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While these products are designed to perform virtually the same function, they are different in a number of ways. However, many buyers and users are not aware of these differences. Some people buy because of brand loyalty while several others pick a brand because it is easily available. Regardless, most of them select a product for the wrong reasons, and this often has little to do with the potential benefits. Very few know why they would pick one product or brand over another. Besides choosing the most affordable or the one that seems close to the target budget, many people would purchase a particular brand of contact solution without knowing why. These formulations are ideal when it comes to cleaning and rinsing lens wear.

  • Biotrue
  • 4.8 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Naturally-occurring lubricant
  • Price: See Here
Clear Care
  • Clear Care
  • 4.7 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Triple cleaning action
  • Price: See Here
  • Opti-Free
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Reduces protein accumulation
  • Price: See Here

Always take your time to ensure you make the right choice, as the eye is a very delicate part of the body and requires gentle solutions and eye care products. Contact lenses are often worn by individuals who do not appreciate the inconvenience caused by eyeglasses. For instance, running or performing other intense forms of physical activity can be difficult if you are wearing eyeglasses. However, with contact lenses, you could do so much more without even feeling like they are present. With the numerous brands on the market, users and buyers often become overwhelmed and fail to choose the right product for their lens wear. Below is a list of the top 10 best contact solutions reviewed for quality.


10 Best Contact Solutions


1. Biotrue

The Biotrue multipurpose solution is designed to be used with contact lenses. In fact, users can use it with silicone hydrogel lenses. The product utilizes a naturally-occurring eye lubricant hyaluronan (HA) to lubricate the contact lenses. It also matches healthy eye tears’ pH for optimal performance while applying a dual disinfection system and protein management for optimal disinfection. Users can get up to 20 good hours of moisture.
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This contact lens solution works well with the eyes, just like the natural eye lubricant. It contacts the same pH as that of healthy, natural tears. It also features a dual disinfection system.

Exceptional Disinfection

The solution also features a dual infection system and protein management to help disinfect the eye. It provides exceptional disinfection to help maintain healthy eyes.

Cost and Value

It is great for lubricating the eyes and provides a pH level that matches that of natural tears. The dual infection system of the solution provides exceptional disinfection. In addition, the price is quite affordable and can make a good addition to your collection of eye care products.

Is as good as the natural eye lubricant

Hydrates the contact lenses

Provides as much as 20 hours of moisture

Provides excellent disinfection to the contact lenses

Removes denatured proteins


May cause a burning sensation

May cause headaches

2. Clear Care

Your eyes need comfort to enable you to see without straining. The triple action cleaning formula is ideal for anyone looking to clean and disinfect his or her eye lenses on a daily basis. The unique case enables the user to achieve the perfect clean. It is great for sensitive eyes, as the gentle saline solution helps to achieve an imitation of natural tears. The formula uses hydrogen peroxide, which kills bacteria and harmful germs often found on the lenses. This greatly helps to prevent eye infections.
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Hydrogen Peroxide

The product harvests the power of hydrogen peroxide achieve clean and fresh lenses. Your eyewear will feel like new once again. Hydrogen peroxide is also great for killing bacteria and other germs that could infection.

Powerful Triple Action Cleaning

The product applies a triple action cleaning formula to loosen and deep cleans the dirt on the lenses. It also removes protein, leaving them sparkling clean and free from infection-causing bacteria.

Cost and Value

The platinum disc in the lens case activates the bubbling action and gently acts on the hydrogen peroxide to neutralize it and deliver a saline solution that is great for cleaning the eyes. In addition, it is highly affordable.

Neutralizes hydrogen peroxide to achieve a deeper clean

Loosens and removes the dirt

Kills bacteria and other harmful germs

It is versatile and safe for all types of lenses (both soft and rigid)

Imitates natural eyes


May cause a burning sensation to the eyes

Can cause the eyes to become bloodshot

3. Opti-Free

The Opti-Free Replenish features the company’s patented TearGlyde reconditioning system and a 2D dual disinfecting formula. It also cleans the lenses by getting rid of accumulated protein deposits. The formula is also great at loosening other deposits while minimizing lens irritation and fostering cleaner, clearer lenses. The disinfecting power of the formula reduces the accumulation of harmful microorganisms on the lenses. Apparently, these microorganisms could cause eye irritations.
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Powerful Disinfectant

The 2D dual disinfecting formula is based on Polyquad and Aldox ingredients that help to reduce the accumulation of microorganisms on the lenses. This greatly helps to prevent eye infection linked to the microorganisms.

Shield of Comfort

The formula is based on a patented TearGlyde reconditioning system for enhanced comfort. It works with natural tears to create a shield of comfort and reconditions the lenses for optimal surface moisture. Many users have experienced clearer vision after using this unique formula.

Cost and Value

The dual disinfecting formula is great at reducing harmful microorganisms on the user’s lenses, thereby helping to prevent eye infections. The user will also feel an added layer of comfort between the user’s eyes and the lenses.

The disinfecting formula reduces harmful microorganisms

Minimizes the causes of eye infections

Provides enhanced comfort by maintaining surface moisture

Loosens and eliminates protein deposits

Minimizes lens irritations for cleaner, clearer lenses


Some users experience eye irritations when using the product

May cause eye redness

4. Kirkland

4. Kirkland
The Kirkland Signature formulation is sterile and great for any soft lens. It also provides effective disinfection to ensure the lenses are free from bacteria and any infection-causing germs. You can be sure that your lenses will be free from bacteria when you store them for next use. This will also ensure that your eyes are free from infection when you next wear them for use.
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Effective Disinfection

The Kirkland Signature is also an effective disinfectant that could protect your eyewear against bacteria and microorganisms that could cause infection in the eyes. In addition, you will also feel very comfortable running while wearing them.

Removes Protein

Soaking them in the lens case loosens and removes protein, leaving them as clean as possible. You won’t need a separate enzymatic cleaner once you start using the Kirkland Signature formulation.

Cost and Value

If you are looking for a disinfectant that can also remove protein, then the Kirkland Signature could be best for you. It is ideal for runners looking for a cleaner without requiring a separate enzymatic cleaner. The price is also modest.

Cleans and conditions the lenses

Effective and comfortable

Soaks eyewear and removes protein

No separate enzymatic cleaner required

An effective disinfectant


May cause a burning sensation

Some users may develop eye irritation

5. Boston

5. Boston
The multi-action Boston Simplus cleans effectively and gets rid of protein deposits. Whether you are looking to clean or disinfect your lenses, Boston Simplus will help you condition them for proper storing. You will also be able to rinse them properly before storing. It employs a multi-polymer cushioning system to ensure that users get the comfort they need to wear their lenses for long without irritating the eyes.
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Bolton Simplus can be used for several purposes, including cleaning, rinsing and removing protein deposits. It may also be used for disinfecting and conditioning the lenses before storing them safely.

Multi-Polymer Cushioning System

The eye care product used a multi-polymer cushioning system to ensure the user enjoys some level of comfort while inserting the lenses. This is achieved by enveloping them and creating a layer of protection between the eye and the lenses.

Cost and Value

Boston Simplus is great for athletes looking to have a safe place to store their lenses when not in use. It will get rid of protein, clean, disinfect, and condition the lenses. In addition, the price is never out of reach.

It is great for cleaning and rinsing

Can be very effective when it comes to disinfecting and conditioning your eyewear

Great for storing lenses

Envelops the eyewear and provides comfort upon insertion


May hurt the eyes of some users

The bottle can be too small

6. RevitaLens

6. RevitaLens
This is a healthy choice if you want a comfortable lens wear. With an Ammo ultra care solution that guarantees total protection of your contact, this brand ensures proper disinfection with its delayed neutralization process.
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Easy to Use

The easy rub quality of the formula ensures that you are provided with the simplest process to complete your contact cleaning and maintenance.

Ammo Ultra Care

RevitaLens has been commended for killing germs using solution neutralizing within the shortest time. It will also maintain the softness of your lens wear and make it comfortable to wear. This will also ensure that your eyes remain healthy throughout the entire time.

Cost and Value

With a simple to use manual and packaging, this brand is quite affordable and ensures that your lenses condition is maintained. Moreover, it is not made with harmful chemicals and soft on your eye to guarantee maximum value for money.

A healthy choice if you want comfortable lens wear

Ammo Ultra Care Solution

Quite affordable

Cleans, rinses, and disinfects lenses

Easy to use


Comes in small packaging; doesn't last long

7. Renu

7. Renu
The Renu advanced formula solution is designed to disinfect and clean the lenses while maintaining comfort all day long. Unlike most other contact lens solutions that feature a double disinfectant system, the Renu has a triple disinfectant system. It also boasts the latest technology in lens care science to fight germs and clean lenses. It is also effective in preventing protein deposits.
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Triple Disinfectant System

Unlike most other solutions with a double disinfectant system, the Renu solution features a triple disinfectant system to completely clean and disinfect the eye. The lens care system applied to the advanced formula is one of the latest in science.

Prevents Protein Deposit

The advanced formula prevents protein deposits, allowing the eyes to remain clean. It also cleans the lenses, leaving them sufficiently hydrated. The conditioned and well-hydrated lenses provide comfort all day long.

Cost and Value

The formula features a triple disinfectant system and can be very effective in cleaning the lenses and preventing the formation of protein deposits. It also hydrates the lenses to provide comfort all day long. In addition, the price is never out of reach.

Triple disinfectant system

Deep cleaning of contact lenses

Prevents the formation of protein deposits

Conditions the lenses and provides all-day comfort


May irritate the eyes

May dry up the lenses

8. Clear Conscience

8. Clear Conscience
This multi-purpose solution is designed for soft or hydrophilic lenses. It is both thimerosal-free, chlorhexidine-free, making it ideal for virtually all types of lens wear. It has also been manufactured in FDA-approved facilities and certified to be safe for consumption. The filtration process has also been used to sterilize the product, making it safe for consumers to use, as no form of radiation has been applied to the sterilization process.
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Safe to Use

This is a multi-purpose formulation is both thimerosal-free and chlorhexidine-free. Therefore, users can have confidence in the product knowing that it would not harm their eyes and health in any way. It is also designed for soft (hydrophilic) lenses and has been tested and proven to be cruelty-free.

FDA Approved

The easiest way to know whether you are dealing with a good product is the FDA approval badge on the bottle or product label. Clear Conscience has been made in FDA-approved facilities to give the users the assurance they are using the best quality product.

Cost and Value

The multi-purpose solution helps to clear and condition soft/ hydrophilic lenses. It is great for runners who use soft lenses, as it can be used to rinse and condition them. It has also been made in FDA-approved facilities to ensure that it adheres to the industry’s quality standards.

Designed for soft lenses

Thimerosal-free and chlorhexidine-free

Mad in an FDA-approved facility

Cleans and conditions the lenses


The eyes may feel grainy

Can be a bit uncomfortable on the eye


LUMIFY eye drops are meant to achieve eye whiteness. The drops significantly reduce eye redness to make them appear brighter. Your eyes will become whiter and more radiant, thanks to LUMIFY’s unique formulation that has been FDA-approved. Developed by doctors, this product has been clinically tested and proven to minimize eye redness in about one minute and could last up to eight hours.
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Reduces Eye Redness

The drops have been clinically proven to minimize eye redness. Using LUMIFY will make your eyes appear whiter. In fact, you can achieve brighter, more radiant eyes after one minute of use.

FDA-Approved Formulation

LUMIFY features a brilliant FDA-approved formulation to ensure users are comfortable using the product and can trust it to serve the intended purpose. It has also been developed by doctors who are qualified to handle matters of the eye.

Cost and Value

LUMIFY has been specially formulated in FDA-approved facilities and is clinically proven to minimize redness. It is great for athletes who would like to minimize redness while taking care of their eyewear.

Significantly reduces redness

Fast-acting and can achieve whiteness in one minute

Contains no bleach

Developed by doctors and clinically proven


Can be a little uncomfortable

May cause dryness

10. Equate

10. Equate
Sensitive eyes can be a problem when you have to wear some lenses because they may irritate the eyes. However, Equate has been specially designed for sensitive eyes and can accommodate a wide range of users. The product is great for runners and athletes who use contact lenses. It can also be great for rinsing and storing soft lenses.
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Sensitive Eyes

Equate has been specially designed for sensitive eyes and can be used by athletes who are limited by the types of eye care products they can use to treat their lenses.

Storing Soft Lenses

Equate is also meant to rinse and store soft lenses in a manner that ensures they are free from microorganisms and bacteria that could cause infection in the eyes.

Cost and Value

Equate is great for runners and athletes with sensitive eyes but looking to rinse and store their lenses in a manner that will not irritate the eyes. If you have sensitive eyes, it is recommended that you use eye-sensitive eye care products. The price is quite affordable.

Can be used to rinse lenses

Great for storing soft lenses

Designed for sensitive eyes

It is sterile


Can be a little bit costly

Besides deciding which contact lenses to use, contact lens wearers are often faced with the difficult decision of which contact solution to use. Everyone has unique eyes that may not necessarily require the same treatment or care practice. This implies that no single brand is a one-size-fits-all remedy. While it is recommended to consult your doctor before buying and using any contact lenses, it is also important to know the right kind of solution to use to clean and care for your lenses. You should also know the pros and cons of each of these brands to determine which is best for you and your needs. You should always take your time to choose the right product, as the vast number of brands and products on the market can become too overwhelming to make the right decision.

Criteria Used in Choosing the Best Contact Solutions

The two main types of the disinfecting solution include multipurpose and Hydrogen peroxide-based. While they are both meant to clean and disinfect lenses but may apply different steps to achieve the desired result. The multipurpose option features a “no rub” routine, which means it will clean and disinfect your lens wear without necessarily rubbing. In contrast, the hydrogen peroxide option may require a little rubbing, which can be time-consuming. These are just some of the features to highlight the notable differences between different products and brands on the market today. Below are the criteria for evaluating the best contact solution to ensure you get the right product.


Just as the name suggests, this is a multipurpose product. This means it can perform several different functions at the same time, including cleaning, rinse, and disinfecting. It can also be used for storing the lenses. Apparently, this option makes up a larger part of the products on the market used today. This may also require rinsing and rubbing after use. However, rubbing is a very simple step and may only require a minute to complete the routine. All you have to do is wash your hands first before squirting some of the liquid into the palm. Then, place a piece into the liquid and rub gently using the tip of the index finger. Turn it over to rub the other side as well. It is recommended to rub and rinse them once you remove them from your eyes or prior to placing them in the liquid to soak overnight. This significantly affects the cleanliness of your lens wear. Therefore, you should never skip this step. With cleaner lens wear, you will be able to have a clearer vision while maintaining healthy eyes.

The multipurpose option is also based on a “no rub” routine, allowing the contact lenses to be cleaned and disinfected without necessarily rubbing. However, some rubbing may be required to achieve cleaner lenses. In fact, eye doctors recommend rubbing to effectively clean the lenses. In general, this option is often relatively inexpensive and provides a quick, simple solution to lens cleaning and disinfection. Since multipurpose solutions are affordable and easy to use, many users often prefer to use them. Therefore, one should consider how he or she is going to use the product before making the ultimate purchase decision. If a budget constraint is a cause for concern, the user might consider multipurpose products because they are relatively affordable. You could also achieve so much more by using multipurpose formulation products.

Hydrogen Peroxide

While multipurpose formulation products have gained more popularity among users, Hydrogen peroxide-based contact solution is also being used to care for lens wear items. However, Hydrogen peroxide-based formulation solutions and products may require more time and care. If you do not have much time for lens wear, this option might not be ideal for you. You might want to consider the multipurpose option. To properly use this option, you have to clean the lenses using a cleaning solution before disinfecting using Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), as this substance can be harmful to the eyes. Disinfect with a saline solution before cleansing. However, a saline solution is not used alone because it lacks disinfecting capabilities but can be very useful in neutralizing Hydrogen peroxide. If you fail to use saline and the Hydrogen peroxide comes into with the eyes, the user may feel some eye irritation and possibly damage. In addition, failing to rinse the lens wear with the saline liquid could expose the eyes to high levels of Hydrogen peroxide.

On the hand other, the lenses may not be totally disinfected if the levels of Hydrogen peroxide are not ideal. While this might not be the ideal formulation for everyone, it is the best option for those with sensitive eyes. Once the Hydrogen peroxide is neutralized, the cleaning agent can be very gentle to the eye. It is great for those who are sensitive to the ingredients contained in the multipurpose option. H2O2 is excellent for those looking to clean and disinfect their lens wear. It is also hypoallergenic and can be ideal for individuals with allergies or hypersensitivity. H2O2 can be used for rubbing, rinsing, and storing the lens wear, but it has to be neutralized before it can be used to avoid stinging or burning the eyes.

Sensitivity and Allergic Reaction

Sensitivity and allergic reaction are key factors to consider when shopping for good products. This is especially important if you have sensitive eyes or if you are allergic to certain ingredients used to make the formulations. Many manufacturers of these products use preservatives to extend their shelf-life. However, this may cause some people to develop sensitivity. This makes it important to check the ingredients used to make the products. In addition, it is also important to check the dates indicated on the product label before using it. If you happen to experience some discomfort while using any of these lens wear products, you can pay your eye doctor a visit to establish the cause of irritation. Some people may develop allergies after several years of use. Visiting the doctor could help to resolve the issues and address them proactively. However, there are alternative products on the market that consumers can use without worrying about preservatives. Sensitive eyes require the use of a soft lens surface that would feel comfortable to wear. The solution should loosen debris and clean the lens surface to remove any protein deposited. Therefore, it is very important for users to consider their sensitivity to certain ingredients in the products.

Ease of Cleaning

The ease of cleaning can also influence the purchase decision. It is generally required to wash the hands properly before you handle the contacts. Cleaning some types of lens wear is generally easy. All you have to do is squirt some drops into your palm and place the lenses in the liquid. Rubbing the lenses in small circles could help to clean them. This is often common with multipurpose solutions that can be used to clean, rinse, condition, and store the lenses. If the formulation is effective in cleaning the lenses, it could be a great choice. Ease of cleaning often influences the decision to purchase a particular product. They should be rinsed in the right liquid as soon as they have been rubbed. If they are easy to disinfect and remove protein, they can make a good choice. The disinfection process can be great for removing protein. You might want to rinse the protein after you are done. Most eye care professionals often recommend that you wipe your lens wear to clean them before refilling them with fluid. This removes microbial bacteria and prevents the possibility of infection. This may also extend the life of the lens case.

The ease of cleaning makes all the difference because it determines how you will spend caring for your eyewear. They should be rinsed on a daily basis and the cleaning product should be replaced on a regular basis. It is recommended to never reuse old liquid products. Saline solutions can be great for rinsing disinfection and conditioning the lens wear. They can also be effective in cleaning and storing them for future use. Saline concoctions can be very safe and effective in rinsing. However, they might not be great for disinfecting or cleaning, but can be very effective in rinsing and storing. They have to be paired with a UV infection system, and these are not common these days. Avoid using saline products for cleaning or disinfection. After cleaning your contact lenses, you should avoid wearing or applying them to your eyes without neutralizing them with saline fluids. The H2O2 solution should be neutralized first before it is applied to the eye to avoid causing eye irritation or redness. Wearing the lenses without neutralizing them with saline could prove futile.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is a contact solution?

A. This is a liquid used to clean, rinse, condition, and store contact lenses. It can also be great at removing protein and killing bacteria and other infection-causing microorganisms. There are several different brands that can be used to achieve any of the above functions. When it comes to lens care, there is no one-size-fits-all; each individual has unique eyes with unique needs. They have been used to provide natural tears, clean and condition the lens and eyes, and store lenses in ideal conditions.

Q. How do I select the best contact solution?

A. Selecting your ideal lens wear requires you to have an in-depth discussion with your eye doctor to determine what could suit your needs. The market today is flooded with several different products, and selecting the right one can present a challenge. You could also understand your needs. For instance, the best one should be easy to clean the lenses for easy storage. On the other hand, while the cost of the product is often is overlooked, it is also an important factor to consider, you should not get into credit card debt trying to obtain your ideal product.

Q. Which is better between multipurpose and Hydrogen peroxide solution?

A. While these are similar in some ways, they are also distinctively dissimilar in several different ways. The major advantages of the multipurpose option include the ability to clean, rinse, and even disinfect and store the lenses. They are also the most common type and require the users to rinse and rub the lenses after use. On the other hand, the hydrogen peroxide option can be great for both cleaning and disinfecting. It makes a great choice for those with sensitive eyes or allergies. They are great for rubbing and storing the lenses after a critical step known as neutralization. Failing to neutralize the Hydrogen peroxide could result in burning of the eyes. However, neutralizing the solution could make the product safe for use regardless of the type eyes of the user.

Q. How much does the ideal contact solution cost?

A. The price of these products often varies with the manufacturer, the size of the bottle, the ingredients used, and purpose. Some products cost more than others because they generally have more content. However, with many manufacturers on the market, the cost of these products has dropped dramatically. You can get them some for a few dollars. However, you should ensure that the price guarantees a good return on your investment.

Q. Where do I get the best contact solution?

A. These products are sold in several markets. You can find them in any departmental store or hypermarket. However, the most convenient place to find these products is online. There are several different merchants selling their products on e-commerce platforms. You may go through several different products to select the most ideal one. However, take your time to ensure you are not overwhelmed by a large number of products on the market. Once you have gone through a range of products, you can select the best one and have it delivered to your doors.


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