Best Blenders for People with an Active Lifestyle


Choosing an active lifestyle is one of the best things that you can do for yourself! Keeping that in mind, it’s also a  huge responsibility. You need to become involved in your food choices and dedicate yourself to being as healthy and informed as possible.

Blenders are and should be a standard part of all kitchen equipment, they’re easy to use and very functional. They also allow us to access choices regarding which mixed drinks or health smoothies we consume and the proportions of different healthy ingredients. Runners face choices when they want to use technology to assist with a healthy eating lifestyle. This includes choosing a good model with the functions that give them the most options for designing and creating their healthy concoctions.

This review focuses on the top models out there, and includes a few that offer food processing, juicing, and other options that may be beneficial to runners looking to get the most out of their smoothies!

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To keep our customers up to date on new and reviewed products we have bumped our list up to 12, in this list we added two more to our list of favorites. We tried to keep in mind different criteria to fit different budgets and lifestyles during our search. Be sure to check back, as we are always updating our lists.

Hamilton Beach 51131
  • Hamilton Beach 51131
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • 14-oz. blending jar
  • Price: See Here
Oster Pro 1200
  • Oster Pro 1200
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • 1200 power watts
  • Price: See Here
Vitamix 5200
  • Vitamix 5200
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • 64oz Large Jar Capacity
  • Price: See Here

12 Best Blenders


1. Hamilton Beach 51131

1. Hamilton Beach 51131
If all you need is a simple, affordable model that will create one serving at a time, you can’t do much better than the Hamilton Beach 51131. This one is easily the most affordable options on our list.


  • Blades made out of stainless steel.
  • Compact design makes it easy to store when not being used.
  • Super easy to clean.
  • Great with ice cubes and fruits.




  • Creates a lot of noise when being used.


2. Oster Pro 1200

2. Oster Pro 1200
If you’re on the hunt for a product that’s going to be extremely durable and provide supreme power, the Oster Pro 1200 does so while keeping things light on your wallet. Despite the high-end features the Oster Pro 1200 brings to the table, it’s priced quite affordably.


  • 7 speed settings.
  • Dual Direction Blade Technology allows for extra power when chopping and grinding.
  • 1200-watts for power and 900-watts for crushing ice.
  • All metal drive system for some of the best durability possible.


  • Louder than many others

3. Vitamix 5200

3. Vitamix 5200
This is a machine designed to help you get the most out of your blending experience. The Vitamix 5200 Series combines the power of the Vitamix system with the versatility of a large 64 oz capacity model. Not only can it handle full-sized recipes, it can also be used with the patented Vitamix design to create the healthiest products available!


  • Stainless steel blades.
  • 64oz container.
  • Adjust the settings to choose textures and to add more variety to your recipes.


  • The design still requires a large chunk of counterspace

4. Ninja Mega Kitchen System

4. Ninja Mega Kitchen System
Ninja has once again crafted a workhorse with the BL770. The issue of it breaking down seems to only be a problem for a handful of users. Overall, this is one of the most versatile machines on this list. While you’ll certainly pay a premium for the Ninja Mega Kitchen System, it’s still more affordable than other high-end options on this list.


  • Along with smoothies, the BL770 can also process food, juice fruits, and make dough.
  • Container measures in at 72 total ounces.
  • Dishwasher safe and BPA free.


  • May not be ideal for seeds or similar food

5. Breville Hemisphere Control

5. Breville Hemisphere Control
If you have the budget to afford it, the Breville BBL605XL is an excellent machine. It’s powerful, quiet, and is made out of premium materials. It’s pricey, but if you’ve got the cash, this is an excellent choice. This is a premier model, and as a result, it comes in at a pretty premium price.


  • Hemisphere bowl and blades take what’s on top and draw it down to its wide, sweeping blades
  • Ability to adjust your blending speed with 5 different settings
  • Buttons are backlit to provide easy readability in low light




  • When working with frozen fruits, the BBL605XL seems to require a bit of extra persistence and time.


6. Ninja Master Prep QB900B

6. Ninja Master Prep QB900B
The Ninja Master Prep QB900B is a truly impressive value, as the bang for buck ratio that you’re getting is unlike anything else on the market. This one is fast, versatile, and super easy on the wallet. This particular Ninja product comes in at an incredible price. It costs what you’d expect for a cheaper model, but has the power of a high-end one.


  • Quad-blade cutting system allows for both ice crushing and uniform cutting when used.
  • The 48oz pitcher features a spout for easy pouring and a bottom surface that won’t slip.
  • Thanks to the 2-cup processor, you’ll be able to dice, blend, chop, puree, and mince virtually anything.


  • Can be a little difficult to clean


7. Hamilton Beach Power Elite

7. Hamilton Beach Power Elite
All-in-all, the number of features and quality Hamilton Beach was able to pack into such an affordable product is quite impressive. The blades aren’t the best out there, but for simple concoctions, this is a great choice. This particular model by Hamilton Beach is one of the most affordable options you’re going to find.


  • Total power of 700-watts to deal with even the largest amounts of ingredients that you throw at it.
  • 12 different settings for blending to ensure that you get the best blend possible for your particular smoothie or drink.
  • A dishwasher safe glass container that measures in at 40oz.
  • Included 3-year warranty for added peace of mind.


  • Blending frozen food seems to be a challenge


8. Magic Bullet NutriBullet

8. Magic Bullet NutriBullet
If you want to own one of the most popular products and score it at a solid price, the Magic Bullet NutriBullet is the way to go. This particular model has drastically dropped in price since it first hit the market, and the price you’re able to snag it for now is a true steal when you consider everything that the NutriBullet brings to the table.


  • Comes in a variety of different colors (Grey, Blue, Orange, and Red)
  • The high-torque power base and the blender’s 600-watt motor allow the NutriBullet to completely chop up any kind of fruit or vegetable without breaking a sweat
  • 1-year limited warranty


  • Some more expensive models may last a bit longer

9. Oster Reverse Crush Counterforms

9. Oster Reverse Crush Counterforms
Oster really does have a winner on their hands with their Reverse Crush Counterforms. Although the machine might be a big loud and the lid can be prone to popping off when blending at high speeds, the amount of power and features you’re going for this price is phenomenal. Overall, the cost of the Oster Reverse Crush Counterforms is quite fantastic. Although it isn’t the cheapest blender you’re going to find, the number of features that you’re getting for this price point is simply fantastic.
  • Smart Settings Technology allows you to get the perfect blend with a simple touch of a button
  • 6-point design allows you to completely pulverize your ingredients without fail
  • 7 speeds to choose from
  • Very easy to clean
  • Builds up a lot of pressure when run on high

10. Ninja Professional BL660

10. Ninja Professional BL660
Ninja is one of the most recognizable names when it comes to blenders, and that comes with very good reason. Along with having an incredible marketing campaign, Ninja creates some of the most powerful and innovative products that you’re going to find. When looking specifically at the BL660 model of the Ninja Professional model, we’re dealing with a machine that not only packs a powerful punch, but is also able to work with a large quantity of items at once.
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Ninja’s products always have a tendency to be a bit of the higher side of things in regards to price, and that’s no exception with the BL660. If you’re in the market for an ultra-powerful machine that’s able to hold an incredibly large quantity – and your pockets are a bit deep – Ninja’s BL660 is an excellent choice.
  • Total Crushing Technology is able to break down whole vegetables, fruit and ice in seconds
  • The 72oz container allows more versatility
  • BPA free and dishwasher safe
  • A little challenging to clean

11. Cuisinart Smartpower Duet

11. Cuisinart Smartpower Duet
For blending, runners can quickly create nutritional drinks and the processing system will create healthy pureed/cut/shredded or chopped food for runners, all done quickly and easily.

Special speed setting for Crushing ice, six more speeds for cutting/slicing/shredding and perfect for puree, blending many types of food.

Food blending made easy with this easy to use model with user-friendly controls and functions, a 350 watt system with plenty of crushing and blending power.

A choice of 7 speeds to put you in control of the level of blending, operated through a pad which is touch controlled and provides indicator lights to show live functions while in progress.

This model comes with a standard durable quality blade and a disc for slicing and shredding, the bowl will blend/process a volume of mix to fill three good sized cups via a 40-ounce blending jar.

Overall size of this model is sixteen by six and a half inches and you get a three-year limited warranty with it.

The price falls at around at more than average but still affordable if on a budget a versatile product which is user-friendly.

Slicing blade

Slicing and shredding disc

Can cover a broad range of blending functions

7 speeds

40-ounce jar

Touch control


Does not have some of the features offered by higher priced models but it is very functional.

12. Vitamix Ascent A3500

12. Vitamix Ascent A3500
This will create perfectly blended drinks and purees for runners and will also serve the eating needs for the whole household, this investment gives the runner the tech they want for a healthy intake and will also serve the healthy eating aims for the entire family. This means that by investing in this product athletes can meet their personal healthy diet aims and have a multi-functional piece of equipment which can be used by/for others, it's a great addition to a kitchen.

This one works with a scale and app for perfect measuring to create the right number of portions with the right amount of calories.

This model has a smart scale app with it and an interactive recipe function which will walk the user through creating great dishes, drinks etc. Through the app system which can connect to google and Apple health recipes you can pre-plan a healthy diet and use the blender to make the diet a reality. Recipes can be scaled to the number of wanted portions and even the right balance of calories per portion. The model has a designed in timer system which will track blending progress to ensure an exact perfect blend.

The features list is very impressive;

Recipes and easy guides for creating them.  Pre_plan meals and nutrition target.  Create a shopping list for the future.  Perfectly scaled portions. Calorie amounts set to fit per portion.  Health tracking through diet through connecting online to Google Fit or Apple Healthy eating and recipes. A scale system with an accurate readout for use in measuring out food for recipes.  Variable speeds.

This multi-functional system is useful for creating countless recipes for a planned healthy eating lifestyle, with this in your kitchen you will be able to create high standard recipes which will contain perfectly balanced ingredients.


A higher than average price tag for a very multi-functional machine, app, and recipes-scale, this is a long-term investment and a highly multi-functional piece of equipment.

App-recipes-create customized shopping lists, memory function for more recipes and so much more

Recipes can be scaled to match how many servings

Recipes can be scaled for a balance of calories per portion

Built-in timer

Track blending progress for perfect blend

Connect to Google and Apple health and fitness app

Variable blending speeds

Connects to wireless

Very easy to clean



A higher price tag but you get a lot of extra functionality

A juicer is quick and convenient and can be used by a runner and other family members. Its uses are limited to creating juices or puree.  A blender can blend a combination of foods to create healthy pureed options, while a processor goes further in processing health foods. This can result in recipes which lead to a regular healthy diet.

When cost is a factor, a person may want to stick with a standard juicer or a standard model. But, you get what you pay for. The higher cost of a multi-function option can save you from having to purchase several different appliances to perform different functions. A model that has the capability to juice, blend, and process can contribute much more towards which types of healthy food combinations we would like to create and have as part of our daily diets.

Smoothies and other blended beverages are some of the healthiest and tastiest concoctions that you can consume while maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle. Keep in mind that creating these smoothies and such will require a specific kind of product. While these seem to be a dime a dozen nowadays, finding one that will be powerful and versatile enough for the ingredients you’re going to be using is often easier said than done.

What We Looked At When Choosing 12 Great blenders


For many, this is one of the most important kitchen tools. It’s important to choose wisely, as a good model will not only save you time but will also give a better final product. Apart from that, they really serve a very useful purpose to an athlete. Especially when it comes to the preparation of those pre-run energy smoothies. This shouldn’t be a life-altering experience (although there are some pretty nice blenders out there!) and it shouldn’t take up an entire weekend.

Having a reliable machine which can create smoothies is a sure way to ensure that you control the quality of what you put in your body. This vital appliance can help you make your own smoothie and control the quantities of all ingredients in your drink. Buying a quality product ensures that the appliance gives you better services and lasts for a longer period of time. The advantages of a good one don’t stop at smoothies. It can also help you with many things such as whipping up whole grain waffles, blending salad dressings, making good deserts or making thick and creamy shakes.

We looked at the different features of different brands and other factors before picking out the models listed above. We looked at their capabilities when it comes to smoothies and all of their other capabilities.

We considered the factors discussed below:

Types of blenders

There are a large variety available in the market. Some possess basic functions while some can even process hard foods or prepare a soup. It’s not necessarily true that all the expensive ones are better. There are some less-expensive models that are competent at several tasks. Choose the one that suits your needs. Most are electronic and cordless models make it more convenient for you to prepare your dish. It is also important to know that prices, styling and the word “professional” don’t assure excellent performance.

Countertop or Immersion

Countertop models are made for your countertop, with a large jar attached to a stand that contains the controls. They’re ideal for food and smoothies and even crushing ice.

Immersion, or stick blenders, are small handheld models with a rotating blade at the end of a long stick. They’re made to blend ingredients into glasses or bowls and work great if you need to puree a soup or a sauce or froth up a milkshake.

The two have some overlap in terms of the jobs they can do, but they vary widely in appearance and size.

We also have hand blenders. Unlike jar models, these, which are also known as stick blenders, offer more convenience when blending, pureeing and mixing your stuff in a bowl or in a hot pan on the stove. They have smaller blades which can handle even small portions. They are easy to carry, and some come with handy wall racks. They ideally serve the purpose for pureeing cooked food, creaming soups, blending drinks, etc. Things to consider: Do you need one that can prepare larger portions? Do you need the extra power of a countertop model? Do you have countertop room for another appliance?

The Wattage/horsepower of the motor

Many brands may advertise two different types of horsepower. The first is a peak or maximum horsepower, which is the horsepower that occurs when you turn the thing on, *not* the actual horsepower it runs at. The second is rated horsepower, which is the steady horsepower the motor can maintain. Always check the peak horsepower as opposed to the standard horsepower when choosing your particular model. Some use a bait and switch tactic when advertising.

However, the better way to compare motors is to look directly at the wattage, as that will always show exactly how powerful the motor is. For anyone wondering, one electrical horsepower equals 746 watts.

The Material of the Jar

People don’t often consider the differences between the material of the jar. The most common three options are:

Glass – This is a solid choice, easy to clean, but heavy – if you drop a glass jar, it certainly won’t be usable afterward! Needs plenty of care.

Polycarbonate (plastic) – Plastic varies widely in quality but can absorb the odors and stains of blended ingredients with multiple uses. It’s much lighter than a glass jar though and may be able to survive a few knocks and drops. If you’re concerned with BPA in your plastics, you can either buy a BPA-free plastic (many companies are switching to this now, as consumer concern for BPA has risen) or simply choose a glass or stainless-steel option.

Stainless Steel – This is easy to clean, and lighter than its glass counterpart; the biggest detraction from this material is that you can’t see inside while blending, forcing you to repeatedly turn off the machine and check if you need to blend anymore.

The Controls available to control your blending

Many machines vary in controls in a few ways. Most will naturally vary in the number of blending options they have – some may come with only 3 speeds, while others will have options for puree, blend, smoothie, crushed ice, etc. How many options you need depends on your plans for the one you choose.

Most buyers will look at the control panel and use that to decide on the best product for their needs. The control panel plays an important role in knowing the types of food or ingredients that the machine is able to handle. When checking the control panels, you may find a high-tech option that has features like a touchpad on the control system. This makes it easier to clean. They usually have a streamlined design and the controls will be largely dictated by the manufacturer. If you want more authority with regards to the control panel, then you should definitely look for one with a classic control unit that has push buttons. This feature allows one to halt the blending process of the machine each time they feel that it’s necessary. There are other types that have toggle settings, perfect for changing speeds and will ensure the ingredients are thoroughly blended. The last one features a rotary kind of dial on the control panel.
Furthermore, some have manual controls where you press or hold down the buttons to select a speed.

Want to change speeds? You’ll need to hit another button. An alternative to manual, there are microprocessor models that have programmed blend cycles – here you can press a button, and then walk away, completing other kitchen tasks, while your machine goes through a variety of spins and speeds to blend your ingredients. That’s why it’s important to review the product in detail and see if you can comfortably use the controls before buying.


Pricing is actually a huge part in deciding whether or not a particular product is for you. Determining how much you’re willing to spend can easily narrow down your options. Your budget is significant when you’re interested in getting the best quality at the best value. The price varies depending on the quality, the manufacturer and the store where you will buy the appliance from. Compare the prices of at least three quality brands with the same features before you choose one that best fits you. Sometimes, you might have to take a look at the features you really want and then see what price point you’re looking at.


Here Are A Few Other Things To Think About

Frequency of Use

It’s often true that with more expensive models comes better quality. So, consider how often you’ll be using it – once or twice a year when friends visit? Once a month to blend up a special recipe? Daily smoothies for breakfast? The more frequent you need to use it, the better the quality you should buy. Though more expensive brands are usually of better quality, it is advisable to check all the reviews about the brand before making your decision.

Number of people you are serving

If you’re opting for a countertop model, don’t forget to check the size of the blending container. If you only need to make individual smoothies for yourself, this may not be a concern, but if you’re cooking for a family, you want to make sure it can fit enough ingredients in the jar! Jar sizes can vary from a very small self-serve 8oz size, to over 64oz so you can blend up multiple servings at once.

Check Its Use

It can either be for commercial or home use. Smoothie makers for commercial use need to be one that can work much harder and can withstand increased demand. They are slightly more expensive compared to those meant for home use, but you may not need frequent replacement of this appliances. These are the ones used at your favorite smoothie shops, and that can provide you with professional results.

The Finish or Color

They come in a variety of colors and it is advisable to choose a color that fits with your kitchen. This is important for those who are purchasing a model for home use, and who want to keep their kitchen as uniform and as stylish as possible. A commercial type can be of any color so long as it of the right quality.

The Blades

Manufacturers offer two types of blades: wet blades for liquid and dry blades for grinding grains. Dry blades pull the mixture down, which is important while grinding grains and mixing the dough. Wet blades are good for blending liquid or wet ingredients. There is also a multi-function blade that serves both of these purposes. Go for the option where you can detach the blades as this will make it easier to clean as well.

Parts and Accessories

Many manufacturers have an added “warranty” that makes it possible for one to replace parts that might get worn out quickly. This option allows you to send away for replacement parts in the event that something happens to them in the allotted timeframe. Also, they play an important part in enhancing the overall usability and its appearance. Some of the parts that can be replaced include the blades, the glass jar or just the seals that tend to wear down over time.

All these parts help in making the machine function effectively. They also make it possible for it to be able to blend additional ingredients. Buyers should make sure that the product they are buying has this type of warranty, and they should know where the parts and accessories can be replaced by the manufacturer.

Some general information:

  1.  If you want more stability, go for models with a wide metal base.
  2.  It is highly recommended to go for wide open glass pitchers for easy cleaning and scratch resistance.
  3. You can clean the touchpads with more ease than push buttons. You can also easily wipe out the spilled residue.
  4.  3-16 speeds are a norm, but more are not necessarily better. Go for the one with 3 well-distinguished speeds, as they are easy to recognize. Too many options can be confusing.
  5. It is important to consider your budget also. First, decide what kind of blender you want and then look for the features that are important to you. Naturally the more functions a blender has, the higher the cost. Consider the advantages of the accessories that can save you the cost of buying another appliance.



Q. What Types of Blenders are Available?

A: If you’re looking for something with less power and more versatility, you can use the immersion models. These are the handheld models that can be used in almost any container. The term “immersion” refers to this machine’s ability to be fully immersed in whatever you’re cooking at the time. Some of these models don’t have jars, and may only be a set of blades on the end of a handheld device. This isn’t the best option for smoothies or entire blended recipes.

Countertop or commercial models have the jar along with the base required to control the speed. These are the larger models, and the ones best suited to your health food needs. Make sure that you find a model that’s large enough and powerful enough to handle the types of recipes you want to try.

A multi-function model will also act as a food processor and will be able to do everything from chopping to pureeing even the toughest ingredients. These are your one-stop-shop for all of your favorite healthy concoctions.

Q. What Do the Blender Settings Really Mean?

A. Manufacturers may advertise two different types of horsepower. The first is a peak or maximum horsepower, which is the horsepower that occurs when you turn the machine on, *not* the actual horsepower it runs at. The second is rated horsepower, which is the steady horsepower the motor can maintain. The setting will indicate the rate of rotation for the blades. The higher the setting, the faster and more powerful the blades will be when performing their functions.

Q. What’s the purpose of the two blades and should my blender have both?

A. As we mentioned above, there are both wet and dry blades. The wet blades are better suited to smoothies, shakes, and liquid mixtures. Dry blades are able to handle grains, flours, and dry concoctions. Many will have both and may even have an interchangeable option. The type of recipes you want to create will determine the versatility of the blades that you need.

Q. Do more settings sound better?

A. This depends on your particular needs. If you don’t need a professional grade product, then finding something simpler can make using it that much easier. Just remember that if you don’t have a need for a setting, it’s okay to purchase a model that doesn’t offer it. Less can be more when trying to navigate kitchen technology!

Considering the factors above and features like the safety of the appliance is a sure way to ensure that the product that you buy will give you quality services and that it fits in your budget. Buying the right one will ensure that you get a smoothie containing all natural nutrients, vitamins, antioxidants as well as soluble and insoluble fibers. The dissoluble fibers will help you be able to effectively manage glucose stages and help to reduce cholesterol levels.

Among all of these responsibilities, one of the most important ones to keep in mind is the quality of food that you’re putting in your body. Although it can sometimes be incredibly tempting to reach for a bag of chips or a candy bar, keeping a close eye on the quality of foods that you’re consuming is incredibly important. However, finding foods that are tasty and proficient in the nutrients that you need can sometimes prove to be a bit of a challenge. While this can easily turn into a problem, one of the best types of foods you can consume is that of a smoothie.


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