10 Best Clif Bars Tested


Clif creates a bunch of tasty, nutritious, energy-packed bars that make a delicious addition to your exercise arsenal.

Some runners believe they taste better than your average candy bar, and they are great for both preparation and recovery. Clif bars typically fall into two categories: those which provide an energy kick before your workout and those that offer a protein punch for when you’ve just finished with a tough workout. In this article, we consider both; however, we feature slightly more of the energy-boosting bars.

The concept of having energy available in the form of a consumable bar for topping up your body is really rather neat and very useful. Things get better, because these energy bars are available in a broad range of incredibly tasty options, and you get a very nutritious tasty source of energy made from organic foods, free from dairy products, wheat products or any genetically changed food sources.

A lot of considerate research and work has gone into the creation of these bars by the manufacturer to ensure there is a tasty choice for everybody if you like all the tastes you can get the twenty-four bar multi-pack and ensure that every tasty option is available for you.

Let’s take a look at what they have.

Last Updated: January 26, 2018
By Richard Haberkost:

While updating our list of ten great choices, we added an 11th choice which is all of the tasty options for clif energy bars in a customer friendly multi-pack. Read our detailed and informative criteria for selecting the best energy bars for runners. Any questions? Check our FAQs section for good informative answers

Cool Mint Chocolate
  • Cool Mint Chocolate
  • 4.9 out of 5
    Our rating
  • 49mg of Caffeine
  • Price: See Here
Chocolate Brownie
  • Chocolate Brownie
  • 4.7 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Source of Protein & Fiber
  • Price: See Here
Clif Bar Value Pack
  • Clif Bar Value Pack
  • 4.7 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Nutrition for Sustained Energy
  • Price: See Here

10 Best Clif Bars


Berry Pomegranate Chia

This fruity bar is one of the kind. It doesn’t matter if you run 10 miles or 30, or maybe you ride a bike, this bar is a great source of energy and it will give you power to do your best.
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This bar have so many minerals and vitamins. It is one of the most liked bars because of the amount of proteins- it’s 9 g so it’s a big amount. Total carbohydrate is 45 g. this one has 250 calories per serving which is good. It contains soya. It’s made mostly from organic ingredients. There are zero grams of trans fat. They’re not gluten free.

Combination of strawberries, cranberries, pomegranates and organic chia seeds gives you amazing fruity taste. It’s sweet but not too much,

This one may be a little bit more expensive as the taste is less common but it’s not a big difference. Still totally worth the money.

This is non GMO product

It’s made with organic chia seeds

It has nice interesting taste

The bar provides enough of energy and make you less hungry


It may be a little bit expensive

Cool Mint Chocolate

These are perhaps the tastiest of the bunch, so combine that with the great nutrition you get from Clif bars, it’s clear why they top the pile. They give a great energy kick with 43g of carbs. They also contain 9g of protein to help you recover. These are made with organic rolled oats and the ingredients are completely natural.
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These have 49mg of green tea caffeine to give you a real kick as well as complex carbs to keep you going throughout your workout. There are 5g of fiber, 23 added vitamins and minerals and they are certified organic with 70% organic ingredients. These have no GMO ingredients at all, are vegan-friendly and weigh in at 250 calories per bar.

They’re delicious! With a rich chocolate base and a minty kick which cuts though the heaviness, they offer a real balance of flavour and plenty of nuance. Many claim that this flavour is the best of all the Clif bars, and they have a good basis! They have a creamy drizzle on the top for extra decadence and a nice dense texture.

A pretty-low cost affair!
  • Great flavor- maybe the best of the bunch
  • Very good energy kick all-round
  • Non-GMO and organic
  • Good nutrition
  • Vegan-friendly
  • They don’t have as much protein as some might like.

Chocolate Brownie

Another energy bar, another scrumptious and tasty treat! These have 45g of carbs, 9g of protein, a lovely rich flavor as well as another really nutritious profile. The ingredients are good and healthy and it’s incredible that something this luxurious can be so good for you!
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You’ll find on this list that the nutrition of the energy bars is all pretty similar with only marginal differences. These have no GMOs, vegan-friendly, 70% organic ingredients, certified organic, made with rolled oats and with the fantastic addition of 23 vitamins and minerals. These give a good, healthy energy boost!

A chocolate bonanza! These have cocoa and chocolate chips, which make for great texture and a proper chocolate fix. Something this decadent really shouldn’t be this good for you. These really are very similar to a brownie with a nice chewy density and varying flavors of chocolate for good hints of subtlety. They are also not too sweet!

Around an average cost for a good energy bar.
  • Very healthy and packed with good stuff
  • A good energy boost
  • High carb for a workout
  • Lots of added vitamins and minerals
  • These might be a little too chocolatey for you if you’re not a huge chocolate lover.
  • Not as much protein as some might like

Chocolate Almond Fudge

An energy bar, a tasty flavor, a lovely pre-exercise health kick and packed with loads of great, natural ingredients. This flavor is another rich one, but it’s very nice and, much like other Clif bars, they’re tastier than plenty of normal candy bars.
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43g of carbs, 5g of fiber, 9g of protein, 250 calories per bar and packed with 23 vitamins and minerals. These are vegan, gluten-free and non-GMO. All of the ingredients are natural and they're certified organic, with 70% organic ingredients.

Another really decadent one! There is a lovely chocolate fudge flavor and depth, but without too much sweetness. It’s dense without being overpowering and the almond pieces give a nice crunch to cut through the texture along with a good savory kick to complement the chocolatey indulgence!

Another average affair.
  • All pretty similar to the bars above – a good energy boost, plenty of good carbs and great nutrition!Lovely flavor and the almonds make for a really nuanced treat.
  • Not a massive amount of protein

Chocolate Chip

They’re the most popular of the bunch and they’re the ones that kicked off the Clif brand! These are tasty, they gives a good pre-workout kick and they are full of the great nutritional content which you’ve found above.
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These bars have 45g of carbs, 250 calories, 10g of protein and 4g of fiber. Combine that with the standard 23 added vitamins and minerals and non-GMO ingredients with an organic certificate, and you’ve got a treat you can trust. These are also vegan, like many of Clif’s bars.

The chocolate chips give a nice texture and offer a slightly more dark kick to the bar itself which gives nice depth and doesn’t allow the sweetness to take over. Really nice density in the texture, and the chocolate chips provide a really good mouthfeel.

These are marginally cheaper than most of the other Clif energy bars.
  • For nutrition and taste, they have what you’ve come to expect from the above – all great stuff!
  • Vegan friendly
  • A good option for true chocoholics. A lot of big chocolate fans really love these.
  • Slightly more protein than most of the other Clif energy bars
  • Still not as much protein as some people might like
  • Maybe not a good option if you’re not a true chocoholic!

Nut Butter Filled

These are a little different, as they're stuffed with a tasty and creamy peanut butter filling. They have a little less carbs than the bars above, which might appeal to some, with a decent amount of protein and no unnatural ingredients.
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Here you will find 230 calories, 26g of carbs, 3g of fiber and 7g of protein. There are no added vitamins and minerals here, which is a shame, but all of the ingredients are non-GMO and they are still pretty healthy on the whole. They are soy-free.

The creamy peanut butter center is really lush and decadent, and the outer section sort of tastes like a no-bake brownie, without a crazy amount of sweetness. The two textures meld together really well, though the outer layer can be a little too hard for some. The oats add a nice mouthfeel to complement and balance out everything.

They're around an average price for a top-notch health bar.
  • An unusual flavor given the filled inside
  • No unnatural ingredients, no GMOs
  • Soy-free
  • Less carbs than other Clif energy bars
  • The outer layer of the bar can be a little hard for some
  • Not a great deal of protein
  • Not such a big energy boost as the above bars

Builder’s Protein - Chocolate Mint

These are an option if you’re looking for high protein and to make good recovery and gains after a workout. These are packed with 20g of protein to help your muscles repair and have a delicious chocolate mint flavor which gives a nice, unique taste.
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These bars have 270 calories, 30g carb, 2g fiber, 20g protein and 13 added vitamins and minerals all combine to give a great post-workout feeling to help you replenish. These are free from GMOs, the protein is soy-based, they’re vegan and the ingredients are 32% organic. All in all they are a pretty healthy affair to make you feel good!

These have a nice creamy texture and taste, with a chocolate taste which isn’t too sweet and a refreshing mint kick to cut through everything and give a fresh flavor. These don’t have the graininess of many high-protein bars and there’s a good depth of flavour.

They're a little pricier than other Clif bars, but protein bars are always a little expensive.
  • Great protein hit
  • Good nutrition including loads of added vitamins and minerals
  • Soy-based protein, which some people like
  • Lovely flavor, better than most protein bars
  • Vegan
  • Not as nutritious, generally speaking, as some other Clif bars
  • Soy-based, which some people avoid

Builder’s Protein - Chocolate Peanut Butter

Another great protein bar with 20g of the stuff to keep your muscles growing, with great nutrition and a really decadent flavor perfect for lovers of peanut butter. It’s a protein bar which is a cut above the rest in many ways.
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The bar has 280 calories, 29g carbs, 2g fiber, 20g protein and 23 added vitamins and minerals. The protein is soy-based, there are no GMOs and 35% of the ingredients are organic. It’s a healthy kick and they're also vegan-friendly!

These have a lovely taste and texture. There’s one layer of soft chocolate and a crunchy cereal-style interior. The textures complement one another perfectly and there’s a real kick of peanut butter luxury. They’re dipped in cocoa for a nice finish and they don’t taste too sweet, with a good amount of depth.

Again, they are a little pricey, but this is what you expect with a high-quality, nutritious protein bar.
  • Great nutrition
  • Great protein content
  • Way tastier and healthier than most protein bars on the market
  • Full of nutritious and sensible ingredients
  • Vegan
  • Soy-based, which some people like
  • Soy-based, which some people don’t like

Mojo - Peanut Butter Pretzel

These ones are in the style of a trail mix bar, with a great texture and flavor and another good health hit. They're a great option for a pre-workout boost and are packed with nuts for fans of the stuff!
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The Mojo Peanut Butter Pretzel has 200 calories, 22g carbs, 9g protein, 2g fiber, entirely natural and 70% organic ingredients. These have a small amount of added vitamins and minerals and they’re a good choice for a sensible but tasty snack!

A proper peanut butter bonanza! Peanut butter-filled pretzels, peanut butter chips and peanuts. These are sweet, salty, packed with nuance and have a lovely crunchy texture with a lot going on. If you like the richness of peanuts and the texture of trail bars, you’ll love these.

These are around average for a good energy bar.
  • Good energy kick
  • Good ingredients and nutrition
  • Really amazing flavour and texture
  • Something a little different
  • Low-calorie
  • If you don’t like nuts, you won’t like these.
  • Not as many added vitamins and minerals as other Clif bars
  • Maybe too low-calorie for some

White Chocolate Macadamia Nut

Tasty on the go snack if perfect for those who want a boost of energy before the training but they want also something to keep their stomach full. This bar is a big hit, it has natural flavor, you don’t have chemical aftertaste and you can enjoy it wherever you want.
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4g protein, 9g total fat, total carbohydrate is 28 g, it has 12 g of sugar. It has about 70 % of organic ingredients which is fantastic.

If you have ever tasted macadamia, you know how tasty it is. However, the mix of this nut and white chocolate is a real masterpiece when it comes to bars. There are whole graind that you can crunch and it’s really amazing.

The price is very good, it’s high quality product and the price isn’t very high. It’s also cheaper to buy the bars in the package.

It has 200 calories so not much if you want to lose weight

Good source of fiber

Buyers said that the white chocolate chips here are really delicious

It contains soya which is very liked by some people


Not suitable for people with allergies to nuts


Chocolate Chip Peanut Crunch

Get all the great taste choices in one multipack.

Clif offers a great line up of flavors and all the choices are delicious, at times it can be a challenge deciding which bar to choose. If you like all the flavors then your logical choice is to take a bargain offer which gives you all the flavors together, you get 24 bars just for you.

Things can only get even more interesting because the flavors of some of the bars have been expanded.

Check our detailed review and see if this option is what you want so that you get all the taste choices together in one package.
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Product features for the Multi-Pack.

Eight peanuts-crunchy butter.

Eight Peanut-butter chocolate chip. 

Eight oatmeal raisin walnut which now updated with chocolate chip.

Eight organic oatmeal raisin walnut and organic soybeans.

High in health-giving nutritious protein and zero trans fats;

Twenty three minerals & Vitamins. 

Lots of energy giving nutrition.

 Zero dairy products, zero wheat, zero genetically engineered contents.


User-friendly price for a generous offer of 24 bars.

Twenty four choices in the pack.

High in energy giving nutrition.

A very nice range of flavors and mixed flavors.

Good for before, during or after running.

Zero dairy products.

Zero wheat.

Zero genetically engineered contents.

Twenty-three minerals and vitamins.

Organic contents.


Some runners prefer a multi-pack offering just their favorite taste, not mixed choices.

Criteria That We Used For Evaluation Of Clif Best Bars

Energy bars are becoming more and more popular, there market is full of these and it’s high time to choose the best one. When it comes to Clif, this brand has really impressive range of products and choosing top 10 was a challenge for us. We’ve made a list of factors that help us to decide which bars are the best.


There are many different bars available on the market but not every bar gives you the energy you need. Some are just sweet, useless bars which make you fetter and they are really unhealthy. Energy bars are perfect not only for sport person but also for somebody who have every intensive plan of the day and he or she needs a bit of energy. Runners adore bars as they provide energy and are good at the same time. The thing is that you need to think what the word,, good” means for you. From our experience, we know that chocolate, nutty and peanut butter flavors are the most adored.

There are also many fruity bars that taste also really good and they’re absolutely delicious. Producers are aware that everyone is different and that’s why you have full choice of tastes. During our research, we discovered that many buyers really liked more salty tastes. We have on our list all of these, we have sweet ones like chocolate mint or chocolate almond fudge but we have also peanut butter pretzel. While choosing any bar, no matter what brand, you should keep eye on sweeteners. Buying products which have more natural sweeteners is becoming more and more popular. It’s really useful to check the sweeteners as some of these artificial sweeteners may be harmful for your body and they can have bad impact on your body shape.

There’s also one more problem- very artificial sweeteners can literally destroy the taste. You don’t want this feeling of eating something chemical. There are many artificial sweeteners that you can find in bars. The most common are sucralose and aspartame. There are also present in many other products not only in bars for physical activity. The bright side is that you don’t need to buy bars with artificial sweeteners as they’re also many bars with natural sweeteners. Bars with honey are great example of natural sweetener. The problem is that many people tend to buy these with artificial sweeteners because they have less calories. Some people, even when they run, they count calories very strictly and they sometimes forget that they need something with more calories if they run a lot.

You can also choose bars with natural real sugar, this is always better than artificial sweetener. Fruity tastes like Berry Pomegranate Chia are less popular and we really don’t know why because they’re absolutely delicious. Perhaps it’s because people tend to think that if they want to buy tasty bar, it can’t be fruity or vegetable, it needs to be sweet. Fruity tastes are also delicious and they can be even better than these all bars full of chocolate.


Ingredients are the most important part of the product, they give taste and they also make the bar healthy or less healthy. Going through the shop and checking the ingredients may be fun at first but we usually don’t have time for this. What’s more, we really often don’t understand many names of the sweeteners and artificial flavors. Our golden rule when it comes to ingredients is that the longer the list of ingredients is, the more artificial sweeteners and artificial staff are in the bar. The simplest ingredients are the better.

If you see for example fructose corn syrup, you may be sure that this is artificial one. If you have peanut butter flavor or chocolate, it can be really helpful how these were made- are they natural or they are just creams with taste similar to peanut butter or chocolate. We really try to choose these bars which have more natural ingredients like chia seeds or any kind of oats. Even if you don’t have time, quick glimpse at the labels will make you decide whether you want a product or not.


You may have never thought about it before but before buying a bar, there are many questions to answer. For example, when and where are you going to eat your bar? Are you planning to eat your bar before or after the workout. Do you need the bar to provide you the energy before the long run or you just need it after your running session. Or maybe you plan to eat your bar during your workout? Well, if you look for bar to consume before or during the workout, don’t look for bars with high level of proteins as they may be really hard to digest for your stomach.

They will be much better after the workout, to help your muscles to repair and it will definitely speed up your recovery. The big advantage of bars is that they can be eaten anywhere you want. Even when you are at work, you can eat them literally anywhere. They are usually very small so you can keep them in pocket or bag. They tend to have long shelf life and that’s why they can be stored in kitchen for a long period of time. With Cliff bars, you should easily care them in your running shorts during running. You should also think about the texture of the bar.

It shouldn’t be to hart to eat- it should be easy to take a bite. Remember that you may not like the whole peanuts or chocolate chips in the bars and some people may have problem to swallow it so think about it. The stiff consistency is usually the best one. Even if you prefer softer one but you run in the marathon, buying stiffer bar is better idea as it’s easier to chew it and it’s usually easier for your stomach to digest it.

Running retreat.

The Other Criteria That We Used For Evaluation

While choosing food and especially bars, there are many points you need to think of before purchasing the product. These factors aren’t first to come to your mind but we think that they’re still very crucial and it’s really worth to consider them too.

What about nutrition/ diet?

Every runner has different diet as it really depends on personal preference. Some people love to eat vegetables every day and they don’t like meat very much. Other prefer to eat mostly milk based products and meat but the most important is to provide your body enough proteins, vitamins and many other important things. There are many recommendations how much fiber, protein or carbohydrates should you provide to your body but it’s rather very personal thing. As a runner, you should think about what you eat as for example proteins are very important as they help to build the muscles.

It’s worth to look for the bars that provide a lot of carbohydrates in short period of time to give you more energy even if you feel tired and sleepy. The bar should be some kind of fuel for your body so there should be enough calories in the bar. You may wonder how many calories do you need? Well, it really depends on how much you eat but the bar with around 200 calories will be the best option in most cases. People who want to lose weight or are afraid of gaining weight, they tend to look for products which have less than 150 calories and it’s bad because these bars won’t give you enough power and energy. On the other side, there are bars that have more than 300 calories but they’re more like a replacement of the meal and they’re not great for people who deal with obesity or are overweight.

Where to look for the bars?

There are many options when it comes to buying the bars. The most popular is going to the store. You can easily choose the taste you want and buy the bar. You can also take the whole package and enjoy your bars. There is also an option for those who don’t like to leave their home- shopping online. This may be useful as there’s bigger chance to find bars on sale. Some people don’t like buying online and if they need to do it, they buy products only from popular sellers.

Sometimes, it’s not worth to buy thing online as the cost of delivery may be higher than the cost of the bars. The problems also appears if you have the nearest shop away from the hope but it’s less probable as Cliff bars are available in many local markets. You need to evaluate all the factors and choose the best way of purchasing. Remember that if you have your favorite taste, it’s better to buy it in package, so the price for one bar is lower than when you buy it separately. Cliff has also its own official site when you can check the newest arrivals and buy products online.

The cost

As there are many different brands offering energy bars, the prices aren’t the highest although there are some brands that offer rather expensive sports meals. Clif bars aren’t really expensive and you can provide a lot of fuel to your body very fast. The best option to save some money on the burs is to buy them in the packages. It really depends on the brand how many bars are there in the package but it’s really worth trying. For the first time, we recommend to buy the bar individually as in case you don’t like the taste, you don’t need to eat it anymore.

We know that if you spend money on bar, you want high quality product that is worth these money. Clif bars are one of the best on the market, they provide enough proteins, carbohydrates . When you check the price, don’t forget to check how big is the portion. Some producers offer really low price but they size of the bar is also very small. We recommend to check the ingredients first as they are most important than the price. The cost of the bar may really depend on the flavors- bars with less popular fruits may be a little bit more expensive. And if you need to tighten the belt but you still want good bar, you can always look for bars on sales.

Any health problems, allergies?

There is also one more thing that you need to think of- allergies. Sometimes, you may even not know that you are allergic to certain ingredient in the bar. The most popular are allergies on almonds, peanuts or fruits. You should always read the label before consuming the product because you can have an allergy attack- you may be swollen or you may be even out of breath. It is especially dangerous when you’re alone and there’s nobody to help you.

Just find the bar with ingredients that won’t make you sick. With many brands, there is usually a problem with checking whether the bar has even traces of nuts. While choosing Clif top 10, we discovered that on Clif official website, there are special dietary considerations. When you enter this site, you will see all the brand’s products and you will see all the allergens the particular option contains. You can also check if the product is gluten free or even if it’s kosher.


There are many questions that we were asked when it comes to Clif bars. We hope that answers will be enough to satisfy you. Remember that Clif has official website with their own FAQ section and there are many interesting questions about particular products. But now enjoy ours !


Q. Does it really make the difference when I eat bar before, during or after workout? Do I really need other kind of bar before running and after running?

A. To be honest, it can really make the difference. Let’s start with bars before the running session. You want to eat something quickly to provide more energy, to provide fuel to your body. You don’t want a bar that will be too heavy on your stomach and will be very hard to digest. Don’t choose bars full of proteins or carbohydrates. When you look for bar during running session, remember to buy the bar that won’t melt down in your pocket. It should be also easy to chew and quick to digest. After your workout, you need proteins- this is a key. You need of course carbohydrates but proteins are most important. So we think that it’s better to think when you’re going to consume your bar.

Q. My partner is vegetarian and I’m a vegan. Is it possible to find the bars for people following special diet?

A. You don’t need to worry especially when it comes to Clif. They offer many products that are vegan friendly and vegetarian friendly. While looking for the bars, you can easily check the description and if the bar is suitable for vegans, producer will inform you about it. If there’s nothing like this in the description, you should definitely check the ingredients. Now, more and more products are vegan friendly and they are organic. You don’t need to give up your diet and still enjoy the tasty energy bar from Clif.

Q. Are those only Clif bars?

A. No, Clif has many different bars and many different tastes. There are many other bars that may seem tasty to you and you don’t need to buy only this which are on our list. These in the top 10, are said to be the best, we test it, we read reviews and search information about these bars but it doesn’t mean that they also need to be good for you. There are so many different tastes that choosing top 10 was very hard task and that’s why we decided to choose all the categories- sweet, salty and fruity. When you visit Clif side, you have many other options. Remember that all the ingredients change and you need to check it with every bar.

Q. I’m on a diet as I want to lose weight? Is it good idea to eat these bars before the workout or maybe it’s better to eat something else?

A. We know that word ,, bar” isn’t the best option when it comes to diet but Clif bars aren’t the normal bars. They are mostly organic which means that they are better than bars made with chemical ingredients. Clif bars have healthy oats, many of them are sweetened with honey and they are far way more natural. Clif bars usually don’t have trans fat which is a big advantage. When it comes to counting calories, bars usually have above 200 calories per serving which may be a lot for some people but remember that it’s also good, organic fuel for your body and the bar gives you energy to run better and faster so in result you burn more calories.

There you have it! Get working, get your Clif on, feel great and treat your taste buds!

Here are a few sources we used

While doing our research, we want to make sure that we provide only verified information, especially those about ingredients and allergens. Here are the sources that we have used while doing our research.

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