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Best Climbing Helmets Buying Guide
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Best Climbing Helmets
Studies have shown that climbers are more likely to wear a helmet if they feel confident in them. Remember helmets protect the most important part of your body. Find one you like and rock it! A helmet is one of the most important parts of your gear when it comes to rock climbing. Look for a helmet...
Best Anti-Inflammatory Creams Buying Guide
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Best Anti-Inflammatory Creams
Presently, you would find different types of anti-inflammatory creams available on the market and every brand is unique in its own way. Once you use the different varieties you would understand the advantages that some of these creams have over other oral medications meant for pain relief. These crea...
An in-depth review of the best oil diffusers in 2018 Buying Guide
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Best Oil Diffusers Reviewed & Rated for Quality
Presently, oil diffusers have developed to become an important element in individuals’ lives. As an athlete, you would require this type of equipment to enable you to refresh or unwind from the tiring activities of the day. This would help prepare you for the activities of the day after. Nevertheless...
An in-depth review of the best foot spas for 2018. Buying Guide
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Best Foot Spas Reviewed & Rated for Quality
The feet are very important parts of the body because without them the entire body would not function normally. They provide ground support to the upper segments of the body and the most vital assets to a runner. Even with the important role they play, in ascertaining to the proper functioning of the...
an in-depth review of the best knee pads of 2018. Buying Guide
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Best Kneepads Reviewed & Rated for Quality
Knee pain is no joke. If you have ever experienced it or had a chronic problem with it, you know how much it affects your quality of life. If you are someone who has to kneel constantly for work or engages in hardcore extreme sports, you know the value in a good pair of knee pads. You can experience ...
an in-depth review of the best posture correctors of 2018. Buying Guide
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Best Posture Correctors Reviewed & Rated for Quality
Do you have a long drive to work followed by a desk job than another long drive home just to sit on the couch for a minute before sitting at the dinner table for dinner and ending your night on the couch again before you go to bed to sleep?  Welcome to the daily routine that is life for so many worki...
an in-depth review of the best heating pads of 2018. Buying Guide
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Best Heating Pads Reviewed & Rated for Quality
So what is a heating pad and why do you need it?  Heating pads are products that offer therapeutic relief to those who suffer from either acute or chronic pains in their muscles and joints.  People who have pain in their backs, shoulders, knees, elbows, abdomen. Those who may suffer from abdominal cr...
an in-depth review of the best training masks of 2018. Buying Guide
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Best Training Masks Reviewed & Rated for Quality
Resistance training is a good way for athletes who want to push themselves to increase their endurance get an edge on their competition. One of the newest fads in resistance training methods is altitude training masks. These masks are designed to restrict your airflow, simulating the kind of difficul...
The best handheld massagers fully reviewed Buying Guide
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10 Best Handheld Massagers Tested and Fully Reviewed
Muscle growth, development, and health are crucial to athletes. This is especially true for long-distance runners and for those who compete in strenuous activities. Because of this, it’s important to know how to take care of your body inside and out. Massages play an important role in muscle recovery...
In depth review of 10 best arthritis creams Buying Guide
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10 Best Arthritis Creams Fully Tested & Reviewed
Chronic arthritis can make it tough getting through certain tasks, without being stricken with pain. With that being said a topical cream can certainly help you to get some relief, at least temporarily. We have put together a list of the 10 best arthritis creams to help you get information and pain r...
the 10 best first aid kids reviewed and compared Buying Guide
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10 Best First Aid Kits Tested And Reviewed
There are many things we can control when it comes to our health, such as our meal plans and scheduled workouts. However, we can’t control emergency situations. But we can plan ahead to prepare us if we are faced with one.  No matter how strong we think we are, even the most elite athletes get injure...
our list of the 10 best wrist support compression sleeves reviewed Buying Guide
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10 Best Wrist Support Compression Sleeves Reviewed & Compared
As runners, we put a lot of thought and consideration into safety so we can avoid injury, but accidents do happen. When they do, you’ll want to be prepared for a quick recovery and one of the ways you can do that is with compression wear. With minor injuries, the most common procedure is to follow...
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