10 Best Honey Stinger Waffles Reviewed


Honey Stinger knows how to deliver nutrition in a tasty snack and, if you like our selection of stinger waffles, you can consider the variety pack offered at the end of the review in which you get a good choice of flavors and the ingredients are GMO-free.

Sugar can make you crash, so better to go with the more natural long-chain glucose found naturally in honey. Honey Stingers Waffles boost the athlete’s energy for high performance. When you need more than a gooey liquid or tablet for your drink, this is a great healthy option. Honey Stinger Waffles are an organic, substantial, real food that is still compact enough to take on your long runs.

Each flat waffle cookie is a single serving burst of energy.  There are flavors to suit a variety of tastes – from very sweet to more salty or fresh; there is something for everyone.  Let us show you our top 10 tastes with our review of the best Honey Stinger waffles.

Last Updated: June 14, 2018
By Tess Bercan:

We hope you enjoy our selection of honey stinger waffles that is updated on a regular basis. You may also want to check out our FAQ section near the bottom of the page to give you a little more information about them. Enjoy.

Gluten-Free Salted Caramel
  • Gluten-Free Salted Caramel
  • 4.9 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Pure natural energy
  • Price: See Here
Original Honey Stinger Waffles
  • Original Honey Stinger Waffles
  • 4.6 out of 5
    Our rating
  • The Original Flavor
  • Price: See Here
Lemon Honey Stinger Waffles
  • Lemon Honey Stinger Waffles
  • 4.6 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Great Lemon Flavor
  • Price: See Here

The 10 Best Honey Stinger Waffles


1. Gluten-Free Salted Caramel

Gluten-free and still the most decadent option out there! This one packs all the punches. The sweet and salty flavor will keep you going in body and mind.
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Tastes just like salted caramel. Taste is somewhat subjective, but it is not hard to consider this one the most delicious of all the flavors. Just be prepared for the sweeter taste.


This is another gluten-free option, without sacrificing any of the taste. But there is a lot of sugar in the ones - 27 grams. That is offset by a little extra salt, some potassium, 100% of the vitamin C you need, and even that one gram of protein.


It's new, but it's popular, and for good reason! With the newer release and delicious flavor, it's slightly higher price reflects the high demand. But the good news is that it won't be discontinued anytime soon!
  • Gluten Free
  • Non-GMO
  • Extra salt for heavy sweaters
  • Borderline too sweet

2. Original Honey

The original flavor of honey stinger waffle is a thin layer of honey between two thin waffle wafers. Nothing fancy. Just the delicious flavor of honey and waffles. Sometimes, you just got to go back to the original and all of its glory.
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The honey comes out more in this waffle than all the others, since it doesn’t have to compete with other flavors. If honey is all you need to taste to enjoy your energy serving treat on the go, here’s the waffle for you!


The original honey waffle has 150 calories, 11 grams of sugar and even one little gram of protein in there. It’s even got a little iron.


It's the original! This one will be available until some sort of cataclysmic event occurs on earth, and maybe even then.
  • Non GMO
  • Organic
  • Very sweet
  • Packaging somewhat hard to open

3. Lemon

Another great fruit flavor, this is better when it is hot out and you just don’t feel like having ginger snaps or cinnamon. It is not a super fruity taste, but with a little water, it might just be easier to do than a less refreshing flavor.
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It’s actually a bit hard to detect the lemon, and they certainly are not tart. This is more like a typical lemon cookie flavor.


These ones pack the sugar in with 14g which bumps the waffle up to 160 calories.


You might not find this at every running store that has Honey Stinger products, but it should be available online. This one has a cult-like following.
  • Organic 
  • Refreshing taste
  • Nice combo of sweet and sour
  • Some reviewers say that the lemon taste isn't strong enough

4. Strawberry

Were you wondering where all the fruit flavors were hiding? We all know that pouring a copious amount of strawberries over our waffles makes them that much better.
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The strawberry flavor is not overpowering, but it is most certainly there. You have got to try the taste of honey and strawberries together.


These ones pack the sugar in with 14g which bumps the waffle up to 160 calories. While honey is the main source of their sweetness, there is also organic cane sugar and organic brown rice syrup in the waffles.


For some reason, the fruit flavors don't seem to be as popular as some of the other flavors. With the high sugar content, if Honey Stingers decided to cut down on their flavors in the future, this could be the first to go.

5. Vanilla

Have you ever tasted honey and vanilla together? If not, what are you waiting for?! It is delicious. It’s like the bees were kept in a field of vanilla and spices and naturally infused the taste seamlessly into the honey.
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Flavor: Although the flavoring is natural, as far as we know, they did not actually keep the bee hives in fields of delicious vanilla and spices. But don’t let that dissuade you! A nice and subtle flavors, it’s not packing a punch, but just smooth and enjoyable.

Nutrition: These have 11g of sugar per 150 calorie waffle. The waffles are made with organic ingredients and are USDA certified organic. Honey is the main source of their sweetness, but there is also organic cane sugar and organic brown rice syrup in the waffles.


This is another flavor that has been around since the beginning and they keep pumping them out in abundance. If this ends up being one of your flavors then you have nothing to worry about, it's not going anywhere.

6. Chocolate

Chocolate waffles? Whoever heard of such a thing? Honey Stinger likes to get a little bit creative and may have just stumbled over the next trend. Just wait until Waffle House gets their hands on this recipe!
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If it tastes like real cocoa flavor, that is because it is not just flavoring, it is real cocoa in these waffles. Isn’t it great when you can get the real thing? No phonies here.


Actual Cocoa is baked into these delicious waffles, complete with all the natural antioxidants. With less sugar than other flavors, chocolate has only 9g of sugar per 160 calorie waffle. There is even a gram of protein in the chocolate flavor; it’s not much, but it might just make the difference at mile 20.


This is another classic that is very popular. It should remain widely available because it is so different than all the other flavors.

Wildflower Honey

If you want something really sweet, well this is a great option. Get this snack and you will enjoy long distances much more as you have something sweet and tasty with you. They can be eaten before activity to give you more power, during, or after to provide more after running energy.
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We really liked the taste of these waffles. If you don’t like sweet things, then this isn’t for you. This one is extremely sweet but it’s so delicious at the same time.

Each waffle has 140 calories. There isn’t a lot of sugar, only 10 g per serving but this means that honey isn’t the only sweetener. We really like that Honey Stinger cares about runners who are allergic to gluten and this is gluten-free waffle. The same as with the previous ones, there’s 90 mg of Sodium. This product is not soya free. This is USDA organic certified.

This is one of the most classical from Honey Stinger so there won’t be any problems with finding them. You can also buy a container of waffles and enjoy this delicious taste for longer.

No stomach upset during workouts.



Very sweet.

Gluten-Free Vanilla & Chocolate

Next great taste, here we go with Vanilla and chocolate waffles. If you want something really sweet for your training, this a taste for you. Get yourself some comfort and taste this. Let us present vanilla and chocolate.
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This taste is absolutely perfect- it’s sweet and filling.

One waffle has 140 calories so it’s not a lot. You can find sugar here but it’s only 10 grams. There’s 90 mg of sodium per serving.

This is one of the most popular waffles but we’re sure that you won’t have big problems with finding them online.

Chocolate Mint

If you’re a big fan of mint chips and all mint-related sweets, here we go with very tasty Chocolate Mint waffle. There’s good balance between chocolate and mint and it tastes really delicious. This waffle will be a great running snack. You can take it before, during or after activity.
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This flavor is really tasty, the waffle is sweet but it’s also really fresh at the same time.

In each container, there’s one waffle. 150 calories per serving is a good option for someone who runs and want to eat something that boosts energy. They have only 10 g of sugar and there’s 6 g of total fat. There’s 90 mg of sodium and 0% of cholesterol which is great for your health. This will be great for people who are allergic to gluten. These are made with organic ingredients and are USDA certified.

This is one of the newest products from Honey stinger so you shouldn’t have a problem with buying them. You can get them in a bigger package and it will be cheaper.

They don’t upset your stomach like many other energy sources do.

These are gluten-free.

They’re very easy to carry in a bag or pocket.


Some buyers say there isn’t enough filling inside.

Honey Stinger Variety Pack 14

While reading through our reviews you might be thinking about which flavor to choose because they all look great.

Try the Honey Stinger variety, this way you get 14 waffles to stash away at home and help yourself whenever you choose.

All of the waffles are made naturally with natural healthy ingredients, the variety pack will be a nice choice of nutritious energy options for you.

Each waffle weighs in at one ounce which means you get two ounces of each flavor, USDA-organic, two caramel, two gingersnaps, two lemons, two strawberry, two vanilla, and two honey flavors. This means a different choice for each day of the week.

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Honey from wildflowers and fully organic, these waffles are certified as USDA-Organic, Nutritious honey bedded between two layers of waffle based thin wafers and flavored naturally, a delicious and natural waffle packed with energizing nutrition.

A variety pack containing fourteen tasty, healthy and nutritious waffles, two of each flavor for a good range of variety.

Nutrition and flavor vary from waffle choice to waffle choice and have been covered in depth for each waffle in this review.


You get fourteen helpings at a reasonable price

Whatever flavor you like, you can’t go wrong with Honey Stinger Waffles. It would be a challenge to find another non-GMO, organic snack with gluten-free options tasting this good.


The Criteria Used For Selecting The Best Honey Stinger Waffles

The Sweet History Of The Honey Stinger Brand

With today’s trends that focus on organic foods and natural ingredients, you may assume that Honey Stinger is the brainchild of hashtagging millennials from Silicon Valley that blog using vintage typewriters ironically. However, the brand was developed back in 1954 by Ralph and Luella Gamber in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Back in those days, candy bars were making a huge splash but their sugar crash was tough on people that led active lifestyles. Ralph was a beekeeper, so he and Luella started packaging small two-ounce packets of the sweet stuff to give athletes a reliable burst of energy when they needed it. While the wrestling team at F&M University found great success using their product, the rest of the world wasn’t quite ready for this organic and natural way of delivering energy, so it never really took off.

Fast forward to 2002, when Ralph and Luella re-established the brand with the same all-natural ingredients and focus on quality. Now today’s top cyclists, triathlon teams, and runners count on Honey Stinger to give them clean energy that won’t have them crashing later on. Their commitment to what they believed in so long ago turned into the largest family-owned honey company in the United States and a reputation for tasty energy. Let’s take a look at some of the characteristics of their flavors and which of them are a great match for you.

They Are Always Looking For “Hive” Members

Honey Stinger cares about how their products impact athletes from several disciplines. In fact, they actively accept applications from both individuals and teams of all skill levels to better understand how their ingredients work for them. Through this grassroots program, they actually stay extremely well connected to their users and gain a better understanding of what works and what doesn’t. It’s refreshing to see a big name brand not rely on celebrity endorsements or athletic sponsorships to get their name out there and actually participate in local races and events with their customers.

Taste That Will Have You Buzzing

No one wants bad tasting nutritional supplement. This is why we chose the Honey Stinger brand as one of the supplements to feature in a buying guide. It consistently has thousands of positive reviews and recommendations based on its taste and energy levels. We listened to what real-world marathon runners, cyclists, and outdoor enthusiasts had to say about their taste and which flavors they enjoyed most. There is a taste that will match all preferences. Naturally, the honey is very sweet if you enjoy the taste of natural fruit. If you like more of a savory or salty flavor, there are options for that as well. All feedback and research keep coming back to the great taste that these waffles provide. They are sure to have you buzzing on your next adventure.

Use For Competitive, High Endurance Activities

When we researched feedback, we listened to marathon runners, long-distance cyclists, and other high endurance athletes to ensure that the effectiveness of Honey Stinger can do the same for your activities. Without any question, these energy waffles are meant for the demanding athlete that is looking for a boost of performance, not a snack. In fact, marathon runners call them their “20 miles bite” because, around the twentieth mile of their marathon, they reach for the easy to open pack and pop one in their mouths for a much-needed burst of sugar and carbs. It’s very impressive once you experience the amazing amount of energy in such a little form factor.

A Good Fit With A Runner’s Lifestyle

We listen to what our runners have to say about their nutritional intake and what they look for. At just 160 calories, it’s exactly what will do the trick to prevent you from going into shutdown mode during a hard race when you are fatigued. It’s not an entire plate of spaghetti for carbs because it’s not trying to be. What these waffles are is a nice, small blend of organic honey that gives you the tiny dosage of sugar and carbs right when you need it.


More To Think About

Those were some of the important things we looked at when making our selection. While we are sure that you are eager to try them out for yourself and get that second wind of energy for your next marathon, here are some additional points that you should read. Below you will find some personal factors to take into consideration when making your choice, and which waffle flavor you might like the best.

Remember That They Are Not Intended To Replace Meals

We cannot stress this enough. It’s important to remember that proper nutrition is crucial for an active lifestyle. That means that all forms of running or aerobic exercises requires fuel to keep the body going and muscles growing. We have to make sure and mention that you should get a solid pre-race meal in the night before a marathon and rely on the energy waffles to give you boosts throughout your run or workout. We have all met at least one athletic person that feels that being “fit” means starving your body of nutrition. It’s unhealthy and can have detrimental effects.

Let’s Pick A Flavor That You Will Love

We know that all of these flavors sound extremely appetizing, and they are. When researching for this guide, we divided the taste descriptions into sweet, salty, and salty-sweet in an effort to give our readers the best idea of what these super tasty energy treats will taste like. You don’t have to worry about ingredients because they are all natural, so you can really have fun making a delicious selection that you can be happy with. Users that enjoyed chocolate, for example, really loved the real cocoa found in their chocolate waffles. We recommend sticking to a flavor profile that you already enjoy and trying that one first, that way you have the highest chances of saying “yum” while you’re on that last leg of an intense run.

Yes, There Will “Bee” Crumbs

Please pardon our bad puns, but we couldn’t resist. Some feedback was a little critical of how the waffles were “crumbly” and could be a “bit messy”. We don’t share this type of critical view of such a delicious and energy-inducing product. In fact, since the ingredients are all natural, any crumbs that you drop on the ground while you are running or cycling outdoors will naturally decompose into the environment. Unless you’re eating these things while sitting on the couch, you have no reason to worry about crumbs. Just enjoy the great tasting energy they provide.

Try The Variety Pack

If you are having a difficult time choosing between the taste and flavor that you may be interested in, we would suggest trying the variety pack in order to choose your favorite. In addition, this will make sure that you don’t get bored with your available supply of delicious waffles, which, is always a good idea. The variety pack will give you a total of 14 packs, 2 of each flavor and makes for a quick and easy selection.

Let The Sting Give You Wings

While these tasty energy waffles are not meant to replace hydration from water or nutrition from food, they do give you a measurable boost of energy when you need it most. They are among the highest rated energy booster out there and the best part is that they are all natural and a healthy option over processed alternatives. They are single serving so they can fit in any pocket and not feel bulky or uncomfortable. So if you know that you have a high endurance event coming up, make sure you bring a couple with you to keep you buzzing until you reach the finish line.



We’re confident that by taking some of these factors into consideration when making your choice, you’ll find the best-tasting energy waffle for you and take it along with you on your next adventure. Before you get out there, we’ve also compiled some frequently asked questions that commonly arise when searching for a nutritional energy.

Q: I’m planning on running a marathon soon, when is the ideal time to pop one of these energy waffles?

A: Remember that these are not meant to be pre-marathon. So we recommend taking at least two waffles along with you. According to user feedback, the best time to eat one is around the twenty mile mark or whenever you feel that initial “slump” loss in energy. Runners also enjoyed them as a post-marathon snack that gives them a little more energy once the big run is over.

Q. I run with my child, can she eat these Honey Stinger waffles?

A. Honey Stinger products will be great for children. These waffles are made from natural ingredients so you don’t need to worry. This company really pay attention to smaller runners and that’s why they’ve created The Kids’ Organic Waffles. They are great to take them to school or during, before or after physical activity. These waffles will be good for children but there are some products from Honey Stinger with caffeine like Cherry Cola and Limeade Energy Chews and it may not be good for your child to take it.

Q: How many calories are in these energy waffles?

A: About 160 calories, some like the chocolate flavor are slightly higher in calories, but the difference in negligible as they are meant for high-intensity activities such as running and cycling.

Q: How many can I eat at one time?

A: They are meant to be eaten one at a time, which is why they are individually wrapped. However several runners reported eating two at a time whenever they felt like they wanted more energy than usual.

Q: Can I use these for standard training as well, like gym workouts?

A: Yes, absolutely. According to user feedback, they enjoyed having one once they were about thirty minutes into their workout and they felt a stronger finish than usual. The best part is that since they are so low in calories, they really are a negligible way to get the energy that is all natural.


This was our approach when selecting the best Honey Stinger Waffles. Remember that all energy supplements are meant to be part of a complete nutritional program. Here we come to the end of our research. Great taste and a big source of energy- these are words that literally describe Honey Stinger waffles. They will be great no matter when you eat them. Before an activity, they will give you a boost of energy and you will perform better.

You can also eat them during sports activity when you feel like you need to eat something quickly. This is a great option for marathoners to take these waffles and eat them during the long run. You can also eat them after activity and you will fulfill your stomach and you will have more power to do something. We hope that with our list, it will be much easier for you to choose the best waffles for you. It may be a hard choice as there are many tastes to choose from. Have you already purchased this product? Did you like it? Let us know in the comments below.

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