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Winners Announced!


New Balance Summit Unknown

Winner:  Sherry Traher
Visit her on Instagram:  Crazy_Mother_Runners

FitBit Surge

Winner:  Mike Potyka
Visit him on Instagram:  imic.running


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About RunnerClick’s Featured Product Giveaway

Do you have products that runner’s should know about? RunnerClick is hosting giveaways for products that runner’s will love, so if you have products that you want to show to the community, we would love to hear about and consider them for our monthly giveaway.

There are several benefits to participating in a giveaway. Simply, your products will get a massive amount of exposure to the right audience, our audience which are all runner’s and fitness enthusiasts. Numbers are important, and we know this, that’s why we make sure to share featured products (the one’s we think are great) across all of our social media platforms, not only The reach amounts to an easy 350,000 runner’s and fitness enthusiasts that are specifically viewing to see such products. This means the audience is more valuable, and less watered down.

 These giveaways focus on the benefit of the viewer, so we will need to evaluate and compare products for consideration. After evaluating the products, we will decide if they will be proper for being featured in a giveaway. All of the prep work is done by us. All you need to do is contact us if you have products that you think would be great for our viewers, and if we think so too, arrange to have evaluation samples sent to us. When the giveaway is complete, you send the featured product to the winner. Simple, easy and a great way for proactive companies big and small to interact with consumers.


We will display the featured product as seen here across all our guide pages.



Steps For Product Companies

  1. Contact us about your products you would like considered
  2. If accepted, send us the products to be evaluated (Not needed if we already know of and/or reviewed the product(s))
  3. Once evaluated, we choose which we think is best
  4. We set up the giveaway & promote it across our social media pages & website
  5. The product is seen by all our audience
  6. Runners then sign up for the giveaway
  7. At the end of the month we  randomly select a winner
  8. We correspond with the winner & obtain shipping information
  9. We relay shipping information to you, and you ship the product to the winner

It’s an extremely simple and effective way to reach out to runner’s about particular products.

Contact us if you would like a product(s) considered for the giveaway



In this process many individuals share and interact with the posts, putting the product in front of many interested eyes. That they are able to interact in such a way does a lot for recognition and remembrance of the particular product, versus seeing a media update that would otherwise be easily scrolled past or overlooked.

This is why the giveaways are extremely beneficial for the viewers and product companies. It allows interaction through an interesting outlet as the entrant can obtain a product they would love and benefit from as a runner, and at the same time show a great product that many will see and be able to consider whether they win the giveaway or not.


Steps for Runner’s Participating

  1. Sign up for the giveaway (takes a second)

Right! It’s that easy, just a second.


Who can participate

  • Any product company that makes quality products for runner’s.
  • Any individual that is an active runner and/or fitness enthusiast
  • If you love running, you can participate.


Benefits for Companies

This is the only type of “Promotion” we allow across Runnerclick. We don’t have any banner ads.

  • Featured on our pages along with the product as the sponsor for the giveaway (650.000 impressions a month)
  • Our in depth review on the product linked for all viewers – permanently on our website
  • Featured product shared across all our social media platforms, and boosted to our specific audience, based on metrics we select that are particular to each item type.
  • This amounts to a vast amount of valuable exposure, especially great for new products.
  • Demographic breakdown:  77% US, 8% UK, 4% CA, 3% AUS, 2% Ireland. The rest is a mix of countries around the world.


Current Giveaway

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 18

WINNER To be Announced…


Previous Giveaways

Adidas Ultra Boost

Winner: Kevin Patterson
Announcement Date: 1/15/18

Nike Flyknit Racer


Winner: Scott Chee
Announcement Date: 12/6/17

Brooks Levitate

Winner: MIchelle Hall
Announcement Date: 11/8/17

La Sportiva Akasha

Winner: Michael Garvey
Announcement Date: 10/6/17


361 Spinject 

Winner: Isaiah Ortiz
Announcement Date: 9/25/17

HOKA One One Clifton 4

Winners: Kathryn Saunders & Alvin Johnson
Announcement Date: 9/9/17


Skechers GoRun 5

Winner: Sandra Shubert
Announcement Date: 8/9/17


Tailwind Nutrition Assortment Pack

Winners: Amber Roland and Paul Maness
Announcement Date: 7/7/17


Brooks Glycerin 15

Winners: Paula McCabe and Phil Murphy
Announcement Date: 6/26/17



Fox River Socks

Winners: Marcy Ross, Grant Patrick, & Mary Schneider
Announcement Date: 5/24/17



Danish Endurance Compression Socks 

Danish Endurance Compression Socks Giveaway #3

Announcement Date: 4/28/17


Under Armour Rival Sunglasses



Winner: Ike Hansen of Logan, Utah
Announcement Date: 4/13/17


Mudgear Compression Socks

Mudgear Compression Socks Giveaway 1

Winner(s): Pat Hefferman, Sophie Imarzouk, and Oly Acoste Lebensorger
Announcement Date: 12/1/16



Is it best to send one or multiple products for evaluation?

If you have a few products of the same type, or different types of products you would like evaluated for the giveaway, they can be sent. If sending multiple products of the same type, we will compare them among each-other and whichever is best to us will be featured in the giveaway.


If the product earns a high rating, is it possible for it to land on a “Best-Of” list for it’s particular category?

Absolutely. If we evaluate a product and we really like it’s quality, not only will we feature it in the giveaway, but possibly on a top 10 list as well.


Do you provide personal information of participants or the winner?

We do not. The only information we provide is what’s needed to get the item to the winner. However, if you choose to follow along with our posts on social media about the giveaway, you are free to do so. This way you can see who’s interacting and who won.


Can we provide the information for the review or any produced content of the product?

Companies can provide tech sheets and specs of the products for use in written content, although reviews and write-ups will ultimately be on our perspective of that product and how we feel about it.


Can we participate more than once?

Companies and Runner’s can participate in giveaways as much as they’d like to. We hold giveaways one a month, so companies can queue a giveaway ahead of time. Contact us to do so.


Can we discuss a special giveaway? I.E, One that features a product type rather than one specific product, where the winner will be able to select out what’s available?

We are always interested in discussing new ideas. So, if you have something particular in mind for a giveaway, or want a specialized giveaway, contact us and we can discuss it.