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Do Asics Run Small, Big, or True to Size?

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Do Asics Run Small, Big, or True to Size? Do Asics Run Small, Big, or True to Size? www.runnerclick.com

Generally, Asics shoes run true to size with a few issues in men’s sizes. More often than not, men find that they need to size a full size down to boost lockdown and avoid the dreaded heel slippage.

Surprisingly, women found that these shoes run true to size and fit like a glove right out of the box, while some found they were around a half-size too big. As a huge fan of Asics running shoes, I can personally say that I have found no issues in the sizing of these shoes!

Are Asics true to size?

Overall, many runners found that Asics ran just a little too big. For some, this can be a positive feature because it provides plenty of room to allow your foot to breathe and ample room in the toe box.

However, if you want that perfect locked-down fit without tinkering with the laces too much, you may want to size down. 

Men found that these shoes often run a full size too big. To ensure the proper fit, men may need to opt for a full size smaller than they would normally wear. 

Women, on the other hand, didn’t run into as many issues with the fit of their shoes. While some found that it was just a tad too large (a half size too large to be exact) others found that they fit like a glove. 

How do Asics shoes fit?

With a slightly larger size than most running shoes like Nike, Asics are designed to give your feet plenty of room to swell and splay inside of the shoe.

While it may not fit perfectly at the beginning of your run, the slightly larger size of this shoe provides a little more wiggle room, so to speak, to ensure that they don’t squeeze or rub your feet as you put miles behind you. 

The biggest difference in the fit of Asics running shoes is that the midsole and heel counter are slightly narrow. While most styles provide a nice and wide toe box, many runners find that this brand tends to squeeze their midfoot a little too tightly. 

Are they offered in wide options?

They may run a little narrow, but the good news is that Asics offers many of their selection in wide options as well. Runners have the option to select from width options that include narrow, standard, wide, and even an extra wide option. 

Asics sizing

Asics provides a wide variety of sizing options, but it may be hard to determine which style is right for your feet. Do you have a foot that is standard, or slightly wider than average?

Asics provides a very detailed sizing chart on their website that calculates the length and width of your foot.

To ensure a good measurement, be sure to measure your feet towards the end of the day. In the morning, your feet are slightly smaller than at the end of the day due to normal swelling and blood circulation.

With their sizing chart, you can not only determine the length of the shoe but also the ideal width for your feet. 

Asics Vs. Nike

If I’m not running in Asics, I’m running in Nike. From my personal experience, I found that there these two brands of shoes fit very similarly, but my experience may not be your experience. 

Compared to Nike, some runners found that Asics ran a little larger than their Nikes. For instance, if you are a size 10 in Nike, it may be in your best interest to size down to a 9.5 to ensure a good locked-down overall fit. 

Asics Vs. Adidas

For runners swapping out their Adidas running shoes for Asics, the sizing is a little bit different. Adidas has a tendency to run slightly narrow, so you may find that Asics fits a little wider in the midfoot.

For Adidas fans, you may want to opt for narrow sizing options to ensure that your new shoes fit perfectly. 

Asics’ easy returns

Even if you have taken all of the right measurements, sometimes a shoe just doesn’t feel right. Shopping in stores is the best way to ensure that you get the perfect size for your feet, but sometimes it’s just not an option. If you feel that your shoe runs just a little too small (or large) Asics makes the dreaded online return as painless as possible. 

Your Asics running shoes ship with a pre-printed return label that you can pop onto the original box to send for a full refund (including tax!). Your shoes must not be visibly worn, and you must keep the tags on before sending them back.

I suggest trying your shoes on at the end of the day and taking them for a test spin around your living room before you make the call whether to keep them or send them back. 


At the end of the day, it may be in your best interest to opt for a half-size smaller in Asics shoes when compared to brands such as Nike and Adidas. For men, the sizing is a little bit more finicky and may require sizing a full size down!

However, with a slightly wider toe box than most and a narrow midfoot, you may find that your standard size fits like a glove. Be sure to take ample measurements of your feet and compare them to Asics sizing chart. I

f they don’t fit quite right, don’t worry – the return process is quick and painless. 

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