10 Unique 10Ks Across the U.S. Worth Traveling

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Here are 10 unique 10k races across the us 10 Unique 10Ks Across the U.S. Worth Traveling www.runnerclick.com

I’ll take any excuse I can get to travel to a new place- and in my book there’s no better excuse than to travel for a race. You get a two-in-one benefit of exploring a new city on foot while adding another race, and in this case 10K, to your running repertoire.

1. Idaho Wine Run

Where: Caldwell, Idaho
When: August 19, 2017

Idaho and wine might not be the first two things that go together in your mind, but this race caters to avid lovers of both wine and running. The course cascades through the picturesque Idaho wine country and rewards all finishers. Participants will be privy to over 15 local wineries offering pours and live music. Plus, there’s no better way to forget about sore legs than a few glasses of good wine.

2. Volcano Rain Forest Runs

Where: Big Island, Hawaii
When: August 19, 2017

Here’s your chance to run on an active volcano. This 10K takes runners up the 4,000-foot Kīlauea– one of the world’s most active volcanoes. And nearby is the world’s largest volcano, Mauna Loa. This is a bucket list race, if we’ve heard of one.

3. Spa Running Festival

Where: Hot Springs, Arkansas
When: November 18, 2017

The name of this race is a nod to the geothermal hot springs in Hot Springs National Park. You’ll run on the first land set aside for protection by the federal government. Plus, there’s no better place to be to nurse sore muscles after the race. You’ll have your pick of spas, and yes hot springs, within in walking distance of downtown.

4. A Christmas Story Run

Where: Cleveland, Ohio
When: December 3, 2017

Yes, you guessed right, this 10K pays homage to the classic holiday film. Run from the Public Square where scenes in the movie were filmed, to the famous “A Christmas Story “ House and Museum. Expect to see bunny costumes along with other holiday garb. Proceeds from the race benefit the A Christmas Story House Foundation which works to preserve and maintain the surrounding neighborhood.


5. Crescent City Classic

Where: New Orleans, Louisiana
When: March 31, 2018

Self proclaimed as “one of New Orleans greatest parties,” putting it in the ranks with likes of Mardi Gras and Jazz Fest, this is a race you won’t want to miss. Part of what makes it so unique, and such a good time, is that you’ll be running alongside international Elite Athletes and those who walk the entire race cocktail in hand. Many runners are decked out in wacky costumes. And in true NOLA fashion, everyone is welcome – whether you’re pushing a stroller or a keg.  

6. Charleston Bridge Run

Where: Charleston, South Carolina
When: April 7, 2018

The third largest 10K in the U.S., this race should definitely be on your bucket list. Throughout the course you’ll have unparalleled views of Charleston, and cross the city’s iconic bridge. Half of what makes this run so fun is the whole city gets into it. After the race walk up King Street to find just about every bar and restaurant in the city offering drink deals the entire afternoon. Plus, you won’t want to miss a Saturday night in this culinary city that also knowns how to party. The race is simply a great excuse to visit Charleston.

7. Bay to Breakers

Where: San Francisco, California
When: May 20, 2018

Bay to Breakers is oldest consecutively run footrace in the world, with over 100 years logged. This race even made it into the “Guinness Book of World Records” as the largest footrace in the world with 110,000 participants in 1986. Now with a more manageable 40,000 runners and 100,000 spectators, it seems like just the right time to take part in the record breaking race, and while it’s technically a 12K, we’re letting it slide in on this list.

8. Bolder Boulder 10K

Where: Boulder, Colorado
When: May 28, 2018

If you’ve ever wanted to feel like a real Olympic runner here’s your chance. Finishers of the race end up in the University of Colorado’s Folsom field packed with roughly 50,000 fans cheering them on. Plus, while you run, you’ll be privy to 30 bands playing throughout the course- that’s roughly five bands per mile. Spectators have almost as much fun as the runners, rumored to set up Slip ’N Slides along the sidelines.

9. NYRR New York Mini 10k

Where: New York City, New York
When: June 10, 2017 (2018 date hasn’t been announced yet)

Join hoards of women for one of the oldest female-only races started back in 1972. You’ll complete a big loop around Central Park, finishing at near the Bethesda Fountain for the perfect post-race Instagram. You’ll meet women from around the world, who travel to New York every year for the race.

10. Peachtree Road Race

Where: Atlanta, Georgia
When: July 4, 2018

Join in on this Fourth of July tradition. The race began with 110 runners in 1970 and now has a cap of 60,000– did we mention this is the world’s largest 10K? This race really tests your endurance with temperatures reaching the mid 90s and the infamous Cardiac Hill at the halfway point of the course. (In less than a mile you’ll climb 12 stories.) Unlike most runs, your race shirt awaits you at the finish line.