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Best Anti Inflammation Creams Fully Reviewed Buying Guide
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Best Anti Inflammation Creams Fully Reviewed
Presently, you would find different types of anti-inflammatory creams available on the market and every brand is unique in its own way. Once you use the different varieties you would understand the advantages that some of these creams have over other oral medications meant for pain relief. These crea...
An in-depth review of the best foot spas for 2018. Buying Guide
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Best Foot Spas Reviewed & Rated for Quality
The feet are very important parts of the body because without them the entire body would not function normally. They provide ground support to the upper segments of the body and the most vital assets to a runner. Even with the important role they play, in ascertaining to the proper functioning of the...
an in-depth review of the best posture correctors of 2018. Buying Guide
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11 Best Posture Correctors Reviewed & Rated for Quality
Do you have a long drive to work followed by a desk job than another long drive home just to sit on the couch for a minute before sitting at the dinner table for dinner and ending your night on the couch again before you go to bed to sleep?  Welcome to the daily routine that is life for so many worki...
an in-depth review of the best heating pads of 2018. Buying Guide
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10 Best Heat Pads Reviewed and Tested in 2021
So what is a heating pad and why do you need it?  Heating pads are products that offer therapeutic relief to those who suffer from either acute or chronic pains in their muscles and joints.  People who have pain in their backs, shoulders, knees, elbows, abdomen. Those who may suffer from abdominal cr...
an in-depth review of the best training masks Buying Guide
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Best Training Masks Reviewed & Rated for Quality
Resistance training is a good way for athletes who want to push themselves to increase their endurance get an edge on their competition. One of the newest fads in resistance training methods is altitude training masks. These masks are designed to restrict your airflow, simulating the kind of difficul...
The best handheld massagers fully reviewed Buying Guide
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Our Favorite Handheld Massagers Tested and Fully Reviewed
Muscle growth, development, and health are crucial to athletes. This is especially true for long-distance runners and for those who compete in strenuous activities. Because of this, it’s important to know how to take care of your body inside and out. Massages play an important role in muscle recovery...
In depth review of 10 best arthritis creams Buying Guide
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10 Arthritis Pain Relief Creams Reviewed and Rated
Chronic arthritis can make it tough getting through certain tasks, without being stricken with pain. With that being said a topical cream can certainly help you to get some relief, at least temporarily. We have put together a list of the 10 best arthritis creams to help you get information and pain r...
the 10 best first aid kids reviewed and compared Buying Guide
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10 Best First Aid Kits for Home and Cars Tested And Reviewed
There are many things we can control when it comes to our health, such as our meal plans and scheduled workouts. However, we can’t control emergency situations. But we can plan ahead to prepare us if we are faced with one.  No matter how strong we think we are, even the most elite athletes get injure...
our list of the 10 best wrist support compression sleeves reviewed Buying Guide
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Our Favorite Wrist Compression Sleeves Reviewed & Compared
As runners, we put a lot of thought and consideration into safety so we can avoid injury, but accidents do happen. When they do, you’ll want to be prepared for a quick recovery and one of the ways you can do that is with compression wear. With minor injuries, the most common procedure is to follow...
a comparison and test of the best gel insoles available to runners and active people Buying Guide
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10 Best Gel Inserts Tested & Compared
Below you will find our list of the top ten Best Gel Insoles Reviewed so you can be sure you are picking from the best of the best! Custom orthotics used to be the only solution for runners experiencing foot pain.   Luckily, this issue has been addressed extensively, so no we have plenty of differen...
Our list of the best strassburg sock runners can buy to help treat plantar facsiitis Buying Guide
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10 Best Strassburg Socks Tested
It’s no fun dealing with plantar fasciitis! And the injury can be a persistent little bugger! Sometimes what you need is to really tackle the issue head-on with a Strassburg sock to keep the foot stretched out while sleeping.  That way, you can spend a solid chunk of time healing the injury every nig...
Our list of the best elbow braces for runners Buying Guide
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10 Best Elbow Braces Tested In-Depth
Our bodies were made to run. Human beings have the unique capacity to be able to indulge in distance running that surpasses the stamina of almost anything else on earth. This is part of the reason why so many of us love running as a sport or hobby. It’s relaxing, beneficial, and releases all of those...
The best ankle braces for running Buying Guide
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10 Best Ankle Braces for Running - 2021
With all of the ligaments and tendons housed by your ankle, a small injury can put you off running for quite some time. This is why many regular athletes protect their ankles using supports in the form of braces. An ankle brace is there to prevent injury and help reinforce that area. A medical brace ...
The top products for treating foot blisters Buying Guide
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13 Best foot Blister Treatment Kits Tested & Compared
For runners, blisters are a small thing that can be a big problem. It can make keeping up with your regimen a very painful process. You may be willing to suffer for your run, most active individuals are at one time or another, but should you? Should you have to? Even if you grit through it, the pain ...
best icepacks reviewed and tested Buying Guide
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10 Best Ice Packs for Runners Reviewed and Tested in 2021
There is no denying that a bag of frozen peas can be a surprisingly useful ice pack, but will this be enough to nurse your injury?. That said there are quite a few limitations a bag of peas is going to have (clumps of frozen peas, limited coverage). When it comes to injuries, your body deserves somet...
Our review of the best recovery tights for running Buying Guide
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10 Best Recovery Tights Reviewed and Tested
Do you know the feeling when you have a lot of pain in your muscles? You have a soreness and you don’t have more power to do the workout? Running can be very demanding for our muscles, tendons, and many other parts of our body. We need to be aware however that we can help our body a little. Imagin...
our review of the best patellar tendon straps available Buying Guide
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10 Best Patellar Tendon Straps Reviewed & Tested
Before we begin we need to briefly go over what a Patellar Tendon actually is. Simply put, it’s a tendon that reaches from your quad muscle to the patella (or kneecap) and attaches to the shinbone—this provides extension around the knee joint. Your Patellar Tendon literally works every single time yo...
Best Kinesiology Tapes Buying Guide
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10 Best Kinesiology Tape Products Reviewed
If you ever watched sports on television or IRL, there's a big chance you have seen athletes with Kinesiology tape on different limbs on their body, most commonly arms and legs. Maybe you've seen some in your local gym or even tried it yourself?  It is a specially designed tape that helps prevent mus...
The best knee brace to prevent further injury while running Buying Guide
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The Best Knee Braces for Running & Support
We can often take our healthy bodies for granted, but when something goes wrong, and we hurt ourselves, we quickly realize how important wellness is. This is especially true for an athlete and runner. Some simple ways in which runners take care of their body and health are by eating right, sleeping w...
massage balls to help with recovery and relaxation Buying Guide
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10 Best Massage Balls For Myofascial Release
Athletes have to take every aspect of their physical condition into consideration. This means doing more than just getting in a good cardio workout. It’s important to help your body to relax and recover during your down time. This can involve heat, ice, and a good deal of massage. Proper massage gets...
Night Splints for plantar fasciitis Buying Guide
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Best Plantar Fasciitis Braces & Night Splints
If you’ve been an avid runner for many years, you may have dealt with plantar fasciitis at one point or another. In fact, if you’re reading this article right now, you’re probably dealing with the pain as we speak. Or perhaps you have foot pain but aren’t sure of its cause and would like to do a litt...
The best tools for treating runners with plantar fasciitis Buying Guide
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10 Tools for Treating Plantar Fasciitis Reviewed
A while ago, I wrote an article which mentioned a few exercises for treating plantar fasciitis, so today we will continue this topic with another aspect of treating plantar fasciitis: which tools are best for helping you to lessen your pain or discomfort. Running, walking, biking, or just accompli...
The Rockay Blaze compression sleeve is fit for athletes and non-athletes alike.
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Rockay Blaze Calf Compression Sleeve
The Rockay Blaze calf compression sleeve can become an incredibly useful daily accessory, even for those who don't live an active lifestyle. All listings and reviews show that it offers graduated compression, which is tightest when it's first put on and then loosens as the day goes on, which is makes...
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