12 Best ASICS Running Shoes Reviewed & Compared


Looking for the best ASICS Running shoes available? We have tested the top 10 Asics shoes in 2018 – See the results & Pick the best rated Asics model.

ASICS has a long history on the sport market. They have been offering great staff for many years and they’re still learning. They make researchers with help of athletes from around the world. This helps to increase the quality of the product and develop new technology. This Japanese brand is one of the most liked by runners of course. ASICS shoes are really popular so it would be cool to test them out! With our list of top 12 shoes from ASICS, it will be easier to find the perfect one for you. They have also other models on the market but these are the best of the best.

Last Updated: February 2, 2018
By Brian Price:

We went back and did some more research on what Asics has to offer, as well as how their different running models rate with runners out there. We have added an updated version of their GT-1000 and the Pulse 8 to our list.

Asics Dynaflyte
  • Asics Dynaflyte
  • 4 out of 5
    Our rating
  • FluidRide cushioning
  • Price: See Here
GT-2000 4
  • GT-2000 4
  • 4 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Duomax support system
  • Price: See Here
GEL-Kayano 24
  • GEL-Kayano 24
  • 4.8 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Extremely Lightweight
  • Price: See Here

10 Best ASICS Running Shoes


ASICS Dynaflyte

Asics brand new Dynaflyte running shoes are the latest and greatest. The new Impact Guidance System is cutting edge shoe technology, testers were amazed by it’s ability to work with their gait and change throughout their stride. The ComfortDry Lasting supplies the highest amount of moisture management tested and brings with it antimicrobial properties for good measure. The all new Dynaflyte is a homerun!
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Comfort / Stability

Out of all of the customer reviews found, not only on Amazon, but from the internet in general, the overall opinion of the Dynaflyte is overwhelmingly positive with regards to comfort and stability. These are put together with all of the features that make them a reliably comfortable and supportive running shoe.

Quality / Durability

Customer reviews seem to positive in terms of the shoe’s overall durability. Seamless construction is tough and the uppers stand up to what most runners will throw at them. The synthetic sole is a great change from the standard rubber sole.
  • High Rated Impact Protection And Guidance System
  • Excellent Moisture Management And Breathability
  • New Synthetic Sole For Bounce And Durability
  • Great Style And Design
  • Pricey 

ASICS GT 2000 4

Moderately over-pronate? These shoes might be a good option for you. The GT-2000s are among the best of ASICS’ running shoes because of their multifunctionality. They suit the daily runner and the serious runner alike, and they’re known for lasting a very, very long time. Dependable, durable, and comfortable – these shoes are winners.
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Comfort / Stability

If you are looking for a running shoe with exceptional stability and long lasting comfort, this could be the one for you. This version of the GT-2000 has a bunch of updated features that prove to be beneficial to most runners. The jewel of these, of course, is ASICS’ GEL cushioning appropriately placed throughout the rear and forefoot sections of the shoe’s sole, providing outstanding cushion, support and shock absorption.

Quality / Durability

These fall right in line with the quality that is expected from a trusted name like ASICS. Other than normal wear and tear, Customers don’t seem to have any real issues with the overall quality and durability of these shoes.
  • Breathable mesh
  • ComforDry sockliner
  • Durasponge cushioning
  • FluidRide midsole for smooth transitions
  • Heel Clutching system for more support
  • High Abrasion Resistance Rubber for durability
  • Whole foot GEL cushioning system absorbs shock
  • Somewhat heavy

ASICS GEL Kayano 24

The Asics GT 2000 4 GTX is touted as one of the most well rounded trail running shoes, you won’t have to stress about going off road for a bit of adventure.
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While many individuals have been satisfied with this running shoe because of how durable it is, others have complained that the comfort and stability have been worn down quite quickly for a shoe that should be able to handle heavy duty use on trails. When taking your run off road it’s important that your shoes are able to handle that kind of intense terrain without many flaws popping up and most likely cutting your run too short.

Comfort / Stability

The newest version of ASICS’ Kayano, the 24 boasts exceptional comfort and stability with features such as an Ortholite sockliner and FluidRide midsole, which seem to really deliver. These are especially good for those runners who have issues with high arches.

Quality / Durability

These tend to stand up really well to continuous use for both running and everyday casual wear. They don’t seem to have any major issues with regards to durability.
  • FluidFit tech for comfort and glove-like fit
  • FluidRide bounce back cushioning
  • Gait-enhancing Guidance Trusstic System
  • High-quality materials for unparalleled durability
  • Light enough for daily training and long-distance runs
  • Seamless upper reduces blisters and ups breathability
  • Runs a little small 

ASICS GEL Kinsei 6

The Gel Kinsei is a highly cushioned shoe, and they’re up to date with the technology that ASICS runners love. These are especially ideal for neutral to moderate over-pronators. Say goodbye to leg pain.
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Comfort / Stability

They are really comfortable from the beginning and seem to continue on an ideal amount of cushion, flexibility and comfort, making them a pair of shoes that are suitable to wear all day long. The Exalt offers a good amount of shock absorption and stability, even over multiple type of terrain. Additionally, these offer some extra stability and support under the arch.

Quality / Durability

You get what you pay for with the Exalt by ASICS. This shoe is put together with quality materials and seems to stand up to quite a bit of use.


  • Breathable, chafe-free mesh upper
  • DuoMax support system for support and stability
  • SpEVA midsole absorbs shock and adds even more support
  • Vertical flex grooves for natural running feel
  • Whole foot GEL cushioning absorbs shock
  • Wide toe box for great comfort


  • Not as flashy as some other ASICS shoes


Not the best model name in the world, but don’t let that stop you from taking a serious look at the Asics 33-DFA 2 running shoes. First off, incredibly low priced for a high tech and dependable running shoe. Second, great reviews in terms of lightweight comfort and breathability. This is much more than a standard entry level running shoe, it will make you a believer.
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Comfort / Stability

These are another pair that rate high in overall comfortability, as well as stability and support. They are breathable, springy and supportive, which will help get you through some pretty decent distance in them. They are slightly heavier, so if you are used to very lightweight shoes, these may take some time getting used to.

Quality / Durability

ASICS as a brand is known for producing quality shoes that tend to last through the miles. However, this model seems to get some complaints concerning its durability. More specifically, the complaints are regarding the upper that tends not to last as long as some expect.
  • 360 degree GEL Cushioning for shock absorption
  • Durable outsole for various terrains
  • FluidFit mesh for breathability
  • Heel Clutching system for support
  • Springy run
  • Strong arch support
  • Some Testers Found Them 1/2 Smaller


ASICS GEL Noosa Tri 11

Asics is a company well known all over the world for manufacturing some of the best sports shoes for the sports enthusiasts. Over the years, the company has been working hard to produce the best shoes in order to give their clients a good value for their money and also to help them achieve a better performance while on the field. With more updates being made, we’ve seen the company come up with perhaps the best sports shoes ever made for the triathlon lovers.
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The Noosa Tri 11 shoe has an updated upper part that is specifically designed to enable the user to move with a lot of ease. The company also uses some suitable fabrics to make both the inner and the outer part resulting to comfortable footwear. The updated new shoe also has an incredibly lightweight that enables the users to move a lot fast.

Lighter compared to its predecessors

Quite breathable

Updated lacing system helps with faster transitions


This one tends to run small


If you would like to have shoes that will be great for racing- we mean comfortable, lightweight and supportive, then you should totally check these!
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Comfort/ stability
The shoes are lightweight so it’s really nice to use them for sprint or in the marathon.The shoes are also very supportive. Asics Gel Cushioning is placed on the forefoot and the heel for more comfort. In the midsole, there’s EVA foam to provide more cushioning and there’s also TPU. Thanks to such amount of cushioning, the shock absorption also works well. The mesh in the upper is breathable so you won’t end up with sweaty feet.
Durability/ Quality
Like in many other models, AHAR carbon rubber which is very durable. Runners said that also the cushioning lasts for a very long time. Better and more durable cushioning means also better protection to your feet.
The shoes are available in different colors, they have typical ASICS’s design. They look good not only when you run in them but also for everyday activities.

The cost isn’t very low but the shoes are worth this money. They can be used for many purposes so it’s a good investment

Lightweight racing shoes

Very breathable

There’s appropriate amount of cushioning


Some users said that the flexibility was poor

ASICS GEL Nimbus 18

When it comes to the best ASICS running shoes, the pros lists just get longer. Although ASICS’ Nimbus is fairly expensive, this neutral shoe appeals to all sorts of runners and lasts a long time.

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When it comes to the best ASICS running shoes, the pros lists just get longer. Although ASICS’ Nimbus is fairly expensive, this neutral shoe appeals to all sorts of runners and lasts a long time.

Comfort / Stability

The customer opinions of the Nimbus 17 are overwhelmingly positive. The seem to provide an excellent balance of comfort, support and overall stability. Some of the features that help provide this balance include FluidFit upper technology, Heel Clutching System, Removable moisture-managing ComforDry X-40 insole and of course ASICS’ proprietary GEL cushioning.

Quality / Durability

The quality design of ASICS’ AHAR rubber outsole aids in the overall durability of the shoe, which also rates pretty high with customers.
  • ComforDry X40 sockliner for a great fit and anti-microbial properties
  • FluidFit upper
  • Heel Clutching system
  • Rearfoot Gel Cushioning system for shock absorption
  • Scores very high on durability
  • Super well-cushioned
  • Run wide

ASICS GEL Cumulus 18

The Gel-Cumulus has technology on their side when it comes to maintaining dry feet and optimum comfort. They’re even a great pick for under-pronators, but they do come at a price: they’re a bit heavy.
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Comfort / Stability

With FluidRide bounce-back cushioning, Gait-enhancing Guidance Trusstic System, Guidance Line vertical flex grooves, AHAR+ high-abrasion outsole, and of course, ASICS’ full length GEL cushioning, these shoes offer quite a bit of comfort, support and stability for most runners. There are some customer reviews that suggest that this version runs a little small, so it is a good idea to try them on at a store before purchasing online.

Quality / Durability

Although ASICS usually does very well with durability, receiving few complaints regarding quality, there does seem to be some longevity issues with this version of the Cumulus.
  • Anti-microbial ComforDry Sock liner
  • Breathable open mesh
  • FluidRide cushioning for great bounce
  • Full-length GEL cushioning
  • Guidance Trusstic System enhances gait
  • Personal heel fit with comfy memory foam
  • Some Testers Found Them A Bit Heavy

ASICS Gel Surveyor 5

The Asics research headquarters in Kobe, Japan has introduced the newest
addition to their Surveyor line: The Asics Gel Surveyor 5. Designed to provide
superior comfort from front to back, Asics also seeks to deliver ideal fit and
superior shock reduction.
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Most of the reviewers raved about the outstanding comfort and bounce of the
shoe, which is provided by the FluidRide midsole. They also referenced a
reduced feeling of impact, thanks to The Rearfoot and Forefoot Gels, which are
designed to provide shock absorption across a complete range of motion. The
gel also encourages a precision fit that runners enjoyed.

Buyers were also impressed by the arch support, provided by the Dynamic Duomax Support System. Although most were happy with the comfort level, a few runners felt that the malleable effect of the cushioning made them overly soft.

Most reviewers didn’t mention durability issues, but one complained that, after a few months, large pieces broke off, leaving multiple holes.

These shoes offer ComfortDry technology, which helps wick away wetness, keeping feet dryer.

Cost /Value
Some reviewers noted that these shoes are expensive. However, most concur
that the assets make them worth the price.

Excellent comfort and bounce from the FluidRide midsole

Rearfoot and Forefoot Gel provide superior shock absorbency

Substantial arch support from the Dynamic DuoMax Support System

ComfortDry technology used to reduce moisture


Some find the shoe to be expensive

ASICS GT-1000 6

Those shoes can be best described by two words- support and stability. Road running shoes with special systems make runner’s gait more efficient.
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Comfort / Stability
The material is very lightweight, many runners really praised the responsiveness of the shoes. We’ve mentioned that shoes are very supportive- Rearfoot GEL technology helps to absorb the shock. Special DuoMax Support system boosts the support and it’s said that energy return is quite good when you run in these shoes. The overlays in the upper also provide enough stability and support. The lacing system works well, it’s easy to put on shoes and the laces keep your feet in place.

Quality / Durability
AHAR Plus rubber to increase the durability, this is one of the most durable rubbers from ASICS. The materials used are very breathable and they wick moisture very well.
ASICS’s shoes have very nice design, the shoes aren’t very bulky. The colors are also interesting, many runners said that the colors were both vivid and classic.

The price is reasonable considering the shoes are made from high quality materials, they’re very supportive and they provide a lot of stability. You can also find them on sale from time to time.

Stability and support at the high level

Made from high quality and breathable materials



Some users had problems with sizing

ASICS Gel Sendai 3

ASICS GELSendai 3 is a versatile shoe that will make a difference for underpronators. Breathable supportive and comfortable, they’re definitely worth trying.
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Comfort/ stability
Runners really liked the amount of cushioning used for making these shoes. GEL cushioning system is also a good protection against injuries, the cushioning absorbs the shock. The mesh in the upper boasts the breathability. Runners really liked A Heel Clutching System, they said it was really comfortable and really increased the stability. Moisture-wicking abilities of these shoes were also great, it worked great even for people who have problems with sweaty feet. These aren’t definitely good shoes for racing as they’re a little bit heavy.
The DuoMax support system provides a very smooth transition between strides. AHAR blown rubber provides not only a good traction but it also makes shoes more durable.

This shoe was released in 2016 but it’s still so popular and adored by runners. It’s also great for your wallet, as Surveyor can be purchased even for a half of the original price. Great deal!

No blisters even after long workout

FluidRide midsole really improves the responsiveness

The shoes were really adored by the people who needed stability and breathability


some runners had a problem with sizing



Here’s What We Looked For When Choosing The Best ASICS Running Shoes:


Why Runners Like The ASICS Brand.

Take a look around during your next marathon and chances are you will see a lot of ASICS on runner’s feet. There’s a good reason for this. The ASICS name has been synonymous with quality construction and advanced materials for over six decades. Their “a healthy mind in a healthy body” company motto is more than just an expression. It’s a concept that goes into every single piece of footwear they design and manufacture. This is because they start every design around injury prevention technology first and foremost, then build the rest of the shoe on that foundation. Both novice and seasoned runners alike rate ASICS running shoes as some of their best fitting and highest response pair. In this guide we will take a look at every model’s specific strengths and how to choose the best one for you.


Runner Tested GEL Cushioning.

You will notice that most of the running shoes on our buying guide carry the GEL moniker in their name. Don’t confuse this with the standard gel cushioning systems found on other running shoes. This indicates abundant quantity, not just use. It means that ASICS puts more GEL into the heel and forefoot which leads to increased cushioning, support, and overall durability. Check for this when looking for the maximum amount of cushioning for your run. The goal is to provide our readers with a comprehensive selection of ASICS footwear and explain the differences that may not seem clear at first. For our mid to low arched runners, we selected solid models that have a blend of additional support with their cushioning to give the right amount of stability. This translates to smooth transitions and a better guided stride. For high arches, check the cushioning notes, as we included more plush feeling options with added protection. We wanted to take the guesswork out of making your selection.

 Varied Running Surfaces.

We know that some of our readers are lucky enough to live around great outdoor trails, so we made sure to include selections that can be taken off of the treadmill and out to the great outdoors. ASICS provides running shoes for all terrains, and with such a wide selection to pick from, you are sure to find the shoe that is right for you. So outdoor enthusiasts and trail runners will find top rated selections with durable soles that will be able to handle anything they encounter on the trail. For city and treadmill runners, we have perfect offerings that come with the highest runner ratings and proven performance. Whatever your terrain, ASICS has you covered with great options.

 Support Levels.

If you have flat arches or over-pronate, you are in luck!  ASICS actually caters to this demographic by having a specific category just for you. It’s their Maximum Support line, and all the running shoes in this category possess additional support in-between their cushioning and outsole. We made sure to note these models on our buying guide, if support is something you’ve been looking for; you’ve come to the right place!

 Working With A Budget.

ASICS is one of the top running shoe manufacturers.  We are passionate runners, just like our readers, and we strongly believe that everyone should get the experience of running in a pair of ASICS running shoes, regardless of their budget. This is why we have selected some of the most economical models as well and what type of performance to expect from them. Additionally, working with a large online retailer like Amazon.com gives us the freedom to offer all ASICS models at the lowest price possible.


The Latest Looks And Styles

Every runner enjoys being able to express themselves through their footwear and apparel. ASICS is the biggest name in flashy and edgy styles and options. All of our selections come in a wide variety of colorways that can give your personality an opportunity to shine through your footwear. Click over to Amazon and you will find a plethora of wild colors, including bright neon and comic book prints. These running shoes don’t forget about style after they’ve designed the best performance and materials.


 Important Things to Consider When Selecting Your ASICS Running Shoes.

ASICS is a not just a trusted running shoes manufacturer, but it’s a company that purposely ingrains itself into the running culture, they make shoes that runners would make if they had unlimited resources. This is why local marathon runners and world-class athletes alike keep coming back for more. No matter which shoe you select, you are sure to get their trademark custom fit and response that ASICS is known for.

Below are some important factors to keep in mind when shopping for your next pair of running shoes.

 Know When It’s Time To Replace Your ASICS.

ASICS have a tendency of staying in great looking condition for the duration of their lifespan, which is a great thing. Running shoes need replacing after 300-500 miles of use, regardless of the brand or how they look. It is a good idea to keep a log of how many miles you have run in a specific pair of shoes to help you remember when it is time to replace them. We know it’s tempting to stretch out the lifespan of your running shoes, but it’s not worth an unnecessary injury.

 Going Out On The Trail?

Make sure you have a pair of trail running shoes. Trail shoes are designed specifically to handle uneven and rugged terrain, environmental obstacles, and to protect your feet from debris. Although you may get by on a road runner, you are putting your health and safety at risk when running in shoes not suited for the terrain on which you are running.


Consider All Of ASICS’ Sizing Options.

Don’t be so quick to make your sizing selection. Take some time to consider your “real” running shoe size. Since not many running shoe manufacturers provide different options in terms of widths, take full advantage of ASICS’ better fits. If you have a narrow or wide foot, make sure that you lookout for the options that come in several sizing selections and find the right fit for you. Remember that all feet tend to swell somewhat towards the end of the day or after a strenuous workout. Make sure you size your feet after you’ve done a significant amount of activity. This will help you make the right sizing selection for you.

Don’t Forget About Your Arches!

This is important when selecting any type of foot wear, and is especially important for running without pain. If you have low or no arches, select a shoe with lots of support and/or motion control.  High-arched runners can benefit from cushioning.




In addition to the metrics and other factor above, we have compiled some frequently asked questions about running shoes and the ASICS brand. Keep reading to learn even more about how to select the right pair of running shoes for your needs.

Q: How are ASICS running shoe types categorized?

A: ASICS breaks down the strength of their runners into three categories. Maximum support: for those with excessive pronation and need for higher density in their running shoe materials. Structured cushioned: for runners that still need good support but not so much ride controlling properties. Cushioned Neutral: These have no motion control at all and encourage faster movement and feel softer underfoot. Check our sources link for additional information.

Q: How do I select a running shoe that will allow me to run more effectively?

A: The best thing that you can do is slow down and make an educated choice based on your personal needs. This means looking at your heel type and the wear of your old running shoes. This way you can make a selection that enhances your strengths and helps your weaknesses to positively tweak your runs.

Q: How do I know if I need more stable footwear?

A: If you stand on one foot and you can’t balance yourself or seem to wobble about, you definitely want to consider a stability shoe.

Q: Where can I get the best deal on my ASICS?

A: As mentioned earlier, we work with Amazon to bring the lowest prices to our readers with a solid satisfaction guarantee. Seasoned runners know to stay away from department stores and running shops because of high markups and overhead costs that are factored into the price of your footwear.

Runner in London street at night

This was our approach when selecting the right pair of ASICS running shoes. Remember that selecting the right pair of running shoes is an investment and making a selection that is based on personal use and needs is crucial. We hope this guide provided you with all the information you need when making you choice between form and function. Thanks for following along with us. Now make the perfect selection for you and keep running!

Where we found some of our information:

It’s important to use a wide variety of sources to ensure quality information. We like to utilize trusted running enthusiasts and manufactures when providing our readers with the most up-to-date statistics found in all our buying guides. We are also very interested in taking what everyday users have to say about specific products, and we perform our due diligence to make sure that quality research goes into every guide. Here are some sources which helped us with this guide:


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