Mizuno Wave Inspire 17

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Editor’s Conclusion
The Mizuno Wave Inspire 17 is a great stability shoe that feels light and energetic and will keep your stride nice and bright. It boasts high-end stability features such as a wave plate, synthetic overlays on the medial side of the foot to naturally help with overpronation, and packs in quite a bit of super-soft cushioning. If you love that plush step-in feel, this stability trainer really delivers.

The upper provides ample cushioning around the heel and the tongue, yet this shoe has a low profile that doesn’t feel heavy and clunky like other stability shoes out there on the market. The outsole is also composed of high-quality rubber that runs the full length of the shoe. The thick layer of rubber boosts this shoe’s overall durability, and also makes it an ideal choice for heavier runners as well.

Overall, I would recommend this stability trainer for those that suffer from overpronation, or for heavy strikers that need a lot of extra durability in the outsole.
Editor's Pros & Cons

12 mm drop is great for heavier runners or heel strikers

Boasts a wide and roomy toe box

Heel cushioning is very responsive yet soft

A very durable carbon rubber outsole is ideal for long distances

Stretchy mesh upper contours to the shape of your foot

U4ic and Enerzy midsole foam is soft yet responsive


Wave plate makes the forefoot feel stiff

Heavier than expected (10.9 ounces)

Key Features

Key Features


The midsole of this shoe utilizes a thick layer of Mizuno’s patented U4ic and Enerzy EVA foam midsole material. What’s great about this style of midsole is that it offers plush and squishy cushioning that still offers excellent responsiveness.

Often, when stability trainers pile on the cushioning, it can sometimes make your stride a little mushy. The U4ic and Enerzy foam blend in this design walks that fine line between soft and energetic, making it an ideal choice when running long distances. This midsole also helps to mitigate shock absorption, and the 12 mm drop helps to naturally propel your feet forward.

Sandwiched in between two layers of U4ic and Enerzy foam cushioning is a wave plate that zig-zags under your arch. The unique zig-zag pattern helps to increase your full range of motion to keep your stride light, while offering a little bit of support where you need it most.

Unlike guide rails that push against your foot to even out your gait cycles, the wave plate simply boosts your stability while your feet overpronate and provide extra cushioning and control where you need it most.


What I find most impressive about the Mizuno Wave Inspire 17 is the construction of the outsole. Stability shoes need heavy-duty outsoles, and this shoe really delivers. The outsole is composed of X10 carbon rubber that is designed specifically for high mileage and durability. This rubber outsole lives in the four corners of your foot, with exposed rubber in between.

Unlike previous versions, the distance between the rubber plates between the heel and forefoot is greater. The added distance between the rubber and exposed EVA foam provides better flexibility and movement and also gives you added control and agility.

The X10 carbon outsole on this design is made to tackle any and all surfaces. The rubber boasts a slightly tacky finish that is great for running on slick rain-soaked sidewalks. It also has tiny grooves built into the carbon rubber that helps boost flexibility as well as ground feel.

Overall, you will be more in tune with the ground over your feet when compared to the previous version of the Wave Inspire.


Mizuno really nailed the design of the upper on the Wave Inspire 17. This upper has been redesigned to be slightly more breathable while adding additional synthetic overlays to boost the stability of this shoe. While Mizuno has added additional ventilation panels to the upper of this shoe, it still runs slightly hot.

If you like running on cooler mornings, the upper of this shoe will keep your feet nice and warm, but not sweaty. Some runners, however, found that the upper of this design was just a little too hot on those balmy summer days. It’s not a deal-breaker, but it is worth mentioning.

I also love that the upper of this design has modest stability features that help lock your feet in place, but it doesn’t feel too stiff or restrictive. It has added synthetic overlays along the forefoot, with a few additional panels along the medial side of the foot. These additional panels are put in place to help overpronators naturally guide their foot into a nice and even gait cycle.


I would recommend this Mizuno running shoe for runners that need a little something extra in their running shoes. The wave plate in conjunction with the synthetic overlays is perfect for runners that overpronate. These features help to naturally guide your foot into an even gait cycle without feeling like your feet are wrapped in restrictive scaffolding like other stability trainers out there on the market. These additional features are lightweight and plush and perform like neutral training without weighing you down too much.

The construction of the outsole also makes this ideal for runners that are carrying a little extra weight, or simply have a heavy gait. Heavier runners are a lot harder on their outsoles, and often burn through trainers at a higher rate.

The outsole of this shoe is composed of insanely durable X10 carbon rubber that is made to withstand hundreds of miles and showing little signs of wear and tear. While the outsole is incredibly durable, it boasts a new design that boosts flexibility and ground feel to keep you light on your feet.


Improvements made to the overall design of the Mizuno Wave Inspire 17 provide runners with an overall better fit. The upper is composed of lightweight materials that contour to the shape of your foot without feeling too tight and restrictive. The heel counter helps to really lock your feet in place and reduces heel slippage on those long runs. Overall, these shoes run true to size. If you are a size 9 in other Mizuno trainers, the same can be said for the Wave Inspire 17.

What runners also love about the fit of this shoe is that it boasts a wide toe box that allows your feet to naturally splay inside of the shoe. Even runners with a slightly wider foot found that the standard size of this shoe still gave their toes plenty of room to move without affecting the shoe’s overall lockdown.


The overall styling of this shoe doesn’t break any molds in the style department. It is only offered in a few different neutral color palettes with subtle pops of color on the outsole and brand accents on the upper. While the styling is a little bland for my taste, I love that this is a stability trainer that looks like a neutral trainer.

Often, stability trainers are big and clunky, but the Mizuno Wave Inspire 17 looks sleek and slim. It provides the performance of a killer stability trainer with a slimmer frame than most.


The price of this shoe runs fairly par for the course. Over the years, the average price of stability trainers has inched up in price. 10 years ago, this shoe would be considered quite expensive and on the higher end of the price scale.

In recent years, the price of this shoe is pretty standard if you are in the market for a quality trainer that is built to last for hundreds of miles. When you take into consideration the overall durability of this shoe, the price tag is an excellent overall value.
Comparisons to Previous Versions

Comparisons to Previous Versions

Mizuno made some pretty big changes to almost every aspect of the Wave Inspire 17 when compared to previous versions. From the outsole all the way up to the upper, you can expect a lighter and more responsive overall ride. One of the biggest changes made to this design is the construction of the outsole.

Previous versions had a clunky rubber outsole that didn’t provide runners with a wide range of motion. Mizuno slimmed down the cut of the rubber outsole and provided more space between rubber and exposed foam for a more flexible fit without sacrificing durability.

Over versions of this shoe only utilizes Mizuno’s U4ic foam, and this updated version also includes Mizuno’s new Enerzy foam cushioning. The addition of the Enerzy foam makes this shoe much more responsive and adds an extra spring to your step. They also added more mesh panels to the upper, which makes this shoe a little more breathable than previous versions as well.


If you are in the market for a great pair of stability trainers that are built for the long haul, the Mizuno Wave Inspire 17 is a great option. What I love most about this shoe is that it has some pretty heavy-duty features to help even out my gait cycle without feeling heavy and clunky like other stability trainers out there on the market.

The Wave Plate that is sandwiched in between Mizuno’s energetic yet soft EVA midsole is designed to provide extra support for overpronators without pushing against their feet.

This shoe is incredibly cushioned and responsive, perfect for running on slick sidewalks, and the unique design to the outsole gives runners an edge of agility that isn’t often found in stability trainers.