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How much do running shoes cost?
Avatar jane fully
20 July 2018

My daughter is asking me to buy her a new pair of running shoes. Do you know how much running shoes cost?

Answer :
Elizabeth Carlson
19 July 2018

When it comes to running shoes, price points vary drastically depending on the brand, model of the shoe, and any special features that come with the shoe. Typically, a decent pair of running shoes will range from $80 to $150 (but can go even more expensive than that!). It sounds like your daughter might be younger, which can play in your favor as far as pricing is concerned because children and youth sized shoes are generally less expensive than their adult equivalents.

You should also consider how long your daughter has been running for, what she needs them for (i.e. is she joining the cross country team? Or is she more just wanting to run leisurely on her own? etc), and if she has a lot of growing left. If she's a natural talent and has the opportunity to train hard with some great coaching and a great team, then it might be worth splurging a bit on a really good pair of shoes that are going to last a bit longer. However, it doesn't really make sense to sink a bunch of money into a pair of shoes that are designed to withstand a lot of miles if she's not joining a team, or doesn't has a scheduled race on the calendar that she' training for.

I would advise to lean more towards cheaper shoes, between $80 and $100. And always check the sales racks! A lot of times, when shoe brands come out with a new style, color, or version of their shoes, they'll put the older versions for sale for cheaper. For instance, I am an avid fan of the Pure Cadence running shoe from Brooks. Brooks usually releases a new "version" of this shoe every six months, and while they might play with the style and fit a little, each version does not really change much (other than the colors). If I need a new pair of shoes, I try and always buy the "older" version because it is cheaper, but I know that it will fit my foot well and is my preferred style and weight of running shoe. Especially if this is your daughter's very first pair of shoes, be sure to go to the store and let her try on several different pairs in person so that she can really find what is most comfortable and form fitting.

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