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Knee pain is no joke. If you have ever experienced it or had a chronic problem with it, you know how much it affects your quality of life. If you are someone who has to kneel constantly for work or engages in hardcore extreme sports, you know the value in a good pair of knee pads. You can experience knee pain from osteoarthritis or a torn meniscus, torn ligaments, eroded cartilage even. People who are morbidly overweight have disproportionate amounts of added stress and weight on their joints and overall have pain because of it.  But many people experience the pain as a result of sports or work environments that require excessive kneeling.

  • Nocry
  • 4.8 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Comfort, Support, and Protection
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JBM International 3-in-1
  • JBM International 3-in-1
  • 4.7 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Designed for professionals
  • Price: See Here
  • Profectors
  • 4.5 out of 5
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  • Heavy-duty strength
  • Price: See Here

Housemaids or preachers knee is a very popular term for this type of stress on the joint. Prepatellar bursitis and pretibial bursitis, to be exact, happens from this recurrent stress on the joint.  Basically, the tiny fluid-filled sacs that cushion the knee joint become irritated either by a direct injury or extreme, constant kneeling. Extreme athletes living on the edge have your own needs quite different from the construction workers and gardeners. Fitness and sports athletes have their own qualities that need to be addressed specifically for their needs, and those people who work jobs where they aren’t always on their knees but can find themselves needing to kneel and bend quite a bit, you have options as well. Take some time and review these products, it is highly likely that you will find the right brand specifically for your needs.


10 Best Kneepads


1. NoCry

The name itself will tell you that you are going to get comfort, support, and all the protection you’d want. NoCry makes a handsome knee pad to support all the activities you have to kneel to do. They are made with an extra soft gel that will form to your body and keep you protected from hard, rough surfaces. The intelligent design mixed with extra durable materials will all you to go on working for hours without having to suffer the discomfort and pain afterward.
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Protection galore

Compiled with soft gel an EVA foam padding on the inside, allow for gentle cushioning for your body. They not only are comfortable to wear for an extended amount of time, but they will keep you stable and balanced through many hours of work. The design absorbs the external stress so well, you won’t have the pain or fatigue in your joints when you are finished. The thick poly shield will keep your skin intact from rocks or rough surfaces.

They stay put

When you are working you are often standing up at times and bending down in other instances. Who wants the hassle of constantly adjusting your equipment through a long day’s work? A great feature these kneepads offer is that they are designed to stay in place while you are kneeling and while you are walking so you can easily make the transitions you need to get the job done.

Cost and Value

Whatever your needs are, if you are an avid gardener or work in construction these are heavy duty and are of a professional grade and durability that you will be able to get a lot of wear out of them. The straps are flexible to stay in place while you work and the padding and protection they offer is top of the line. These will serve your body well and will last.

Nylon thread for increased strength

Straps made of neoprene and double stitched for toughness

Can fit a knee up to 22” around

Adjustable straps

Straps easily fastened with slip-buckle clips



Grommets on the straps can be temperamental

2. JBM International 3-in-1

If you are into extreme sports, then you know how important body protection is. JBM International makes a solid option for any skateboarder, inline skater or BMX bicyclist. You name the outdoor sport and the extreme environment of your choosing, but make sure you have a pair of these to put on because they won’t let you down.
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Serious athletes are the target audience of this company and these products. They make products specifically for the extreme professional. They are built to take a beating and hold up to intense use while losing nothing in terms of protection abilities.


This equipment is some of the most popular and trusted on the market today. Anyone who uses their bodies hard and takes major risks cannot question the reliability of their supportive gear. You won’t have that problem with these, there is a reason they are one of the most favored brands on the market.

Cost and Value

These will work for professionals so you know if you are a beginner they will work for you too. They are made to take a beating and stay put with stretchy materials that will fit well for almost everyone's body type. The offer complete cover so you won’t have any issues with slipping.

Professional option for any extreme sports athlete

Full package of protection including elbow, wrist and knee pads

Soft EVA materials and tough plastics

Can be adjusted to fit your body

Sizing for youths through adults


Can be a little tighter for thicker thighs

Only come in two sizes

3. Profectors

Profectors makes a heavy-duty pair that will save your knees from the wear and tear they go through in tough work environments. This is a sturdy and durable option for professionals to utilize for both protection and comfort.
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Tons of strength in this brand that you can count on to cradle your joints and preserve them from heavy use. A soft gel core provides a sponge-like feel that also helps to absorb pressure and stress. PVC material is used in their construction to keep this option stable and strong.

Stable and firm

These aren’t going anywhere no matter how much movement and stress you put them through. The breathable and highly adjustable straps will keep them in once place. They are as easy to put on and modify as they are to take off with quick-release clips.

Cost and Value

A terrific product that will work well and offer long-lasting durability. The company provides a solid guarantee if you have any problems with their products they will absolutely make it right. They are versatile enough to serve you well on many different surfaces, wood, concrete, in the garden, or outside in any terrain.

100% guarantee to replace your item or get your money back

Skid-proof PVC caps

Soft gel and high-density cell foam cushioning

All terrain

Ballistic nylon and breathable neoprene materials

Contoured to fit you well


Straps can be uncomfortable if worn directly on bare skin

A bit clunky

4. Bodyprox

4.  Bodyprox
Bodyprox makes an awesome protective product to facilitate physical activity and greater sports performance with ultimate stability and security for your body. This is the perfect pair of knee pads for anyone who is active in sports or fitness and needs that freedom of movement and flexibility but also requires safety gear.
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Perfect for sports

This piece of safety gear is an absolute must for volleyball and basketball players, wrestlers, football and cycling. It will not restrict your movement or range of motion at all and it will keep your joints warm so that you get increased blood flow. Its design is tough enough to protect you from impact so you can better avoid injury. The compression helps to reduce stiff muscles and joints after your workout or game is over.


They are made for sports and outdoor physical activity but don’t think that they can’t serve other functional uses. These are easily worn underneath your pants without being noticeable. This is particularly great news for anyone who’s profession could benefit from protection and flexible compression. If you are in aviation, engineering, nursing, etc., this product will work amazingly for you too.

Cost and Value

You won't’ break the bank buying this piece, it is very well priced. As versatile and multifunctional as it is, lends itself to a broad variety of people who could benefit from the protection and muscular support. They fit well and provide extra comfort for your joints.

100% satisfaction, no-questions-asked money back guarantee

High-density foam

Lightweight and flexible materials allow for greater movement and range of motion

Terrific price

Minimal shifting will stay in place during physical activity


Foam can become compressed and have lessened performance

Padding durability could be improved


These substantial pads will do the trick if your work involves an excessive amount of stress on your joints and kneeling. REXBETI offers a comfortable option using gel cushioning combined with a broad design that can accommodate most everyone. Specifically those with thicker thighs who might have a hard time finding models that fit well.
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Solid design

The design and construction of this product will protect your knees for sure. The fitting is roomy and you can use the flexible straps to change the amount of tension you’d prefer on your legs. The softness is all you feel, not the hard, sharp or uneven surface you may be on top of.

Broad fit

There is a lot of thigh support in this model. The straps are easily modified for your preference in fit and it is constructed with non-slip support to keep in exactly where you want it. There is a 2 piece hook and loop tape system that provides the ability for the best fit for those who have wider legs.

Cost and Value

Comfortable wide gel inserts keep your joints protected while also providing a soft, pleasant feel. They offer a perfect option for those with thicker thighs along with a design that keeps them snugly formed to your body without sliding around.

Lifetime warranty

Good for larger bodies

Easy to move and walk while wearing

Adjustable fit

Fastens with Velcro


Customer reviews of the company are mixed

Works with exercise, but this feature could be improved

6. Fiskars

6.  Fiskars
If you are an avid gardener and spend hours upon hours working outside with your plants and flowers, this is an excellent choice for you. Fiskars makes a very light product that uses its dual-layer construction to provide stable protection.
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Made for the garden

These are very light and durable for wearing outside. They are tough, but more specifically to their purpose of working in the garden, they have the practicality of being moisture proof. They are easily wiped down and stored away when not in use.

Keeps your skin healthy

They will keep the bruising, cuts and sores at bay. The foam liner is delicate and supple while the outer part of the shell is durable to take on the external elements. The moisture-wicking abilities keep it from moving around and also keeps the bacteria and mold at bay.

Cost and Value

A tough model that incorporates very thick foam to keep you feeling great. The elastic straps are a great size and are easily adjusted. There’s no hating on the lifetime warranty. If you ever are dissatisfied with this brand, you have nothing to lose, they will have your back as a customer.

Can be worn on the outside of pants or on bare skin

Perfect for gardeners

Velcro straps help to easily tighten

Comfortable padding without bulk

Moisture-proof outer shell


Could be more comfortable on the back of the leg

Can be tight for large males

7. JBM International Skating

7.  JBM International Skating
JBM International is a leader in designing and manufacturing quality performance protection. Their products are always well constructed, durable, breathable, anti-skid. Their products rate high all the time because they really work and look really good while they are doing it.
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These can be specifically used for a wide range of physical activities and sports, of course. That being said, they are specifically designed for you skaters. Inlign, ice, roller skaters, roller derby competitors. This one's for you.


The protective outer shell is made from materials that are so very strong, but they also have some give. The flexibility and give that they have allows for improved ability to absorb the stress of impact. This makes them ideal for extreme sports and fast speeds you hit when your skating.

Cost and Value

The bottom line is if you need some quality protective gear for your children and specifically, if you are into any form of skating, then this is your product. It is fairly well priced, strong and supportive and comes to you from a leading name in the industry.

Designed for children

One year warranty

Trusted and reliable company


Fairly priced

Universal sizing


Putting on wrist guards can be tricky for children to do correctly

Understanding sizing can be difficult


KUKOME-SHOP are an ideal option for children that are into skating or BMX. This is a highly rated and very popular brand for children's protective gear. You get the full package for padding and protecting the wrists, knees, and elbows.
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Color options

Because these are made for children, a nice feature that this brand offers is color options. There is the black which is pretty much universal. They also come in a bright and festive pink color. It is a really nice option for young ladies who like to keep things girly and pretty.

Excellent adjustments

Kids come in all shapes and sizes, some kids are so small that parents have the worst time trying to find anything that will fit them properly. Especially when it comes to protective gear. You don’t want to mess around with your child’s safety. This product can be easily adjusted so that it will fit accurately, and precisely. Keeping your children safe when they are out and active.

Cost and Value

Fairly priced, this package gives your child the basic support and protection when they are out engaging in sports. While they may not be the best for elite child athletes who need hardcore protection, they are a balanced option for beginners through mid level athletes. They can grow with your children and have a cute, bright look that is pleasing for kids.

Package that comes with pads for wrists, elbows and knees

Durable plastic plates 4mm

EVA padded

Adjustable elastic band

Made for children

Comes with color options


Sizes larger

Not for intense protection, better for beginners


DEWALT is a beast in designing and constructing tough, very tough, and did we say tough tools and accessories. Did we mention their products are built to last and are tough? The strength and durability you would expect from your tools you can also expect from their protective gear.
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There is no way we could make a list that wouldn’t include DEWALT. This company has been in the business of providing extraordinary products to the construction industry market. In business since 1924, they have been doing something right. Providing protective gear only makes sense, and it only makes sense that it is going to be rugged, durable and strong.

Material and design

These are legit. Professional support that use layered gel, are non-skid, and have a heavy-duty cap for substantial stability. Ballistic poly material is extra strong. The neoprene liner will keep your joints as comfortable as possible through long, arduous work days.

Cost and Value

The biggest thing is this brand's cost. They provide the best products in their industry and they have been around for 80+ years because they are respected and trusted. The pricing isn’t bad either. These are made for those of you who have rough and tumble jobs and hobbies and need the best protection for your bodies.

Closed cell foam padding surrounding the joint

slip buckle fastener

Handy upper tab to help you adjust to your ideal position

Layered gel technology

Heavy duty stitching


Upper tab could use improvement

Does not have much flexibility

10. Extra Mighty

10.  Extra Mighty
Extra Mighty makes and industrial knee pad set that is great for active people, men and women and they even boast that those husky customers can use them with ease. These will protect you over many different terrains and offer full protection.
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Easy maintenance

This stretchy and thick product is easy on the knees as much as it is easy on your time. If you are engaging in construction type activities and have to wear your gear often or in dirty situations, cleaning them to increase their longevity is key. Not only can they be wiped down, no problem, but they are washable.

Easy storage

They look heavy and bulky, but they really are fairly light. You will have no issues easily storing them in your backpack or with your tools so you can get to them with ease when you need them. Anyone who has to go from project to project and travel with their equipment will be impressed by the portability of this option.

Cost and Value

The price is right, the construction is on point and you can travel easily with them. They offer premium comfort and work well standing or kneeling or transitioning between. If you engage in rough work, you need support that can stand up to it and keep you going. These will do just that time in and time out.

Non slip design

100% satisfaction guarantee, refund within 30 days and replacement up to 1 year

Excellent choice for carpenter, painter, electrician, plumber, mechanic, tile installer or contractor

Super light

Non-scratching solid plastic shell

Unisex with adjustable straps


Grip tightness could be improved

Women can use these, but they seem to be better suited to a male’s body

The best thing you can do for your physical health is to be proactive in supporting and protecting it. Whether you work in your garden, hit the trails with your BMX bike, or have to crouch and kneel to do electrical work, this review will provide you with a valuable resource to figure out what gear is right for you. Children and adults can all benefit from protective gear that will help to counteract and limit joint deterioration. Even if you aren’t into extreme sports or part of the construction industry, daily chores and activities also can warrant the use of protective gear.  If you are cleaning your house, there is a lot of crouching and crawling that goes along with getting in all those nooks and crannies and that is definitely a reason to look into some knee pads which may help you get the job done while keeping you comfortable and warding off any potential joint pain.

Criteria Used in Choosing the Best Kneepads


A kneepad should be protective, durable and comfortable. They should fit well on your legs and be snug, but not too tight. Those that are made for sports and physical activities should have more coverage over the joint, have breathability and some flexibility so that range of motion is not limited. For gardeners, they should be light and repel moisture. Construction workers and hard laborers want them to be tough and durable. These will tend to be bulkier because they are put through tough conditions and repetitive stress and pressure.


The ability for your equipment to be able to take constant stress and pressure, to take on the elements while still maintaining comfort and support is key. You want a piece of protective support that can hold up through repeated use and still work well. One that can be easily maintained with quick washability and have the toughness necessary to protect your joints.  DEWALT is a great example of a company that manufactures lines of products that are built strong.


Your pad can be as tough and durable as you’d want but if you have pain while using it, all that toughness is for not. Padding and cushioning will help to absorb impact and pressure but also allow for a pleasant feel. Some options use gel technology which offers smooth comfort and molds well to the contours of your body. There are options for all sizes of people, JBM International is a leader in this market and they have products that are made with a wide variety of body shapes in mind. We specifically discussed a product in this article that could be a feasible option for all people because of the adjustability, but really shines for those who have thicker thighs and need the supports and room.  Pretty much all of the products have some adjustment features which allow them to be custom fit to the individual.

Non-slip features

The number one complaint of anyone who wears these items is their tendency to slip and fall out of place.  This makes any task more arduous because while you are working or competing the last thing you want to have to worry about is the annoyance of gear that just won’t stay put. This was a huge concern and point of attention when we researched our products because if comfort is important, and it is, this also is a part of an item being comfortable and practical.  The ability for your gear to stay in place through all the motions you engage in, kneeling to standing, jumping to sliding, you are going to be much happier with using it.

Other Important Factors to Consider

The number one most common musculoskeletal problem that doctors are presented with is knee pain.  As humanity becomes increasingly more active, explorative and adventurous we will have the problems with our knees persist.  Whatever you can do to be proactive with your body will ultimately help you to reduce your risk of injury as well as uncomfortable stiffness and pain.  

If you have already found that you have pain in this joint, the way to treat it at home is to try to break down the inflammation that is associated with the pain.  If you don’t resolve your inflammation problem effectively, you could face chronic results. That is not a fun perspective for anyone. The way to care for your inflamed joint is to protect it, rest it, add ice, use compression and keep it elevated.  You can remember this sequence by remembering the word PRICE.

For our purposes, we will focus on protection, which is the basis of this article.  Padding or splinting can help protect your joints from trauma. You can control the progression or initiation of injury with over the joint padding.  Knee pads cushion and protect your joint as well as the skin from bruising and repetitive pressure that can over time result in injuries or forms of bursitis.  It is important, however, to always remember to take the time necessary to rest your legs if you feel pain so that they get the time needed to heal and prevent further degradation.  

Over the counter medications, anti-inflammatories such as Aleve or Advil can play a crucial role in helping you work through your pain. They can also be advised as a course of treatment to aid your healing.  A word of caution would be to those that have problems with bleeding or have kidney issues. These people should stay away from the use of NSAIDs. Tylenol can be used to aid in the healing and management of pain, even though it is not an anti-inflammatory drug.  Those with osteoarthritis can benefit immensely from Tylenol use. Most everyone with chronic or acute pain will likely add OTC medications to their routine for best healing and management practices.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  When should you see a doctor about your knee pain?

A: Certainly, if your knee is the size of a basketball or more, meaning it is super swollen, then get yourself to a doctor asap.  If you can’t put pressure on it, that’s another very serious red flag. Outside of these obvious scenarios, if you are experiencing continuous pain kneeling or walking, or doing anything on your feet, give your doctor, emergency room, or walk-in clinic a call/visit.  Not seeing a professional in any of these situations will only lead to a higher likelihood that you will take whatever injury you have an make it worse. Being proactive with your health will save you in time, pain and cost.

Q: What does it mean when you hear a snap, crackle or pop in your knee?

A: While noises in the joint are generally common and mostly won’t mean you have something serious to take care of, if you have swelling or excess pain with the noise, take note.  This could definitely be a sign of something very serious with your health, such as:

  • Meniscus Tear
  • Cartilage injury
  • Dislocated Kneecap
  • Osteoarthritis

If you are both hearing noises like mentioned above AND feeling pain, call your doctor, get to your walk-in clinic or get your butt to the ER for assistance and diagnosis.

Q:  How is kyphosis diagnosed?

A: As mentioned earlier, there are many different types of kyphosis.  Basically, what will happen is your doctor will check you out and do an x-ray to see exactly what is going on in your skeletal structure.  The x-ray, along with reviewing your medical history will help figure out if you have it and what type you might have. Sometimes, an MRI is needed.  In the case this is necessary, the likelihood that you have a disease form such as Scheuermann’s kyphosis disease is more probable.

Q:  What is Osteoarthritis?

A: Osteoarthritis also can be called facet joint arthritis.  When the cartilage that covers the facet joints in the back of the spine become irritated and tattered,  the cushioning between the discs lessens and pain occurs. As friction increases their other problems arise such as bone spurs and joint swelling.  These too cause a lot of discomfort and tenderness. This disease and deterioration limit the body’s natural range of motion. Aging and time, with repetitive wear and tear, can lead to this disease.   

Q:  How does the sciatic nerve cause pain?

A: If the sciatic nerve, which stretches from the lower back and then down both legs onto the foot, is pinched or has unnatural pressure applied to it, the pain will occur.  Burning and tingling are often associated with this type of pain and when there is an issue with the sciatic nerve, your range of motion is also limited as a result.

Q:  What are ligaments?

A: They are dense, fibrous tissues that are structured like bands and they attach bones to one and the other. Four ligaments make up the majority of the knee joint that band together with the femur and the tibia. These include the ACL or anterior cruciate ligament, the MCL or medial collateral ligament, the PCL which is short for the posterior cruciate ligament, and lateral collateral ligament which is shortened to LCL. The ACL and PCL work together to provide rotational stability to the joint while the MCL and LCL work to maintain medial and lateral stability.


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