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our list of the 10 best stopwatches full reviewed Buying Guide
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10 Best Stopwatches Reviewed & Fully Compared
Fitness instructors, coaches, and gym teachers find that having a good, reliable stopwatch is essential.  Whether you are timing planks or lap speeds, stopwatches are handy to have. There are a wide range of stopwatches to choose from based on your specific needs.  They can be simple, basic and cheap...
Best Bike Multi Tool Buying Guide
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Best Bike Multi Tool
You could ride for years and never have issues on the road or trail.  At some point, especially if you are riding off road you could eventually hit a “bump” in the road that will cause you to need to make a roadside fix or adjustment to your bike.  It is a total bummer to be out on a trail and need t...
Wrightsock Coolmesh II Crew Buying Guide
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10 Best Wrightsock Socks Reviewed and Compared
If you have never heard of Wrightsock, you may not have bought a new pair of running socks in a while. Wrightenberry Hosiery Mills has been manufacturing socks and hosiery since 1948 in Burlington, NC. Putting their expertise to work, they introduced the Wrightsock brand as well as the Double Layer c...
our list of the 10 best winter cycling gear fully reivewed Buying Guide
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10 Best Winter Cycling Gear Tested & Fully Reviewed
Don’t let a little snow and dropping temperatures force your bike into storage. If you are loving your bike commute or weekend rides, you may not need to stop when the weather turns. Working out in the cold air gets your blood pumping leaving you feeling invigorated to take on your day. So, if you ca...
The best bike computers are accurate, easy to use, and have tracking and navigation features worth using like the Garmin Edge 1030. Buying Guide
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10 Best Bike Computers Reviewed and Compared
With technology in the palm of your hands—as well as on our wrists—it’s easier to track every aspect of our rides. And both casual riders and competitors can benefit from investing in a bike computer instead of relying on a fitness tracker or smartphone. That’s because the best bike computers are equ...
a list of the 10 best bike lights fully reviewed Buying Guide
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10 Best Bike Lights Fully Reviewed
Changing up your commute by biking to work has countless benefits for you and the environment. Getting outside and exercising before and after work is great for your physical and mental health and can improve your performance in the office as well as reduce your carbon footprint. However, poorly lit ...
our list of the 10 best cameras for hiking fully reivewed Buying Guide
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10 Best Cameras For Hiking Reviewed
Hiking can lead you to beautiful places and, although smartphone cameras are improving rapidly, sometimes they just won’t cut it for catching quick-moving wildlife or capturing all the colors of a sunset. Whether you are a lifelong photographer or have recently graduated from the smartphone you may b...
The best moisturizers for dry skin hydrate the skin all day like Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel. Buying Guide
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10 Best Moisturizers For Dry Skin Tested & Compared
Running and other workouts have positive effects on the skin by carrying oxygen and nutrients to the skin. However, it sometimes isn’t the best for dry skin, especially in the cold and windy weather. It's important to apply a good moisturizer before braving the outdoor elements in order to make sure ...
The best handheld massagers fully reviewed Buying Guide
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10 Best Handheld Massagers Tested and Fully Reviewed
Everyone can benefit from the relaxing effects of a massage. But for athletes it’s a crucial part of muscle recovery and injury prevention. Yet we all can’t afford a personal sports masseuse. However, there are handheld massagers on the market that are ideal for treated aches and pains. The best hand...
our list of the 10 best googles for adults and children Buying Guide
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10 Best Swim Goggles for Adults and Children Reviewed
One of the best ways to ensure a long and healthy life is to regularly exercise. In general, most medical professionals recommend around 20 minutes of mild exercise such as walking every day as a bare minimum. For those who are interested in losing weight or gaining strength through exercise, more st...
our list of the best altimeter watch Buying Guide
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10 Best Altimeter Watches Tested and Compared
There are countless fitness tracking watches on the market that measure just every aspect of our health. But best option for those who enjoy the outdoors in high altitude areas is an altimeter watch. Altimeter watches measure the current altitude the user is at based on atmospheric pressure. It al...
our list of the 10 best dog leashes for running fully reviewed Buying Guide
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10 Best Dog Leashes for Running Fully Reviewed
Dogs are the perfect running companion. They need to get exercise, love to get outside and are excited about any opportunity they get to spend time with their human. If you have not considered man’s best friend as a running buddy you may want to think again. Running with your pup will make him happy ...
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