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The best handheld massagers fully reviewed Buying Guide
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10 Best Handheld Massagers Tested and Fully Reviewed
Everyone can benefit from the relaxing effects of a massage. But for athletes it’s a crucial part of muscle recovery and injury prevention. Yet we all can’t afford a personal sports masseuse. However, there are handheld massagers on the market that are ideal for treated aches and pains. The best hand...
In depth review of 10 best arthritis creams Buying Guide
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10 Best Arthritis Creams Fully Tested & Reviewed
If you're plagued by chronic arthritis it can be tough to get through certain tasks without feeling frustrated about the pain. While a topical cream won't be able to cure the condition, it can certainly help you to get some relief, at least temporarily. We have put together a list of the 10 best arth...
the 10 best first aid kids reviewed and compared Buying Guide
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10 Best First Aid Kits Tested And Reviewed
There are many things we can control when it comes to our health, such as our meal plans and scheduled workouts. However, we can’t control emergency situations. But we can plan ahead to prepare us if we are faced with one. No matter how strong we think we are, even the most elite athletes get inju...
our list of the 10 best wrist support compression sleeves reviewed Buying Guide
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10 Best Wrist Support Compression Sleeves Reviewed & Compared
In the event of a minor injury, the most common procedure is to follow the RICE protocol. This is an acronym that stands for Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation, and is the best way to immediately treat any minor injury sustained when running. Rest and ice are the easiest steps to take care of i...
a comparison and test of the best gel insoles available to runners and active people Buying Guide
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10 Best Gel Insoles Tested & Compared
Take positive running steps through using insoles. In the past, custom orthotics was the only solution for runners looking for adequate arch support or experiencing foot pain.   Luckily, runners no longer need to rely on expensive custom orthotics since there are now several affordable options ...
Our list of the best strassburg sock runners can buy to help treat plantar facsiitis Buying Guide
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7 Best Strassburg Socks Tested
It’s no fun dealing with plantar fasciitis! And the injury can be a persistent little bugger! Sometimes what you need is to really tackle the issue head-on with a Strassburg sock to keep the foot stretched out while sleeping.  That way, you can spend a solid chunk of time healing the injury every nig...
Our list of the best elbow braces for runners Buying Guide
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12 Best Elbow Braces Tested In-Depth
Running and many different sports can have a really positive effect on your body. You become healthier but there are also some negative aspects of participating in sports life. One of them is injuries. They tend to happen from time to time and they can’t be underestimated. Some injuries may stop you ...
The best ankle braces for running Buying Guide
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10 Best Ankle Braces for Running Tested
[et_social_share_media][/et_social_share_media] [et_social_share_media][/et_social_share_media] One of the most common injuries that runners have to deal with those connected with ankle. This part of our body is very fragile and even if you’re very careful, the injury may also happen to you. Yo...
The top products for treating foot blisters Buying Guide
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13 Best foot Blister Treatment Kits Tested & Compared
Blisters are annoying. Fight back with the best products currently available for the treatment of foot blisters. Reviews and details within this guide!   For runners, blisters are a small thing that can be a big problem. It can make keeping up with your regimen a very painful process. You ma...
best icepacks reviewed and tested Buying Guide
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12 Best Ice Packs for Runners Tested
[et_social_share_media][/et_social_share_media] [et_social_share_media][/et_social_share_media] There is no denying that a bag of frozen peas can be a surprisingly useful ice pack. That said there are quite a few limitations a bag of peas is going to have (clumps of frozen peas, limited coverag...
Our review of the best recovery tights for running Buying Guide
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13 Best Recovery Tights Reviewed and Tested
Do you know the feeling when you have a lot of pain in muscles, you have a soreness and you don’t have more power to do the workout? Running can be very demanding for our muscles, tendons and many other. We need to be aware however that we can help our body a little. Imagine that you could buy som...
our review of the best patellar tendon straps available Buying Guide
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7 Best Patellar Tendon Straps Reviewed & Tested
Before we begin we need to briefly go over what a Patellar Tendon actually is. Simply put, it’s a tendon that reaches from your quad muscle to the patella (or kneecap) and attaches to the shinbone—this provides extension around the knee joint. Your Patellar Tendon literally works every single time yo...
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