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Exercise is often recommended by nutritionists, physical therapists, and medical practitioners. If you are going to stay healthy to allow you to perform various daily activities, you have to eat clean and exercise right. Eating clean involves consuming natural or organic foods to stay healthy and strong. It also involves sticking to a well-balanced diet plan with no artificial flavors or sweeteners. You should also avoid processed sugars and preservatives. However, eating healthy along does not guarantee good health; you also need to exercise regularly and drink plenty of water. Some of the best exercises target the entire body (both the upper and lower body) while increasing your heart rate and blood circulation.

  • Stamina
  • 4.8 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Multiple workout areas
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CAP Barbell
  • CAP Barbell
  • 4.7 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Reinforced stability
  • Price: See Here
Fuel Pureformance
  • Fuel Pureformance
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Angled padded grips
  • Price: See Here

You should also work the muscles of the chest, shoulders, arms, abs, and legs. While many people believe that exercise requires expensive equipment to perform, this notion is not entirely true. There are countless exercises to perform using your bodyweight or modest exercise equipment. This equipment has grown very popular among bodyweight enthusiasts and athletes looking to challenge themselves to build and tone their muscles. This piece of equipment has proved very effective when it comes to building the chest, shoulders, arms, legs, and abs. It is relatively affordable and can be used in the home gym. There are several of these on the market. You just need to find the right one to help you achieve your fitness goals. Below is a list of top 10 best brands reviewed for quality.


10 Best Dip Stations


1. Stamina

The Stamina Power Tower, just as the name suggests, is a stamina and power hub to make you stronger and healthier. This unit will help you build your overall body strength while sculpting your chest. With multiple workout areas to take advantage of gravity and your own bodyweight to sculpture your arm and back, you will be able to enjoy a truly invigorating workout.
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Foam Padded Triceps Dip

The equipment will help you build and tone your triceps and arms to give you the ultimate athletic physique you’ve been looking for. It is also great for vertical knee raises to help build your abs and tone your abdominal muscles. The padding makes it gentle on your handles.

Foam Padded Push-up

If you are into push-ups, this piece of equipment will provide you with foam-padded handles to hold while performing your push-ups to build your chest and tone your arms without your hands developing blisters.

Cost and Value

The equipment will provide you with multiple ways to perform creative bodyweight exercises to achieve the body of a professional athlete. It is great for runners and athletes who would like to attain a complete physique. It only costs a few dollars.

Provides various ways to exercise

Allows for multiple positions

Comfortable, anti-slip grip

Non-slip end caps


May not feel sturdy enough

Some users find it difficult to assemble

2. Cap Barbell

This power rack exercise stand is the real deal when it comes to building arm and back muscles. You will be able to perform your pull-up exercise without much difficulty. The stand has been very effective in building biceps and shoulder muscles. It has also been double-gusseted to provide reinforced stability. The 12 by 14 steel-gauge construction makes it durable and ideal for runners looking to build and tone some muscle.
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Double Gusseted

The double-gusseted structure uprights make it strong and stable. You can perform your pull-ups and exercise your triceps without worrying about falling. It is one of the most stable stands on the market.

Steel Construction

The 12 by 14 gauge steel construction is meant to achieve two things: strength and durability. You will enjoy exercising on the stand for longer without worrying about repair or replacement.

Cost and Value

The thick steel construction achieves strength and stability to assure the athlete of stability and reliability. It is generally very durable and will last long enough to ensure you get good value for your money. It is also affordable.

Sturdy steel construction

12 by 14 steel gauge for strength

Reinforced stability for safety

The 3-Step powder coat finish guarantees durability


Does not include bars

Does not come with plates and bands

3. Ultimate Body

This equipment delivers the ultimate results that sports enthusiasts are looking for. It is great for runners who want to rapidly build chest muscles while toning their arms and core. It will also help to build shoulders and arms. Many athletes have strengthened their core while using this versatile piece of equipment. Make your workouts better every day by including this product into your collection of equipment.
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Promotes Form

You can rapidly build a sculptured body to look like an elite athlete. The equipment will help to support good form while giving you the opportunity to transform your upper body. Proper shoulder and arm positions help to minimize strain.

Assisted Exercise Variation

Interval workouts give you fast effective results whereas assisted exercise variations allow you to control resistance easily to achieve the maximum intensity workout you desire. Strength training also helps to supercharge your metabolism.

Cost and Value

This exercise stand is great for runners who want to boost their metabolism while practicing proper form to achieve the best results and avoid straining the body too much. You will also build core strength while getting fast results in the process. The stand is highly affordable as well.

Promotes proper form

Bodyweight rows help to balance chest and back

Builds core strength

Helps to supercharge metabolism


May not be very sturdy and stable

The base may not be well leveled.

4. Fuel Pureformance

4. Fuel Pureformance
This is also another sturdy steel construction to help users to work out the triceps and chest muscles. The angled grips are great for runners looking to build their chest and arms using their own bodyweight. It can also help athletes to build the triceps and tone the upper body. The padded grips ensure that users feel comfortable when using the equipment.
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Angled Grips

The piece of equipment is designed to target the chest and arm muscles, thanks to the angled grips. You will be able to hold the handles firmly when building your chest muscles, as the anti-slip grip will prevent you from slipping and sustaining injuries.

Olympic Style Rings

The stand comes with included Olympic style rings for the athlete who would like to become more creative and exercise the body in several different ways.

Cost and Value

With included Olympic style rings to add a variety to your training regime and angled grips to target the arm and chest muscles, the open pass-through design adds more versatility to your training regime. It is great for runners who love to challenge themselves to achieve more.

Open pass-through for extra versatility

Angled grips to target the chest and triceps

Included Olympic style rings for variation

Sturdy steel construction for stability


The handlebars can be too short for taller people

Some users can find it challenging to assemble

5. Xmark

5. Xmark
The XMark Power is designed for strength and stamina. It will help to define your arms and abs. If you want strong arms and toned abs, you should try this power tower. The pull-up/chin-up bar will exercise your back and arms. The push-up area helps to place more emphasis on your chest to build and sculpture the chest muscles with utmost precision.
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14-Gauge Steel Mainframe

The Power Tower features a 14-gauge steel construction mainframe to provide the stability needed to give you peace of mind while performing your pull-ups and chin-ups. You will feel safe knowing that the stand is very stable.

Powder Coat Finish

The piece of equipment boasts state-of-the-art powder coat finish. This coat is scratch resistant and will maintain its visual appeal for long. The coat also makes the stand look attractive.

Cost and Value

With a strong mainframe designed using thick steel reinforcement to provide utmost stability, users will feel safe when doing pull-ups. The cost is also fair.

Wide- and narrow-grip pull-up bar

A strong mainframe design

Scratch-resistant powder coat finish

Large contoured roller pads


May wobble if you are very tall and weigh a lot

The wide-grip bars may be too far apart for smaller individuals

6. Titan Fitness

6. Titan Fitness
This is perfect to help build and tone the triceps. If you want bigger arms then this should be your ideal exercise partner. It is also great for performing rows and achieving a complete upper body workout. The single-piece design will give you more stability while performing some of the exercises that could build bigger pectorals and triceps.
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Stabilizing Pads

The piece of equipment comes reinforced with stabilizing pads to help protect the floors and add a little more stability to the overall construction. You no longer have to worry about your stand damaging your delicate floor, thanks to the stabilizing pads.

Heavy Duty Mainframe

The exercise stand features a well-built heavy-duty steel mainframe to add some extra stability. Users can perform their workouts knowing that they will not slip and fall.

Cost and Value

It could help the runner to achieve a well-defined physique with well-toned arm muscles. It is also easy to assemble and can be used by all athletes no matter the fitness level. It is pocket-friendly and designed for the home gym.

Easy to assemble and use

Lightweight and portable

Made of heavy-duty steel for added strength

Powder-coat finish for durability


Some holes are not perfectly aligned to allow easy assembly

May not be very stable

7. Body Solid

7. Body Solid
This free-standing station is designed to provide the athlete with the most stable area to work out and build chest, arms, and shoulder muscles. It will help you develop thick and well-rounded deltoids. It builds and tones your triceps. The perfectly-placed steel uprights ensure that the athlete is fully accommodated.
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Heavy-Gauge Steel Uprights

The freestanding piece of equipment features heavy-gauge steel uprights to accommodate a wide range of users with various body shapes and sizes. It will accommodate you no matter your size or weight.

Wide Extended Base

The wide, extended base is designed to provide utmost stability while performing triceps exercises. Athletes can focus on their physical activity knowing that the piece of equipment is stable and can support their weight.

Cost and Value

The sturdy construction provides stability to assure users of their safety while building their chest, shoulder and arm muscles. It is best for runners and athletes looking to build their deltoids, chest, arms, and abs.

Works the shoulders, triceps, and deltoids

Strong to accommodate different users

Very stable and sturdy

Electrostatic powder-coat finish


The handles can be too high for shorter users

The horizontal bar support can be way far forward for some users to reach

8. Lebert

8. Lebert
The Lebert Fitness EQualizer is designed to help you conquer your workout goals by simplifying your routine. It will strengthen your whole body and strengthen your core. The multi-purpose stand is simple and portable, yet versatile enough to give you a wide range of exercise variations to build your chest, arms, and back using your own bodyweight. It is great for runners of all levels looking to take their exercise routine to another level.
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Simple Design

The stand features a simple design yet produces dramatic results. It is also simple to use and many athletes are impressed by its portability. You will be able to perform virtually all of the exercises needed to work your upper and lower body to deliver impressive results.

Total Body Strengthener

It is perfect for athletes looking to master bodyweight exercises to help strengthen their whole body. From simple push-ups to rejuvenating stretches, this stand will give you the full body workout you need to achieve superior results.

Cost and Value

The Lebert Fitness EQualizer has perfected the art of delivering sophisticated exercise variations in a simplistic design. The stand will strengthen your whole body while helping you to conquer your fitness goals. In addition, the stand is highly affordable.

The simple design delivers dramatic results

Preferred by professional athletes and personal trainers

Simplifies exercise routines

Strengthens the whole body


It is not very stable

The equalizer bars can be too high

9. CoreX

9. CoreX
The CoreX RipFit is designed to help the athlete achieve dramatic results without using complex workout and training equipment. The parallel bars work by providing functionality and delivering increased stability. The contoured boots help to achieve increased stability when performing push-ups. The padded handles provide a comfortable grip to ensure your hands do not slip and cause injury. It makes suspension bodyweight exercises much easier.
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Contoured Boots

The contoured boots enable sideways ground placement for more stability when performing push-ups. Simply place the stand sideways on the ground and convert it into powerful push-up equipment without worrying about damage to the floor. This also reduces the friction between the equipment and the floor.

Padded Handles

The bars come with padded handles for grip when performing push-ups and dips. You will get a better grip when exercising and you won’t have to worry about your hands slipping and causing injury to the body.

Cost and Value

The bars are specially designed for the runner who is passionate about building core strength and achieving the ultimate athletic physique. It is great for doing push-ups as well, thanks to the padded top and side handles.

The contoured boots increase stability while doing push-ups

Padded handles provide a better grip

Great for doing push down suspension exercises

Powder-coated for durability


No instructions for assembly

The rubber may have the smell of a strong industrial chemical

10. NYB

10. NYB
The NYB is designed with stability in mind. It is one of the most stable professional stands meant to exercise the entire upper body and deliver impressive results. The equipment can also accommodate a wide range of sizes and weight. Whether you are tall or weigh several pounds, this stand can be able to withstand your bodyweight and support your exercise goals as a runner, marathoner or bodybuilder.
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Sturdy Base

The base of the equipment has been designed with stability in mind to help support various users no matter the weight. It gives athletes peace of mind while exercising. You will be able to hang on the handlebars and perform bodyweight exercises that target your core, chest, and arms.

Long Handle Grips

The fitness stand features long handle grips for the ultimate performance needed to achieve challenging goals. The handles are extremely comfortable to grip when exercising.

Cost and Value

It is great for runners and athletes looking to take their exercise routine to another level. Designed with all users in mind, the stand will accommodate small, large, and huge individuals. In fact, it can accommodate up to 500lbs. Moreover, it is highly affordable.

Long handle grips

Has a capacity of 500lbs.

Can accommodate users of all sizes

Stable and safe to use


Can be too wide for narrow-shouldered individuals

The rubber grips only favor wider grips

Exercising is part of staying healthy. To achieve the physique of an elite athlete, you need to exercise on a regular basis and set realistic goals for yourself. Working hard to see these goals become a reality could bring you so much joy that you will be glad you stuck to the plan. However, having the right equipment can make it easier to achieve your health and fitness plan as an athlete. One of the most useful pieces of  equipment includes the dip station, which has become very popular among runners, marathoners, sprinters, bodybuilders, and even wrestlers.

Criteria Used in Choosing the Best Dip Stations

If you are looking to build muscles and boost your core strength, then you need to invest in one of the best quality pieces of equipment. You will build and tone your abs, arms, deltoids, shoulders, triceps, chest, and back muscles. The stand is a highly versatile tool for runners looking to stretch and build several muscle groups concurrently. It offers the most practical way to exercises everything at a go, thereby saving users a lot of time. It is one of the easiest yet most effective exercises for the chest, triceps, deltoids, and shoulders. Suspending your feet forward to be perpendicular to your upper body while doing the workout will also work your abs. Clearly, it provides creative ways to perform simple exercises that target major muscle groups while toning the entire body at the same time. With many manufacturers making unique exercise equipment to help athletes to achieve their goals fast without having to invest in expensive gym equipment or fat-burning supplements that might not bring instant results, the user is left confused about which tool works and which one does not. Below are the criteria for evaluating the best brands.

Fitness Goals

This is perhaps the most important factor to consider because it affects the type of equipment you choose to exercise. You cannot go looking for a piece of equipment you have no idea how it will help you to achieve your goals. Similarly, if you don’t know what you intend to achieve at the end of the day, then you are likely to pick the wrong equipment. As much as this equipment is designed in a way that allows users to hang between bars and suspend their bodies while exercising, some allow you to achieve more. You must understand how the equipment design will help you to achieve your goals. To better comprehend the concept of goals, it is important to briefly examine some of the designs and how they work for the athlete. For instance, if the mainframe includes chin-up/pull-bars (common with power towers), the stand will help you to perform chin-ups and pull-ups to build your back muscles. Note that not all of these pieces of equipment are designed the same way; some include pull-up bars to allow users to exercise their biceps and back muscles whereas others simply have handlebars that allow the user to focus on the chest, shoulders, triceps, and perhaps abs. Knowing what you intend to do with the stand could help you make better decisions when shopping for your ideal equipment. You must understand how the piece of equipment will contribute to your overall goals. You cannot go picking any stand if you don’t know its strengths and limitations, especially how these affect your overall goal. Take your time to review the product online and understand how it is used. This will also help you to understand the muscles that can be exercised using the piece of equipment. If the exercises that can be performed using the equipment are in line with your goals, then may purchase it. Otherwise, you might want to consider another alternative.


This is also another important factor to consider, especially because the material used to build the equipment largely determines other features such as stability, durability, and safety. You don’t want to buy a stand that will break while you are hanging on it and doing pull-ups. It can also be discouraging when you invest in a stand that bends because your bodyweight is too much for it to hold or accommodate. All these make it very important to pay close attention to the material used to make the equipment because it will save you money in the long-run. Strong handlebars tend to be made of steel, with powder-coat finish for durability. While most manufacturers these days tend to use steel to build the main frame of these exercise tools, you should still take your time to confirm that indeed the body is made of strong steel materials for durability and stability. Some may be made of a mixture of other materials that are not strong enough to accommodate the weight of heavy individuals. Others may be made of thin steel that bends over time due to their inability to accommodate the weight of heavy athletes. Therefore, the thickness or gauge of the steel material used is equally important. Regardless, steel provides greater strength than most other materials on the market. On the other hand, rubber grips make it easier to hold and use the handles. These rubber grip handles should also make you feel comfortable so that you can finish your reps and sets. If the grip handles are slippery, you could slip and break a bone. You don’t want to be spending time in the hospital because you fell due to slippery handles and broke your arm in the process. The material used to make the handle grips is as important as that used to construct the mainframe. If the handles are simply painted metal bars, then you might want to reconsider your decision because the paint wears out over time, leaving the handles smooth and slippery. Therefore, steel should be ideal for the mainframe while rubber should cover the handle grips if you want to stay safe and exercise confidently.


The degree of portability is also paramount when you are selecting your ideal model. If portability is important to you, then you should consider how portable the equipment is. While some people don’t pay much attention to the issue of portability, others don’t feel like it is a crucial factor to consider. Depending on where you intend to exercise, you might want to consider how easy it is to move the stand. For instance, if you have no specific room dedicated to exercise and you have to keep moving the bars each time you want to use or return them after you have finished exercising, then portability is definitely an important factor to consider. You don’t want to be moving heavy pieces of equipment each time to allow you to exercise. Go for highly portable stands or bars if you intend to move them around regularly. On the other hand, if you have a place where you can keep and leave them there permanently or at least for longer periods before thinking about relocation, then portability might not be much of an issue. Heavy and less portable stands are great for runners, bodybuilders, exercise enthusiasts, and athletes with a home gym or a dedicated gym area to keep and use the equipment. The power tower is less portable than the bar, but it allows for pull-ups and chin-ups. Therefore, you also need to align the equipment with your workout goals. You don’t want to consider portability at the expense of your goals. Choosing a stand because it is portable while nor considering how it will help you achieve your goals is not a smart move.


This is another crucial factor to consider when buying your ideal workout equipment. The importance of stability cannot be overemphasized. Stability is largely determined by the material and design of the equipment. Steel is often used to make exercise equipment, as it is generally strong and long-lasting. If the main frame of the tool seems stable, it is likely made of steel. However, no matter how strong the steel material might seem, the piece of equipment might not be stable if it is poorly designed and assembled. For instance, a stand with a wide base is generally more stable than those with a narrow base. In addition, if the base is narrow and the handlebars are raised too much, the stability of the equipment is likely to be compromised because of the raised center of gravity. The steel constriction of the equipment should provide sufficient stability if it is properly designed. Working out with wobbling or shaky equipment could compromise your safety. You are also less likely to focus on the physical activity or exercise if you are constantly worried about slipping and falling. Therefore, the equipment should remain firmly on the ground to allow you to finish your workout in one piece.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a dip station?

A: This piece of equipment features steel construction to allow users to suspend themselves in the air while grabbing handlebars for support and perform dips with their legs bent backward. However, depending on the design, it may also allow the user to perform other exercises, including pull-up and chin-up, using wide or narrow grips. The handlebars are often cushioned with rubber grips to provide comfort. It helps to build the chest, shoulder, and arm muscles.

Q: Must I have a dip bar?

A: Absolutely not. It all depends on individual training goals. You can perform most exercises using your own bodyweight without the help of any exercise equipment. However, this bar could help you perform a range of bodyweight exercises in a way that challenges you and forces the muscles to grow. For instance, even professional athletes can use it to build back muscles and tone their chest and arm muscles. Pull-ups are very effective in building the muscles of the back, but you cannot perform the exercise without the right bar.

Q: Which is the best option available?

A: These workout tools tend to vary depending on the muscles targeted. Choosing the right one is often the hardest but most important part. The choice of your ideal equipment should depend on your goals. For instance, if you want to build the back muscles as well, you might want to consider pieces of equipment with pull-up bars as well. However, if you are more concerned about the arms, chest, and shoulders, then a bar would suffice. Most of these bars allow users to perform push-ups once they are placed on the side. Regardless, the best bar should provide the stability needed to assure the user of safety while performing various exercises.

Q: How much does a bar cost?

A: The price of this piece of equipment is often based on the manufacturer or design. However, it may vary from a few dollars to a few hundred dollars depending on the material used as well as the design of the equipment. The power tower tends to cost more than the bar, but it allows users to perform pull-ups to build their back muscles. In contrast, the bar is more cost effective, but it only allows the users to perform dips and push-ups.

Q: Can I use this equipment with weights?

A: Absolutely yes. You can use some ankle weights to add more resistance to your training and challenge your muscles to grow. You can also exercise with some weights hanging from a waist belt if you feel you have outgrown your own bodyweight. This is often used by advanced athletes looking to take their training to another level.

Q: Where can I find a good stand?

A: Many online retailers sell good equipment you can use to exercise at home. If you have a home gym, you can visit any of the popular e-commerce platforms to view the wide range of bars and stands to select the most suitable for your training goals.


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