13 Best Shoes for Zumba Reviewed


Searching for Zumba Shoes? Take a look at the best Zumba Shoes of 2018, Pros & Cons and what to be aware of before buying them online or in a store

What is Zumba?

Zumba is a special dance exercise program which was invented first in 1990s by the choreographer named Alberto Perez. Zumba is a great way to exercise while having fun dancing. Usually, in a class setting, Zumba allows you to dance to Latin music. Sounds easy?

Well, take a chance and take a Zumba class. You will be surprised at how fast you starting burning calories. Though, due to its movements, you need to be dance with adequate shoes. A typical sneaker that you wear for running will not give you the flexibility and comfort that you need. Besides, having suitable Zumba shoes will allow your ankles, knees and hips to stay healthy and not be forced into awkward movements. That’s why having the right footing will allow you to enjoy Zumba and stay comfortable while you Zumba.

Note: Many shoes run smaller than your average shoe size. You might need to re-order the shoes for a size smaller… Do your research and size your feet before buying any of these…

Last Updated: February 13, 2018
By Brian Price:

There were some shoes that needed to be on our list, although it was already pretty solid. So, we built it up to a top 13 rather than 10. Take a look at our new top picks.

Ryka Influence
  • Ryka Influence
  • 4 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Designed for stability
  • Price: See Here
Ryka Tenacity
  • Ryka Tenacity
  • 4.8 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Supportive yet flexible
  • Price: See Here
Capezio Rockit
  • Capezio Rockit
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Padded Achilles notch
  • Price: See Here

13 Best Shoes for Zumba

Ryka Women's Influence

Shoes that are affordable and provide the best support. These shoes are at the top of our list because of its cushion that minimizes impact (though some people prefer to use them with insoles), its flexibility and overall feel. When you wear them, you’re able to move smoothly and at the same time, your feet feel secure.
Shoes that are cross training can be used for various types of training include dancing and jumping. Ryka provides great options in these shoes for Zumba fanatics who need the cross training component.
Usually, the shoes fit smoothly in the front with some room for your toes to wiggle around and tight in the back with ankle and heel support. You might need to order one size up or stay true to your size, depends on how you like to wear them. Overall, people fall in love with them right when they wear them out of the box. It is unknown how much wear and tear they can handle, you might need to monitor that closely.
  • Pivot point under front
  • High amount of stability
  • Style is versatile with multiple uses
  • Very light and very supportive
  • Great for jumping and high intensity Zumba
  • Recommended for those with plantar fasciitis
  • Great colors available
  • Smaller toe box
  • Not a ton of cushion

Ryka Women's Tenacity

Another affordable option for the Zumba fanatic who needs good support to pivot, but also good support in the ankles. Keeping the Ryka brand in the top two spots because of their great design in their cross training shoes and shoes made for dancing.
These shoes have a strap for extra support and they provide a great grip without sticking to the floor. Another great comment has been how comfortable they feel on your feet. These shoes will help your knees feel better after wearing them.
Besides, the shoes look like Hip Hop style shoes, something different than what we’re used to.
  • Recommended for wide feet
  • Extra support with the strap
  • High ankle might not be comfortable for everyone

Capezio DS24 Rockit

I know, these aren’t the most flashy looking shoes, compared to some of the other on this list. But, Capezio’s Rockit Dance Sneaker has become extremely popular, due to how it helps with performing and enhancing your moves. This shoe fits similar to street shoes and seems to be put together pretty well. Some of the features of the Rockit include a perforated arch to aid in ventilation, Padded Achilles notch for additional comfort and patented flex points built into the non-marking TPU outsole. This shoe also features a flat, boxed toe for pulling off flawless toe stands.
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The Rockit generally gets great feedback from customers. Most complaints out there are regarding the smaller size of the shoe, however those who have sized up and found their fit, seem to really love this one.
  • Good durability
  • Very lightweight
  • Good turning/spinning ability
  • Comfortable for most
  • Breathable
  • They run about a size smaller
  • Could use more arch support

Zumba Impact Max

Here is one from the people who started the Zumba craze. Being designed by the workout’s creators, the Impact Max is incorporated with all of the needed feature to effectively get you through your routine and enhance your dance performance. They seem to support foot movement and turns pretty well.
  • Lightweight
  • Ideal for those who want lower profile shoes
  • Allow good foot movement
  • Pivot point under forefoot
  • Durable construction
  • They fit narrow, according to some customer feedback

Zumba Women's Flex II Remix

A shoe that makes gliding easy. Another shoe from the makers of Zumba, as one of a very comfortable shoe. A shoe that is very light, that allows you to make all the moves you need specifically for Zumba and for great gliding.
This one is also a great option for your Zumba classes, although some reviews claim it is a little too narrow, which makes it a positive for people with narrow feet who need better support.
Finally, the mesh material makes the shoe breathable, another great feature that people love.
  • As part of Zumba shoes, great gliding
  • Mesh material
  • Firm material
  • Not for people with wide feet
  • Not great for rotations

RYKA Women's Exertion

Another Ryka shoe in our list due to its great customer reviews and a supportive design. These shoes are great for lateral movements, pivots, jumps and dancing steps. From the looks of the shoes, they look a little flat and long because of the design. There is cushion around the ankle to give you an even more comfortable feeling.
The toes have lots of room and the knees will thank you after wearing these shoes. There are comments that love the additional support and the great features that these shoes provide.
  • Lightweight
  • Breathable mesh upper
  • Decent lateral Stability
  • Pivot point on sole, under ball of the foot
  • Supportive
  • Light
  • Great for people who need wide shoes
  • A few customers felt that the arch support was strangely placed
  • Not great arch support - not for people with arch problems

PUMA Cell Riaze Cross-Training

These shoes were tested by many Zumba dancers and they were totally in love with them. They’re really comfortable and you can dance for a long hours with them. The cushioning is applied also in the heel area. The shoe is flexible enough, you have full range of movement. The tongue and collar are padded, the cushioning is also a little bit too thick for some users. When you dance, you sweat but thanks to EcoOrthoLite sock liner, your feet stay dry for the whole dancing session. Breathable mesh in the upper also provides nice air flow and there’s no unpleasant odor. While dancing, there’s also lower risk of injury as the outsole is slip-resistant. The shoes have ordinary design with Puma logo on the side.
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These shoes are priced reasonably. They prevent sweeting-they have good ventilation, they’re well cushioned in the midsole and the heel, they feel comfortable so we guess they’re worth the price.

The arch is well cushioned

The breathability on point

No skin irritation and blisters


Some runners questioned the durability of the shoes

The sizing is tricky, users need to usually order one size up

Nike Flex Trainer

Not specifically designed as a dance shoe like most of the others on this list, Nike’s Flex Trainer 5 seems to be a popular pick for Zumba workouts. Of course we know that, with these we get that Nike quality that many of us appreciate. These shoes, though probably not intended to, do share many of the features desired for Zumba dance workouts. There is a little bit of a pivot point under the forefoot which works nicely with spins and turns. Additionally the shoe are lightweight, breathable and though low in mass, the are pretty stable, supportive and fairly well cushioned.
  • Durable
  • Decent arch support
  • High breathability
  • Will go good with casual clothes as well as dance gear
  • Sizing is a bit short

PUMA Anaida Lace Metallic

If you have been looking for the shoes with a little bit different design, these shoes are definitely worth testing. It may be hard to believe it at first but they’re made of rubber sole.
The shoes have slip-on design so you can put them on really fast. To make your feet more secure, there are of course laces. We can’t talk about very thick cushioning here but there’s foam insole to provide more cushioned ride. Runners say that the upper is very soft, it makes the shoe very flexible with full range of movement. The big advantage of these shoes is their weight. They’re extremely lightweight and you will forget that you’re wearing them. You must be aware that these shoes provide very little support and if you jump a lot during dancing, you may need more supportive shoes.
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For about 30 dollars you can get this lightweight and stylish shoes, the price is reasonable.

Unique look and many colors to choose from

Fairly priced

Very soft especially in the upper


They may not be supportive enough

ASICS Rhythmic 2

For those who are looking for a more low profile shoe for dancing, here’s one for you. ASICS is well know across the sporting world as a producer of solid, well designed shoes. These may be lighter than any of the other shoes on the list. Because of their low profile design, the Rythmic 2 has much less cushion than most of the shoes on this list. However, there are those out there who find this type of shoe best suitable. Some customer reviews suggest that the Rythmic 2 runs a little large in size, so it may be wise to order a half size smaller than what you would normally wear.
  • Lightweight
  • Flexible
  • Pivot points under forefoot and heel
  • Style works well with casual clothes
  • Less cushion and support than others on this list

Zumba Women's Fly Print

A shoe made with Zumba on mind, not just any kind of dance, Zumba specifically… The shoes seem to work great with Zumba dancers who take their classes on gym floors (which happens most of the time). Your knees will thank you as the impact of the turns is minimized by these shoes.
As the name implies, these shoes will make you stand out in the dance floor. The various color combinations look great on your feet.
Another great component is the breathable mesh that allows the shoe to breathe easily and the tongue that is tied to the shoe for an easy slip on.
  • Very light shoes
  • Breathable
  • Great turns
  • Slides easily
  • Available in many colors
  • Too wide for some people
  • Lack of arch support
  • Seems to fit smaller than your average sizes

Adidas Performance Ultra Boost

Adidas Adistar Boost has many features that will help to enjoy your dance routine. The Torsion System adds some arch support. The Boost technology features The Boost foam- the cushioning that is great at absorbing the shock, they return of energy is also good. Adidas Techfit makes the construction better for both people with wide or narrow feet. There are many lays in the upper to provide more support. This may be very useful for dancers who struggle with overpronation. These shoes are also very lightweight, Adidas reduced the unnecessary weight. There are available in many colors, you can easily find something for you. The seamless construction prevents skin irritation. The external heel counter is said to be very comfortable for the heel.
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Even though this is Adidas, the shoes are affordable. If you want to get them, be ready to pay about 80 dollars. Nice price for durable and comfortable dance shoes that can be used also for running. The price is also dependent on the color and size of the shoe.

They’re lightweight and they have breathable mesh

The heel counet really increased the comfort

Very fashionable


Some users had problems with choosing the best size

ASICS Women's GEL-Fit Sana Cross-Training

ASICS shoes are great for running but not for Zumba? Somebody who says that, is wrong as these shoes can be your best friend in your Zumba adventure.
While testing, many users found out that the shock absorption is at very high level. While dancing, your joints, muscles and tendons are more prone to injuries. Their outsole is also very firm, they have AHAR+ high abrasion outsole. This increases not only the durability but also the flexibility which is crucial while dancing. Let’s not forget about the cushioning, Rearfoot Gel cushioning is very soft in touch and it absorbs the shock as well. Like many other Zumba shoes, they have slip on design. The overall design is very ice for they eye, many runners totally adored the hot pink color. However, if you want something darker, there’s a classic black shoe. All shoes have ombre effect, it looks really fashionable and extraordinary.
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These are cross training shoes so they can be used in many other sports, that’s why the price is a little bit higher. What’s more, ASICS is a high quality brand and their products aren’t cheap.

Minimal arch support

Very soft padding

Great shock absorption


some users said that they'd  expected more cushioning

They Make Shoes Just For Zumba?

Now, this type of activity requires superior performance that can only be had from comfortable, well fitted breathable and of course flexible shoes. Zumba shoes are specifically designed for performing these kinds of exercises. The right choice can help avoid causing injuries to the lower parts of your body such as  your heels, ankles, knees, and hips when performing these dance routines. In fact, it is really quite important that you find the right option for you before going out to practice this workout safely, protecting yourself against unnecessary painful injuries.

Now, when selecting the proper choice for you, it is important know all of the options that are available out there. You don’t need to only look for Zumba specific footwear. It is fine if you get started with jogging shoes, cross trainers or even a pair of sporty walking shoes. Shoes intended for Cheerleading as well as even the more minimalistic shoes are also often an acceptable choice for these types of active routines. You may even see people wear tennis shoes for the particular style of workouts. The kind of shoes you choose to wear for Zumba really, for the most part, depends on your personal preferences regarding style, support and comfort.

If you are just getting started, it might be a good idea to start out with you current sports shoes, which you would usually wear for the other activities you may be involved in. After you get going, you may begin to realize that you really ready to try a more advanced and dance specific pair of shoes, which are designed to provide the appropriate amount of support for your needs. It is also pretty important to protect those knees, hips and ankles from unecessary injuries while you take part in such an active, and possibly strenuous workout routine.


Here’s What We Looked For In The Best Zumba Shoes


Thoughtful And Purposeful Design

There is a very good reason why Zumba has moved far beyond a fad, and into the realm of serious aerobic exercise. Zumba has been shown to provide an incredible full body workout while improving coordination and burning an impressive amount of calories and fat. This is why we began our search with footwear that is designed with the characteristics that best match the Zumba program. User feedback in regards to intervals of intensity, pace and type of movements, and muscle groups were carefully considered and sorted to ensure footwear selections that would maximize the benefits that Zumba has to offer.


Any physical activity causes your feet to sweat, and so even for Zumba, you want to make sure your shoes are breathable. This means that air can flow through the shoes, helping to regulate the temperature of your feet and evaporate sweat. This helps prevent uncomfortable wetness, blisters, and hot spots.

Style and Technology

You don’t need to sacrifice fashion when selecting a pair of  Zumba shoes. In fact, due to the creative nature of the exercise, we found that Zumba specific shoes came in a larger variety of styles and colors. All of this style sacrifices nothing with the amount of up to date shoe-tech found on the footwear options. This allows you additional versatility as well; you can go from your Zumba class to running your daily errands and still look trendy.


When the right materials are used where they matter the most, the result is a lightweight shoe that is absolutely necessary for high intensity Zumba workouts. Standard sneakers are typically heavier, and depending on the amount of cushioning, can actually slow you down. We made sure to provide a selection of lightweight and comfortable shoes that were engineered to give you swift and controlled movements.

Pivot Points

One factor that sets Zumba specific shoes apart from standard footwear is the use of pivoting points, which are designed into the soles. While most shoes are made to move forward, these shoes are meant to be used for twisting and turning. Zumba exercises can be demanding on your knees if you are using a standard sneaker with too much traction. This is why we listened to what users had to say about the amount of “spin power” these shoes possessed.


Flexibility in the Soles

Experienced Zumba participants require footwear that is much more flexible than the standard runner or trainer. Zumba is a danced based workout that requires you to move your feet freely and into many different positions, requiring a flexible outsole and midsole. We listened to what users had to say about how the Zumba shoes performed on their toughest workouts to help create this list.


Other important Things Worth Considering

Even though we took many metrics into consideration when choosing the best shoes for Zumba, there are a few other things you may also want to keep in mind while shopping. Keep reading to find out some other important considerations to make when shoe shopping:

How Much Arch Support Do You Need?

You should always consider how much arch support you will need. While Zumba shoes are engineered to provide you with the performance necessary for specific workouts, your arches will still need to be properly supported just like in any other type of footwear. If you have high arches, you might want to consider a selection that offers more stability to prevent ahy inward rolling during workouts. If your arches are lower or flat, then make a selection with more cushioning to keep your feet happy while you burn off those calories!

Know How to Properly Size Your Shoes

You feel swell throughout the day and as you workout, and this should be considered when sizing your Zumba shoes. Remember that you want these shoes to fit you a little snug, but not so tight that they become uncomfortable or cause you pain. Your best bet is to try your shoes on later in the day to get a more accurate idea of how they will fit.

Think About How Much You Will Use Them

Zumba will have you doing quite a bit of sliding, and there will be a lot of impact on your feet with the dance moves that are associated with the workouts. If you have any concerns about any past injuries that you may have, it would be a great idea to make a selection that offers layers of support to eliminate these concerns while you are working out. Look for extra cushioning in the forefoot and in the heel. Also look for an option that provides good lateral and arch support. While Zumba is low impact, you would be suppressed by how intense the workouts can get once you’ve found your groove.

Think about special requirements for a wider foot

If you have a wider foot, or experience “crunched toes” while wearing other shoe, it is critical that you select a Zumba shoe that is wide enough and provides a spacious toe area.  You will be dancing and spinning up a storm, and the last thing you want is a tight, uncomfortable shoe. Remember that your toes should be able to wiggle slightly while your shoes are laced.


Pick a Style That Fits Your Personality

Let’s face it, Zumba is fun. It’s an upbeat and happy exercise that is competitive while not excluding anyone. Your footwear should match you and your positive feelings as you wear them. Having shoes and other fitness gear that makes you feel good has been proven to increase the length of your workout. So, in the end, function is most important, but make sure you pick a shoe that you actually want to wear!



The questions below may answer some lingering doubts or inquiries you have about Zumba shoes.

Q: I have some high quality training shoes; can’t I just use those?

A: Not a good idea. All running and training shoes are made for moving forward. Zumba will have you moving and spinning in every direction. All that grip that makes a running or training shoe excellent for outdoor marathons will be their greatest weakness in Zumba class. If you’ve made the decision to make Zumba a part of your fitness regimen, it’s a wise investment. You wouldn’t go bowling in golf cleats; same with dance shoes.

Q: How often should I replace my Zumba shoes?

A: The general consensus is every six to twelve months. One of the biggest mistakes that people make is wearing them out of class. Please don’t do this! While you can wear your running shoes from your house, to the gym, to the grocery store; the same is not true with dance shoes of any kind. They will wear out way faster. Put them on before class, and take them off when you’re done. That’s what gym bags are for. The pivot points will be nice and fresh allowing you to spin and slide for a much longer amount of time.

Q: Do I have to break in my Zumba shoes?

A: It doesn’t hurt. Most seasoned Zumba participants recommend to lace up your new shoes and either walk around for a bit on a carpeted surface, or do some light dancing in them before you give them a full Zumba session. This will allow your shoes to loosen up a little bit and give your feet time to adjust to a new feeling of traction.

Q: Can I wear orthotic insoles with my Zumba shoes?

A: You can, and you should!  Keep in mind that if you select a minimalist style, there will be a lot less room for your insole and your foot. So it may be a good idea to select a standard sneaker style selection.



This was our approach when selecting the right pair of Zumba shoes. Remember that Zumba workouts can offer a wide range of health benefits, while lowering the chance of injury because of it’s low impact nature. Whatever your age or experience level, incorporating just a little bit of Zumba in your week can have an enormous impact on your overall health and mood. We hope this guide provided you with all the information you need when making you choice between some of the best Zumba shoes on the market today. Thanks for following along with us. Now lace up those new shoes and start a refreshing, healthy habit!

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