Review of the Beats X

Not crazy about Apple’s geeky-looking Air Pods? Not to worry, Apple has teamed up with Beats by Dre to bring the world a second pair of wireless headphones with its powerful built-in W1 chip. The Beats X wireless headphones feature a neck wire so they’re way less easy to lose than the Air Pods and they look a lot more stylish. Get the cool factor with the Beats logo and the high-quality performance you know and love with Apple’s built-in technology.

These are basically Air Pods with a twist, and they are definitely worth a look for those who considered Apple’s OG version but weren’t crazy about the design or those who’ve tried the Air Pods but lost them within days. Oops! A short cable connects the Beats X headphones, so losing them is kind of tough to do.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • Secure and comfortable fit
  • High-speed and convenient charging
  • Good sound quality
  • Stylish design
  • Cons
    • Expensive
    • Key Features
      The new Beats X is a model of headphones that's designed for every day, all-day wear. They’re maybe not the first choice for gym use but a better option than the Air Pods. This is because they fit more securely and have a neck cable to keep them from simply dropping to the floor.
      Basic Features
      They come packaged with four earbud tip sizes and come with wingtips for those who want extra security. They come with a carrying case and a USB-A cable, as well. In terms of basic features, they’re almost identical to the Air Pods.

      The most significant difference is the addition of a cable, connecting the buds which make the new Beats X less likely to get lost or misplaced.
      Advanced Features
      The headphones feature the same Apple W1 chip as the Air Pods. The chip makes set up extremely easy. All you need to do is stick your headphones next to your iOS device, and your phone or iPad will begin the process. It’s easy as pie.

      The Beats X 2019 also come with a notable feature called Fast Fuel charging. It takes mere minutes to charge them up for an hour or so of playback. This is super useful when you’ve woken up for a tough morning workout or commute and realize you’ve completely forgotten to charge them. Just a quick five-minute charge will give you enough juice to get you through your bus or subway ride to work.

      They also have RemoteTalk and are Siri enabled. Instead of the super sensitive microphone that the Air Pods have, the Beats X have an in-line mic making them a good pair for running. Because of their neck-wire, users also have access to in-line controls, which was something many reviewers felt was missing from the Air Pods.

      Another neat feature is that they auto-pause when you take one or both earbuds out. That way, you don’t have to search for the pause button if you encounter a pal on the street. Just pop out the earbuds, and your music will automatically cease playing. Pop that earbud back in, and you’ll be back to enjoying your tunes.
      Sound Quality
      The headphones provide users with excellent stereo sound quality, according to reviewers. Users also say that the headphones are great in regards to taking and making calls.

      They isolate sound okay, but aren’t perfect, though it should be noted that sound leaks very little with the Beats X. The only downside is the price, which feels high for the sound quality provided. It’s good, well-balanced, but it’s hard to ignore that it could be better.
      The headphones come with a powerful W1 chip and are Bluetooth enabled. It’s super easy to pair your Beats X device. Simply hold up your headphones to your phone or other iOS device and voila! You’re set. It’ll ask you to pair and run you through setup in a flash.
      The new Beats X headphones have a cable connecting the earpieces, unlike the Air Pods, which for some users was a vast improvement. The flexform cable fits comfortably around the neck, and they allow users to wear the headphones like a necklace when not in use. Various earbud tips and wingtips are included allowing for a personalized fit (4 sizes of tips available).

      Reviewers loved the multiple fit options for customized comfort which was something that was missing with the Air Pods. Either they fit you, or they didn’t. With the Beats X there’s some room to adjust the fit. Overall, since their release date, most customers have said that the Beats X are comfortable in their reviews, and the fit is very secure, too.
      The beats logo is featured on each earpiece and they are super stylish. The headphones are available in matte gold, matte silver, matte black, white, grey, and blue. Reviewers seemed to agree that they’re probably one of the most stylish pairs of wireless buds out there.
      The headphones are water resistant, feature a flexible but robust cable but are made of plastic. They’re about as durable as any other headphone in their price range.
      Ease of Use
      The W1 chip in the new Beats X headphones makes connecting to iOS devices super easy. Setting them up and pairing them is a cinch, like with the Air Pods.

      They feature a cable which allows users to wear them around the neck when not in use. This offers wearers extra security. While many reviewers complained about losing the Apple Air Pods, the Beats X are not as easy to lose.

      According to most reviewers, the cable never really got in the way and didn’t feel obtrusive. There’s also a magnetic wire snap to keep the cables tangle-free.
      Power Source
      The Beats X boasts an 8-hour battery life, which is about on par with other headsets in the price range. They also have a cool feature called Fast Fuel Charging. A few minutes ‘plugged-in’ will juice up the headphones for hours. According to reviewers, this feature worked as advertised and was suitably impressive.

      They also come with the same charging case design as the Apple Air Pods. Charging on the go is easy, and the case can store power for when you’re not able to plug in.
      Most reviewers felt the new Beats X 2019 headphones were definitely worth the price. A few still found the sound quality wasn’t on par with the price tag, but other features make the cost worthwhile.
      Key Features
      - W1 Apple Chip
      - Bluetooth 1.0 enabled
      - 8-hour maximum battery life
      - Fast Fuel charging
      - Comes with various earbud sizes
      - RemoteTalk enabled
      - Lightning USB cable included
      - Comes with a carrying case that doubles as a charger
      - In-line remote
      - Stereo sound
      - Compatible with Siri
      - In-ear wireless design
      - Lithium-ion battery
      Bottom Line
      They are for those who want crisp sound in a lightweight, discreet package. They are extremely fast charging, feature the high-tech W1 seen in the Apple Air Pods and have convenient, easy to use in-line controls.

      RemoteTalk makes it simple to summon Siri, and like the Air Pods, the headphones come with a handy charging case. Sound quality isn’t stellar, but it’s good enough for casual listening on-the-go.

      The Beats X sweat-proof headphones are comfortable, secure, and harder to lose than their Apple brand counterparts and reviewers seemed to appreciate the neck-wire rather than finding it annoying. For users who didn’t love the Air Pods, the new Beats X headphones are totally worth considering.
      Where to Buy
      By Steph Coelho
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      Where to buy
      Best offer on: Jul. 24. 2021

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