10 Best Underpronation Running Shoes Reviewed & Compared


Before we get into our picks for the top ten under-pronation running shoes, we think a detailed description for supination or under-pronation, would be helpful. Underpronation is the tendency to turn the foot outside as you stride, depositing all of your weight on the exterior of the foot, instead of the arch, which happens during overpronation. A few contributing factors of this condition include rigid joints, heel or ball alignment issues, and strength and flexibility imbalances within the ankle. This can lead to your other joints, such as your knee or hip, becoming compromised. None of this is good news for you as a runner and it is something that should be minimized as much as possible!

If you are a runner who under-pronates extremely, you might require a special kind of running shoe to help you avoid injury.  The good news is, instead of requiring a lot of bells and whistles, running shoes developed for under-pronation have just moderate, expensive functions. These shoes are extremely versatile and have exceptional cushioning, which allows the foot to be as natural as possible and roll in as much as it can at the end of the stride. Cushioning is very important since under-pronators are more likely to suffer from shin splints, fractures, and ankle or knee injuries due to the mechanics of the stride.


Last Updated: August 8, 2018
By Sarah Coryell:

We regularly update a good top selection of shoes and today your choices have expanded, the best shoes available. This recent update expanded on our guide offerings and offered more details on our selection criteria. We also expanded our FAQ section to address questions we have received from our readers.

Asics Gel Kinsei 6
  • Asics Gel Kinsei 6
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Shock-Absorbant Impact Guidance
  • Price: See Here
New Balance Fresh Foam 1080
  • New Balance Fresh Foam 1080
  • 4.7 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Fresh Foam midsole
  • Price: See Here
Mizuno Wave Inspire 12
  • Mizuno Wave Inspire 12
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Double Fan Wave Technology
  • Price: See Here

11 Best Underpronation Running Shoes


Asics Gel Kinsei 6

Asics Gel Kinsei 6
The Asics Gel Kinsei has a mesh material that stretches in multiple directions and molds itself to the shape of the wearer’s foot, giving a glove-like fit. Super cushioning, comfort, and efficient running are hallmarks of this shoe.
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This is one of Asics’s most expensive running shoe lines and the priciest no our list. No expense was spared to achieve cushioning and comfort.

This shoe is great for middle of the pack runners who are just looking to keep themselves fit and will make running more fun.

Sex particular padded sole for upgraded padding and stun retaining highlights.

About six  dynamic shading choices  and energizing outlines

Comfortable and Luxurious ride

The heel glass holds the heel cozily set up

An extensive toe box


Quite expensive

Limited to a daily training partner or for luxurious runs on the road

New Balance Fresh Foam 1080

New Balance Fresh Foam 1080
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New balance fresh foam is above average on our price list and appears to be a good value by providing a great number of runners with quality service and performance.

This shoe gives a feeling of security and comfort when worn.

The upper fabrics capability to wrap around the contours of the foot snugly and securely

The toe box is roomy enough to accommodate the natural splaying of the toes

The shoe feels light, responsive and springy

The mid-sole unit of this shoe held up and actually stayed efficient and robust after many uses

Great traction


Too narrow or too tight for some

Some of the shoes interior components rubbed uncomfortably against the feet

Mizuno Wave Rider 19

Mizuno Wave Rider 19
The Wave Rider is packed with upgraded versions of technology use in previous models. The newest Mizuno Wave Rider is more than an ounce lighter than its predecessor. The “Wave” is located within the midsole of the shoe and acts in a similar way to a cars suspension and its purpose is to redirect impacts forces away from your foot.
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With a higher end price on our list, this shoe has a perfectly sized upper, a brilliant curve support, firm and responsive padding, and effective development through the walk cycle.

This is an incredible alternative for those searching for a high-mileage coach that has magnificent solidness and stun engrossing development.

A very comfortable shoe

A spacious toe box for plenty of toe splay

Excellent arch support

Colorful upper design and smooth fabrics


The laces are much too long

Asics Gel-Cumulus

Asics Gel-Cumulus
When it comes to comfort and support, this shoe is like running on a cloud. It is made with the use of plush cushion in order to promote the highest level of comfort. It also has the “Impact Guidance System” that improves performance by enhancing your natural gait.
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The reasonably priced Asics Gel-Cumulus is a real great value. This shoe has agreeable and responsive components and a popular cushioning system.

It has become a solid choice for runners.

The various and attractive color schemes

A cushioning system that is responsive, efficient and unfailing

The supportive mechanisms in the mid-sole

The outsole durability and capability to provide traction


The upper isn’t as durable as the outsole

Toe area can be too tight

Brooks Ghost 9

Brooks Ghost 9
Comfort is the main priority of the Brooks Ghost 9. It is designed to have an excellent fit and well-padded foot bed. In addition to super comfort, it also gets high marks for being durable. Even through many years of use, this shoe has proven to still be functional.
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A reasonably priced shoe, the Brooks Ghost 9 is for runners who need responsive cushioning and comfortable coverage as well as super durability.

Very comfortable

Just the right amount of cushioning without being too heavy for the feet

Is able to lessen impact shock during the landing phase of the stride

Reliable traction on the pavement

The upper unit is able to hug the shape of the foot with ease and comfort

The toe box is roomy enough for the toes to relax


Not enough reflective coating on the upper for night visibility

Stiff mid-sole for some

Nike Free 5.0 v4

Nike Free 5.0 v4
Nike developed this shoe to duplicate the experience of running barefoot on spongy earth. The Nike Free 5.0 V4 is a lightweight and flexible shoe that has a low profile and moves in a natural manner with the foot while giving extraordinary support and durability to enhance the performance in running.
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Definitely on the expensive side, this shoe has a customized inner sleeve that is made from sandwich mesh giving it a comfy, sock-like fit.

The Nike Free hugs the foot, but still enables an easy on and off convenience.

A simple, unstructured upper

Flexibility and range of motion to allow full foot action

Comfortable, moccasin-like feel

Cushy, protected ride


Not enough stability

Shoe does not fit true to size

Saucony Cohesion 9

Saucony Cohesion 9
Despite the thick sole, the Saucony Cohesion 9 is responsive and forgiving to the natural movement of the foot. The lacing system secures both the mid-foot and rear foot area. Flexibility is encouraged in the forefoot area and makes this shoe durable, comfortable, and a great fit for every basic level runner.
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This is the bargain shoe on our list. Coming in as the least expensive, but yet out performs some of the high end running shoes.

The Saucony Cohesion 9 is a popular shoe because of its efficient components and features. It boasts a comfortable cover system, a responsive mid-sole and a sure traction outsole tread.

Very durable

An attractive variety of color schemes make this shoe very appealing

The cushioning system is adequately soft and responsive

Prevents muscle pain or discomfort in the foot

Despite the low price, its quality is still competent and reliable

Reliable surface traction


The mid-sole unit isn’t very flexible, and it limits the natural movement of the foot

The cushioning isn’t efficient

Brooks Glycerin 13

Brooks Glycerin 13
The Brooks Glycerin is said to be their "premium ultra-padded shoe". This is refined by the utilization of great DNA padded sole material, a caterpillar padded sole crash cushion, Omni grooves in the outsole and high scraped area elastic material.
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Slightly above average in price on our list, many runners will be satisfied with the pleasant upper cover system and stability mechanics.

The Brooks Glycerin has proven to be a reliable road running shoe.

The design and general durability of this shoe is an improvement compared to its predecessors

Great color schemes that heightened its visual appeal

The underfoot experience has the ability to prevent knee & muscle aches when running

Performs exceptionally well on the pavement


The foam cushioning may not be as long-lasting for the price

The outsole rubber isn’t very efficient on wet surfaces

Mizuno Wave Inspire 12

Mizuno Wave Inspire 12
The Inspire gives runners a moderate stability at a remarkably light weight, due to a new midsole material. Many have found this shoe delivers in both flexibility and forefoot cushioning. The new Fan Wave plate provides stability without interfering with movement.
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Slightly below average on our list in terms of price, the Wave Inspire is popular with runners who desire a running shoe that offers responsible stability and control.

It’s a daily running friend that’s efficient and trustworthy.

The texture of the Inspire offers breathable and agreeable scope

The sewed overlays that are situated in the sidelong and average sides, giving a cozy yet secure fit

The Ortholite Sock inside gives extra padding, dampness tapping and against microbial assurance

The outsole unit is super tough and proficient when managing wear and scraped spot


Can be slightly constrict around the front toe area, forcing the toes feel squeezed together

 Stability offered is slightly lower than the former version.

Nike Zoom Vomero.

Nike Zoom Vomero.
Its comfortability goes without say as some feel it is the mist comfortable shoe if you have Pronation,with the lunarlon foam inner sole that provides great cushioning which also helps in comfort to the rubber outsole that guarantees durability it stands out as one of its kind.
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Nike Zoom Vomero comes to the light with its price which is slightly higher but who would complain with the amount of comfort one derives from it?

Its cushioning maintains the feet suffering from pronation and helps in the healing process,it is a deal breaker with the outsole that provides durability as well.This is a great shoe and must have .
  • Light weight that ensures no additional weight is added to you feet.
  • Perfect cushioning that provides great comfort.
  • Rubber outsole that ensures durability is met perfectly.
  • Some clients complained of the size running small,ensure that you have to fit in first or when making an order ensure it is 1/2 size bigger.

ASICS Men's Gel Nimbus 18

ASICS Men's Gel Nimbus 18

For under-pronators, this shoes offers lots of high tech cushion and additional supportive shoe tech. The cushioning/gel is designed along modernized geometric concepts which means better adaptability and able to cope with repeated impacts. The shoe harmonizes with the foot during a full gait cycle to ensure protection, support and high-performance comfort.

From a brand name who is known for producing top shoes which work for under-pronators.
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The shoes are a high-quality construction of synthetics and textiles and the shoe is mounted on a durable rubber sole.

With a low-top shaft from the arch and superb bounce-back combined with cushion due to the designed in Midsole which is fluoride. The shoe is lightweight and has very good durability.

Impressive built-in cushion systems for the forefoot and rearfoot shoe areas, which deals well with shock impact and enables a smooth transition during a runners gait.

The upper is a multi-directional mesh with stretch factor and it is reinforced with stretch bands which enable the shoe to move with and adapt to the runner's foot. The shoe gives a true sensation of being individually customized to fit the wearer. The shoe is constructed as seamless which brings down the potential for friction and irritation.

The heel area has a well-designed heel counter which improves support and ensures a good heel fit, the overall 

Higher than some brands but very good shoes


High tech cushion

Shoe harmonizes with the foot during a full gait cycle

Multi-directional mesh lol

Very good cushion factor

Good bounce back

Protective against shock impact

Arch support is good

Seamless construction


Some runners prefer lower price

The correct running shoe can make all the difference when you underpronate in your stride. That being said, getting the best shoes for underpronation can be a challenge because there are more overpronators out there than underpronators, and this means more products are available to the former group.

Despite there being less choice for the runner with under-pronation, we have put together a list of top 10 that you will be happy with.  The following shoes are the most recommended for under-pronation and are the ones we feel represent the best available running shoes for those who suffer from this condition and want to find a  way to help reduce its impact in their running.


Criteria Used in Picking Underpronation Running Shoes

Underpronation can sometimes pose a challenge, what happens when you have underpronation and you are an athlete you have no choice but to keep up with your running, walking or cycling life well what if we told you that sometimes it doesn’t have to be a challenge anymore, all you need to do is make sure you have the right ways of helping yourself in such cases.

Arch Support

When under pronation becomes a problem do not just sit and give up, find a solution to it, one of them is getting the required shoe that has the best arch support that you need. With this not only will you be safe from injuries and chaffing but you will be comfortable while walking, running or cycling. With the right arch support, you can rest assured that the under-pronation will not pose a challenge anymore. Having to get a shoe that fits just perfect and works well with your condition is the best way to go about it. This is one area of quality that we could not ignore and it is something you cannot afford to overlook either!


This goes without say, we all need comfort in what we wear especially shoes, more so when your feet have a condition whether temporary or permanent comfort is the way to go. No compromises whatsoever can be placed when talking of comfort, how would you feel having to run in a shoe that doesn’t fit, or its too tight or is not breathable, well no need answering that as it sure feels like a nightmare that no one would dare face in broad daylight let alone at night so we only can accept the only way to achieve the results we want is comfort. Same applies in this case. When going for a shoe that will make you have the best results that you intend to, consider having a shoe that provides you with the desired comfort one that will not be a hindrance in your daily activity.


A great shoe is one that has a great cushioning leave all factors aside, this one stands out as it provides comfort and great shoe feel in any shoe. Great cushioning can sell a shoe that doesn’t look great on the outside. Basically, this concentrates on the midsole of the shoe ensuring that it makes your feet feel at home anytime you put them on. When you are suffering from under-pronation you will require comfort among other things. Somethings are not negotiable and that is the same case with cushioning, great cushioning can make your recovery process worth the while. it is also essential for those struggling with the symptoms of underpronation to have adequate cushioning in order to support their arch and protect their feet from painful pressure points.


Okay, who wants to bet on this? Having a shoe that cannot be able to provide you with the breathability you need is like suffocating in a house that is not well ventilated plus all doors and windows are closed and that can result to death. Having a shoe that is well ventilated means no sweat can be accumulated in the feet that can result in irritation or blisters, preventing such is only possible if your shoes are well ventilated.

This means you need to have the right material and upper mesh that will be able to wick out excess sweat from the foot that can cause discomfort in the shoe. Having under pronation is not the end of your sports life you can have solutions and ways to control it and make yourself comfortable while having the condition which in time will make you a winner. Remember it is all about how you control it at the end that determines your results find a solution to your challenges and stop whining about it.


No questions are required to as to why this should be on the list, I mean who doesn’t go for quality? Quality is the standard of almost everything that brings satisfaction, when going shopping sometimes we forget about the price as soon as we notice that what we get for what we give is worth the while We also have to remember that quality is the relative of durability or as we like to place is it is the mother of durability.

With the same light, we cannot fail to have it in our list as in any shoe shopping spree be it for outdoor or office work we have to consider the durability and quality who wants to walk around with some cheap quality shoe? Am sure not you. For under pronation getting shoes can be a bit tricky that means you will want to find one that can last you a while before going to the market to sweat looking for another. Quality is the way to go trust us!


Anyone would not think twice when talking about size have you ever bought a shoe because it looks good only to find it pinching your toes? Well, I have and I can tell you for free it one experience I would never want to have again in my life. Getting the right fit can save one a lot especially when you are looking for comfort in a shoe and end up with the wrong fit, your nightmares have only begun and might never end unless you change the shoe to the best size.

For under pronators we know what it is to deal with the fewer shoes in the market as most people are often on the over pronation side and few are on this end that means fewer shoes in the market for you guys. Getting your size can be a problem, especially when it comes to finding a shoe that meets very unique and specific needs like underpronation. However, it is still extremely important to ensure you get one that fits you just as you want it to, not one that can make your feet feel squeezed to the point of not breathing. Size is key to a healthy running experience.


Other Good Things To Think About

These are some of the factors that are sometimes ignored and yet are some of the ones that should not be ignored no matter what they are key to making a right decision at the end of the search, some of them are important to other clients who consider making a decision and have to rely on having these as factors in their lists to be to arrive at the best of the best, well we see the same and that is why we had to consider them as a factor too. Below are some of the factors that should not be ignored when the right decision is to be made.


This is one of the most basic factors that goes for absolutely anything when shopping, you need to have a set budget when shopping for a product and when in the market the price of the product matter whether you will buy a specific product or go for another based on the price difference, generally we all know that the more expensive a product is the more durable it is, we often relate price to quality and this sometimes can be the reason or not. We need to know that the quality of a product varies depending on so many factors of which price can be one of them. When shopping for under-pronation shoes ensure that you have a set budget and keep in mind that investing now is usually a good idea. Since these shoes are often expensive since there are few people with this condition so investing more money now in quality shoes that meet your needs will save you time and money in the long run by eliminating the need to shop and buy more shoes down the road.


When going for a purchase remember that whatever you want to buy has its own function and that is what anyone concentrates on before doing anything. Ensure that you get the right one for what you want to achieve this can be made possible if you go to the market to make a purchase not for style, price or trends and fashion but for one that can be able to work for you in this case you must know that you have to get a shoe that can only work for your condition perfectly and can be able to serve you just perfectly.



Q: I just realized I have under-pronation, which shoe is best for my condition?

A: First we need to tell you that under-pronation is not always a permanent condition. In most cases, it is a temporary condition that can be fixed with the right care and shoes. We have been able to give you quite a number of shoes in our top 10 list that is all suitable for your condition ensure that you visit your doctor to give you the way forward before going ahead and getting shoes. Your doctor will be able to ensure what shoe is best for your needs and what shoes can help you correct your underpronation.

Q: Will I always struggle with underpronation?

A: We know this is one of the many questions you end up asking yourself once you realize you have underpronation. The good news is that it is a temporary condition that if it is diagnosed and treated early and you take measures to protect your feet an improve your stride, it can be reversed and corrected. Ensure you visit your doctor and heed the instructions given of the do’s and the don’ts and we can assure you with time it will be gone and you will be back to normal.

Q: What is the right fit and size of shoe I should consider going for?

A:This entirely depends on you but the truth is that you cannot go for a small shoe or one that has a tight fit, but you need to have a shoe that will fit perfectly and make you comfortable while running, ensure that you have a shoe that will give space for breathing one that will ensure you have space that will not be too big or too small.

Q: What could happen if I don’t address my underpronation?

A: It is never a good idea to ignore any medical condition, no matter how minor it may seem to be.  Your feet hold the full weight of your body all day and when you are running they are under a lot of stress, pressure, and shock impacts.  If you have underpronation and do not take steps to find shoes that help correct this, you could cause more damage to your feet. You will also be more likely to experience pains in your feet, ankles, and legs which can lead to pain in your back and a reduction in running performance.



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