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a comparison and test of the best gel insoles available to runners and active people Buying Guide
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10 Best Gel Insoles Tested & Compared
Below you will find our list of the top ten Best Gel Insoles Reviewed so you can be sure you are picking from the best of the best! Custom orthotics used to be the only solution for runners experiencing foot pain.   Luckily, this issue has been addressed extensively, so no we hav...
air purifiers Buying Guide
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The Best Air Purifiers Reviewed 2019
Airborne allergens and micro debris are an ugly reality in the air we breathe whether it be at home, at the office, or when we are out and about. Reducing them can help us breathe lighter and fresher and help us manage nasal and lung irritations or annoying allergy symptoms. The thing is, you may n...
camping gadgets Buying Guide
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Best Camping Gadgets
Taking a trip or heading out into the wilderness any time soon? It may be worthwhile to see what modern conveniences you will be missing while you are out and how you can make up for them in the most portable, sustainable, and efficient way. Campers, hikers, survivalists, outdoor enthusiasts and ev...
Boonie Hat Buying Guide
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Our Favorite Boonie Hats Reviewed in 2019
Unlike general hats or ball caps, boonie hats have some very important, practical, and functional features including protection from UV ray, sunlight, sands and even from light raindrop and moisture. Aside from their functionality, they come in varying styles, colors, even patterns so you can still k...
waterproof speaker Buying Guide
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Our Favorite Waterproof Speakers Reviewed
In most cases, waterproof speakers are made to be portable and water-resistant so you can have them on you and enjoy them in almost any environment with little worry. These speakers use a waterproof shell that improves their durability and helps them stand up to the elements including snow, dirt, mud...
kayak paddles Buying Guide
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Our Favorite Kayak Paddles Reviewed
Whether you are recreational, leisure, beginner, a competitor, an adventurer, or kayaking for fitness purposes, the two things that you must have to go out on the water is a kayak and it's the most important accessory, the paddle. The paddle you pick is just as important as the actual small boat and...
antibacterial soap Buying Guide
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Our Favorite Antibacterial Soap Reviewed
In a world where we are more connected than ever, germs are lurking everywhere. All the surfaces you touch have germs. The keyboard on your computer, your phone is a hotbed of filth, door knobs, even your steering wheel in your car is full of nasty grime. The best defense against bacteria, disease...
moisturizing body wash Buying Guide
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Our Favorite Moisturizing Body Wash
Engaging in a regular moisturizing routine on a daily basis is very important for the health and radiance of your skin. If you aren't doing it currently, it is wise to start. Moisturized skin can have a more youthful and supple appearance and it helps with skin elasticity. Not only does this make yo...
hairspray for fine hair Buying Guide
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Our Favorite Hairspray for Fine Hair Reviewed
As one of the very most popular grooming products used by men and women alike, hairspray is very popular at helping achieve the desired look. Even dogs are known to dabble in do's that need a bit of hold from time to time. You use a spray to hold and adhere to the shaft of the hair which will set y...
waterproof foundation Buying Guide
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Our Favorite Waterproof Foundation Reviewed
It happens in the summertime and is a constant issue for those who live in hot, humid weather. Sweat is a common factor that can cause much concern for our skin as it does our makeup adherence and longevity. Noone wants their makeup to melt off their skin and end up looking like a muddled mess of co...
Bicycle Racks Buying Guide
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Our Favorite Bike Racks Reviewed and Rated
There are times when it won't work to just head out from your house to hit the right trail. Sometimes you need to transport your bike to the ideal location for that perfect trail or path or if you are going on a trip and want to make sure you have your trusty ride by your side so you can hit the roa...
phone mount Buying Guide
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Best Bike Phone Mounts Reviewed in 2019
Runnerclick had brought you a list of the most effective Bike Phone Mounts reviewed in 2019. With accurate research, we have made your search easier
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