Bose Sport Earbuds

The Bose Sport Earbuds blend premium sound with a durable sweat and water-resistant shell that is made for your most intense workout sessions.

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Pros & Cons
Volume-Optimized Active EQ
Weather and sweat-resistant
Available in black, white, and teal
Touch controls
Charging case included
Incredibly comfortable tapered StayHear Max ear tips
15-minute quick charge for up to 2 hours of use
Delivers rich and robust sound
No manual EQ controls
Limited 5-hour battery life
Key Features
Key Features

It should come as no surprise that these Bose earbuds deliver premium sound right to your brain. Premium sound is Boses’ thing, and they continue to hit it out of the park with this design.

The unique Volume-Optimized Active EQ intuitively knows what you are listening to and adjust the sound automatically. If you are listening to bass-pumping hip-hop, the Volume-Optimized Active EQ automatically amps up the bass. If you are burning through an audiobook, it will amp up the treble for a crisp and clear sound.

For non-audiophiles such as myself, this is a very welcome feature. While other brands out there on the market allow you to manually adjust the equalizer for the perfect sound, Bose does all of the hard work for you. I often play around with the equalizer in my car, and because I have no idea what I’m doing I actually make the music sound worse!

If you prefer to adjust the equalizer yourself, Bose does not offer this feature. This is a bit of a bummer for audiophiles that love to tinker with sound settings.


The battery life on these running earbuds is fine, but it’s not great. A single charge provides users up to 5 hours of use, which is just enough to get you through a single training session. If you are training for a marathon or going for a day-long hike, these earbuds may not quite make it to the finish line.

While other earbuds out there on the market provide a longer battery life, the sound quality isn’t quite as good. It all boils down to what works for you.

While the battery life suffers a bit, these earbuds also offer a boost of portable charging. The included charging case provides an extra 10 hours of on-the-go juice. Again, it’s good but it’s not great. The good news, however, is that these earbuds only take around 2 hours to completely charge.

If you forgot to charge them the night before, simply pop them on the charger and they should be good to go by the time you’re ready to leave the house. Plus, with the addition of portable charging, you can also give them a quick boost of juice on your drive into the gym.


If you need a pair of earbuds that will be able to keep up with your intense training, the Bose Sport Earbuds is the way to go. The design of these buds is made to stay securely in place when engaging in high-intensity workouts.

Whether you are going for an easy tempo run around the neighborhood or engaging in CrossFit, these earbuds will not slip out of your ears as you start to sweat. Many users even found that they forgot that they were even there as they worked out.

It’s important to note that these earbuds do not provide any active noise cancellation, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Earbuds naturally block out some noise since they fit inside of your ears, but they allow just enough outside noise to keep you in tune with your surroundings.

Overall, these earbuds deliver a heart-pumping sound and a secure, comfortable fit that is made for your most intense workout sessions (as long as they clock in under 5 hours!).


Many users found that the design of the ear tips of the Bose Sport Earbuds to be one of the most comfortable designs out there on the market. These ear tips boast a tapered design that limits the pressure on the inside of your ear.

I have smaller ears, and many ear tips feel like they are drilling straight into my brain after a short hour or so while in use. The tapered design of these ear tips limits the pressure on the inside of your ear, which means that you can wear them longer with little to no discomfort.

These earbuds are also designed to grip your ear much better than some of the other designs out there on the market. Apple AirPods Pro, for example, only utilizes the ear tips to hold them in place. They may work well at first, but they are known to slip out when you start to move.

The Bose design boasts an ear-fin design that holds them securely in place on your ear. This fin-like design limits much of the pressure felt inside of your ear and also allows for HIIT-level intensity without budging an inch.

With their unique design, these earbuds win the title as one of the most comfortable sport-ready earbuds currently out there on the market. If comfort is what you want most out of your earbuds, Bose wins out across the board.


If you have ever shopped around for good-quality home speakers or headphones, you are familiar with Bose. Bose is a brand that is known for two things: premium sound and high pricetags. I braced myself for a steep price point, and was pleasantly surprised by the affordable price tag of these headphones!

While they are exactly considered to be budget-friendly, they are slightly more affordable when compared to brands such as Apple. While the battery life suffers in this design, the high-end sound and super comfortable design make them an excellent value!

While these headphones have a few disadvantages in regards to battery life and advanced features, the good far outweighs the bad.
Bose Sport Earbuds Vs AirPods Pro
Buckle up, it’s time for a quick battle of the buds! Bose and Apple are two heavy-hitters in the sound delivery realm, so this should prove to be a pretty intense match.

Overall, these two headphones deliver superior sound across the board, but Bose is built for music, and Apple is built for phone calls and podcasts. Plus, the design of Bose is meant for speed and intensity while Apple is made more for desk work. For athletes that need a pair of training-ready earbuds, Bose is the better choice.

The AirPods Pro is a great choice if you want something for sitting on the bus or working at your desk. It provides much more phone-to-headphone functionality when compared with the Bose design. If you find yourself toggling between your playlist and phone calls, Apple is the way to go.

It also delivers richer treble sounds, which is ideal when listing to podcasts or taking calls. The AirPods Pro also provides active noise cancellation, which is something that the Bose design doesn’t offer.

Noise cancellation is great when working at a cubicle or riding on the bus, but it’s not ideal when running outdoors. When going for a jog around the neighborhood, you need to be attuned with the world around you to stay safe.

The Bose design also wins big on overall sound when it comes to music. The AirPods Pro provides crystal-clear treble, but the bass is a little lacking. The Bose Sport Earbuds offers a more robust soundstage and deeper bass sounds that are geared more towards heart-pumping playlists rather than phone calls or audiobooks.

As far as fit is concerned, the Bose design wins in a landslide. Many users found that the AirPods pro often slipped out of their ears during an intense training session, while the Bose design stayed securely in place and comfortable enough to wear all day long.

Overall, if you want a pair of training-ready earbuds, Bose is the way to go. If you need something geared towards working at a desk, AirPods Pro will fit the bill.
The Bose Sport Earbuds are a great choice for runners that need something comfortable that will take your workout playlists to the next level. I love that this design boasts Volume-Optimized Active EQ that can detect the music that you are listening to and adjust the EQ automatically.

For non-audiophiles, this is a really wonderful feature. The downside of this design is that it doesn’t have manual features that allow you to adjust the equalizer. It includes a compatible app, but many users found the functionality of this app to be a little sparse.

Overall, the fit, design, sound, and performance of these headphones are perfect for runners that can easily squeeze out a few extra miles given the right playlist. The sound is surprisingly rich and robust for earbuds, and they have a unique design that is made to fit in your ears securely yet comfortably.

The battery life is a little lacking, but if your training sessions clock in at under 5 hours these earbuds will get you to the finish line.
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