10 Best Nike Capri Leggings Tested And Compared


There are many different types of pants leggings and many others clothes for the runners. Today, we’re going to focus on Nike leggings. We found out that Capri is a very popular length so we’ve made the list of our top 10 favorite capri leggings from Nike. This brand is a giant on the market and their products are adored by athletes ( but not only) around the worlds. High quality materials and outstand design makes Nike’s leggings one of the most popular in the market. Which one you should choose? Well, we hope that with our list, it won’t be so difficult.

Last Updated: February 9, 2018
By Brian Price:

Check out the updates we have made to this guide, including three new picks from Nike.

Nike Pro Cool Training Capri's
  • Nike Pro Cool Training Capri's
  • 4.9 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Body-Skimming Fit
  • Price: See Here
Nike Dri-Fit Essential Capri's
  • Nike Dri-Fit Essential Capri's
  • 4.6 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Dri-Fit Stretch Fabric
  • Price: See Here
Nike Pro Training Capri's
  • Nike Pro Training Capri's
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Tight Fit + Flat Seams
  • Price: See Here

10 Best Nike Capri Leggings


Nike Pro Training

What to see and what to not! Too see the varied range of pigments or to get amazed with its transcending features? Nike pro training Capri can seriously push you to this dilemma.
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With imported breathable Dri-FIT material i.e. the perfect blend of 80% of Polyester and 20% spandex, the Capri does not leave us with any doubt regarding it being super comfortable and lightweight. We all know that a prime portion of comfort depends on the waistband. Keeping that concern into consideration, Nike has introduced the elastic broad waistband which eliminates any chance of pinching or discomfort while wearing. Next, another feature that deserves appreciation is the tight yet snug fit from the hip to the hem area that helps in easy layering.

Moisture Wicking
This is achieved through the breathable Dri-FIT 80% of Polyester and 20% spandex material. Besides being extremely comfortable, this material is well known for its moisture-wicking properties. This material instantly absorbs all the sweat and bacteria produced during a workout session and therefore keeps you clean any hygienic.

These come in the most pocket-friendly manner. Therefore, you need not worry a pinch regarding the cost. It’s cost is less than you may think it to be considering they are a Nike product. Check them out.

The comfort and breathability surpass all the other specifications

This is not at all see through

Fits to any kind of body structure


The moisture wicking is not so great

Nike Clash Epic Lux

Camo and specky designs are the new cool and when Nike used the style on their Capri Leggings, they received a very good response. These highly rated camouflage leggings are both stylish to the modern crowd, and have practical functionality for workout purposes.
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Spandex is a stretchable polyurethane fabric and nylon is a form of stretchable and firm synthetic polymer with a chemical bond that resembles protein-bond. These two produce extremely comfortable and soft Body Dri-FIT fabric and Mesh Dri-FIT material as well while blended in a proper ratio. In this Nike Clash Epic Lux Dri-Fit Stay Warm Running Capri, the body material is the wonderful outcome of Nylon and Spandex at the proportion of 77:23 while the ratio of these two materials is 81:19 in the Mesh Dri-FIT area. That’s the stratagem that Nike took for this model while the Pull On closure accompanies it.

This Pull On closure gives the perfect desirable fit every time while preventing your waist from getting irritated from the daylong suffocating clutch. The entire structure of the Capri provides a perfect locked-down feel while wearing. All the seams are stitched flatly so that the borders do not sting to the body. Last but not the least; the waistband is enough wide to bestow the comfortable and cosy fit around your waist area.

Moisture Wicking:
This time Nike has chosen the base material “Dri-FIT high-performance polyester fabric” which is well known for its perspiration and ventilation property. In addition to this, the back-of-knee insets and Mesh pocket bags which are the two newest additions to the Nike Leggings range have been welcomed by the users the most. These two specifications provide special additional ventilation on the selected sweat prone areas.

OK, so, this product belongs to the apparent high range of training leggings Capri. You can at ease use it for professional athletic purposes too and considering that the product is no way overpriced.
  • So true to the size chart!
  • Awesome stability while wearing
  • Flat seams
  • Perfect waistband pocket to secure your valuables
  •  Instantly wicks away the moisture and keeps the skin dry
  • The color availability might be a concern

Nike Pro Cool Training

Perhaps, simplicity is the boldest approach of confidence and one of the best-known evidence is this Nike Pro Cool Training Capri. Yes. With this launch, Nike has proved that without any catchy design or eye-catching tailor cut, some real substantial design with some basic color options can snatch a top ranking position in consumer ranks.
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The imported, high quality comfortable “Dri-FIT fabric” of polyester blends, the signature material of Nike has consistently been found in the entire range of Nike Capri and this Pro Cool model is also no exception. The elastic closure and flat elastic waistband are the next things in the row of users’ fav-list. While the broad elastic closure and flat elastic waistband are far away from the typical excruciating waistbands, the fine mesh panels behind the sweat-prone knee area help to keep the circular spot especially ventilated. Sustaining the steadiness in motion is a pretty important assignment for any athlete Capri and the addition of Triangular gusset is exactly keeping that factor in mind.

Moisture Wicking
Hope you haven’t missed the utterance of comfortable “Dri-FIT fabric” of polyester blend in the ‘comfort’ section. This extraordinary material choice instantly absorbs all the sweat and bacteria produced during the workout session and therefore keeps you clean any hygienic. Along with this, the base layer of “Body-skimming fit” works efficiently in sustaining the ventilation.

This Capri is in the moderate price range. In comparison with the overwhelming users’ response, it’s a grab-or-gone product.

The thinnest Capri of Nike yet enough thermal

Awesome body fit with unmatched flexibility

Very lightweight


The waistband area is little bit small

Nike Dri-Fit Essential Running

With all the conventional features and some other as an additional boons, Nike Dri-Fit Essential Running Capri is just like the last additional scoop of ice-cream.
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Along with a good number of additional comforting features, the perfect blend of 92% of Polyester and 8% of Spandex produces the softest possible base Nike Dri-Fit material of any running Capri. Next, the zip pockets are trivial additions that work as a lifesaver in keeping safe your tiny essentials. Next, there is the adjustable elastics waistband which stand for Nike’s uniqueness. This waistband provides you with the perfect snug fit according to your waist structure.

Moisture Wicking
Two prime things contribute to the unmatched moisture wicking efficiency: the base Nike Dri-Fit material and the mesh back panel at the back of the knee. The Dri-Fit material instantly wicks the sweat and bacteria away while the mesh back panel at the back of the knee keeps the particular sweat prone spot extra ventilated.

This athlete Capri does not fit into the moderately priced range but into the inexpensive range.

Extremely breathable, comfortable and keeps you completely sweat free

Fine to go to the nearest grocery shop wearing this too

Great fit


Little short in size

Waist portion is too tight

Nike Pro Hypercool Frequency Training

“Youth is not a time of life; it is a state of mind; it is not a matter of rosy cheeks, red lips and supple knees”. Who knew Nike secretly had planned to costume their latest Capri from the hue of your lively youth!
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No blend, this time Nike has chosen 100% pure Polyester as the base material. This Capri comes with the most desirable dimension for an athlete Leggings Capri: 12x10x3". Another specification which from customers’ review has been found a prime cause of buying this pair is its availability in both varied size and color options. The protective Elastic closure secures your comfortable fit.

Moisture Wicking
The 100% pure Polyester material is as efficient in moisture wicking as we have seen it in providing comfort. The pure polyester body is one hand extremely breathable while in the other, soaks instantly the sweat and moisture produced due to physical exercise.

The price belongs in the fairly expensive category though I guess you won’t mind sparing some extra bucks for an authentic quality product.

Eye-catching and vivid color combination and getup

Perfect fit


May not be so suitable for the aged ones

Nike Power Victory

The name doesn’t come from nowhere as in these, you will feel like a winner. These are typical Nike running leggings for those who like universal and classic design.
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The body-hugging feet is great as it provides a lot of flexibility and it also makes you look really good. They’re just below calf muscle so you get a lot of coverage. What is a little bit different about this one is the really stretchy material. Nike Power fabric is very stretchy and it also provides a lot of support to your muscles.

Moisture wicking
Like in many other models, Dri-FIT technology is used here to keep you dry for the whole time.

These may be a little bit more expensive but it’s still a good investment in your running. We’ve also found out that you can find them on sale and even 20 % of discount makes the difference.

Good moisture wicking abilities

Very stretchy and supportive


The price is high comparing to some other models

Dri-FIT Training

These are the first legging on our list from dri-FIT collection which is adored by runners around the world. The moisture wicking abilities at the great level.
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The construction of these leggings is very appropriate as the flat seam construction is very smooth for your skin and there’s no skin irritation. It’s obvious that leggings are tight but these also provide a lot of flexibility which is a key for a runner or gym enthusiast. Many runners really enjoyed the waistband as it was tilted up in back and it wasn’t so visible.

Moisture wicking
Nike special Dri- FIT technology makes a difference while running. It doesn’t matter if you sweat a lot or not, you will definitely see the difference. This technology boosts the moisture wicking so even after a long workout, you stay dry and feel more comfortable.
Comparing to the other Nike products, this one is affordable. The gusset is shaped into the triangle so it doesn’t restrict your movements.

The moisture wicking at the high level

Reasonably priced


Many runners had problem with choosing the best size

Nike Club

Many Nike leggings are very tight but the combination of snug fit with full range of movement is great for those who run or exercise at the gym.
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Special elastic waistband keeps the leggings in place and they don’t ride down. They will be great for running but many users also said that when it comes to the other sports, these are also great. Stretching after a workout won’t be a problem too. They’re made of cotton( about 92 % and the less is spandex.

Moisture wicking
The material is very smooth and silky in touch thanks to the cotton but some runners were afraid that the cotton isn’t the best moisture-wicking material. However, many runners really enjoyed using these leggings even for longer runs and they said that it was okay.

The price is very reasonable as the quality is very good and they provide a lot of pleasure while using them

They don’t ride down

Runners said that it contours your curves and they’re very fashionable


Some runners expected them to be thicker

Nike Canopy Printed Racer

When the international fashion ramps are imbibing the shot of atypical designs and hue-matches, why you should step back from breaking the fresh ground of your own closet-domain?
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Just like in most of the other Nike Capri, we've got imported premium quality Dri-FIT fabric. At the hip portion, the zippered pocket has been added where you can store your tiny essential things securely and render your entire attention to your workout.

Moisture wicking
The base material, the imported premium quality Dri-FIT fabric instantly absorbs all the sweat and bacteria produced during the workout session and therefore keeps you clean any hygienic. Apart from that, fine mesh panels have been added at the back of the knees and the side leg portions in order to provide extra ventilation to these sweat prone areas.

This Capri is the highest priced athlete Capri from Nike. So, the cost might concern you a bit but the quality of product you are getting at the cost of the money may be worth spending depending on your overall quality vs. affordability preference.

The fabric is enough sturdy to keep the fit steady and still does not ache the skin

Very much lightweight; perfect for workout

Fits to any kind of body structure


a bit short in size

a bit overpriced to some

Nike legend Dri-FIT

Do you want to become a legend? Well, if you want to be a legend in sports, these legging will totally help you with this.
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Runners said that these are very light comparing to the other models. You have a full range of motion thanks to triangular gusset.

Moisture wicking
It won’t be a surprise if we tell that they have great moisture wicking abilities thanks to Dri-FIT Cotton technology.

This is an average e price for leggings from Nike. They have a nice fit and are well made so they’re worth testing.

The cotton makes them more stretchy

They’re not see through


Some users said that they fade too fast

Stocking your running wardrobe with the right articles of clothing and all the proper necessities is important because good (or bad) running attire can really make or break your work out. From running tops and shorts, to socks, shoes, head bands, gym bags, and under and outer wear, Nike is a leader when it comes to some of the best options for running gear – and their selection of women’s running capri leggings are no exception.

Nike produces a fabulous product for the money, when you consider the quality and price of your clothes. Specifically, their capri leggings are comparably priced to other major manufacturers, and with so many options for different body types, purposes, styles, etc., you are bound to find one that fits your needs (literally and figuratively!). Capri leggings are an absolute essential for your workout wardrobe because their mid leg length make them super versatile and perfect for exercising in all kinds of conditions. Below are the list of criteria we used to compare the different models of Nike capri leggings, as well as other important factors you should consider when choosing which pair of Nike capris are best for you, and general FAQs to help answer any of your remaining lingering questions.

Some of The Criteria We Followed For Our Evaluation

1. The Comfort Level of the Capri Leggings 

Your Nike Capri leggings should keep you pleasantly comfortable as far as temperature is concerned – they should not make you too hot or too cold. Part of the benefit of wearing leggings is that they are multi-seasonal, so they should act as such. The act of running obviously uses your legs more than any other body part, so your lower body generates the most energy and thus the most heat; therefore, even in colder temperatures your legs may warm up quickly while out on a run. Leggings are great because they give you just the right amount of coverage for cooler temperatures (ideal for 40, 50, 60 degree F temperatures; they can even be excellent for temperatures in the higher 30 degree range, if you are used to cold and after you are already a few miles in) while still remaining breathable.

On the flip side, the breathability is also what allows you to wear them in warmer temperatures and remain comfortable ( in temperatures that climb into the 70s and even into the lower 80s). They cover a lot of skin but they still allow air flow to your legs. Nike’s leggings span a wide range of thickness  and thinness so it is good to know exactly what weather you will likely be running or exercising in when you wear them. There are thicker options, (Nike Class Epic Lux options is probably your best bet for warmth) specifically designed for keeping you warm in cooler temperatures and there other awesome options for keeping you cool in the heat (the classic Nike Pro Training model, the Nike Dri Fit Essential Running model, the Nike Pro Cool Training, and the Nike Pro Hypercool Frequency Training model, just to name a few). If you are strictly a gym rat, then either option  (of thick or thin) will keep you comfortable -though we would still advise you to lean more towards the “cooler” models.

A good pair of capri leggings is not overly constricting either. However, they should still offer compression technology that keeps your lower body supported and stabilized. The leggings on our list are not so tight that they make it difficult to move efficiently, nor are they restrictive to the point that muscle reactant time and blood flow is limited. A big complaint from runners about wearing capri or full length leggings while running is that they snug your legs and leg muscles so closely that it takes greater effort to contract these muscles while you are running, making it feel like you have to work harder. Luckily, Nike’s leggings and similar products do not make you feel suffocated! On the other hand, they should not be too loose either. A fitted form is part of the reason why you buy leggings (as opposed to pants or shorts) in the first place, so that you can avoid excess fabric flopping around and getting caught in the wind, slowing you down.

The texture and material that the capris are made from make a huge difference in comfort levels. Most people tend to agree that cotton is generally pretty comfortable, but it is an extremely poor choice for sports gear. As far as workout attire is concerned, polyester blends are typically the go to options for manufacturers, and are the majority of what Nike leggings are made from. Nylon and Spandex are other materials that the leggings on our list are made out of, and the more expensive, higher end versions of Nike leggings feature a unique Mesh Dr-Fit blend of materials that is a blend of polyester and spandex (usually a blend of 80% polyester, 20% spandex).

Another aspect of comfort to consider is the waistband and how it fits. It should be elastic and stretchy enough to fit your mid section but not overly constricting or tight that it leaves deep marks on your skin. It should be loose enough to move with you as breath (or pant or gasp for air following a killer speed interval!). Some women find that the waistbands on most legging are so tight and poorly designed that they end up leaving red marks or chafe the skin. Capris made out of mostly polyester blends will help keep chafing at bay but the right amount of elasticity of the waistband is key to making sure you don’t go home with uncomfortable chaffing and chapped skin around your waist.

However, think twice before you just pull out the drawstring of your waistband all together because spandex does not always stay up on its own. For some runners, the waistband drawstring might be annoying for various reasons, and you might be tempted to say good riddance, especially if it’s just too long. However, in the case of tights, (because they do not have the same kind of  sturdy elastic waistband that, say, a pair of running shorts might have) if you pull the string out completely, you run the risk of them falling down! Be smart, and if the length really does annoy you too much, stick to trimming it.

Comfort does not just mean physical comfort though. You should be mentally comfortable (and event confident and proud!) when you are sporting your pair of Nike capri leggings. You should feel comfortable in the style, color, and design you choose, and you should have enough options to suit your preferences.Do you like to be a ninja runner, decked out in all black? Or do you prefer colors, patterns, textures etc.? You should also be comfortable and confident about the fit. You already know they are going to be tight since they are leggings, but that does not mean they have to be unflattering. High waisted leggings, like many of the options on our list, not only keep everything tucked in and help you avoid unnecessary , erm, jiggling, but they also avoid the muffin top that leaves many of us so self conscious while we are working out. Finally, you should be able to rely on the security that your leggings are not see through.

Many brands – even the top running brands – make the mistake of making their products too thin so that they are see through in bright light and when you start to sweat. A rule of thumb for avoiding this is to stick with darker colors and all blacks; but for those of us who prefer to stand out with colors and patterns, be wary about the thinness of the fabric in whichever leggings you choose.

2. The Moisture Wicking Ability and Technology of the Capri Leggings

When it comes to moisture wicking technology, Nike is notorious for being one of the best companies to manufacture quality products that keep sweat from pooling and gathering in your clothes. The secret is their Nike Dri-Fit material, which is used throughout their various product lines, and can be found in the majority of the capri leggings featured on our list. The Dri-Fit material is pretty magical – not only is it extremely effective at wicking moisture, but it is virtually instantaneous and immediately wicks sweat and water.

You will probably be wearing these leggings for a wide variety of activities, so you obviously want them to be able to endure even the sweatiest work out sessions that you put them through. They need to be able to wick moisture to keep bacteria at bay and to help you avoid any unnecessary and unpleasant stenches that tend to linger after your run.Some of the leggings on our list – particularly the Nike Pro Cool Training leggings  and the Nike Clash Epic Lux leggings- feature mesh circles behind the knees to add additional breathability and moisture wicking to help keep you ventilated. Moisture wicking is also an important feature to have in your capri leggings if you intend to wear them to the store, while out running errands, when you are picking up the kids from soccer practice, etc. Basically, if you intend to be able to do anything in public immediately following your run or workout, you will benefit from the  advanced moisture wicking technology that Nike has to offer.

Moisture wicking material is also important because it helps keep chafing to a minimal, if not getting rid of it all together. This, along with seams that are stitched flat so that they do not uncomfortably rub against your skin and an elastic waistband that is not overly tight and constrictive, will ensure that you do not chafe but remain comfortable and pain free.

3. The Cost and Overall Value of the Capri Leggings

We know your budget is important to you, and not everyone has a ton of cash to throw at running clothes. Even though running can be one of the cheapest sports and hobbies, it can easily be one of the most expensive ones if you allow yourself to go crazy and get the best of the best in workout gadgets, shoes, and attire (on top of increasing race entry fees and travel fees!). When we considered the cost of the leggings, we certainly paid attention to monetary cost, but you will also find here an explanation of total value of the leggings and how certain components and features of each pair of leggings adds value and makes your dollar go further.

From a monetary standpoint, most of the Nike leggings on our list range from $45 to $60 with the more expensive ones getting closer to $75 (this being the Nike Relay Crop). As far as comparisons to capri leggings sold by other major running brands though, Nike products tend to be equal and even lower (than brands like Under Armour, Brooks, Asics, Oiselle, Lululemon, Reebok, Oiselle, etc). However, when compared to some department store brands, Nike products are more expensive but also much better quality.

The first component of value that we focused on was whether or not the leggings we were testing were transitional. This refers to how well they can transition between tasks. For instance, we have chosen leggings that work well not only for your workout but can stylishly and practically transition well to other tasks, errands, etc without leaving stinky bacteria lingering around that will make them smell bad. You should be able to wear them comfortably around town or while doing stuff  other tasks other than running or exercising and still feel comfortable and stylish. Transitionality can also refer to wardrobe transitionality, and being able to wear them with multiple pieces of clothing. Most of the capri leggings on our list come in a variety of prints, patterns, and colors and so can easily be paired with solids or patterns, depending on what you already have hanging in your closet. Plus, leggings are super easy to dress up or dress down, depending on what you pair them with.

The second value of component we considered was how long they typically last before you need to replace them. Nike products are known and sold all over the world BECAUSE they are known for producing such long-lasting, quality products that endure years of wear and tear. Obviously, how much, how often you wear them and what activities you are doing in them is going to factor in to determining how long they last; but for most runners and even intense gym rats and marathon trainers, all models and types Nike capri leggings will last you multiple training seasons

Another component of value we asked when reviewing the capri leggings: can you wear them through multiple seasons? For the most part, capri leggings are a valuable piece of clothing to have in your running wardrobe because they can be comfortably worn outside, out in the elements, (snow, ice, rain, etc) and in various hot and cold conditions throughout multiple seasons. Nike does a great job of creating capri leggings that can be worn in all kinds of weather, enduring a range temperature both inside and outside the gym.

Finally, a good pair of capri leggings will be easy to take care of. When reviewing the leggings on our list, we asked questions like, ‘can you throw them in to the wash easily with the rest of your dirty, smelly gym clothes? Can you keep them clean easily without having to take extra measures to make sure they get clean or follow specific cleaning instructions?’ For the most part, Nike’s leggings are super easy to take care of – just throw them in the wash with any of your other soiled clothes and they will get clean and look good as new after just one wash. The added beauty of ventilation and Nike’s Dri-Fit material that wicks sweat is that it also helps keep the leggings cleaner, less bacteria filled, less stinky, and ultimately more hygienic.

Other Important Factors To Consider When Choosing a Pair of Nike Capri Leggings

1. Do you like to blend in or stick out?

If you are one of those runners who will only ever be spotted wearing wear black on black or if you just tend to stick to simple neutral colors and tones for your workout attire, then the majority of the options on our list will work just fine for you because most all the models of Nike capri leggings come in solid black (or neutral tones like grays and dark blues). However, you might be that spunky chick who loves to be seen and get a little attention in the gym or on the road so your wardrobe consists largely of vibrant colors and patterns. From a practical standpoint, you might have to run early in the morning or late in the evening, and so need  colorful and bright running gear for safety purposes. If that is the case, our list has some fantastic options for patterned, funky, and fun prints and colors.

2. How old are you?

We don’t mean to pry, and we know asking women their age is a major no-no. So just don’t answer out loud! We only suggest you consider your age for reasons mentioned in the first consideration above – the older ladies shopping for a good pair of capri leggings might not appreciate the bright colors and slightly in-your-face patterns that some of the leggings on our list are sold in. Just a thought to keep in mind, especially if you are shopping for someone else!

3. Do you need to carry a lot of stuff with you on your run?

If you typically wear a belt, arm band, or even a back pack to carry your stuff while out on runs, then this does not necessarily apply to you. However, if you rely on pocket space in your pants to stick your essentials (keys, fuel, cash, phone, mP3 player, etc.) then that will help you decide which capri leggings are best for you. Because leggings naturally sit so tight and fit against your legs so snugly, they will have less room for lots of pocket space then, say, bulkier shorts or pants.

However, most Nike legging products come with small, concealed pockets (sometimes multiple pockets on the back right above the rear as well as running down the sides of the legs and inside the waist band) that can easily fit a car or house key, one or two gels or Honey Stinger Waffle  packets, and even a standard-sized smart phone.

4. What season, months, weather are you running in?

Knowing exactly when you will be wearing your capri leggings will help you to choose the best pair for your needs. Like we mentioned earlier, capri leggings are a great buy because they are so versatile, and can essentially be worn in any weather (except extremes). This means they are a great option to wear season to season. However, there ARE certain models of Nike capri leggings that were specifically designed with keeping you cool or warm in mind, so take that into consideration when you choose a pair. Also, the leggings on our list feature excellent moisture wicking technology, making them a suitable option for rainy or wetter runs.


Q: How much will these leggings cost me?

A: If you purchase your capri leggings from one of the more expensive, well known running brands like Brooks or Oiselle, (or from brands like Lululemon and Lole) you will likely pay $100 or more. Fortunately, Nike is a much more reasonably priced brand. Most of their capri leggings cost around $50 to $60, but you can often find them marked down, and they run great sales throughout the year.

Q: What sizes do these leggings come in? Are they “true to size”?

A: All the leggings on our list run the typical size ranges of XS, S, M, L, and XL. However, Nike also sells many of their products, including several models of their capri leggings, in plus sizes of 1X, 2X, and 3X.  And reviewers say all their models fit true to size. The only negative feedback ever given about the fit was that the elastic waistband might be a little tight for some folks.

Q: Why choose leggings over shorts or looser pants?

A: The main distinction between leggings and shorts and/or looser fitting pants is obviously how tight and snug leggings fit. But what exactly is the advantage of this? Besides keeping you more aerodynamic and less likely to catch wind and be slowed down, the compression component of tight-fitting leggings allows for increased blood flow to your muscles during your run, which will help activate them, helping your fast-twitch muscle fibers to fire off more quickly, speed up recovery time, and ultimately reduce the risk of injury.

Q: How do I take care of my Nike capri leggings? How do I wash them?

A: First and foremost, always check the garment tag inside your capri leggings for exact directions for washing, drying, and general care instructions. But for the most part, you will be find if you stick to Nike’s recommendations of machine washing their Dri-Fit garments inside out in cold water with like colors, and use powdered detergents instead of liquids. They also suggest letting the capris air dry or dry on low heat because higher heat from your dryer will reduce the effectiveness of the moisture wicking Dri-Fit technology. They also warn against using any bleach, fabric softeners, or dryer sheets and to never dry clean. Finally, if you have to iron them, always use the cool setting on your iron so that you do not damage the Nike logos.


Take a look a some of these great sources:


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