4 Reasons to Run when You Are Traveling

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4 Reasons to Run when You Are Traveling 4 Reasons to Run when You Are Traveling www.runnerclick.com

As traveling and running become more popular lifestyles, why not get ahead of the game by combining the two? You can have fantastic journeys all around the world. If you are reading this, we probably can agree that running is a generally good practice. In addition to the obvious cardio health benefits, it has been stated that running can be great for your mental health. The physical strains sometimes associated with running force you to be in touch with and listen to your body. Personally, I often find myself in need of that quiet bodily exertion. It requires my full attention after a day of minding others, solving problems, and the everyday stresses in life.


Although it isn’t an everyday occurrence for everyone, traveling carries its own stress. Whether you travel for work or pleasure, packing, delays, thwarted plans, and unfamiliar settings can make for some very unpleasant time on the road. I spent a few weeks driving around the United States this summer, visiting friends and family, seeing the sights. Here are a few ways that running around helped make my traveling experience even better.


One of the keywords most associated with traveling is exploration. Even if you travel mostly for work or to places you have been before, there is something new to be learned in a place that is not your home. Running gives you a chance to find them. Driving and public transportation are good when you have somewhere specific in mind, but how about the times you simply are not sure of what you are looking for?

So, run around, cover more ground, and make a mental note of the places you want to come back to. When you are running around a place you do not know well, you should feel free to stop and smell the local flora. Explore interesting alleyways or parks, and appreciate the juxtaposed stillness of city statues. If you are training, intermittent stops during a run have little effect on the physiological, So, don’t be afraid to explore the psychological benefits of enjoying a new place.


Mobility for Traveling

One difficulty of traveling can be a break in routine, especially a regular exercise routine. Whether you are missing your weekly yoga class or your morning visit to the gym, falling out of your usual training can set you back in your self-development. Unfortunately, you simply cannot pack your classes in your suitcase or your gym in your carry-on. However, you can always find a little extra space for your Nikes or your Adidas and your favorite pair of running tights (although how could you ever choose one favorite?). Running is such a travel-friendly form of exercise–you need so little and can do it just about anywhere.

Pumping Blood

After ten hours in a car, the last thing I want to do is sit around at a hotel or drive around looking for something to do. Do you ever get that antsy feeling on the plane? Like you just need to move around to relieve some kind of pressure? It seems funny when you realize that for all the miles you are covering in planes, trains, and automobiles, your muscles and bones don’t get much work. Traveling takes so much out of you by simply requiring you to be ironically immobile. So, hop off the plane, unpack your bags, and get your heart racing.


Solitary or Social

I am a naturally social person, and my job requires me to be even more so. Although I love being around people while I am traveling, I know I need time alone to process my surroundings. There is little to no chance that someone will stop you to talk about work or ask about the family. As much as you love those topics, sometimes you need a little break from that. The need for solitude can be a motivation for running under any circumstance. Traveling is commonly a social experience, and finding time to yourself can be hard. On the flip side, perhaps you are traveling alone and are looking for running partners. There are plenty of Meetups all over the world that welcome runners of all abilities to socialize over a refreshing jog.

Depending on your experience, traveling can be exciting and/or stressful. Running is quite the same when it comes to the range of experiences. So, take the best of both and let them highlight the best in each other. Running is truly compatible with any kind of traveling you include in your lifestyle.


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