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The top rated shorts for running Buying Guide
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10 Best Running Shorts Reviewed & Tested
Searching for Running shorts? Take a look at the best shorts of 2017, Pros & Cons and what to be aware of before buying them online or in a store. As runners, we probably spend more time thinking about what shoes to wear than what shorts to wear. Shoes support the most important part of runnin...
The best weightlifting shorts like these from Jed North should be tight, shorter in length and have ample stretch. Buying Guide
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10 Best Weightlifting Shorts Reviewed and Compared
Wearing new gym gear gives us a motivational boost. But buying shorts specifically made for weightlifting is a must for those who are serious about making gains. The best weightlifting shorts need to meet the needs of bodybuilders and gym lovers when it comes to this activity. This includes having am...
our list of the 10 best under armour running shorts fully reviewed Buying Guide
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10 Best Under Armour Running Shorts Tested & Reviewed
Many manufacturers of running shoes have branched out into other forms of apparel designed for runners. Under Armour is one such manufacturer, with many different styles of running shorts that are excellent for both male and females seeking something both fashionable and functional. Although just ...
our list of the 10 best Reebok CrossFit shorts Buying Guide
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10 Best Reebok CrossFit Shorts Rated and Reviewed
If you participate in CrossFit, you need a pair of shorts that will move with your body and not ride up. Nobody wants to be in the middle of an intense CrossFit class only to find that they need to find a way to adjust their shorts. Finding the best fitting pair of Reebok CrossFit shorts that happens...
our list of the 10 best CrossFit shorts fully reviewed Buying Guide
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10 Best CrossFit Shorts Tested & Fully Reviewed
When you’re breathing hard, muscles burning, focused on getting stronger and tougher in a CrossFit workout, the last thing you want to be worrying about is a wardrobe malfunction. Greg Glassman, a former gymnast, developed CrossFit to help people dramatically improve their health and fitness. The res...
our list of the 10 best brooks running shorts Buying Guide
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10 Best Brooks Running Shorts Fully Reviewed
Browse any sale rack at your local department store and you will be sure to find a plethora of activewear shorts that may be suitable for running. These inexpensive athletic shorts may be great for jogging and gym workouts but will not help reduce chafing or provide any storage as you increase your m...
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