12 Best Knee Sleeves Tested & Compared


Knees are probably one of the most vital joints to runners. They constantly absorb shock, deal with high impact sports, and provide us with the mobility we need to keep moving forward. Unfortunately, it’s also very easy to injure your knees and cause lasting damage. All it takes is one serious knee problem to put you off of running forever. It’s important to listen to your joints and pay attention when they need added support. If your knees hurt, every step in your run can be absolute agony. This is why we’ve come up with a list of the best knee sleeves for you to choose from.

The longer you run, the more likely you are to experience some sort of knee pain. This is just a fact of life for athletes and people who participate in high-impact sports. Whether you’re dealing with an acute injury or symptoms related to advanced age or an increase in activity, protecting your knees is imperative. Knee sleeves make this possible by compressing the area and adding support where you need it most.

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Ultra Flex Compression
  • Ultra Flex Compression
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Anti-Slip Silicone
  • Recovery + Pain Relief
  • Price: See Here
Mava Sports Support
  • Mava Sports Support
  • 4.9 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Osteoporosis Pain Relief
  • Post-Surgery Pain Relief
  • Price: See Here
Bear Claw
  • Bear Claw
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • All Around Compression
  • Breathable
  • Price: See Here

The best time to start wearing a knee sleeve is the moment that you feel strained. As soon as your knee gives off a little bit of a twinge or indicates that there might be a future problem, you need to start supporting it immediately. If you have a history of past knee injuries, a knee sleeve should be an automatic consideration before any type of activity. Some people wear them all throughout the day, and others relegate them to running or other more strenuous activities only. Where and when you wear your knee sleeve will be entirely based on your needs and your level of comfort. Many doctors also recommend these to help heal old or new injuries.

Knee compression during your runs has so many benefits—such as an increase in your blood circulation, swelling reduction, and pain relief. Arthritis is another factor when choosing a really good knee sleeve. Some people can experience pain when there’s too much pressure on a specific joint, so they may need a more modified product for comfort. We’ve taken all of the information we could find to compile a list of the best knee sleeves for you to consider.


12 Best Knee Sleeves



Ultra Flex Athletics

This one is renowned for being the best on the market, and it’s not hard to see why. The anti-slip silicone gives proper sturdy protection and guards really well to keep you as mobile as possible, and the 4D technology keeps you protected and free.
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The compression here is fantastic and really allows for quick recovery and excellent stability and support without sacrificing mobility or flexibility. It has 4-way stretch capability to keep you unrestricted and the lightweight design keeps it comfortable and supportive. It also offers enough protection to relieve minor pain while exercising. The sizes are comfortably snug, which is just what you want.

A very small amount of users have experienced sizing issues, so make sure you read the sizing guidelines before ordering one. Other than that, everything here is great, including the durability.

Slightly pricey, but absolutely worth it.
  • Fantastic anti-slip technology
  • Good 4-way stretch to keep you flexible and supported
  • Relives minor pains
  • Increases blood flow
  • Good durability
  • The most popular option out there.
  • Very slight sizing issues

Mava Sports

What makes this one pretty unique is that it’s fibrous without being itchy or irritable. So if you prefer something a little soft, but you can’t find a comfy one, this is for you. It offers a good amount of compression without stiffness and it's comfy enough to wear all day, which is handy if you’re recovering from an injury.
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The comfort here is great, with no restrictive squeezing and no uncomfortable itchiness. It’s designed for retaining heat, which helps you to quickly recover and gives a nice feeling while wearing. The compression and support is very nice here without too much tightness, and helps to prevent injury while you’re on the move. The anatomical design helps to accommodate the size and shape of your legs and knees.

Some people find the fit a little too tight, but these are otherwise of good quality. The stitching comes away a little quicker than others on the market, and the material can attract dust and dirt. That said, they are still of decent durability compared to lots of other options.

A good bargain option!
  • Way more comfortable than most other fibrous options
  • Warming and supportive
  • Genuinely comfy enough to wear all day
  • Accommodate to your size and shape fairly well
  • Not as durable as some others
  • The material attracts dirt.

Bear KompleX

Bear KompleX
The Bear KompleX compression knee sleeves are a favorite among CrossFit athletes specifically, but also work great for runner. These knee sleeves are designed to help you during your runs and provide the proper support during your weightlifting sessions as well as other movements and exercises.
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These knee sleeves is made of sturdy neoprene material and provide optimal support and stability during your list. They aren't as flexible as some other knee sleeves because they are designed more for lifting, but still flexible enough to use for all your exercises.

These sleeves are of high quality, durable, and sturdy neoprene material. They are meant to be long lasting and stick with you for a long period of time.

These knee sleeves come in pairs (rather than buying them each separately) and come at an excellent price point.


This one is good if you’re looking for something heavy duty to recover from a particular injury or if you need lots of support while still being very comfortable. The neoprene material keeps your knees supported, warm and lubricated, The contoured designs give good structure in addition to prevention against slippage.
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The stability here is quite intelligent in that it provides compression for support and recovery while simultaneously relieving pressure with its non-tight fit. The stable fit, if worn throughout recovery, can help to improve the natural movement and co-ordination of your stride, and the pain reduction here is really quite effective. The heavy duty design means that you perhaps can’t wear it all day but the foam padding gives a nice feel.

The durability and quality are pretty good. These are slightly thinner than your average heavy duty brace, which may be good or bad depending on you personal preference. The sizes can run a little small, and this model can become slack over time.

Slightly on the pricey end of the scale.
  • If you want heavy duty support, this is great.
  • Great for injury recovery
  • Helps to improve co-ordination and stride
  • Good pain reduction
  • Keeps the knee warm
  • Can slacken over time
  • Sizes sometimes run a little small
  • Not comfortable enough to wear all day

CopperJoint Copper

CopperJoint Copper
These sleeves have the fairly popular copper inclusion which can help your body to recover and feel supported. This one is again built for recovery, but it's sufficiently light duty that you can wear if simply for support and stability. It has a double silicon structure for massive anti-slippage and it keeps your knee at a good temperature by provide warmth without too much heat.
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The moisture-wicking design stops you from becoming saturated while exercising. There is no chafing or itching here thanks to the great ergonomic design. The anti-slip technology is genuinely fantastic and the copper helps to eliminate odors, which is handy if you plan to wear this all day. This reduces pain well and helps to recover after injury. The design is comfortable and provides snugness while the four-way compression helps with mobility. Unfortunately, this is too tight for some users, so if you don’t like a squeezing fit, this might not be ideal for you. The tightness can also cause rashes.

The materials are all of great quality, but the tightness is an annoying issue. The durability is around middle-range; not bad, but there are better options on the market.

Slightly pricey.
  • Built with copper
  • Four-way compression which helps with mobility
  • Very good anti-slippage
  • Good for injury recovery
  • The copper can eliminate odors
  • Way too tight for some users
  • Not the best durability
  • Can cause rashes

Pro-Tec Athletic Gel Force

Pro-Tec Athletic Gel Force
This one is for recovery and support and does a decent job of reducing pain. It has four-way stretch material to allow for great flexibility and compression, while the gel layer is great for comfort and for added protection against impact. There are medial and lateral spirals in the design to keep the knee joint stable, and the breathable material keeps you cool.
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The gel on this is nice and thick so it really offers a unique and comfortable feel on the knee, with good fluidity and movement. The gel also means that it doesn’t feel as tight as other ones on the market, despite being nice and snug. The fit and stretch offers very good support.

This slips a little at times, more than most others on this list, and the durability is not as good as some might hope. The fit can also be a little wrong at times. It is otherwise of very good quality.

Very pricey in comparison to most others here.
  • The gel is very comfortable and snug.
  • Really nice feel on the leg
  • Doesn’t feel too tight
  • Breathable material
  • Good for recovery, support and reducing pain
  • Can slip quite a lot
  • Fit isn’t reliable
  • Not the best durability
  • A little pricey

ACE Knee Braces

ACE Knee Braces
This one excels with stability, so it’s a good choice if you’re looking to avoid and prevent injury. The three-strap system keeps you really stable, an effect aided by the dual side stabilizers at each side of the knee. The material is pretty comfortable, particularly behind the knee, and the material is pretty breathable. It is also odor-resistant and latex-free.
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The Velcro can potentially irritate the knee a little. The neoprene material is thinner than many other bands while still offering similar support which many users like. The band is nice and snug without too much tightness, and the breathability is really quite effective.

The durability here is good, but the Velcro system can often cause the brace to slip and come loose. This is otherwise good quality given the price. You won’t get the luxury of more expensive brands, but this really does a good job for what it is.

This is a really good bargain option.
  • Great price point
  • Great stability
  • Odor-resistant
  • Latex-free
  • Very good breathability
  • Can slip a little
  • Isn’t as sophisticated as some more expensive brands

Li-Ning Compression

Li-Ning Compression
This one is best for preventing injury and pain, though it also does a decent job in recovery too. The double-curved ergonomic system gives very good stability and flexibility. It’s one of the most natural-feeling sleeves on the list, so it’s a good choice if you’re seeking something that you can wear all day.
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Seriously can be worn all day. It has great compression without too much tightness. It gives very good flexibility while remaining stable, and the fabric feels comfortable against the skin. It’s a little thicker than some might like which may cause some to get sweaty.

There seem to be no durability issues here, and the quality is overall very good. It unfortunately does roll which can be frustrating.

Around an average price.
  • Good for preventing injury
  • Very nice combination of flexibility and stability
  • Feels very natural
  • Can be worn all day
  • Breathability isn’t great.
  • Rolls more than others on this list

Bracoo Breathable Neoprene

Bracoo Breathable Neoprene
This really excels in stabilization and also helps with recovery. The three-band Velcro system gives you plenty of support. This is made from neoprene and the open-patella design helps with breathability and allowing more support around the kneecap. The stabilization on this is really good and helps you to get moving in a natural and healthy motion.
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This does restrict motion a little more than most of the other sleeves on this list, which you may want to consider especially if you wear this while trial running. The support is otherwise very good, and feels structured around the entire knee thanks to the design. It can scrape the leg a little, which takes away from the comfort factor.

The quality is pretty good, especially given the price point, but the sizes can be a little off at times. For a Velcro design, the durability is good.

A good bargain option.
  • Lots of support
  • Open patella design is good for stability
  • Gets you moving naturally
  • Good price point
  • Decent durability for Velcro
  • Can scrape the leg
  • Sizes can be slightly off.
  • Restricts motion a little too much for some

OS1st KS7 Performance Knee Sleeve

OS1st KS7 Performance Knee Sleeve
A good performing knee sleeve which provides support for the patella, assists recovery from injury, gives good relief for knee pain,  runners-knee, patella-tendon.

Designed for wearing while running, this means runners can get very good support foreleg, knee joint, and patella, this support stays in place and does not slip or move. A very thin high performing knee brace which can be comfortably worn under running clothing.

You get great support from compression-zone-tech which incorporates gel stabilizing to embrace fully the patella in 7 strategic areas for compression. Improved circulation while also providing brace support for the knee joint.
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High performing knee sleeve which gives relief from pain, stability to the knee-joint, improving for patella tracking and ensured stability and comfort because it will stay firmly in place giving support. For more comfort note the Hypo-Allergenic - Gel anti-migration tech through compression and support at high medical standards.

You get light-weight tech which gives real support to tendons, the knee joint ensuring healthy therapeutic support while you are mobile.


A high-quality product constructed from durable materials in a combination of spandex & nylon which has the anti-microbial capability with wick-ability.


The price reflects a good performing knee sleeve, a sound investment.

Support for the patella

Assists recovery from injury

Good for runners knee


Thin high performing knee sleeve can be worn under running pants


No reported cons, not as light as some knee sleeves though it gives support.


Nordic Lifting Knee Sleeves

Nordic Lifting Knee Sleeves
The Nordic lifting knee sleeves are a great option to prevent and protect yourself from injury during your lifts. They are highly affordable and provide you with the support, stability, and comfort you need.
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These neoprene knee sleeves provide you with sturdy support and excellent stability during your workouts. They are geared towards lifting rather than running, but some find they can be used during short distance running.


These sleeves use neoprene material, making them thick and durable--they will definitely be around for a long time.


highly affordable, especially since they are sold in pairs.


  • Provide excellent stability and support
  • Highly durable
  • Affordable
  • Comes with a one year warranty
  • Can develop an odor
  • For lifting

Shock Doctor 865 Compression

Shock Doctor 865 Compression
The lycra design here has good breathablity, which is enhanced by the open-patella design. This sleeve has a good combination of providing warmth whilst wicking moisture. This is built for support which makes it a good choice for prevention and protection, but it will work for mild recoveries.
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The lycra gives good binding without restriction and allows for good movement when wearing the sleeve. It’s comfortable enough to wear all day and the design stabilizes the knee very well. The warming effect on these is very effective, while keeping you comfy and providing some support. It’s very lightweight. If you want something hardcore, Shock Doctor makes many more braces for more intense needs, but this one should suit most runners.

The sizes on these do run small, and it can be prone to quite a lot of slippage. The durability is good.

A little more expensive than some on this list.
  • Nice freedom of movement
  • Comfortable enough to wear all day
  • Good stability
  • Nice warming design
  • Moisture-wicking technology
  • Not great if you want something intense
  • Quite a lot of slippage at times
  • Sizes run small
  • A little pricey

The Criteria We Used When Choosing The Best Knee Sleeves

Many people have a tendency to confuse knee sleeves with knee braces. In reality these two products are very different. While both are designed to provide knee support, a knee sleeve is more of a preventative measure. Knee braces are usually reserved for injuries or during periods of recovery. These are heavier, stiffer, and provide a very different level of support. A knee sleeve is something that’s simply pulled over the area to provide compression and additional elasticity. This type of protection is essential when you plan on a daily high impact exercise routine.

Knee sleeves are also important for people who have suffered a past injury and who may have some residual pain. They can stop an old injury from becoming a new one and keep you comfortable while you maintain your exercise routine. The best models can also increase your performance level by acting much as a back brace would. The added layer of support gives you a little more spring in your step and helps you to carry more weight efficiently.

The key is in the way that knee sleeves provide stability and help you to maintain your form. Proper form is extremely important during any exercise. This is why so many professional weightlifters and athletes wear some type of sleeve or support system regularly.

When picking out the best knees, several factors were taken into consideration to come up with the best knee sleeves. The main factors were:


The purpose of the knee sleeve is to make your run more comfortable and to facilitate a better performance. It’s there to protect against future injury and to provide support for old ones. All of this can be undermined if the knee sleeve does not fit properly. With the right amount of compression to the knee joint, circulation can be improved, speeding up the healing process and providing additional focus to that area. The wrong amount of compression can end up cutting off your circulation and having the opposite effect. Before choosing a knee sleeve, try on one of comparable size. Make sure that it fits snugly, but that it’s not digging into your skin in a way that causes pain or makes it difficult to move. It can also help to measure the area surrounding your knee. A large knee sleeve is usually rated from 17 to 19 inches, a medium one is from 15 to 17 inches and a smaller one is 14 to 15 inches.

As we said before, you want to sizing to be slightly snug but not digging into the skin in a way that’s distracting or causing any additional injuries.

Overall Thickness

The material used for the knee sleeve should be both breathable and elastic. You also want it to be strong enough that it doesn’t stretch with time. This can result in the loss of support and in you needing to purchase a new one. A good product should be an investment in your health, and not a bottomless money pit. Some knee sleeves can be fairly expensive and buying one a week because it’s poorly made just isn’t in the budget. If the material is too thick, it can lead to unnecessary sweating and slippage of the sleeve over time.

The thickness of the sleeves can be grouped into three major categories: 3 mm, 5 mm and 7 mm. The sleeves that are 3 mm thick are worn by marathon runners, they are able to provide stability and additional support during long runs. Weightlifters wear the 7 mm sleeves because they give additional support to the knees. The 5 mm sleeves happen to fit in all the other sporting activities, it is the universal knee sleeve for most athletes.

Knee Sleeve with 3mm thickness: Sports that need endurance
its perfect for sports that need endurance like long-distance running. Athletes involved in such sporting activities use this type of knee sleeve cause it’s lighter. Hence making the sporting activity much easier. The sleeve provides support when the athlete starts to feel exhausted and weary by providing support towards the completion of the work of the work out hence gaining control of one’s knees movements.

Knee Sleeve with 5mm thickness: For mixed sporting  activity
ideally recommended for mixed sporting activities. Athletes who are involved in a variety of sporting activities that require a certain level of agility and extra support, would find the 5 mm sleeve very helpful. The beauty of it is that it is used for a wide variety of sporting activities from track running to yoga fitness activities. It’s what many athletes would call a universal knee sleeve for all sporting activities.

Knee Sleeve 7mm thickness: For heavy but short activity
These type of sleeve calls for much heavier sporting activity but very short. It’s able to offer maximum stability to those athletes that are involved in heavy lifting. Extra support is provided during rehabilitation. The 7 mm sleeve has always been used by heavy lifters to provide the additional support when lifting weights, though recently it’s been a favorite of people who work out in the gym and practice heavy lifting. It’s designed in a way that it ensures the knee has maximum support for intensive but short sporting activities. Hence the exercises can be done more securely and precisely.

You should not wear your knee sleeves during the entire work out session as this would make you feel uncomfortable and also make the sleeve to be more rigid. Its advised to use them semi-frequently and also to pick the sleeve thickness that matches your sporting activity: for powerlifting usage get thicker ones, for Olympic lifting and CrossFit get thinner ones, and for regular everyday use get thinner ones.


Durability is very important when looking for any sportswear. A good note was made of the material and how the stitching was done. This will determine how the sleeve will be able to stand up to the frequency of use. Its ok to pay less for a sleeve because expensive doesn’t always mean durable. But still, it’s good to play it smart when determining the durability of a knee sleeve. If you intend to have a high frequency in terms of use of your knee sleeve, then you will definitely need something that is way durable.

This is especially true if an athlete is involved in a variety of sporting activities. If you do squats frequently every week, then you need a pair of knee sleeves that don’t rip after several uses. Knee sleeves that are found to be most durable are made of the neoprene material, that is both flexible and soft. A cloth is also used cause it’s more breathable and has good stretching that is constant. For perfect durability look for a knee sleeve that has reinforced stitching this prevents ripping of the sleeve during several washes and wear.


Knee sleeves should not only provide support to your knees but then they should also be very comfortable. Excellent support and compression are provided by the best knee sleeves for squatting. It’s important when shopping for a knee sleeve to look for one that won’t chafe your skin or make you feel itchy.

A comfortable fit is very important during your workout, even though it’s possible for sometimes the fit to affect the comfort of the knee sleeves. In order to make sure you attain both good fit and comfortability it’s important to look for a 3 D design because this allows the knees to fit snuggly. And without digging deep into your skin. The ergonomic knee sleeve has also been known to achieve a comfortable fit.

Excellent Grip

The knee sleeve should remain intact regardless of the workouts you are doing that is why an excellent grip is very important. The sleeve should stay on the kneecap regardless of the various work out positions you assume while training. No rolling off or sliding done. This will only be achieved by getting the right size of your knee sleeve. When picking the size make sure that you go 15 cm down from the mid patella and also remember to measure the circumference of your knee. If you need an extra tightness in your knee sleeve, then you can size down or just use the normal measurements if you are involved in regular sports.

Other factors that were also considered in coming up with the best knee sleeves are:

Anatomically Shaped

This type of knee sleeve is able to offer warmth and compression in a very efficient way. They also prevent injuries and improve the performance of the knee during training. Anatomically shaped knee sleeves are the type that is able to conform to the body’s natural movement during workout hence making sure the sleeve has an excellent grip at all times.

Functional Design

Design in terms of the material used is very important. Since sleeves don’t come in very stylish designs the material is given more importance. The Neoprene so far is the best material in the industry offering protection against injury and also offering mild compression. The material also enhances warmth thereby making the muscles around the knee to perform more during training. Simple designs are what you will find when purchasing a knee sleeve.


If money is no object, then go for the most expensive brands. There are budget-savvy knee sleeves brands, however, which provides superior comfort, protection, and performance without the heavy price tag. If you got a budget then stick to it, remember expensive doesn’t always mean it will serve you best. Consult with the salesperson on the different effective uses of the knee sleeves before making the purchase.


Other Important Factors To Consider When Shopping Around

There Are Different Types Available

There are different types of knee sleeves and all have different advantages and disadvantages. It all depends on what you want to achieve in terms of your fitness goals.

Open Knee Sleeves

Just by looking at their design you will notice that they do have a hole on the front. The design is meant to significantly reduce the amount of pressure on the knee and also around the knee during any work out exercise, this helps to enhance breathability of the knee.

Closed Knee Sleeves

They are all round wrapped with no hole, they are designed in a way that makes sure that the knee receives maximum heat by enhancing the level of heat retention. It’s also able to provide support to the entire kneecap.

Built-In Stabilizers

You will find some knee sleeves have been manufactured with built stabilizers. The design of these types of sleeves is very impressive, they are able to provide additional support to ligaments that are located on the knee. No injuries at all.

Manufacturing Material

The material used in making the knee sleeve plays a very important role in determining how effective the knee sleeve will be. Knee sleeves are made using two materials:

Cloth – As you know, any cloth is manufactured to keep you warm. Same with cloth sleeves, they offer warmth and support at the same time making sure you are always warm during the training session. They are recommended for those who have training in the morning hours (when it’s a little chilly) and have a number of resting breaks during workouts.

Neoprene – Being considered by Olympic powerlifting persons as the best material, the material has a lot of positive feedback from users due to its high compression feature. It’s also able to prevent any injury to the knee and also like the cloth sleeve able to keep the knee warm at all times.


Color, that will depend on personal preference. Most knee sleeves are black in color, but you can still get them in other colors. If you need help when picking the color its best to consult a fashionista who will guide you effectively on the color taking several factors into consideration. You don’t want to be in the pink sleeve while everybody else is in a dull color, worse if you are self-conscious. Honestly, I would go with more neutral colors. They are the safest.



Some of the frequently asked questions when trying to get a knee sleeve by many buyers, are addressed below.

Q. What is the difference between Knee Sleeves and Knee braces?

A. Many people will confuse the two and think they refer to the same product. They both sporting accessories that are worn around the knee, though their functions are almost similar. Knee sleeves are sports outwear that is worn around the knee. They both provide support to the knee though they are designed to function differently from knee braces.

On the other hand, knee braces offer protection to an already injured knee, while knee sleeves offer protection to the knee against any possible injury or risky situations that can harm the knee. The protection is important to athletes who are involved in sporting activities that involve a great amount of pressure like the heavy lifting of weights etc. Knee sleeves have a compression effect on the knee that enables increased blood flow hence reducing pain during and after work out.

 Q. What do knee sleeves do?

A. They provide support to the knee though they are designed to function differently from knee braces. The protection is important to athletes who are involved in sporting activities that involve a great amount of pressure like marathon running and weightlifting etc.

Knee sleeves have a compression effect on the knee that enables increased blood flow hence reducing pain when the work out is going on and when its over. They work to protect your knees by first keeping them warm and insulated. Next, they provide compression to the knee joint and surrounding tendons/ligaments to support the knee.

Q. Do I need knee sleeves?

A. If you squat more than once a week I would say so. Most beginner programs should have you squatting more than three times per week and I always advocate the inclusion of knee sleeves into a program. Also if you are involved in sporting activities that require a great amount of pressure being exerted on your knees then you should definitely have knee sleeves as part of your sportswear.

Don’t wear the sleeves during the whole work out session, you can skip wearing them during the warm-up session as you prepare to start your training. You should also try and come up with a schedule on when to wear your knee sleeves and when not to.

Q. What are the benefits of using knee sleeves as an athlete?

A. Apart from just protecting the knees, these sleeves are made in a way that they not only provide support to the knee before the injury but they can also provide the support after the injury. They are able to do the same work as knee braces. Another thing about this wonderful sportswear is that it’s able to increase how much weight you can lift by providing additional support to the runners’ knees.

They provide compression hence being able to give a rebound out of your run. During compression, the knee is able to have increased blood flow, hence be able to receive input. This enables an athlete to perform movements that more stable, more comfortable and more controlled. Also, the material has a warming effect that also aids in increasing the flow of the blood and also keeps the knees warm during the whole exercise experience.

Q. Do you really need them when running?

A. If you’re squatting multiple times per week we recommend picking up knee sleeves to not only protect your joints as you go through the motions but to stabilize and enhance each rep through the added support provided from the sleeves. Most beginner programs should have you squatting more than three times per week and I always advocate the inclusion of knee sleeves into a program.

Also if you are involved in sporting activities that require a great amount of pressure being exerted on your knees then you should definitely have knee sleeves as part of your sportswear. Don’t wear the sleeves during the whole work out session, you can skip wearing them during the warm-up session as you prepare to start your training. You should also try and come up with a schedule on when to wear your knee sleeves and when not to

Q. Is there more than one use for knee sleeves?

A. Knee sleeves are not only made for squats or leg workouts. The best thing about going with a quality neutral knee sleeve is that it can be used in a variety of different environments.

  • When experiencing knee pain throughout the day/sitting down they can be useful.
  • They can be effective when playing active sports such as hockey, wrestling, football, soccer and even running.
  • Throughout rehab/injury recovery they can provide support and stability to help with recovery and prevention of further injuries.

Overall, knee sleeves have multiple uses and are a great addition to any gym bag both inside and outside of the gym. They offer support to the knee, protection to the knee, warmth to the knee and also help in healing injured knees (just like the knee braces).

If you need to wrap your knees up, here we have you (and them) covered. Get wrapped and get running!


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