10 Best Patagonia Shorts for Running Tested


Patagonia specializes in a wide range of attributes that would appeal to runners. They feature wick ready materials and a minimized seam to greatly reduce irritation caused by dampness and chaffing. Patagonia also emphasizes breathability and temperature regulation both for sweat management but also to deal with any overheating issues. All this on top of their shorts being highly resilient as well as long lasting; which make this a brand worth investing in.

With such a high quality of the product, it could be quiet challenging to figure out which of the Patagonia line would best suit your needs. Our list will make it easy to narrow your selection down to only the best shorts, specifically those for running. Runnerclick is happy to step in and do the heavy lifting so you can spend less of your time shopping and more of your time running.

Whatever your sense of style, this brand of shorts will have something for you, enjoy our informative review and choose a pair.

Last Updated: July 4, 2018
By Tess Bercan:

Enjoy our excellent and very current line-up of Patagonia running shorts for guys and girls. We regularly review whats best and available for runners. Peruse our review-criteria section covering how we review to find the best for you. Any questions, you can find the answers in our section for FAQs 7/5/18 We have elaborated and extended our FAQ's so they can be clearer and more helpful for our readers.

Patagonia Strider Pro Shorts
  • Patagonia Strider Pro Shorts
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Chafe-Free Comfort, with Polygiene
  • Price: See Here
Patagonia Strider
  • Patagonia Strider
  • 4.4 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Mesh ventilation panels
  • Price: See Here
Patagonia Baggies Shorts
  • Patagonia Baggies Shorts
  • 4.7 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Quick-Drying Supplex Nylon
  • Price: See Here

10 Best Patagonia Shorts


1. Patagonia Strider Pro

1. Patagonia Strider Pro
These excellent shorts are specifically for running and the new upgrades are in keeping with the high standards kept by this popular brand.

Two specific sizes are proving to be very popular, the 5" and the 7", designed for dedicated trail runners whom like long challenging rides

Patagonia have retained the standard FIT and functionality which runners very much appreciate while evolving the shorts with innovative updates to stay ahead of customer preferences.

Take a look at our focused review in which we zero in on the shorts updated features.

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Durability and Comfort.

Let's break down the updated components of these shorts and take a close look.


These 2017 shorts are lighter, the moment you pick them up you can notice the weight difference, we are only talking in ounces here but for us runners, when we are out on a trial ride, we know that makes a difference. the 2016 shorts were light but the updated shorts are delightfully lighter.

Liner Material

Here we see a thoughtful upgrade in material construction which results in a softer feel on the skin in a pair of lighter shorts. The shorts weigh in at 2.7 ounces (very light) and are one hundred percent polyester and blended in is 42% recycled to stay true to Patagonia's philosophy of being environmentally friendly. Odor control remains at a high standard with Polygiene incorporated into the material.


The new waistband is designed to present less bulk than the 2016 shorts, a binding seam is located at the back so pay attention to this if you are prone to skin chaffing. You get a nice FIT hold around the waist in a more streamlined form.


Previously the sturdy draw-cord functioned to provide tying both externally and internally, there was no need for two functions, now we have a straight forward user friendly external draw-cord, quick and effective.

Outer Body, Material

Nice upgrade for the outer body material, the styling for long length mesh panels has been removed (but not gone, just re-styled) along with the mesh gusset.

The main body of the material is Micro Dobby made from polyester, which has very high durable water repelling characteristics. Generally speaking this material cannot hold and retain water, the surface of the fibers do not absorb liquid, it sits on the surface of the fiber and evaporates or gets dispelled.

Rear Hip Pockets

We now get four larger pockets, the fabric can stretch so that we can comfortably carry more, this is done through an innovative blend of 21% Spandex and 79% nylon, this means that your items in the pockets are held securely and are protected from water penetration.

The pockets are secure and you do not get any distracting bounce sensations from them while you run.

Rear Center Pocket

This pocket is now one inch wider and this makes a big difference when we carry stuff, the pocket is also notable deeper, built into this pocket is a very convenient quick action closure-cord which replaces the previous zip pull system.

A very nice set of upgrades, the shorts are known for durability, comfort and being very functional, this new model continues to enhance a great reputation.

Offered in two color combinations for a stylish appearance.


Even though the shorts are upgraded, check your sports outlets and you will see that the price remains the same as the previous shorts, very good value for money.

The Patagonia Strider PRO shorts aren’t your average pair of gym shorts. With the superior features available, it is more of an investment than a purchase. Between the handful of pockets, water repellent material, and chafe-free experience, the value of these shorts matches the price.

High split decreases the chances of leg chaffing

Fabric is treated with durable water  giving a repellent finishing

Smooth material is fast drying and light

2.7 ounces (very light)

New waistband-less bulk

Bigger stretch pockets and more secure

Modified Waistband-external draw-cord

Environmentally friendly material




Pay attention to the seam on the back of the waistband if you are prone to skin chaffing.

2. Patagonia Strider

2. Patagonia Strider
The standard Patagonia Strider shorts are a longer, simpler version of the Strider Pro shorts. The Strider’s also have a DWR (durable water repellent) finish, just like the Strider pro. This is significant for potential buyers because this feature means that they aren’t limited to the “pro” version when it comes to water resistant shorts. These particular shorts have increased chafe protection, primarily because of the longer material.
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The Patagonia Strider shorts are made with polyester that contains airflow mesh panels for easy ventilation. Having these ventilation panels will keep airflow through your shorts; offering a cool feel.

Superior Odor Control

No matter what type of physical activity you are getting into, there comes a time where you are going to smell due to body odor. The Strider shorts help reduce the odds of your shorts smelling bad while you are out there getting your daily run in. With the Polygiene permanent odor control applied to this product, your mind could be at ease while getting in a hard workout.


These shorts have a good value. When purchasing the Patagonia Strider shorts, you get materials that you don’t necessarily receive in other workout gear such as odor control, water resistance, and ventilation panels.
  • Odor Control
  • Water Repellent Finish
  • Mesh Ventilation Panels
  • Thin; better for warmer weather
  • Draw cord had been reported to be “too short” for some buyers

3. Patagonia Baggies

3. Patagonia Baggies
The Patagonia Baggies shorts are made for performance but can also be used as a casual short. They are made with a stretchy nylon/spandex blend that could be used for a variety of activities, such as running, hiking, and biking.
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Easy to Reach Pockets

The Baggies shorts have 2 vertical side pockets that have drain and dry mesh pocket bags, so you will be able to hold whatever you have on you in a dry location. There is also a back patch pocket on the right side with a flap and snap closure. This pocket will be able to securely hold your valuable items such as a cell phone, wallet, or MP3 player.

Durable, Stretch-woven material

The Patagonia Baggies are made with a stretch-like material that will be able to fit most people of all different shapes and sizes. The waistband has an internal drawstring that can assist these shorts in staying on as tight as possible for a snug fit.


Low cost for a pair of shorts that has multiple uses. This product has high quality features for what it is worth.
  • Can be used for running and/or casual wear
  • Stretch material can go far without damage
  • Back pocket can be buttoned so that nothing will fall out
  • Not many color options
  • No mesh insert

4. Patagonia Nine Trails

4. Patagonia Nine Trails
The biggest difference between the Nine Inch Trails Patagonia shorts and other shorts from this brand is the front pockets. The Nine Inch Trails shorts are one of the longer shorts available; at 8 inches. These shorts are essentially made with the same material as other Patagonia shorts, but with a different design.
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Safe and Convenient Pocket Location

The pockets on the Nine Inch Nails shorts are conveniently located on the sides and one in the back. They contain zippers so you can hold even your most valuable items and not worry about losing them while running.


Between all the materials applied to Patagonia shorts, the Nine Inch Trails set are ready for the most vigorous activities. The polyester material is light, but will still hold up with frequent use.


The zipper pockets gives these shorts a good value. The price of this product will pay off granted the amount of use you will get.
  • Zip pockets will keep your items safe while running
  • Draw cord ensures a snug fit
  • Compression Liner has room for improvement

5. Patagonia Field

5. Patagonia Field
While these shorts are primarily used for track and field, you can definitely get some use out of the Patagonia Field shorts if you are looking for long, lightweight shorts. This pair is reinforced with a durable fabric that is resistant to abrasion and tearing, so if you are planning on getting into any extreme activities, these might be for you. The lack of pockets may not be best for those looking for running shorts, but definitely an option depending on your needs.
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The Patagonia Field shorts are by far one of the more durable shorts in their collection. This fabric has the ability to resist any damage that may occur when laying around or walking long hikes in rough climate.

Water Resistant

These shorts are best for wet weather. These shorts are made so that no wet materials will stick onto the fabric. This is great for when you are outside in the rain or snow.


The value of these shorts is about reasonable compared to the price. The downfall for the Patagonia Field shorts is the fact that there are no pockets, which could be a deterrent to runner’s looking for a long pair of shorts.
  • No wet material will stick to these shorts thanks to water resistant material.
  • Durable fabric will ensure buyer a long lasting product
  • No pockets; unable to run with your valuables

6. Patagonia Guidewater II

6. Patagonia Guidewater II
The Guidewater shorts are durable and flexible, you won’t need a belt when you go out with your friends, and a draw cord won’t be necessary when out for a jog. These lightweight, easy to dry shorts will be good for any workout or hobby thanks to the rugged fabric and water resistant finish.
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The Guidewater II’s have a rugged nylon fabric that can take a lot of use and show little to no signs of wear. You can get longevity out of these shorts even if you wear them every day.


The stretchy waistband in these shorts will help keep a tight fit no matter how much weight you lose or gain. There is no need for a belt or string when you are wearing these shorts.


Value is decent compared to price. You could probably find an alternative pair of shorts with similar features, but not great quality.
  • Stretchy waistband offers comfort for all sizes
  • Side pocket gives you options on where to put your stuff.
  • Runs big

7. Patagonia Tribune

7. Patagonia Tribune
If you’re looking for a comfortable pair of shorts made mostly of cotton, these are definitely an option. The Tribune shorts are slimmer compared to most Patagonia shorts, which is good news for someone looking for a tight fit, or just a generally small individual.
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Comfortable Waistband

What’s the difference between these shorts and other Patagonia shorts? Well first off, the fit. The waistband is curved because Patagonia wants these shorts to fit the exact shape of one’s hips. The skin tight fit is meant to keep the shorts in place at all times, no matter how hard you are running. The cotton used in these shorts will keep you comfortable and natural no matter the circumstances.

Zippered Handwarmer Pockets

The two slanted zippered pockets are a great feature for any runner because of the hand-warming material inside the pockets. This means that you can stop and put your hands in your pockets whenever they get cold. So no matter how cold it is outside, there are no excuses that can stop you from going out and getting a good run in.


The Patagonia Tribune shorts are priced in the “fair” category. They offer comfort through high quality material, so while they won’t be inexpensive, they are surely a great addition to your closet.
  • Zippered hand-warmer pockets can keep hands warm regularly
  • Waistband is meant to fit snugly, providing a “natural” fit
  • Runs tight

8. Patagonia Stretch Terre

8. Patagonia Stretch Terre
The versatile Terre Planing shorts are made of recycled polyester with a 2-way mechanical stretch, offering the most durable experience. They can be used casually or for running, and thanks to the belt loops and drawstring, you have plenty of options when it comes to keeping your shorts secure unto your body.
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Flexible Fabric

From face value, these shorts like stiff. That is simply not the case with the Terre planning walk shorts. This polyester material will stretch as far as it has to, you will have complete mobility when you are out exercising.


Despite the overly casual look, these shorts are very comfortable for any physical activity. Even when you sweat, the Terre Planing shorts will keep you cool and dry as you are burning calories.


The Patagonia Terre Planing Walk shorts are priced at a good value because you are not just getting a basic pair of shorts upon purchase. With these shorts, you get two in one. You get a pair of casual shorts that you can hang around in, and you get a nice pair of a durable shorts that you can run, walk, bike, and hike in.
  • Very flexible fabric
  • Slanted pockets with mesh bags will offer security
  • Runs small

9. Patagonia Gi III

9. Patagonia Gi III
Shorts with a casual look made with durable material for the toughest runs, hikes, and climbs. You can use these shorts for running, the gym, outdoor activities, and even to hang out with friends. Thanks to the zippered pockets and key loop, you can take these anywhere and feel comfortable with your phone, car keys, and wallet.
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The Gi III shorts are considered a “regular fit” with relaxed leg. This means you have the freedom to move your legs however you’d like. You are also provided a built in adjustable belt so you will be able to tighten these shorts as tight or loose as you would like.

Durable Material

Quick-drying nylon offers the buyer a lightweight feel for easy mobility and 50+ UPF sun protection so you can wear these shorts virtually anywhere; especially outdoors.


These shorts are high priced for what they have to offer. There are other Patagonia shorts in the market that are better suited for running, but these could be useful if worn correctly.
  • Adjustable fit ensures a snug fit
  • “Regular fit” is very comfortable and offers a variety of mobility
  • Durable
  • Might not be the most comfortable for runners due to restrictive design
  • The built-in belt loosens from time to time

10. Patagonia Women's Baggies Shorts - 5"

10. Patagonia Women's Baggies Shorts - 5
Especially for lady runners, this style never grows tired, stylish, comfortable and functional, with very durable DWR moisture/water repelling characteristics.

Offered in a nice range of patterned stylish colors to suit every taste. Made from SUPPLEX light weight nylon and finished with a nicely styled 5" inseam.

Read our review for these Ladies Baggies-shorts and see why a pair belongs in your running kit.
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Comfort and water resistant.

When you see the word "Bluesign" associated with running shorts or other sports clothing you can be certain that safety for consumers, selective environmentally friendly materials have been factored into the making of the products and that is the case with these comfortable and durable ladies shorts.

Come moderate rain or snow, wetness is repelled and drying out time is rapid, this is due to the shorts being treated with DWR which gives the outer fabric strong moisture/water defensive capabilities.

This results in the fabric not holding water and not becoming uncomfortably heavy. Therefore, high performing breath-ability is retained for your skin and comfort.

The shorts are offered in a really arty range of patterned colors.
Light-weight Durable Material.
The shorts are great for ladies, use them for running or other sports or wear them casually.

Made from ultra light Supplex Nylon, the light feel from the material is perfect and at the same time the shorts are durable and hard wearing.

For a flattering and comfortable FIT, a stylish back yoke is designed into the shorts, fit stability is further ensured through a well designed feature in the brushed elasticated waist-band and to ensure back up FIT you get a sturdy internal draw-cord.

Dry-out and quick drainage are a certainty through the innovative pocket lining which is a mesh construction and the styling is finished off with 5" inseams.

The light-weight factor is evident as the shorts only weigh 5.2 ounces ( 146g ).


Very reasonably priced and in return you get style, durability, comfort and great performance.



Dry-out and quick drainage

Pocket mesh construction


Environmentally friendly materials

DWR Water resistant treated

High performing breath-ability

SUPPLEX light weight nylon



This version, only for the ladies

Overall, the best shorts from Patagonia that is most suitable for running are the ones that are lightweight, durable, and chafe-resistant. In addition, having a water resistant finish put onto the shorts will help the runner go through different weather conditions and sweat levels while staying as dry as possible. With that being said, the Strider Pro shorts and the Baggies are the most recommended.

Criteria Used In Selecting the Best Patagonia Shorts

Patagonia is one of the best brands that make running gear, one of the many that can be trusted in doing a great work overall. Not just that but the fact that it is made of a great material, it is feather-light in weight and the seaming is done perfectly makes it one of the shorts that are high on demand and that answers the question why we did a research on it.

Among other things that Patagonia specializes in we got a liking for their striking shorts that portray some of the best features one would want in a short, we know you wouldn’t think twice owning one and we came up with the top 10 best shorts that we know will suit you well, now going to get a short like this in the market can be difficult as you might come across lots of shorts that may appeal to you but having some criteria written down can be  a step closer to getting the right one. Below are some of the factors that we used to arrive at the best Patagonia shorts that have been listed above.

Patagonia is known for high-quality functional products and our criteria for evaluation was to see if they are maintaining those high standards.

For comfort, we wanted to see that the shorts are presented in a construction which allows for comfort, especially while running, a badly designed pair of shorts can result in very distracting comfort properties and during a trail ride, we do not want such distractions. Is the material comfortable against the skin? Do the material flap and cause distractions? Does the material contain any anti-bacterial qualities? Polyester makes it very difficult for bacteria to gain a hold.

The fit is very important and we looked closely at overall FIt in terms of how the shorts sit on the body without being overly intrusive or bulky. We looked at how secure the FIT is so that while running the shorts stay sound and secure.

Materials. We took a close look at the materials used in the construction of the shorts, are they durable, are they comfortable against the skin? Do the materials serve towards less wind resistance? Are the materials synthetic or natural? Are the materials environmentally friendly? Do the materials contain wick characteristics to assist in dispelling moisture.

Mesh Systems. We looked at the incorporation of mesh panels, where on the shorts the panels are placed and how functionally they served a purpose? Which types of materials are used in the construction of mesh panels?

Secure Pockets. We looked at the provision of pockets, how realistically functional are the pockets? Are the pockets a design gesture or can we actually carry the stuff we might want to take along on a trail run? How secure are the pockets, do they have secure sturdy zip systems or secure tie-up or draw cords? Will the pockets keep your stuff protected from water/moisture?

Weight. Are the shorts unnecessarily heavy or are they durable, comfortable and light? Materials/fabrics used in making the shorts played a high role in weight factor, natural materials hold moisture and can start to feel a little heavier while synthetic materials tend to dispel or lose water quicker and so do not create too much weight through moisture retention.

Cost: This figured high in our assessment because Patagonia produces quality shorts which are generally good value for money, We wanted to know if they have continued to keep with good cost criteria and we are happy to note that they have.


When going for any clothing we can all agree to the fact that we want something that feels comfortable that way we can go about our business without feeling any sort of discomfort. That is the feeling you expect from a Patagonia shorts nothing less, the shorts need to be of reasonable height as this will amount to the overall comfort of the short. These shorts comfort is achieved by the seams and the material that prevents chaffing whenever one has it on. When looking for great shorts you need to know that the comfort of the shorts should be checked especially if you are a runner who keeps on using the shorts for daily training.

Water resistance

The ability of the shorts not to absorb water is also key as this will help in maintaining the shorts dry and cool all the time. Who would like to get wet while running around, not only is this gross but the appeal you will have is that of dirt all around you and this might be a hindrance in making sure that you achieve you goals, when looking for a great short ensure to get one that is water resistant as sometimes you might be running in a wet climate and having to soak yourself will not be an option that is when these pants come in the material that most of them are made in help one to keep away of wet clothes that might make you uncomfortable as well. Make sure you get the right shorts that will wick out excess sweat and will also keep you safe from excess water.


When running in shorts especially if you are a man you will need one that can offer support to your groin area. This might mean one that is made with an innerwear that will help keep you safe and prevent chaffing around the areas that might cause damage to your body parts, having the right seams in the short will also offer support as it will help prevent chafing too, running around can be tricky if you have no support underneath as is might result to unforeseen injuries that might not go well with any athlete and as they say prevention is better than cure right? Well, this is one of the cases where prevention is way better than cure. We want you to have a blast while running ensure you do just that by getting a short that can support you well.


Now, this has become a song in most factors as it cannot be ignored, the fact that you put in even a cent in purchasing whatever item you want makes this factor appear in our list endless times. The durability of the shorts must matter, this will help cut cost and will also help with the store trips that one can make before getting the right pair. The feeling of having an item that can last for a longer period of time is priceless as this will put a smile on your face every time you are on the run and you happen to gaze at yourself and see the shorts, this we believe is a great motivator as most people see the value in getting themselves shorts for running. Durability is always the relative of quality this means getting a good quality can result in the durability of the item bought and this case is the Patagonia shorts.


The value of any item is measured by what it has to offer against the price used to get the said item, well in this case then same applies to the shorts you need to know how much they go for then the value you get from them, can they serve you right are they comfortable enough are they worth the cent invested in them so many questions are answered at the  juncture to be aware of this you need to know not every time the most expensive stuff is the best sometimes we ignore the better reasonable prices for overpriced ones and at the end we tend to feel sorry and disappointed. Good thing the Patagonia brands are pocket-friendly and they give you a run for your money.


One should be aware that material is an essential part in buying a cloth, it is often related to its price and durability, the better the material usually the more priced and the more durable it is. we all want to get that one cloth that can serve you well without a doubt that one that can run for miles and not show signs of giving in, enough said when looking for the best shorts ensure that you get the material right as this will reflect if you invested in vain or it was worth the while also it will make you comfortable as a good material is believed to make the best out of the user, it builds confidence and makes it all worth every run, the material will be able to increase the flexibility and the dryness of the shorts. Polyester and Nylon are the most common material that has such features and are used a lot in shorts.


Other Things You’ll Want To Think About

We have been able to list above some of the major factors that you need to consider when buying Patagonia shorts, just like any other shorts there are to buy these ones are not exceptional ,Patagonia is a rising brand and has caught our attention hoping the same applies to you,thus it can be tricky to go looking for them in the market having no clue what you want ,such time is when we come to your aid with the best 10 that we are sure can serve you well and by coming up with them we had to consider a lot of reasons some of which you might have and some of which you never thought to be important .find below other factors to consider.


flexibility is the order of the day of any runner this goes undisputed you need to be flexible, now the question is what if you get that one cloth that makes you uncomfortable and in the long run doesn’t make you flexible while running, let’s not say what that can be but we can all say that would be a nightmare in the day, well getting the right shorts can fix that, you need a short that will enhance your flexibility levels rather than hinder them, you need one material that can stretch nicely in a way of making you comfortable in the long run. Ensure that you get the right size too as this can bring about the worst experience if not dealt with in good time.

Moisture-wicking properties

Getting a moisture wicking material only means one thing, the cloud feel while running, this is because you will never get wet and soak or dumpy, those right there are everybody fear when running that at some point you will get so wet you will not be able to run freely or walk going to the mall, shorts are trends in fashion too, you might want to go to the mall after a short run, this can only be possible if you get the right shorts that will not be able to keep in moisture but will tap it all out leaving you dry this is also one way of achieving the odorless state and being fresh all day even after a run. Shorts that can be able to wick out moisture are the best type of shorts as they keep you focused during all your runs and you can think of nothing more than being able to run and achieve your goals.


This might not be a major factor but sure is a factor if you look closely getting the right shorts at the right weight can either make you go faster or can slow you down, you need to consider the weight of your running shorts especially if you are a marathon runner, you of all people know even a mere pencil can be heavy with time. this means you need to be as light as a feather while running and this should be considered going for a short, getting one that is of a lightweight is a step away from being dragged behind by unnecessary weight on your body.


The size of any cloth matters more than anyone can imagine, if you get a smaller size of cloth, not only does it give your features as small but it also makes you uncomfortable in it. with shorts you need to get the right size make sure you consider height and waist too, going in for the right size needs all that , our advice is always to get the one that has an adjustable waist in this case you can be able to get  one to fit you well around the waist and this can be a great idea for runners.

A Lighthearted Look At The History of Shorts

Shorts have been with us in various forms as far back as history goes, defining shorts is easy, they are long pants which have been shortened, or just for fun, they are short pants which were not made longer.

There are variations on showing your legs without wearing shorts, take for example the Scottish kilt, a kilt actually manages to look very cool and masculine even if it resembles a skirt.

The Kilt

The tartan patterns on kilts donate which clan you are from, in ancient times they could identify each other this way, especially during times of conflict. Imagine if shorts were patterned this way.
A word of warning, never tell a big burly Scotsman that his kilt looks like a skirt, it might be the last sentence you ever speak.

Ancient cave dwellers did not wear shorts.

In fact what they wore was more of a kilt style, a piece of animal hide wrapped around the waist, other variations were reeds tied together and wrapped around the waist, the problem with these was that you brought parasites on board to live on your body.

It wasn’t until we people learned how to weave wool, silk, and cotton that shorts, pants, skirts, dresses, Greek Togas etc actually set in motion the future possibility of a standard pair of shorts coming into existence. However, with the arrival of natural materials, we saw more problems with body lice because natural wool and cotton are ideal living conditions for lice.

In ancient Chinese, other Asian cultures and some Arabic cultures, something closely resembling shorts was worn and often made from silk, in the West we described these as baggy pants. Fitted around the waist and secured to fit just below the knees, the style was ultra baggy and allowed for plenty of air and flexibility for leg movement.

During the middle ages in Europe, ordinary men wore wool tights and ladies wore dresses, still no sign of a pair of shorts.  Aristocracy and noble families wore knickerbockers, these were baggy three quarter length pants made from silk or velvet.

In the 18th century, we saw the arrival of shorts (Lederhosen) made from deer hide, a durable leather, these first appeared in Bavaria and Austria but it is believed leather shorts were also being worn in other parts of Europe

The question which must be on your mind is, “when did we start wearing the shorts which we all recognize in the West”?

By the late 1800s and early 1900s, young boys wore something called knickerbockers. This style was strictly for the kids, certainly never caught on at that time for adults. These were worn with long warm woolly stockings.

Knickerbockers were very popular and looked liked an early style of what we now called shorts.

In the early 1900s, boys started wearing knee pants, both in Europe and America for school and casual wear.

The early 1900s, Knickers. A style of shorts for golfers and hunters that were a cross between long pants and knickerbockers and made from durable cotton/tweed, nowadays still popular and made from Scottish tartan material, were being worn in Europe and America, ironically these mid-length golf pants were called knickers, a word that simply would not work for modern men”s clothing. These are still popular among golfers now.

Knickers, unfortunately in England means a ladies underwear.

Boom, the rules had started to change in 1891 when the Sears catalog features a female model wearing shorts, people were amazed that a lady could dress in such a way. Little did they realize at that time just how far shorts will come for men, women, and children.

By the 1930’s women power had taken hold, ladies wore shorts, this was no longer a male-only clothing for sports, ladies wore them for athletic and casual much the same way as they dressed shorts onto their children, the change was generally well received by the public, especially by men.

The second world war saw big changes in attitudes towards shorts, the British military started to issue shorts to servicemen serving in hot countries. These shorts were nicknamed Bermuda shorts and they quickly became a popular fashion item.

Through the 1950’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s shorts became commonplace, people even cut back a pair of jeans to make shorts, different sports brought in specialist sports with specific designs and features.

Nowadays as soon as the sun shines we grab a pair of shorts, shorts are worn in every country in the world, for sports and socially. Shorts are healthy, stylish, made from countless materials, they are fashion, they are big business.



We understand that you are going to have questions. Anyone doing research is bound to have a few. And while we cant answer everything here, we will do our best to address the most common questions and concerns raised while shopping for shorts. If you have questions that are not addressed here we have many more in depth reviews on Runnerclick, along with the links to the product pages that can provide a more extensive break down.

Q: When selecting Patagonia shorts, what material should I look for?

A:  Most Patagonia shorts are made from polyester or cotton.

Polyester is an excellent material in terms of moisture resistance and wicking. It is also great material for long lasting and durable clothing.

Cotton is a much more breathable so it a lot of way it allows you to remain much cooler but they absorbs a lot more sweat.

Q: Are Patagonia shorts expensive?

A: There is no denying that Patagonia shorts are a higher priced brand of athletic wear. And while price is not always linked to quality, we are certain that Patagonia is a brand that produces long lasting and high quality shorts. So its best to think of these shorts as an investment since you will get a lot of wear and reliable performance out of them for the price that you pay.

Q: What are the advantages of shorts with liners?

A: The liners built into many types of running shorts are their to eliminate the need for underwear. Underwear add another layer of cloth which, combined with the shorts and the persistent friction, can cause chaffing. Thus the liner provides the support that underwear would normally while preventing unnecessary chaffing.

Q: Where can I get these shorts?

A: Patagonia shorts can be found in many major sports wear and athletic wear based retailers, both on site and online. Patagonia short are also available online on the Patagonia website as well as other major online retailers.

The one thing we do advise some caution with when it comes to shopping online is sizing. Unlike physical stores where you can try stuff on, you can only estimate the correct size with an online shop. One common tactic to circumvent this issue is to go to a sporting good store to try on the shorts and then check the prices online while you are there to see if you order them for cheaper, thereby getting the best of both worlds.

Q: Which size is best for shorts?

A: Sizing in one of the harder aspects of buying clothing, especially since sizing is not universal amongst all brands. If shopping in store we always recommend trying on anything before you purchase it. For shopping online there are sizing charts available but those are far from foolproof. Consider reading customer product reviews to find the common issues people had with sizing.

There are ways to avoid sizing issues. Shorts that contain an elastic waist band will provide enough room for flexibility and comfort while staying securely in place. Shorts that contain a tie-able waistband are also good for runners who are uncertain about sizing since they allow you to adjust your waist to what is comfortable. Both of these options are great if you aren’t 100% sure what size you will need.

Q: Do Patagonia have shorts made of cotton?

A: While many of Patagonia’s line of shorts are made from polyester they do offer products made of cotton. Cotton shorts will have better airflow but will not be as wicking or moisture resistant, so that is something to keep in mind.

If you are more naturally oriented then you will be happy to hear that since 1994 Patagonia has only used naturally grown cotton in their products.

Q: Is Patagonia clothing environmentally friendly?

A: Patagonia is a brand that participates in many environmentally conscious business practices. They use recycled polyester in the construction of some of their shorts and organically grown cotton for others. They also only source their materials from non-enviormentally damaging production resources. Additionally, 1% of their annual profits goes to environmental groups.

Q: How do Patagonia manage to have such high water repellent qualities in their running shorts?

A:  While cotton clothing is very absorbent, synthetic fibers do not take in water. So, since polyester is a synthetic fiber, the polyester shorts that Patagonia produces have that resistance built into them.

Q: Are there good running shorts available from other brands?


Runnerclick has many reviews of exceptional running shorts. We have lists featuring the best of Salamon running shorts and nike shorts.  We also have non-brand specific lists such as our breakdown of trail running shorts

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