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8 Patterns Of an Accomplished Runner

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We sure do learn several lessons along the way as we evolve into accomplished runner’s. Some lessons create speed, some increase mileage, and some enlighten the mind. As we layout our goals for the long-term, the most accomplished runners will intensely focus on their short-term goals as well. There are many patterns, or short term habits, that the accomplished runner tends to repeat as they gradually gravitate towards the next hurdle they wish to clear. Here are 8 patterns of an accomplished runner and what they mean to you and me.

Run In The Morning

If you ask me, the most common successful runner tends to be a go getting, result driven, goal setter who chases the sense of accomplishment through those pavement pounding roads or those devilish ascending trails. It takes tremendous self discipline through multiple training sessions to break new personal records and the morning seems to be the most convenient time to do so. Don’t have time to run? The accomplished runner will sacrifice sleep waking up hours earlier to run preventing conflicts in their daily schedule. Nothing like catching the morning sunrise on the run.


Make It A Priority

The accomplished runner makes their training a priority. It’s like brushing their teeth, which is simply a must. When you make running a priority, excuses are little to none. If a training run is missed you must own it, exclude the excuses and stay committed. There’s always time available to run, but if you do not give it importance then there will never be time at all. The accomplished runner knows this instinctively. We all eat when we’re hungry and sleep when we’re tired. We shower when we’re dirty and we turn on the heat when we’re cold. And the accomplished runner runs when it’s time to train – period.

Active In The Running Community

Most accomplished runners are socially active in the running community. Whether it’s joining a club, a class, coaching, or involved in social media, stay socially active. The running community is not just about social interaction but it’s also there to learn from other runner’s experiences. It opens the mind to new perspectives, innovative strategies, and highlights mistakes to avoid. When you learn from someone else it saves much wasted time. It’s like skipping a chunk of unneeded trial and error while learning new strategies to sharpen your technique in the process. The running community is there for support and the accomplished runner is a part of that.

Maintains A Strict Diet

To an accomplished runner diet is everything. Your body doesn’t have the ability to turn poor nutritional choices into effective ones. Our cells, muscles, skin, and bones are built by the food that we supply it. We literally are what we eat. There are many types of runner diets that saturate the industry all claiming to be the next big thing but whichever diet the accomplished runner follows, they religiously stick to it before, during, and after each and every race. It’s not a diet but a lifestyle and a lifestyle they follow.

Spends Time At The Gym

Although running is done on the road, track, and the trail, it’s essential to train other muscles of the body preferably at the gym. A balanced exercise program is absolutely essential to becoming strong and healthy as the accomplished runner moves through each new training schedule raising the bar from stride to stride. They know strength training and cross training is an important part of their overall development and every day is a good day when you train.


Lives For The Long-Run

The long run is what it’s all about as you push yourself to run faster and farther than ever before. These lengthy miles are the best preparation for upcoming races and places a runner on their feet for prolonged periods of time. For the accomplished runner, the weekend is about the long run, followed by everything else. It’s what they wake up for, it’s what they run for, and it’s what they live for. It’s the closest distance to simulate the experience of race day and quite frankly the most important run of all.

Stand Up And Move

The accomplished runner spends the majority of the time on their feet. They understand the importance of placing a demand on the body. You may find them walking to stores instead of driving, standing up to eat, or working while standing. Continuous movement provides momentum, and this momentum can be powerful, a secret the accomplish runner understands. They move and they move and they move, leveraging the momentum to their favor throughout their comprehensive training schedule.

Competitive Edge

Competition is a prime motivator for many runners. The accomplished runner tends to be most competitive of all demonstrating their spirit on race day. Let’s face it, most of us are competitive one way or another. If it’s racing against others or racing against yourself, and your past run times, a competitive edge is always present. It’s used as fuel for motivation and the accomplished runner uses this fuel to their advantage.

In the running world there are numerous races to choose from. Anywhere from a 5k fun run, to a prestige marathon, or even an enduring ultra marathon. The accomplished runner knows which strengths to leverage, which weaknesses to improve, and is excited for each new challenge that comes their way. Running can be so much more than moving your feet forward, and it can be just that, moving your feet forward. The accomplished runner knows this but is driven to becoming increasingly better than the day before, no matter what it takes, and it sure takes a whole lot of running.