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How does running help your body?
Avatar Sean Tan
01 June 2018

I’m new to running and I still don’t understand how running helps your body, can you enlighten me a bit? Thanks

Answer :
Elizabeth Carlson
30 May 2018

Ask pretty much anyone and they will agree that running is pretty tough, especially when you are first starting out. Getting into running shape can be quite the rigorous (and exhausting) process because it can take the body so much time to adjust to such an intense level of exertion. But if you are looking for the quickest, most efficient way to lose weight, then running is your sport. First, it incorporates basically the entire body. Obviously you will use and strengthen your legs and your core, but you even incorporate your upper body when you run with good posture and pump your arms. It also increases your heart rate to burn calories and improve heart health. Just 20 minutes a day, three days week of running will ensure you maintain a healthy heart, lungs, and respiratory system. Running has even been linked to helping improve digestive and gut health.

Running has also been linked to improving mental health and well-being. Many sufferers of anxiety, depression, and other mental illnesses have turned to running to relieve stress and help turn their moods around. Those with mental illnesses are suffering from a chemical imbalance in their brains in which serotonin levels are thrown off. Running actually serves to boost serotonin levels by releasing endorphins. Even if you don't have a medically diagnosed mental illness, everyone has stressful days at work, school, and home. Running can be the perfect remedy for turning your sour mood around. And the people you meet and the friendships and relationships formed through running and the running community is another huge benefit. Many form close bonds with their running buddies because not only do they share intimate details about their lives during a long Saturday run, but you innately understand each other on a different level from your non-running friends. You both know what it's like to sacrifice and suffer in order to be able to run. Running can improve confidence too. Just the knowledge of knowing your body is strong and capable enough to run several miles consecutively can make you feel more confident in your own skin, and proud of the body that you do have. You may find that running simply helps you appreciate the human body more, in general, for all that it is capable of doing!

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