up to a 50-inch waist. The waist trimmer is comfortable, has a lightweight design. It promotes weight loss, a strong core, and supports your back when you are running or exercising as well.
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This durable waist trimmer is made of a material that is adjustable and stretchy, ensuring that it will fit up to a 50-inch waist with ease. It's comfortable, lightweight neoprene fabric ensures that you barely know it is there, during your exercise and runs.

Supports Your Back

Any runner knows that your back is easy to hurt when you are running or exercising. This waist trimmer offers back support with the adjustable ab sauna belt, by acting as a compression binder.

Cost and Value

One of the more affordable waist trimmers on the market today, this one is well worth the money you will spend. It is adjustable, made of neoprene fabric and works to support your back on those runs and during exercising, making it a winner on this list.

Offers back support



Super affordable

100 percent money back guarantee


Many users complain that this waist trimmer is soft and squishy feeling

Some customer reported that the waist trimmer doesn't fit up to 50-inches as stated

10. Reformer Athletics

10. Reformer Athletics
The Reformer Athletics waist trimmer is made of 100 percent latex-free neoprene materials. It has no smell to distract you from your run and features anti-slip technology as well. It also comes with three bonuses and is ideal for any activity, from running to stretching and more.
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3 Bonuses Included

This waist trimmer not only helps you lose weight and removes pressure from your back muscles during your runs, it also includes three different bonuses. These bonuses include a fully adjustable velcro Smartphone neoprene sleeve that works with iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, an ebook that is full of delicious recipes for you to try, and a not another diet book.

No Smell/No Slipping

This waist trimmer features a new high-quality, three-dimensional structure for anti-slipping and no smell when you are running.

Cost and Value

For what it does, this waist trimmer is worth the price. There is no smell and no slipping to bother you when you are on a run or in the middle of your exercise routine. The belt works for many different activities, from running to yoga and comes with bonus features as well. What's not to love about this durable waist trimmer.

Comes with 3 bonus features


No smell

No slipping

100 percent latex free materials


A few users reported having a difficult time removing the belt after use

Some users reported that the waist trimmer is poorly made and rips easily

Criteria Used to Rate & Review the Best Waist Trimmers

There are many benefits for runners to gain by wearing a waist trimmer on your runs and during your exercise routines. Those benefits include, back support, the slimming effect it gives you, weight loss help, and helpsto correct your posture. All of these things are important to any runner, so why not take that extra step and order a waist trimmer that will help step up your fitness goals.

In this buying guide, we used criteria, metrics, and a bit of research to determine the top 10 best on the market today. Those criteria included appeal and design, materials, durability, price, sizes, the comfort of the waist belt, and much more.

Read on for a glimpse into the metrics and criteria we used to help you make the right choice when finding a waist trimmer to suit the needs of your weight loss goals and your running and exercise routines. At the end of this criteria section, we added an FAQ section to help with answering any questions you might have about waist trimmers. Don’t forget to take a look and see if any of your questions are answered there!


The biggest criteria used for finding the best top 10 waist trimmers out there today for runners was the materials used to make them. The top-rated waist trimmers in this guide were mostly made from a 100 percent neoprene material. In many cases, these materials were environmentally friendly, so they help you to be green if. These environmentally friendly materials are non-toxic as well, something every runner is passionate about already. The better the materials in the waist trimmers, the better off you are, so choose carefully.


Next up, for criteria and metrics is durability. If you are searching for a waist trimmer, then you want one that will last you quite a while, not come apart within the first couple of months. The top-rated products on this list are durable and able to stand up to the test of time. When searching for your own waist trimmer make sure to review the durability of the product before making a purchase. When looking at the durability of the best waist trimmers, we also looked at the odor as well. The top-rated have no odor to them. The last thing you want is a strong smell hitting you in the face as you are trying to exercise or get in your morning run. 


The size of the waist trimmer you choose is extremely important as well. You don’t want a waist trimmer that refuses to meet around your waist, but you don’t want one that is too big either. A waist trimmer that is too large for you will end up doing you no good. The top-rated on the list come in different sizes from extra-small to XX-large and fit a variety of waist sizes. Choose the best one for you and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for ordering as well.


The price of the waist trimmer you choose is a consideration that any runner will make. It is important to remember, however, that you get what you pay for. The top-rated on this list range anywhere from around $15 to $40 a belt. The higher price points usually involve extra features that are a good idea to have in many cases. When choosing your own waist trimmer make sure that you create your budget and then research to see if you need the extra features offered. Remember, however, a high-quality product will need to be replaced much less sooner than a cheaper quality product will.

Extra Features

Many of the top-rated waist trimmers on this list offer extra features. These features can include anything from breathable carrying bags to samples of their other products and from extra-wide velcro closures to iPhone pouches. You need to determine if these extra features are something you need or want because these features can often make the waist trimmer slightly more expensive.


The comfort of the waist trimmer you choose to order and wear should be one of your top concerns. Most of the top-rated belts on the list have comfortable, lightweight designs. They also have non-slip linings that stop them from slipping, moving, bunching up, or scratching when you move. After all, you are a runner and don’t need your waist trimmer to slide down when you are in the middle of a run.

Appeal and Design

While all of the other criteria and metrics in this buying guide are important, it is also important to say something about appeal and design. Just because it is a waist trimmer doesn’t mean it can’t be attractive and fit your personalized needs. Many of the waist trimmers on the list come in different colors ranging from black to pink and red to purple for men and women to have plenty of choices. Choosing the color you want can go a long way towards you being willing to use the waist trimmer the way it was intended.

Ease of Use

How easy your waist trimmer is too use is important when weighing the metrics of each of the belts on this list as well. Most of the top-rated trimmers in this buying guide are designed to be easily put on and remove. Many come with easy to adjust velcro closures and extra-wide designs for the right fit. Most are easy to clean as well because no one wants to go out on a run and come back with a belt that stinks and isn’t easy to clean for the next time you need it.

These are a few of the top criteria that were used to write this buying guide of the best 10 waist trimmers. If you are a runner, then you already know how important it is for you to stay in great shape. Even a few extra pounds or a backache can throw you off your game if you aren’t careful. With a waist trimmer, you can not only get adequate back support but also lose the weight you need to without adding an extra step to your busy schedule. Below you can find a few of the top questions we found that needed to be answered about waist trimmers. See if your question has been answered on this list!


Q: What is a waist trimmer?

A waster trimmer is a neoprene belt, most of the time, that is wrapped around the waist to offer back support and aid in losing belly fat. The top-rated waist trimmers allow you to sweat off the water buildup in your body, enabling you to lose the weight you desire. For runners, it not only helps with weight loss but also helps to support their backs and help to prevent injuries.

Q: How do you use a waist trimmer?

If you have chosen one of the top-rated waist trimmers on the list, then it is going to be pretty simple to use. When you unroll the waist trimmer, you will see a dark side and a light side, you want to wrap the darker side around your waist and secure it. Make sure that you have the waist trimmer pulled across and around your abdomen. It should be secure, but still comfortable when you are done.

Q: What size waist trimmer should I purchase?

The first thing you need to do is measure your waist to get your natural waist size. Once you have measured, consult the manufacturers’ information to see what waist size that waist trimmer covers. You always want to choose a waist trimmer that is one size smaller than your natural waist size to ensure that it isn’t too large and will do you no good.

Q: What are the benefits of a good quality waist trimmer?

A good quality waist trimmer has a lot of different benefits, especially if you are a runner. It helps you to exercise or get in your run while still being able to lose belly fat. It provides back support, something that is extremely important when you are an athlete. It also gives you a slimming effect, which can really give a boost to your self-confidence as well. A waist trimmer can also be worn anytime and anywhere, making it very convenient.

Q: Can I wear my waist trimmer all day long?

While there are no hard and fast rules for how long you can wear your waist trimmer every day, you can wear it quite a bit. The first week, it’s best to stick to only two to three hours a day and gradually move the time up as the week’s progress and you get used to the belt being around your waist. As with anything else, the actual time that you can wear your waist trimmer for depends on the specific person and it is best to consult with your primary care provider to determine whether what the best length of time is for you.

Q: How do you clean a waist trimmer?

It is best to only clean your waist trimmer by hand. It can be cleaned in warm soapy water, then rinsed and laid flat to dry. The best thing to do is to follow the manufacturer’s instructions when it comes to cleaning your waist trimmer so that it is done the right way and not damage it.

Q: Is a waist trimmer good for weight loss?

While a waist trimmer does aid in weight loss goals, it is still better to use proper nutrition, dieting and exercising. You need to talk to your primary care provider to ensure that this is the right step for your weight loss needs. He will help you set up a plan and let you know if a waist trimmer is a good idea for you.

This concludes our buying guide on the best 10 waist trimmers on the market today. Make sure to follow the criteria and metrics listed to ensure that you purchase the right and best waist trimmer to suit your needs as a runner. Enjoy your waist trimmer and happy running everyone!

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