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our list of the 10 best touchscreen gloves reviewed Buying Guide
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10 Best Touchscreen Gloves Reviewed & Compared
One of the greatest technological achievements of modern time is the smart device.  As microchips became more and more advanced in smaller and smaller sizes, we developed handheld tablets and smartphones that would grant us instant access to information and connect to anyone in the world. How...
A list of the Best Running Tank Tops Buying Guide
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10 Best Running Tank Tops Rated & Tested
Running gear refers to anything that helps you to perform better and be more comfortable while enjoying your favorite activity. This includes everything that you wear. From your running tights to your favorite fleece, and all those other essential accessories. One thing that every runner needs to own...
A list of the Best Running Skirts Buying Guide
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10 Best Women's Running Skirts Rated & Compared
If you are on the hunt for the best running skirts, then you have come to the right place. Whether you are a seasoned runner or just starting out, it’s nice to have options when it comes to what we wear. The top-rated running skirts are versatile and can be used for other athletic activities—like...
Best Knee Sleeves Buying Guide
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8 Best Knee Sleeves - 2021 Buying Guide
Knee pain is a common ailment in the running community but it need not stop you from training or competing. Knee sleeves are a great way to increase blood flow to affect muscles and joints, all while not limiting your full range of motion. We tested and reviewed a number of high-quality products,...
The top rated Tri Suits Buying Guide
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10 Best Tri Suits for Triathletes Compared
Triathlons are a unique experience designed to push the human body to its utmost limits. Just finishing one of these challenges is a triumph in itself, and to go a step beyond that can be even more rewarding. If your aim is to improve your personal record then you will need more than just training on...
Our review of the best skorts for running Buying Guide
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Best Running Skorts Reviewed and Rated
Without the proper gear it’s nearly impossible to perform to the best of your ability—so it’s important to equip ourselves with gear that fits our needs. However, this doesn’t mean we have to sacrifice style or options we like or think we look good in. While shorts and tights seem to be the most p...
Our review of the best sports bras for high impact sports Buying Guide
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Best Sports Bras for High Impact Running
Running is a great way to stay in shape and to improve your health. This is especially true for women who love getting out and hitting the trails or the gym to feel the freedom that comes with being in good physical shape. Even if you’re just starting out and you’re still working to build stamina, yo...
The top rated running visors to keep the sun out of your eyes Buying Guide
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10 Best Running Visors | 2021 Buying Guide
When you hear the word visor, it’s usually connected with tennis players or occasionally golfers these days. This clothing item seems to be less popular when it comes to running. This is unfortunate because running visors can be very useful for runners and they can offer many more benefits than norma...
2XU Propel Wetsuit
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2XU Propel Wetsuit Fully Reviewed for Quality
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Whether you are new to triathlons or you are an experienced racer, the 2XU Propel Wetsuit is the perfect wetsuit for you for the first leg of the race. The inexpensive wetsuit is the ideal choice for anyone. The stretchy neoprene materials allow for fantastic flexibility so you can move more fre...
In depth review of the Zoot Performance Tri Racesuit
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Zoot Performance Tri Racesuit
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Zoot Sports is a Hawaiian-founded endurance sportswear company born in 1983. There’s a good reason for its birthplace, too. The Ironman World Championships take place in Kona, Hawaii, land of sun, beaches, pineapples, and perfect weather. The company’s mission has been to create triathlon...
Womens Front View Zoot Wikiwiki wetsuit
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Zoot Wikiwiki
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Look in a thesaurus next to amphibious and you will find the Zoot Wikiwiki Wetsuit. Any swimmer or triathlete understands that gear can be a deal breaker. Compression assists in recovery and performance, but go too tight and you face restricted movement and difficult on/off transitions. Novice swimme...
Front view 2XU Active Trisuit
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2XU Active Trisuit
Editor rating:
When one hears the term triathlon they are immediately reminded of swimming, running, and biking; all with precise function and hardly feeble. This type of performance requires gear that matches this grandeur of athleticism. Congratulations athletes, you can find all such things delivered in the 2XU ...
List of the Best Neck Gaiters for Runners Buying Guide
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10 Best Neck Gaiters for Running | 2021 Buying Guide
The A neck gaiter, for the unacquainted, is a single piece of cloth constructed in a ring to be worn around an area that needs extra protection, usually the neck. Typically they are made to be elastic for a more comfortable and versatile fit. They also tend to be well insulated since they are most of...
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