Best Running Accessories Reviewed & Fully Compared


Running accessories can be useful to the consistent runner.

When you start you running adventure, the most important things when it comes to running are appropriate shoes and clothes. It’s obvious that you can’t run the distance without comfortable shoes on. You need to focus on getting the basic kit. However, in the course of time, you’re becoming more and more advanced in running and you want something new to enrich and diversify your running. This is why the market is full of accessories that will let you enjoy your running even more. All the accessories are very diversified. There are running watches, running belts, headphones and different kinds of food. It’s only your choice which one you would like to have. That’s why we have made a list of top 13 products from many different fields of running.

We’ve also tried to find products that aren’t very expensive and rather budget-friendly. We’ve also prepared Criteria for Evaluation and FAQ to make things easier. Now, it’s time to check our best accessories!

Last Updated: April 3, 2018
By Richard Haberkost:

Thirteen top selections for runners to add to their running gear, these high-quality products are proven popular among global runners. We encourage you to regularly return to this page as we will keep expanding the list to include more top popular choices for running gear. Check our review criteria section to see which criteria we use for selecting the best products. Any questions, look in our FAQs for helpful and informative answers.

Suunto Ambit3
  • Suunto Ambit3
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Altimeter, Barometer, Compass & Gps
  • Price: See Here
Salomon S-Lab Skin 3
  • Salomon S-Lab Skin 3
  • 4.9 out of 5
    Our rating
  • MotionFit trail + Sensifit
  • Price: See Here
BSeen LED Slap Band
  • BSeen LED Slap Band
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Ultra High Visibility
  • Price: See Here

10 Best Running Accessories


1. Suunto Ambit3 Sports Watch

Having a watch on you while you’re running is helpful. Having a watch that monitors speed, heart rate, and GPS can’t get any better. The Suunto Ambit 3 GPS watch is an easy to use sports watch that tracks different measurements and features its’ own applications. The applications on the Suunto Ambit 3 are primarily used to interpret the data you have established over a fixed period of time.
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Easy to Use
All you have to do is put this watch on, and prepare to monitor your physical activity. Basically, you just have to plug your watch into your computer, fill out whatever information is needed, and you’ll be ready to go! You can also sync this device to your smartphone to get a better understanding of your fitness numbers.

This watch will be able to record data using GPS satellite technology. In order to properly utilize this GPS data, Suunto has a motion sensor, which is needed to monitor GPS data. If you want the most accurate results, try putting the motion sensor on your ankle, that way the sensor can clearly pick up the difference between when you’re walking and when you’re running.

For a watch, the cost of the Suunto Ambit 3 is high up there. When considering price, you need to ponder on what you’re getting in this product. The good news is that this sports watch isn’t limited to just displaying the time for you. With this sports watch, you get a watch that you can run and work out in, a product that can monitor different measurements of your physical activity. Other elements such as GPS, distance tracking, and a running timer also make this product more valuable compared to other watches.
  • Easy to use installation
  • GPS monitoring tracks your movement at all times
  • Long Battery Life
  • Software/Suunto app isn’t always reliable
  • Sometimes the GPS feature takes a long time to load

2. Garmin Vivofit 3

Here we go with the next watch. This one is produced by one of the most popular watches brand on the market- Garmin. This one will be perfect for those who don’t need GPS watch but want something multifunctional to make their running more organized and keep useful data. Check this one !
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Features and design
The band is made of silicone, it’s very sleek so you can wear it all day. It’s easy to stay motivated as this watch counts the calories. It also monitors sleep. It also shows intensity minutes , has backlit display to make it more readable by night and auto sync. You can track your goals in very easy way- there are many charts and maps to show your progress. When you will be inactive for about an hour, you will get a reminder that you should move more. The watch is compatible with Connect IQ makes you able to track not only running but also swimming, biking and cross training activities and you can also use it for everyday life, even in the office. And of course don’t forget that it also tracks distance and counts steps.

Many runners appreciated that the watch is very small. Not many people like to wear bulky watches covering most of their wrist. This one is petite. Vivofit 3 is also very lightweight so you can sometimes forget that you’re wearing it. There’s special locking mechanism so you won’t lose it during your training. This watch is also water-resistant so it can be used also in more demanding conditions

Battery Life
You can use Vivofit 3 for about a year without any charging so it really saves your time.

The average cost is about 80 dollars but you can try to find them on sale.


Very long battery life

There are special alerts that remind you to stay active

Locking band makes more secure fit

  • There aren’t phone notifications

3. Fitbit One Pedometer

Using a pedometer is a neat way to keep track of your steps each day as you try and reach your fitness goals. The Fitbit One pedometer does it all compared to basic pedometers. Using the Fitbit One, you can track your steps and sleep pattern, all on the Fitbit’s screen. By pairing this device with your smartphone via Bluetooth, you’ll be able to track your steps, miles, steps climbed, and calories burned.
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Variety of Data
For a narrow product, the Fitbit One has the ability to display a lot of accurate data. The device is great at tracking your information, primarily steps and sleep. In addition, the Fitbit app can give you a more thorough idea of your daily physical activity on your mobile device.

Convenient Size
The small size of the Fitbit One pedometer makes it easy to put it in your pocket for as long as you would like without feeling uncomfortable.

The Fitbit One is on the “average/above average” scale when it comes to pedometers. Granted it’s sleek size, easy portability, and ease of use, this Fitbit pedometer is a solid investment for the runner looking to track their states and set higher goals each and every day.
  • Device can show steps taken, as well as other information
  • Tracks sleeping patterns in addition to physical activity
  • Easy to use
  • Rechargeable battery doesn’t last very long
  • Could be more accurate with sleep information

4. Salomon S-Lab Skin 3 Racing Vest

A hydration pack isn’t a mandatory item for outdoor activity, but it can sure be of assistance in some of the hottest days. This hydration pack is lightweight, offers a comfortable fit, and easy to reach pockets. This product looks like it could be used exclusively for hiking, but thanks to the lightweight material incorporated, runners can use this to stay hydrated while going on long walks and runs.
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Running with a vest that is heavy will make a runner uncomfortable, quick. Fortunately, this hydration pack is made with lightweight mesh that fits the body snugly. The vest won’t move all over the place while you run, so there’s no distractions while you are engaged in physical activity.

This vest is convenient for the user because they can just place their drink in the pockets available. In other words, they can keep their hands free while using this product. Instead of running around with a water bottle in hand, you can just run with your drinks in the vest; stopping any time for a water break. The pockets on this vest are strategically placed so that you are able to hold a maximum amount of liquid and access it easily.

This vest resembles the cliché “you get what you pay for.” The value for this product is high end, but the material is worthwhile. Upon purchase, you receive a hydration vest made with legitimate material, the only downside being that it does not come with a bladder to drink out of.
  • Doesn’t bounce while you’re running
  • Lightweight
  • Has plenty of pocket space
  • Doesn’t come with a water bladder
  • Strings sometimes get in the way

5. Flip Belt

“Flipping the belt” will offer you ultimate comfort while keeping your valuables safe while you run. You can easily place your phone, music player, money, or any other accessory in this item. Once you flip the belt, your items are “locked”, so they can be secure while you go out and run. Coming in nine colors, you have plenty of options when it comes to the Flip Belt.
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Unlike other running belts where you feel like you are getting burned by the material, the Flip Belt is slim and stretchy cause of the micropoly material it is made of.

This belt is very convenient for the runner, primarily because you can hold most of your everyday items in the belt, and they will be secure. You won’t have to worry about your things falling out of a pouch, or your belt bouncing back and forth, because the belt itself is essentially so tight that it looks like it is attached to your skin.

The cost for this efficient running belt is fairly cheap. While it may not look like much, you are getting a deal with this product.
  • Material is soft and stretches, so you will be able to store items of all sizes
  • Variety of colors available


  • It isn't the ideal product if you frequently check your phone while running

6. Foot Forward Running Belt

The Foot Forward Running Belt does an excellent job in keeping all your valuables safe in one place. This belt is narrow so it won’t take up much space on your body, yet has enough room to place your cell phone, mp3, keys, and even wallet in.
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This item was manufactured for sturdy use. The pouch is waterproof, so it will be capable of absorbing consistent use for an extended period of time. The zipper is snugly applied to the material to avoid wear and tear.

This running belt has the room to carry a variety of objects, but looks narrow enough where the pouch doesn’t look like it shouldn’t be there. The slim look goes with the black belt that the buyer would be wearing. Furthermore, the Foot Forward Running Belt comes in four different colors: Black, green, pink, and blue, so you will have options when buying this product.

For a running belt that has room for more than just a cell phone, this product is a bargain. Based off of the average price, this would definitely be worth looking into.
  • Handful of colors to choose from
  • Sturdy material keeps it durable
  • Slim structure might not be best for those carrying many items

7. Mpow Cheetah Bluetooth Headphones

Wearing a pair of Bluetooth headphones eliminates the hassle of running with a dangled wire connected to your phone or mp3 player. The Mpow Bluetooth headphones come with a behind the ear design, with snug ear buds that ensure stability while running. These headphones offer you a battery life of 8 hours; enough time to get over a handful of runs in before charging again.
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Bluetooth Connection
Wireless connection gives you the ability to feel free and unbothered by any wires that could potentially end up tangled in front of you. The Bluetooth connection encourages a hands free experience that makes your run that much easier. All you have to do is sync these headphones with your iPod and/or Apple /Android cell phone and you’ll be ready to go.

Battery Life
The 8 hours of battery life offered by the Mpow wireless headphones is reasonable. If you finish your runs quickly, you can get a lot of use with these headphones until the next time you have to charge them.

For a pair of wireless Bluetooth headphones, the Mpow Cheetah headphones are considered inexpensive. Many of the brand name headphones are overpriced, but these are ready to provide an excellent experience for the right price.
  • Long battery life
  • Behind the neck design enhances comfort
  • Headphones fit snug in your ears
  • Other wireless headphones have longer battery life
  • Product doesn’t react well to sweat

8. KeyNice Sports Armband

The KeyNice armband is the best way to keep your electronics and other valuables safe while out on a run. The waterproof material that this armband is made out of will grant you the freedom to go out and exercise in any type of weather. The elastic armband is adjustable, so no matter how big or small your arms are, you will have the ablity to strap this thing on and get to work.
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Waterproof Feature
The waterproof material that is used for the armband is great because it opens up more opportunity to go out and run despite any rain or snow-heavy weather conditions. The waterproof soft foam will be able to protect your phone or mp3 from getting wet and potentially damaged.

Double Pockets
This feature is beneficial because it gives you room to hold extra items and free your hands when you run. With extra room, you can carry a small wallet or accessory without worrying about losing anything on your run.

For what it’s worth, this item is affordable. Between the waterproof material and the large amount of space, this item is something you might like.
  • Waterproof
  • Plenty of zippers for you to place your valuables
  • Velcro tends to undo itself during use

9. E-Tronic Waist Pack

The E-Tronic waist pack will keep all your belongings safe in one place while you’re running, so there will be no need to worry about things falling out of your pockets. In addition, this running belt comes with two reflective bands that you can wear so you will be visible to drivers at night. Even without the reflective bands, this running belt has a reflective strip to keep you in sight.
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The E-Tronic waist pack offers the user ultimate convenience. Instead of leaving all your belongings in your pockets or running while holding them in your hands, you can place everything in your waist pack, zip it up, and go on you way. There will be plenty of occasions where your running shorts and/or tights will not have pockets. Having this waist pack will compensate for that. You can go ahead and throw in your cell phone, IPod, and even your wallet and not have to worry about losing your stuff.

Including the reflective bands, the E-Tronic waist pack has characteristics that will keep you safe when running through the neighborhood at night, or anywhere where there are a lot of motor vehicles. Having reflector gear on is important not just for you but for the drivers as well. It could be tough to see runners on the side of the road at night, so these accessories can most definitely make life easier.

When it comes to cost, the E-Tronic waist pack is inexpensive. Keep in mind, not only are you receiving a waist pack upon purchase, but also two additional reflective accessories. For what you get, the E-Tronic waistband is worth an investment.
  • Easy to wear waist pack can hold most valuables
  • Comes with two reflective bands to keep you visible at night
  • Users claim that the waist pack isn’t big enough for their items

10. BSeen LED Slap Band

The BSeen LED slap band is a useful accessory that will help you be seen at night. The lightweight product is primarily made of Nylon, and in result is easy to wear. It is also “one size fits all”, so whether you are out for a run, bike ride, or just taking a walk, the B Seen slap band is something worth looking into if you like to go exercise at night.
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Easy to Wear
This nylon band can be simply applied to your wrist, arm, leg, or ankle. The LED band will make you very visible to oncoming motor vehicles while you are out running.

Easy Battery Replacement
The battery for the BSeen slap band can be easily replaced, and comes with an extra battery upon purchase.

The BSeen armband is an inexpensive alternative for keeping yourself visible at night. The cost is very good for the product.
  • Comes with replaceable battery
  • Bright light keeps you visible at night or in bad weather
  • The band will break if you replace the battery with excessive force

11. Balega Blister Resist No Show Athletic Running Socks for Men and Women

These great blister resistant running socks combine Drynamix and comfortable mohair to give us tech and nature working together in harmony for our comfort and protection. Not getting painful blisters while running due to a great accessory such as these socks makes these worthy of a must have tag.

The socks retain nice warmth retention in winter and coolness in summer and for good performing wick factor, wick-ability is carried out through the Drynamix material. The toe area is seamless, so no friction problems and the heel pocket is extra deep to ensure a great FIT and no sock slipping while running.

So if you want to prevent problems with foot blisters, these really are worthwhile.
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The weave of very comfortable materials are elastane for flexibility-2%,  Neofil 3%, durability and dry-out nylon 6%, durability, dry out and comfort polyester 54%.

Warm feet in winter, cool feet in hot weather, good wick capability,  seam-free comfort to avoid skin irritation, extra deep heel pocket to ensure a secure FIT.

These socks are real performers, specifically designed to comfortably protect your feet from blistering.


Average price for a protective good quality pair of running socks.




Good wick-ability

Durable materials.


Limited range of colors

12. RUN GUM Mint Energy Gum 50mg Caffeine Taurine & B-Vitamins Per Piece

Guaranteed energy when you really need it through sublingual-absorption, chew for two minutes and feel that surge of energy coming for you.

Easy to carry in a pocket in running shorts or trackies, fully waterproof packaging so it won't get soggy in the rain, full of healthy B-Vitamins and 50mg of energy boosting caffeine while being totally sugar-free.

We all get those moments when a quick boost of energy to enhance our personal performance would be very welcome, read our review see if this is the right boost for you.
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Ingredients and Performance.

Very easy to stow away in your pocket and if it rains, the packaging is fully waterproof, you get energy very fast through sublingual absorption, You get 12 gum packets with each box you order, so that's a lot of energy at your fingertips, each pack gives 100 mg of caffeine.

Sugar-free and packed full of vital B-vitamins and 50 mg caffeine for each piece or two pieces 100 mg.

A delicious mint taste for minted energy at those times when you want a quick acting boost, add this great gum to your running gear/accessories and boost your personal performance at those times when you feel your energy is flagging.


Very reasonable price in return for a good energy booster

Delicious Mint Flavor

Packed with B-Vitamins

50 mg caffeine each piece of gum

Easy to carry

Waterproof packaging


Only in mint

Nathan Sports Trail Mix Plus

If you have a problem with staying hydrated during race, this may be your rescue. With Nathan hydration belt, you can carry the water with you but you don’t need heavy bottles any more. The using is very easy, just take one bottle from the belt and enjoy the water.
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Nathan is aware that heavy hydration belts aren’t the best company while running. This one is also more lightweight than the previous version. The weight is about 10.2 ounces.

This hydration belt doesn’t provide only the hydration but you can also carry some things inside. There’s pocket where you can keep your keys and phone. The pocket is also zippered to provide more security. It’s also compatible with iPhone 6 plus. There are also shockcords to lock gloves or jacket.

Fit and comfort
This is stretch belt so it’s really comfortable, you can easily adjust the tightness. It fits waist/hips from 22 to 44 inches so you can wear it without the discomfort of bouncing. We really appreciated that this product has reflective trims to make you more visible on the road. There’s even a special color ,,black/safety yellow”. Of course, there are many other colors you can choose from.

The price isn’t very high comparing to the quality of this product. You can also try to look for it on sale.

Durability and quality
When it comes to materials, this is nylon and polyester blend. Most users were really happy with the purchase and only a few said something negative about durability.

There’s wide mouth opening

Pocket big enough to keep cell phone

Good quality materials

Bottles are easy to pull out


Some users said that the belt tends to slide a little bit

Criteria Used in Picking Out Best Running Accessories.

Running might be assumed to involve just the use of 2 legs but then running goes beyond this, it looks into other factors that make the whole running experience fun and productive. A runner will need accessories and other tools that will enable him or her to achieve their fitness goals (running ). While running might involve the use of the runner’s legs only we have additional accessories that make sure that the whole running experience is made more fun and enjoyable like a water bottle, a fitness tracker, knee sleeve etc.. Additionally, the proper attire, such as good quality trainers and season-appropriate clothing, can make a runner more comfortable.

When planning to buy a sporting accessory it’s important to consider personal preference, usability, style and design, comfort and many other things.

While looking at the different types of accessories different factors were considered in ensuring that you have the best running accessories that you will need to improve your running experience.  The factors vary depending on the type of accessory.

The factors considered were:


All you running accessories should be comfortable especially when you are running. Comfort and breathability go hand in hand and both are affected by the material used in making the running accessory. Comfort will be achieved by getting the right fit and also picking the right material that doesn’t affect your skin. The breathability is also an important criterion when selecting your next running accessory, this means that there will be great air circulation around your body that will enhance as you continue running. Good material will ensure that you enjoy comfort and breathability. Ask about the material used in making the running accessories. Also, make sure to check that your skin doesn’t have a negative reaction to any particular material that is used in making any type of running accessory.


Each running accessory has unique features that make it stand out and also facilitate the running experience. Running accessories are developed to be highly functional, aiming to make your running more enjoyable, easier and/or safer. Looking at fitness trackers, they have amazing features that help them stand out. There are the four different types of features to consider on a GPS watch:

  • What kind of hardware does it have? Battery life can vary greatly from 5 hours to 50 hours or more.  Some GPS watches may include built-in sensors such as heart rate, altimeters, thermometers and more.  Screen sizes also vary and should be considered as larger screens may be too heavy while a smaller screen is harder to read.
  • What data does the watch track? This can include speed/pace, distance, time, elevation, heart rate and more.  Some models will also track temperature and swim strokes or laps if used for swimming.
  • What training tools does it have? Some GPS watches will alert the user if programmed with a particular training plan.  This could be alerting the user at certain laps or mile marks.  This may be done using vibrations or sound.  Another useful tool to consider is on screen maps.
  • What accessories does it come with or are available? Many watches have accessories that work with it that either come with it or are available for an additional cost.  These accessories include heart rate monitors, foot pods, cadence sensors and mounts for bikes.



Just because you want a good running accessory doesn’t mean you should not consider the price of the accessory. Though we cannot deny the obvious fact that running accessories can be a little costly especially the ones that are constantly updated and are technologically induced. The price doesn’t mean that it relates to the quality of the accessory, though the price might be a good factor to consider. It’s good to look into reviews that are given to a particular product before making a purchase. Running gears are a good investment that should be given great consideration before making the purchase.


This majorly affects fitness trackers and other technological running accessories. If there is one thing every sports person needs when checking their work out data is accurate. Before purchasing the running accessory it’s important to check how accurately its ability to store data. For instance, trackers cannot be considered to be foolproof. Since they algorithms and sensors in collecting data, that means there is some level of imprecision.  Still, the fitness trackers we have, are known to record accurate data in terms of tracking fitness activities.


The aspect of weight is very much considered in running, everyone prefers to run lightly.  But then this challenge gets worse, especially when running in a cold weather and you still want to protect yourself from a harsh weather condition. And a warm running clothing isn’t supposed to be so thick that it overburdens you regardless of the quality but then this doesn’t mean that you should sacrifice all the other important factors when considering the weight of your neck running gear.


Many athletes want to own accessories that can withstand wear and tear. It’s important that when you are buying any accessory you consider the durability of the product. A durable product means you have a good value for your money. Most people would trade-off durability for weight. But then lightweight might offer short-term comfort. So other factors ought to be considered to give support to the durability of a given accessory more focus.

Other Important Factors To Consider


Any running gear is made from different materials. These materials play an important role in making sure there is a maximum comfort to the runner. It’s important to check if the materials used contain sweat-wicking abilities and quick drying features. Most runners prioritize staying dry during any running session. This is a little challenging especially if you tend to sweat a lot during running exercises. Most standard sporting clothes being sold are not made to handle the sweating experienced by athletes when working out, but sporting clothes have incorporated technology, this means the body is kept dry always regardless of the amount of sweating experienced by an athlete during a workout. Fabrics such as nylon and polyester provide these qualities with amazing comfortability to the wearer.

It’s important to know the materials that suit you best in order to avoid any chaffing or irritation. The materials used in most running clothes are:

  1. Acrylic fabric:  offers added durability and strength to the main fabric, this synthetic in nature fabric has a sweat-wicking ability and is praised for its fast drying time.
  2. Fabric made from Bamboo: Pulp is extracted from bamboo grass and used to make this fabric. It has amazing lightweight features and very strong, and since its made from bamboo. The fabric has both wicking abilities and antibacterial properties and most preferred by athletes who suffer from allergies.
  3. Combed Cotton Fabric: it’s among the softest fabrics used in manufacturing sports’ apparel. It’s also lustrous in nature and of very high quality.
  4. Cotton Fabric: One of the most common fabrics, though over the years it has been losing its popularity with manufacturers. Offers good breathability and comfortability. Though there are different versions of cotton fabric like the: Organic Cotton fabric, Prima Cotton fabric, Ring Spun Cotton fabric and lastly the Supima Cotton fabric.
  5. Coolmax Fabric: This is an improved version of the polyester fabric, preferred in making inner garments for athletes since it has amazing sweat-wicking abilities and comfortability.
  6. Latex Fabric: Originally made from rubber, it has amazing compression abilities this makes it best for fitting sporting clothes like running tights. Same traits as Spandex.
  7. Nylon Fabric:  the best synthetic fabrics in the market, adored for its great durability and its lightweight nature. Though its breathability together with its sweat-wicking abilities is not that good, its ability to withstand tear and wear is what most athletes opt for.
  8. Polyester Fabric: Another common fiber that is synthetic but very durable. Has the ability to dry very fast and keep off wrinkles.

Other materials that are used include:

  1. Microfiber fabric
  2. Modal fabric
  3. Organza fabric
  4. Rayon fabric
  5. Satin Fabric
  6. Silk Fabric
  7. Spandex Fabric
  8. Viscose Rayon Fabric


Running gears have not escaped the chains of fashion and style. This does not only focus on the female section, even the men’s running gears are embracing a certain sense of style. Your running accessory should be stylish enough to blend with your personality. Variety of designs and colors can now be seen in many running gears. No duller colors with basic designs.

Running Clothes & Apparel

Choosing the perfect running attire can be a little difficult especially when weather and comfortability are involved. For those who don’t have the privilege of having treadmills or elliptical machines might just have to take their running sessions outdoors. But the weather plays an important factor. You will need to make sure that your running clothes are definitely weather resistant and be able to protect you from harsh weather conditions. They should also allow the body to feel comfortable and have enough air flow to encourage breathability.

Winter Running Attires:
Make sure your running clothes have thin layers as this will allow the runner’s body to perspire and breathe with ease. The layer at the base ought to be made of fabric that has moisture wicking abilities., hence avoiding the body getting cold due to the sweat released. The fabric should also have a fleece-like component that is able to trap air and hence provide heat to the runner’s body. The outer layer of the clothing should be resistant to both wind and water and finally, the attire should be lightweight so as not to restrict natural body movement. Other winter accessories must be worn so that you protect yourself from the cold, attires like glove and neck gaiters can keep the neck and hands warm.

Summer Running Attires:

First of all, they must be lightweight and offer maximum ventilation to the body. The right fabric will be able to wick away sweat,  hence provide the needed comfort in running. They should also be able to prevent skin chaffing. If you plan on running in sunny climate its importation to apply sunscreen and wear accessories that will protect you from the sun rays.

Getting a sporting accessory or gear that will not only serve its purpose and also last should be the ultimate goal when making a purchase for any sporting equipment. But then this can prove to be a difficult task especially with the many types of running gears and accessories on the market.  With the many features and factors to look at. All these gears and accessories make sure that your running experience is not just fitness-focused but then its also more relaxing and offers you maximum comfortability.  For this reason, correct running gears should be used starting with the correct running shoes.



The below questions are very common and specific questions asked with when shopping for specific running accessories, most questions refer to a specific running accessory followed by a detailed answer related to the running accessory.

Q. What Are the Benefits of Using an HRM device?

A. Heart rate monitors can make calculating your heart rate simple and often do not disrupt your workout. These devices also can centralize your heart rate information on the device and reduce the need to keep a log or journal. However, heart rate tracking devices might not be ideal for everyone. Deciding to use one is a decision for you and your healthcare provider.

Q. Which is the best material for a sporting accessory?

A. The right material will be durable and long-lasting.  Different brands use different materials and may even have their own “blend”.  Figuring out your needs will help you choose the right accessory for you.  For example, some material is waterproof while others protect against UV rays.  There are a variety of materials used, and focusing on function rather than style will help you find a long lasting product that works best for you.

Q. What will you be using your backpack for?

A. It’s important to know the use of the backpack before making any purchase. Most of us might want to buy a backpack because it’s trendy or fashionable. But then the backpack might fail to meet our needs. If you are a runner who travels lightly or a runner who has plenty of stuff that they use during their running sessions. Whichever the case, carry out enough research so that you get the bag that will not only be stylish but will also serve the purpose.

Q. What are the important Features that an athlete should look for when purchasing any Workout Gear?

A. The important features will be solely determined by the type of sporting activity you are involved in. After this, the next important factors would be fit and comfortability. In order to get the needed support and comfort, you must make sure that you get the correct fit and that your garment is too baggy or too tight on your body. If it possible try on the running gear before purchasing it, you can even try some moves that entail your sporting activity to gauge the fit of the gear on your body.

A moisture-wicking feature is another factor looked for in sporting apparel. It even gets better when the apparel has anti-microbial features. For those athletes who like outdoor workouts should check for weather resistant features in the material of the sporting gear and also reflective features for added precaution. The light-colored sporting clothing will make sure your body is cool. Another good idea would be to invest in some clothing that offers UV protection, hence preventing skin damage.

When looking at the functionality, it is ideal to go zipped pockets and hidden pockets on your running clothes. This provides added storage space for the important things you cannot leave behind like car keys.

Q. What if I have a budget?

A. Running accessories can be very expensive, so considering your budget beforehand is a wise decision.  That being said the products above that may seem really expensive can be justified because of the quality and durability of the product.  Choosing an effective product is very important, so saving for a more expensive product might be worth it in order to get a good quality accessory.




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