Amphipod AirFlow Lite

Running is fun. It is a great way to relieve stress, stay fit and trim the waistline. It is also an activity that doesn't require much outside investment or has a low entry point -- outside of items such as the right shoes, clothes, and a water bottle. However, one thing that prevents many people from running is that they don't like to feel their pockets boobing up and down with their essential items such as keys, phones, or wallets. This is where a running belt or waist pack comes in. Amphipod has one in store for runners and it is called the AirFlow Lite Waistpack.

The AirFlow Lite Waistpack is designed to hold bulkier items than most running belts with its split-pocket design and plenty of room to hold most phones and other items. It also is designed to keep runners ventilated and running comfortably due to the breathable design it offers material that keeps airflow between the waistline and the pack. It offers a stretch waist strap to keep people of various waist sizes happy as it is adjustable and bounce-free. When on a run, you should almost forget you have anything attached to your body and this waist pack has a minimalist feeling so that you should not think about it or feel bogged down by its weight in any way. The fact it doesn't bounce during movement and is lightweight are great features to have and things to take notice of when shopping for a waist pack.

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Pros & Cons
  • Inexpensive
  • Moisture resistant & ventilated AirFlow mesh covering
  • Ultra minimalist feel
  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable beltline
  • Two pocket section split form one

    • No water bootle pocket or attachment without additional purchase
    • One size fits all
    • Key Features
      The waist pack or running belt as some like to refer to these types of holding bags for athletes has plenty to offer for anyone on a long run or jog. Many other packs on the market do not have ventilation air shafts or areas to keep it from getting stuffy inside, and this one does. Unlike many other packs or belts, it features two pockets and not just one (although it is one split up into two sections since it zips from one opening on the front pouch). There are various ways why this bag stands out and is worth a look for anyone into running or jogging. It is also adjustable, comfortable and offers plenty of headroom in its pockets.
      The waist pack has ventilation shafts built into its material and this is really a nifty feature to have in such a running belt. Amphipod refers to the waist pack's breathable material as "AirFlow mesh construction" and pegs it as fully vetted with moisture resistance. This is great when running during light showers or when sweat becomes an issue during long runs.
      The waist strap is built to be comfortable from the ground up with its bounceless design and stretchable as well as an adjustable waist strap. Again, it is fully vented with AirFlow mesh construction that also keeps the pockets and inside sections of the waist strap moisture resistant. It is also very lightweight, so you will not feel bogged down while running with it on and the waistline belt is non-confining and again very easy to adjust and made fit for whatever waistline is thrown at it. The actual front section, where the pouch is located, is made of neoprene, which allows it to protect items stored inside. This is covered by the mesh that has ventilation for breathability and to keep the airflow coming. Wearers reported that even carrying it bare skin is comfortable with no chafing or uncomfortable rubbing taking place. There is a zipper on this pouch section where a pocket is split into two inside.

      The waist pack's dimensions are 7.5" x 3.5" x 1". This is overall a pretty decent-sized bag with two pockets (split up from one zippered opening) designed to hold even an iPhone 6 or an iPhone 6 plus. It is fully adjustable so that it will fit on most waists.
      The bag is quite durable, according to most reports from long-term users where it served runners well on their outings. It offers a minimalist feeling and is very inexpensive so do not expect it to do wonders in this regard or expect it to survive all weather conditions over long-term use.
      You see what you get with the bag. WIth an additional purchase, you should find ways to clip a water bottle onto its beltline.
      The bag comes in various colors to choose from, and some of the colors stand out. For instance, the purple color has the ventilated mesh covered purple and the other sections grey for a mixed style. The blue version is similar instead of the other sections being grey; they are black. On the other hand, some of the other colors like black are all in one color (besides the Amphipod logo which is green or teal in the appearance on the front mesh section and sits on a black backdrop). WIth the various color options, you should find something to like.
      This is a very inexpensive waist pack that will not set you back very much at all especially compared to some of the other running belts or waist packs on the market.
      Key Features
      - Bounceless design
      - Breathable and ventilated shaft
      - Split pocket design
      - Secure fastener
      - Stretchable and adjustable belt
      - Moisture resistance

      Bottom Line
      If you are an avid runner who is looking into purchasing a running belt or a waist pack to keep your essentials, nutritious items, and electronics secure while on the run, this bag has most of the bases covered. It has ventilation construction, again called AirFLow mesh, to keep the items inside from getting stuffy as well as wet with its moisture-resistant covering. It offers a split pocket design with plenty of headroom to store even phones in and a very adjustable stretch belt to fit most waistlines. The price is also very respectable for such a waist pack with so many features it offers. It doesn't offer a way to keep a water bottle secure to it, but there are attachments available for water bottles that can hook onto it, which are sold separately.
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      By Mike Lata
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