Jaybird Vista 2

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Editor’s Conclusion
What makes this design stand out from a sea of earbuds is that it boasts advanced features to deliver premium sound right into your brain while you run. It also boasts active noise cancellation, or ANC, to drown out the noisy world around you, which is something that is typically only found in over-the-ear headphones.

It also has something called SurroundSense that you can turn on very easily to keep you in tune with the world around you. When you are running on scenic trails, the SurroundSense feature uses an outside speaker so that you can hear if there is a bear barreling down behind you on the trail.

These earbuds are small, versatile, and insanely durable which makes them a perfect option for runners on the go.

The Jaybird Vista 2 is one of the best earbuds for active runners or athletes due to its superior fit and sound.

Take a deep dive into all of the advanced features that make the Jaybird Vista 2 one of the best pairs of earbuds for runners currently out there on the market.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Very comfortable fit

Offers active noise cancellation

SurroundSense keeps you in tune with your surroundings

Stays firmly in place as you move; great for HIIT or CrossFit

Excellent sound quality

Easy to use the companion app

Compatible with most phones


Slightly expensive

Weak noise cancellation

For best sound, users will need to manually adjust EQ settings

Key Features

Key Features


This design boasts a 6 mm driver to deliver premium sound. Standard drivers for earbuds typically range from anywhere between 8-15 mm, with over-the-ear headphones offering a driver of a driver size between 20-50 mm. The driver in this earbud is slightly smaller than others out there on the market, but it has a few extra features to boost sound quality.

What I love about this design is that the companion app allows you to tinker with EQ settings to personalize your settings to your music style. This drive also provides a warm and crisp sound with minimal distortion and booming bass sounds.

The ability to make EQ adjustments within the app is really what sets these earbuds apart from the competition. The companion app is incredibly easy to use.

The downside is that to get the best sound, you will need to learn a little bit about EQ settings, which may not be ideal for casual listeners. For serious audiophiles, this advanced feature is a real game-changer when it comes to ear pods and premium sound.


I love the new and improved noise-cancellation features of these headphones. They provide users with Active Noise Cancellation that creates subtle white noise to block out your surroundings. Most earbuds claim to be noise-canceling because they fit inside of your ear and block out noise, but these headphones go the extra mile.

When you need to be in tune with the world around you, you can turn on SurroundSense with the press of a button that allows you to hear the outside world as if you didn’t have earbuds tucked into your ears. Plus, you can adjust just how much of the world you want to let in by adjusting the SurroundSense settings in the app.

What I also love about this design is that making adjustments is quick and easy. Other brands that offer similar features require users to dig deep into the settings on their phones to turn the noise cancellation features off and on. With the Jaybird Vista 2, you can easily adjust the settings without opening your phone.

To make these adjustments, simply take out an earbud, give it a tap and it will turn off noise cancellation. It’s also important to note that turning the ANC features off will help to extend the overall battery life as well.


Earbuds have a reputation of being slightly uncomfortable if your ear is slightly smaller or larger than normal. What’s great about this design is that it includes three different sizes of ear gels to ensure that you get a snug yet comfortable fit that accommodates most users.

The ear gel pads are made from soft and squishy material that contours to the shape of your ear for a comfortable fit and that feels natural and easy.

Plus, these ear pads stay firmly in place while you run or engage in HIIT. After a while, you may even forget that they are even there!


No matter what brand of phone you are rocking, these earbuds connect incredibly easily to your phone via Bluetooth. To connect, turn on your headphones and select Jaybird from the list of Bluetooth devices and you are ready to go.

What makes this design a little more user-friendly to all smartphone users is that the companion app is incredibly easy to use, and saves you the hassle of digging through your phone’s settings to make adjustments.

What I also love about this brand is that it plays nice with all brands of smartphones. If you use an Android phone with Apple Airpods, for instance, you will lose many of the additional features offered by their headphones. It also makes it a little more difficult to adjust the settings when using headphones from a competing brand.

Jaybird, on the other hand, makes its headphones compatible with all smartphones, and the included app makes it a lot easier to make adjustments (rather than take a deep dive into advanced settings on your smartphone).

No one likes navigating through the settings menu on their smartphone, and the Jaybird app eliminates that annoying hassle.


These earbuds really shine in their overall construction and tank-like design. Speaking of tanks, these headphones are made from military-grade materials that make them crush, drop, and dust-proof. Plus, the water-resistance features far outshine the competition. Technically, you can swim while wearing these earbuds, but unfortunately, water interferes with their Bluetooth connectivity.

You can feel confident wearing these earbuds in a torrential downpour outside, or when you really work up a sweat. When compared to similar designs out there on the market, this design far outshines the competition in terms of durability.


Fully charged, these earbuds offer up to 8 hours of audio before they need to be charged. Then they are in the case, they can hold a charge for about 24 hours before you need to charge them up again. With ANC or SurroundSense active, the battery will only last around 6 hours max.

If you forgot to charge them before heading out for your run, 5 quick minutes on a charging station gives you about 60 minutes worth of juice - perfect for a quick run.


These headphones are surprisingly expensive for earbuds, but they earn a slight edge over the competition. They are slightly less expensive than similar designs and worth every penny! Sure, the price tag is quite high, but the advanced features and rugged durability of these headphones make them worth the extra cost.

When you take into consideration the premium sound, comfortable design, and impressive performance features that are built for active people, these earbuds come in at an excellent oval value that makes them worth checking out.
Jaybird Vista 2 vs. AirPod Pro

Jaybird Vista 2 vs. AirPod Pro

Airpods have dominated the earbud market over the years, but their time in the sun is starting to get a little shady. The Jaybird Vista 2 provides users with all of the same features of the Airpod Pro, with a few extra advantages.

First of all, Apple products typically only play nice with other Apple devices. While AirPods are technically compatible with Android or Google phones, many of the advanced features are lost in translation.

The Jaybird Vista 2 includes a universal app that makes it easy to pair your device, as well as make adjustments to the sound. The Airpods Pro offers adaptive sound settings, which doesn’t allow you to make advanced EQ settings.

What also makes the Jaybird Vista 2 superior to the Airpod Pro is its overall durability. These headphones are made from military-grade materials that are resistant to dropping, crushing, and even water.

The Airpod Pro is water-resistant but isn’t able to be submerged in water. The Jaybird Vista, on the other hand, is able to be rinsed under the sink or dropped in the pool without damaging the sound.


What I love most about the Jaybird Vista 2 is that it delivers superior sound in a small yet tough package. The compatible app makes setup a breeze, and also allows users to make EQ adjustments right inside the app.

Plus, it plays well with almost any smartphone. It also provides users with active noise cancellation, which is something that is not found in many earbuds. Active noise cancellation provides a background of white noise that drowns out background noise and makes your music sound crisp and clearer.

If you are running on a crowded trail and need a keen ear on your surroundings, it also includes a unique feature called SurroundSense. This feature has an outside speaker that enhances the noise around you so that you can listen to your surroundings just as crisp and clear as if you didn’t have earbuds shoved in your ear!

When looking for a great pair of earbuds that provide superior sounds and are made for intense physical activity come rain or shine, the Jaybird Vista 2 is an excellent choice!