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How to Lose Weight by Running – How can you do it effectively?

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How to Lose Weight by Running - How can you do it effectively? How to Lose Weight by Running – How can you do it effectively? www.runnerclick.com

About How to lose weight by running. There are so many reasons for people to run. Some people run because of their hobby, others run for having better health and another run to lose weight. For each purpose, there is own strategy. In this review, I would like to mention the issue that how to run to lose weight.

This is very good news for runners who choose running as a method to lose weight because running is one of the most efficient ways to burn calories. For each mile you log, you burn about 100 calories which means it likely takes you less than 10 minutes to run off 100 calories–a rate that leaves most other forms of exercise in the dust. So if you want to lose a pound or 2, or even 5, look no better than your running routine. By making some changes–boosting the intensity there,adjusting the mileage here, you can literally run off some pounds without changing anything in your diet. You only need to keep your calorie intake the same which won’t be hard because research reports that if you are fitter, your diet naturally becomes healthier. But before taking on too much running, you need to remember some important difficulties that you’ll face like a new runner.

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Tip 1: Give your body Time to Adapt

First, the tendons, ligaments and bones will adapt more slowly to running than your cardiovascular system. By running about three or four days a week within three weeks, you can get to the point where your 2-mile or 3-mile runs start to feel easier. You may want to run faster but you should resist that urge.

It takes several weeks for your “structural body” to catch up to your “metabolic body.” in other words, you can build your engine—your heart and lungs—faster than your can build your chassis­—your bones, tendons and ligaments. Don’t rush.

Tip 2: Be a Consistent Runner

Second, you should take a long-term process to run. Commit to running regularly—in other words—for the next three months, not just for the next three weeks.

Running will bring to you a great deal back in many ways. You’ll see improvements in aspects as diverse as self-esteem and attitude to practical benefits like more energy during your workday. But this is only right for the person who becomes a consistent runner, not for someone who runs once a week.

Tip 3: carry out a Walk/Run Program to Get Started

You will be able to run off some pounds easily if you follow a regimented program, it is ideal for you to start with a run/walk program (where you run for a given amount of time, then walk, then run again). I very like run/walk programs for people who is trying to lose weight because it keeps you action for a longer period of time. You may work out for 20 to 30 minutes or even an hour with a walk/ run program, whereas with a run-only program, you cannot be able to go a full 20 minutes.

If your aim with running is weight loss, then you are at least in the beginning better served with longer workouts at lower intensities.

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Tip 4: increase Strength and Intensity Gradually

The another thing to consider after you have some run/walk program under your belt (say eight weeks) is to move to some additional strength and mobility work beside your run/walk program. This could be simple exercises as push-ups and body squats. Also, pedestal/plank exercises are great to improve your main strength.

Strength training is important. But before doing, you need to make sure that all of the bones, ligaments and tendons can handle not only more minutes running, but also several minutes of faster running. This is a great time to cooperate with a personal trainer. If you have trouble with cash, no worries, you’ll only need this person for a few weeks, and then you can continue to do their workouts once you enter the next phase of your training.

Tip 5: How to Continue Losing Weight

If you want to continue losing weight on a running program, then you need to keep increasing the level, or how long or far you run. The body is very careful in fat loss. While those first few pounds may have run off easily, eventually, a 20-minute run isn’t going to keep you losing weight at the rate it once did. But, now you’re ready for longer and further running. And it’s a great time to run for a 5K even a 10K, and follow a training program. You’re fit thanks to the run/walk program, and you’re stronger from the strength and mobility program.

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Tip 6: Be clever About Progression

The one problem with this phase in your training is the expect to run faster. undoubtedly, you’re thinking, “If I run faster or harder, won’t I burn more calories?”

The answer is yes, but the problem is that your risk of injury increased when you attempt to run faster. This is why I think it’s important for you to work with a coach if they have a sound foundation in running training methodology. A coach can help you find that right line between running a controlled, challenging pace in a practice, but not crossing the line into an area that will create injury.

The same thing is true about making big steps in mileage. You may think, “If I’m losing a pound a week at 30 miles a week, then I can try to run 45 miles a week and maybe I’d lose two pounds a week.”

You need to be careful when bumping up your mileage.  you can handle one week at a new level, Possibly. But can you handle two weeks, plus faster workouts? Impossibly.  Again, a coach can guide you through the right next steps in your training, and help you avoid taking the wrong next steps.

Bottom line is that running is a good way to lose weight. All you need to do is be more patient, knowing this is a journey of weeks and months. If you’re patient, you’ll see great results from your running efforts.

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