10 Best Nike Running Shorts Rated


Nike is one of the top brands when it comes to sports clothes. It’s not surprising as they offer high quality products. They have many different items but today we’re going to focus on Nike’s shorts. There are many runners telling that shorts are the best for running. They’re very comfortable, they work great if it’s very hot outside or when you train hard at the gym. We’ve made a list of top 10 running shorts from Nike. We hope it will be useful!

Last Updated: February 8, 2018
By Brian Price:

We've revisited this guide to make sure our top 10 still remain relevant, as well as the actual best recommendations for running shorts from Nike. There are a few new replacements that you'll find on our list, bringing our top picks more up to date.

Nike Tempo
  • Nike Tempo
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Highly Breathable
  • Price: See Here
Nike Park
  • Nike Park
  • 4.7 out of 5
    Our rating
  • 100% Polyester
  • Price: See Here
Nike Aeroswift
  • Nike Aeroswift
  • 4.7 out of 5
    Our rating
  • fast-drying fabric
  • Price: See Here

10 Best Nike Running Shorts


Nike Men's Tempo Split Track Shorts

This running short is produced with ultra-light Dri Fit fabric materials. It completely makes runners cool and dry throughout runs, providing a cooling and comforting sensation. These shorts really provide full range of motion so you can enjoy inlimited movement.
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With the built-in briefs, big amount of support is guaranteed.

Made of stretch polyester, this allows runners to move unrestricted, and the internal drawstrings ensure natural movements.

Cost or Value
The price of the running short is a bit more than what people expect. Above average price.
  • The Dri Fit technology provides cooling comfort and dryness to runners regardless of the weather condition.

  • It is also very durable due to the elasticity of the waistband. 

  • Great for summer run and racing

  • Highly Breathable
  • Some buyers encountered the problems with sizing
  • The short may be a little bit more expensive

Nike Men's Park Knit No Brief Shorts

These shorts are made only from high class materials and that's why they're so durable. The short has no inner lining and it is made of stretchy Dry-Fit fabric which makes runners move freely when running.
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Apart from the absence of the inner lining, it has mesh panels which promote breathability, keeping runners cool throughout their run.

The waistband of the Nike is elastic providing secure fit and great comfort.

Cost or Value
The value is just a little bit above average but with its quality, runners will not be discouraged.
  • It is one of the best shorts that provide total breathability for runners.
  • This short is uniquely designed with elastic waist and drawstring
  • Highly Breathable
  • The price is a bit expensive which can turn off buyers

1. Nike Aeroswift

The Nike Aeroswift running short is the best utility running short. They were designed for longer runs where storage is important and comfort is necessary. These shorts are a must have for any runner.
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It is designed with laser perforated waistband for optimal airflow and comfort, and a front internal key pocket with moisture guard, and back internal pocket as well.

The fabrics main body is made with Dri-Fit; a lightweight, moisture-wicking fabric that pulls sweat away from the body liner

Cost or Value
The price of the Nike Aeroswift is a little on the high side, but it is definitely a good investment in the long run.
  • Flat, bonded hem and side seams which move smoothly against the skin 
  • Lightweight shorts
  • Belt with inside drawcord design.

  • Made with two layers of laser punctured flexible to build wind current

  • The price is somewhat high and comes in tight/small sizes.

2. Nike Aeroswift Race

This type of Race runners shorts highlight a quick drying texture that decreases sticking from sweat, and a work belt for included breathability in the high warmth zones.
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The Nike Aeroswift Race running shorts are made with recycled polyester/spandex. It has a perforated stretch waistband for breathability and an inner drawcord.

The Dri-Fit fabric used in making these running shorts helps keep you dry and comfortable. It also has a liner with zoned mesh which increases airflow.

Cost or Value
The price of the Nike Aeroswift Race is slightly on the high side of the spectrum.
  • The stretch fabric and side vents lets you move naturally and freely
  • The bonded hem moves freely against your skin.
  • The waistband doesn’t cause any skin irritation
  • The small inner pockets allows you to keep little items once in a while.
  • The high cost is the only turn off of this running short.

3. Nike Dri Fit 9” Phenom

The Nike Dri Fit 9” Phenom running shorts are made with punctures and sweat taping surface for breathability purposes. Elastic boxer briefs are consolidated with the waist for additional support and extent of movement.
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The Dri Fit 9” Phenom is made with reflective elements for visibility in low light situations.

These phenom Nike Dri fit shorts have a back zip pocket. The perforation design increases airflow and the inherent shorts with panels that have a mesh to liberate a breathable support.

Cost or Value
The price is comparatively appropriate and befitting for a good product like this.
  • Dri-FIT fabric which helps keep you dry and comfortable while running in the shorts.
  • Stretchy band  on the waist with inside draw thread for  a tight fit
  • Cozy fit
  • Express edge for free movement.

May not stay in place as intended

4. Nike Dri Fit 7” Phenom

Running your best requires gear that won’t hold you back. This version of Nike Dri Phenom running shorts combines the stretch and support you need from the start, plus optimal airflow to keep you comfortable while running.
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The Dri Fit 7” Phenom has a built in Nike Pro short that delivers great support and an overall laser perforations that enhance breathability.

These 2-in-1 running shorts are designed with vented hem for full range of motion and reflective elements that remain visible in low lights.

Cost or Value
The price is comparatively appropriate and befitting for a good product like this.
  • 100% polyester
  •  breathable mesh stretchy inner shorts
  • Comfort and added support for movement.
  • Small rear zipped pocket on the right side and a small rear pocket 
  • The compression portion of the short can be too small or tight.

Nike Flex 5 distance

Flexibility can really boost your performance. Many running shorts aren’t flexible enough but these are much different.
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These shorts will be one of the most liked items in your running wardrobe. They wick the moisture very well so you won’t experience the feeling of very sweaty legs and unpleasant odor. The shorts aren’t very tight and thanks to this, there’s good air ventilation and it allows your skin to breathe. The ventilation is also boosted by the special mesh inside the shorts. They’re applied on the back and at the front. The shorts are fully adjustable so they won’t ride up or down. They have reflective elements to make you more visible on the road.

The cost

Let’s be honest, the price is relatively high. Whenever you consider buying something more expensive, think that it may be a good investment in your running adventure.


Elastic waistband with drawstrings makes these shorts very adjustable There’s increased airflow



Nike Dry Fly 9

Running shorts are great but for some people, some shorts have very similar design. If you would like to test something a little bit different, there we go with Nike Dry Fly 9
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These are made of 100 % polyester. This is a great news as this fabric is a great option for runners. It wicks the moisture very well, there’s no skin irritation or any rash. Many runners also have a problem with keeping their keys and etc as many shorts don’t have pockets. In this model, there are even two. They’re placed on each side so you can keep your belongings there. The internal drawcord provides adjustable fit. It’s also double turned for a longer lifespan of the shorts.

The cost
The price is rather on the higher side but these shorts are also longer so more material is used while creating. High quality shorts are worth this price.

The material is thin so it’s perfect especially for the summer

Great not only for running but also for many different sport activities


This design may not be appropriate for everyone

Nike Flex

As the name implies, these are the next shorts to provide great amount of flexibility.
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What’s unusual about this model is the flexibility. Like not many shorts, these stretch out when you run. It’s very useful as you have full range of motion and nothing limits your movements. This also means that you can perform better. There are many sizes to choose from and many color options are also available. The side pockets are cut in a special way. It’s supposed to make it easier for you to have access to your keys and etc. Like in many other models, there’s elastic waistband with drawcord so adjusting the tightness is very easy. There are flat seams that don’t irritate your skin.

This is an average price for the Nike shorts- you will need to spend about 25 dollars to get these.

Flexibility at the high level



Sizing may be tricky

Nike Flex Challanger 5

Are you ready for a big running challenge? Well, if you have these shorts in your wardrobes, you definitely are.
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Runners found out that these are great when it comes to breathability. There are lower mesh panels that boost the airflow. This helps to survive the high temperatures even when your un in the marathon. It’s great that manufacturers also keep in mind that the anti-sweat material is a must have. The inner brief is made of special fabric that helps to manage with sweat. The fabric was recycled so it’s also good for the nature. The shorts are available in many colors but most of the are rather dark. There’s one pocket that it’s internal. Some runners need two pockets but for keeping your keys, this one is enough.

The cost
For about 36 dollars, you can have them in your wardrobe. Runners said that they’re comfortable and very breathable, flexibility is also very good so maybe it’s good to spend few dollars more on shorts.

Internal drawcord for adjustable fit

Highly breathable materials

Very durable even after many washes


Some runners had problem with sizing

This is the end of our top 10 list for running shorts from Nike but it’s not the end. We have prepared some more sections for you so you can personalize your choice a little bit and this will help you to better get your pair of running shorts.

The Criteria We Used To Evaluate The Best Nike Running Shorts

If you’re reading this article, you must be reasonable person who want to find the best product by evaluating all the factors. When we do our evaluation, we make a list of factors that will help us to decide which product is good enough and which isn’t worth to be in our top 100. Let us show you what’s important when buying good running shorts.


The one factor that you need to really focus on and it’s must have is comfortable wearing. Sometimes we buy clothes even if they’re not comfortable but they look good. It can’t be the same with running shorts. You need to feel that they fit you and that they will let you to do your best. As we’ve said before, the biggest problem is chaffing. It can really hurt and it causes skin irritation. Runners look for shorts that have sweat absorption function. It means that even if you sweat a lot, you still feel fresh as your shorts wick the moisture.

Think also about waistband. This is this part of the shorts that is very problematic. It can be sometimes too tight and it causes skin irritation. We were talking about the pockets before but try also to think whether you need pockets with or without zip. Shorts with drawcord are said to be the most comfortable as you can adjust the tightness. Make sure that you’re not allergic to material because there are people allergic to some materials and they have rush. Remember also to put the comfort above the look. It’s sad but sometimes some brands pay more attention to look than to comfortable wearing and people also tend to forget that comfort is a must have.


Durable materials are something that is very important while choosing the shorts. Who would like to spend money on thing that will last only 2 months. The answer is nobody and that’s why we really pay attention to durability and we make sure that the products on our list are durable enough. Shorts made of high quality material may stay with you for even years but you need to really care about them. The one thing that many of us forget to do is to read the instruction of usage. When it comes to shorts, there’s usually little label inside.

All the details about washing are written there. If you have shorts that need to be hand washed and you will wash them in washing machine, they won’t be durable as they should be. You need to also be aware that there are many shorts that can be exposed to heat dryer as that may destroy the structure. The best solution is to let your shorts air dry. You need to also read about the detergents you can use. If you can was in the washing machine, make sure you use the appropriate program. Your shorts shouldn’t shrunk or dye.


Do you think it’s possible to enjoy your running session when your shorts are too big or too small. We don’t think so and that’s why we want you to pay attention to size. Whenever we read reviews and we see negative ones, they’re most about sizing chart. It may be really hard to choose the size, especially if you look for the product on the Internet. Have you ever wondered what does it mean good size? Well, this means that the shorts have appropriate length and they have rather snug fit- especially when it comes to compression shorts.

Other types of shorts have loose fit but they can’t be too loose in the waistband. The best way to get the best size for you is to measure yourself. You should to do it regularly as the body is changing and many people forget about it. When you find durable, comfortable running shorts, compare your measurements with official brand’s sizing chart. This will definitely help you with the choice but it doesn’t mean that the size will be good. If you had problems with sizing in the past, look for shorts that can be easily returned.


The Other Criteria That We Looked At

When you looked at the list above, you might come to conclusion that there are much more things that need to be considered. Even if the size is good and the shorts are comfortable, there are other factors like economical aspect, that may be very decisive. Here’s the list of the other factors that you may need to evaluate.


We needed to put his factor here as many people complain that running clothes tend to be expensive. We agree with that but at the same time we know that those higher prices don’t come from nowhere. We know that some brands have high prices and they don’t offer high quality materials but there are also brands like Nike, that offer high quality products. Running clothes are usually made from more durable materials. Also other properties like moisture-wicking or anti-chaffing material aren’t the ones you can find in every day clothes.

Running is this type of sport that needs really high quality products as your whole body is in move. If you really want to save some money, you can always find some products on sale. We know that running shorts are really useful and that’s why we try to choose not only expensive products. On our list, you can find also cheaper shorts that are still worth buying. We know that sometimes we need to tighten the belt but buying high quality shorts which are a little bit more expensive is a good investment. Try to evaluate the other factors first and then check the price.

Do you need pockets?

It may seem strange at first to have pockets in the running shorts but to be honest, this is one of the best features. Think about it- you run and you need to keep your keys somewhere. You won’t take bag with you so the best solution are shorts with small pocket. While choosing the shorts with pockets, you need to think how big it should be. We are aware that most runners don’t like very big pockets as it makes shorts less stylish and it’s easier to lost things. However, the pocket must be big enough to store your keys. Some people say pocket should be big enough to keep credit card in it.

The next thing you should think about is where your pocket should be placed. Most shorts have small pocket on the inside of the waistband. This is very popular option but nobody said that there aren’t others. You can find pockets on the backside. They are said to be the best when you run long distances. If you have pocket close to the waistband, there’s less bouncing. Think also how many pockets you want. The most popular option is one but there’s also possibility to have 2 pockets in the shorts.

Being stylish

The fashion is becoming bigger and bigger part of running as being trendy even while running is on top. We don’t know anybody who would like to buy shorts that don’t look good. Nice clothes means motivation. Clothes may have big impact on our mood and buying nice running shorts makes running more exciting. The good question is what’s in now? While doing our research, we make sure the products that we put on our list, are new and they’re fashionable enough. We update our products only to help our readers be more stylish. However, the most important thing for us is comfort and durability and it should be the same for you.

Sometimes you may see very nice pair of shorts but they’re not breathable or they’re made from cheap material. Don’t buy things only because they look good. They need to also be functional. We think that the best option is to choose classic design o shorts. Nike is one of the brands that offers models like this. If you don’t want classical black, there are many different colors and there are also many shorts that have reflective details so not only you will be stylish but also safe.

Where to look for the running shorts?

When we were talking about the price and about looking for sales, you may now wonder where to look for the shorts. We don’t have the one answer for this as it really depend on personal preference. When you buy in the store, you can try on the shorts and if they aren’t good, just put them off. There are also many people who ask shop assistant for help. The good part of buying in the store is that you can touch the shorts and check the material in touch. It may help you to find out whether shorts are high quality product or just a cheap one.

There are people that love surfing on the Internet. We like it too because you can find much more products in very attractive prices. There are some brands that are available only on the Internet and you don’t have a choice but to shop online. Remember to read everything carefully about the product and you need to be aware that it’s really common that they product you have delivered looks a little bit different than in the picture. It really depends on the website and brand but sometimes tho cost of the delivery is very high and it’s better to got to the store. Think which way is better for you.


Buying running shorts may be difficult task but we want to help you to handle it. We know that before or during the purchase, there are so many questions in your mind that it may be really irritating. We come with help. Here are some questions that were frequently asked by many buyers and we hope that after reading them, you will get all essential information about running shorts.

Q. I’ve heard something about different styles of shorts. Can you explain them?

A. Yes, there are three most basics styles of running shorts:

Compression shorts– they’re tight fitting as the title implies, they have snug fit. They tend to be much warmer than the others because they compress the legs. They’re very popular because they provide muscle support and are sometimes used for recovery. This type will be also the best if you want to avoid chaffing. These are said to be the most flexible of all the types.

Split shorts– they’re very popular to V-Notch Shorts. They have really nice loose fit. This means that they give you full range of motion. They also tend to be shorter.

V-Notch Shorts– this type has v-shaped cutout as the title implies. The same as split shorts, they give great range of movement. We could say that they’re the opposite of compression shorts- they have loose fit. They’re still very flexible and are the most popular type.

As you can see these are 3 basic types. You can also encounter the other types but they will be similar to one of those 3. The choice is your.

Q.What are the running shorts features?

A.Buying good running shorts isn’t only choosing the best size or price. It’s also personalizing the shorts and choosing what additional features you really want to have. Here are the most popular features.

Dri-FIT Technology – This technology can be found while shopping many Nike products and it’s extremely popular amongst runners. It is usually for way stretch fabric. Special material is able to wick the sweat during running. This sweat quickly evaporates from the fabric so no worries about unpleasant odor. You will stay dry during your running session and you will feel more comfortable. This function also makes shorts more breathable as there’s bigger air flow.

Quick drying– this is feature adored by many runners who don’t like the have wet clothes on. Polyester and nylon are the most popular materials which are quick drying. This is a great option for people who tend to sweat a lot and they want to stay dry during running. You know that as a runner, you may encounter different weather conditions and when there’s rain, your shorts will be able to dry fast. This feature is also useful when it comes to drying the clothes after watching.

UPF protection– if we were asked what is the one thing runners forget about during running is Sun protection. Maybe you have your glasses on but do your clothes have SPF? There are different levels of protection, the higher number you choose, the more protected you are. It’s not a must have but it may be a nice feature especially if you live in very sunny area where the rays of the Sun are very strong.

Inner liner- this is a feature that is adored by some people but there are the runners that hate it. We could say that it’s kind of underwear. This feature helps to wick the moisture and this is fantastic. Because of this, there’s much less chaffing. This option is becoming more and more popular as for some runners wearing shorts with inner liner is really comfortable.

Compression– when it comes to shorts, there is special type called compression, it has snug fit and it may help to recover muscles, they’re also used after surgeries. Some runners think that they’re less comfortable than the other types because they’re too tight for longer runs.
Packable– it means that you can pack your shorts in the package and you can easily store them in the package. This is not common options when it comes to shorts, it’s more popular with running jackets.

Anit-chafing seems/ Chafe-free seams – these kind of seems are placed away from the areas where there’s the biggest probability of chaffing

Reflectivity– this is the feature that we really love because it makes us safer and it also let the driver to see us from the long distance. When it comes to the running shorts, the logo is usually the element that is reflective.

Pockets– as we’ve said before, extremely popular feature, the easiest way to store your keys or credit card

Q. Are these only Nike products? The others are worse?


A. The products that we have put on our list aren’t the only products that Nike offers. There are many different models and to be honest, there are so many models that it was so hard for us to choose top 10. Products here are the best in our opinion but it doesn’t mean that the other Nike products are worse.

We try to provide the newest models so there are also many good older models but we don’t put it on the list. Some running shorts that were very good, aren’t produced any more and now we have newer versions of them. If you’re not sure that you like our products from the list, you can visit Nike’s official website for more running shorts.

Running shorts are extremely comfortable thing and every runners should have at least one pair of running shorts in wardrobe. Running shorts are adored by people who live in very sunny/ hot areas and they want to provide their legs some fresh air. Nike isn’t the only brand that offers great running shorts but it’s one of the best brands on the market. As we’ve said before, we are focusing on comfort and durability and all products in our top 10 have it. Get some Nike running shorts and hit the road. Or maybe you’ve already bought a pair of Nike running shorts? What do you think of them? Let us know in the comments below.


While doing our research, we want to make sure that the products on the list are high quality shorts and they will be excellent for running. There are so many website that will help you to find out more about running shorts and here are websites that we’ve used for our evaluation.


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