7 Best Strassburg Socks Tested


It’s no fun dealing with plantar fasciitis! And the injury can be a persistent little bugger! Sometimes what you need is to really tackle the issue head-on with a Strassburg sock to keep the foot stretched out while sleeping.  That way, you can spend a solid chunk of time healing the injury every night, without requiring any extra time or effort on your part. Just put the sock on before going to bed, and let time do the rest.

Get very good relief for the heel and foot arch through a level of therapeutic compression which will also maximize the circulation of blood. Better circulation means enhanced oxygen supply which will prevent the building up of lactic acid, the benefits of these socks lead towards promoting the recovery of muscle tissue in the heel area, foot arch, and overall foot. These socks will give the needed pain relief which is caused by plantar fasciitis, the strategically designed compression zones give relief to all the regions of the foot. During your sleep and body inactivity through the night, the micro-sized tears in the tendon have started healing and in the morning you unintentionally undo the healing which has started.

A minimal healing process has already started during the night while you were sleeping, then, you wake up and start working the functions of your foot, this minor healing is undone and your back to where you were yesterday morning. The cycle is repeated again and again unless you take the right positive therapeutic action.

Choosing the best performing socks for your level of plantar fasciitis is extremally important to break the constant  cycle, many people will choose a pair which they can wear for 24 hours a day or they choose a combination of socks which work to maintain a positive cycle of support, specific supportive socks for day use and the right socks for night, this way they maintain constant therapy and can enjoy the benefits.

Depending on the level of plantar fasciitis, there is no reason to not be able to be active, especially when it comes to taking healthy exercise. Clothing tech with therapeutic performance capability has made huge advances much to the benefit of those who need support. Runners and other sportspeople can make good use of the advances which have been made to give support, protection, comfort and a pathway towards healing.

Break the cycle of inhibiting and painful plantar fasciitis, you can take decisive action right now.

Have a read through our review and decide if any of these socks are for you.

Last Updated: April 4, 2018
By Richard Haberkost:

Hold on to this current popular tried and regularly used list of ten top socks, all the sock models offer similar characteristics though cushion, arch support, and sock height will vary. Here in our selection, we have something for every person. Our comparative review criteria ensure we find the best. Browse our FAQs for a selection of questions and answers for runners.

The Strassburg Sock
  • The Strassburg Sock
  • 4.6 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Does Not Lock Ankle Joint
  • Price: See Here
Pro-Tec Night Sock
  • Pro-Tec Night Sock
  • 4.3 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Alleviates Pain & Tightness
  • Price: See Here
Powerstep Ultrastretch
  • Powerstep Ultrastretch
  • 4.3 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Ultra-Soft, Lightweight & Breathable
  • Price: See Here


10 Best Strassburg Socks


1. The Strassburg Sock

This is the original Strassburg sock, invented by Dr. David Strassburg to keep the foot in a stretched position at night. The design worked from the beginning, so it is no surprise that the authentic Strassburg sock is number one on the list. The time tested design has solved countless cases of plantar fasciitis, by combining calf compression with a good foot tension, so that the plantar fascia heels while stretched out, not while relaxed.
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While the fit around the calf is certainly tight, that is part of what helps heal the plantar fascia, since the calf compression promotes good blood flow, getting plenty of oxygen to the tendon to repair damage. As for the toe comfort, just make sure you don’t tighten it too much and you should be fine. The point is to get the toes to a natural position, not yank them up so tight they are pointing at your chin.

Depending on the severity of the plantar fasciitis, it could take a week to a year of use before it is fully healed. The good news is that even folks with the most persistent cases have noticed real improvement in as little as one use. No, it’s not going to make the problem go away overnight, but it will get you back on your feet, quickly and drastically reducing the pain in your heels and arches. This sock is absolutely effective for healing plantar fasciitis when used consistently.

Cost/ value
While this has a higher price point, the quality is there. Keep this sock around and throw it on for a night here or there if you start to feel the pain coming back on. It will last, and you will be glad to have this tool in your arsenal to keep plantar fasciitis at bay. The quality is top notch.
  • Original effective design,
  • Soft enough to allow some foot movement
  • Calf compression to promote blood flow
  • Sock portion is very tight
  • higher price

2. StabilityAce

One of the newer Strassburg socks on the market, the Stability Ace has been met with positive feedback from the get-go. The unique design wraps the bottom of the foot like a hammock, allowing the stretch to be fitted based on the symptoms. A versatile sock, the Stability Ace can be used for relief from achilles tendonitis as well as plantar fasciitis.
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With the design of the strap that wraps the bottom of the foot, it means the sock does not feel like it is simply pulling on the toes. The velcro secures easily and stays tight, without having to yank it to the point that is restricts blood flow. The two straps at the top give the sock a more even feel, so it does not pull down or loosen.

This sock can help start relieving plantar fasciitis pain after just one use. Of course, it will take regular wear to ensure the injury is completely healed, but some results have been noted even within a week of use, depending on the severity of the case. The bottom strap gives a good solid stretch over the entire foot, instead of just at the toes.

Cost/ value
Because of the dual use of this sock, it has tremendous value as something that any runner should keep around in case the plantar fascia or achilles tendon starts to act up. Unfortunately, it looks like they might have some trouble keeping it in stock, but this could change as the product is out for longer.
  • high quality

  • strap fastens securely with strong velcro, dual purpose

  • full foot/ achilles stretch

  • Not as clear where the strap is supposed to rest on the bottom of the foot
  • Unclear when it will be restocked on amazon

3. Pro-Tec Athletics

A mixture between a strassburg sock and night splint, the pro-tec offers compression in the calf which improves blood flow to get fresh oxygen into the foot to heal the plantar fascia. It is a versatile splint that stretches the entire footbed, not just the toes, and can also help with achilles problems.
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Not too rigid, but serious enough to keep the plantar fascia well stretched, the pro-tec is a great breathable option for anyone who wants the rigid structure of a splint, but the breathability and comfort of a sock. Be aware that the upper is a compression sock, which means getting used to the tight tight fit!

Doubly effective because of the compression as well as the stretch, the pro-tech works even faster than options that only deliver the stretch, because it aids in blood flow that repairs muscles and tendons. But the effectiveness still depends on wearing it; if the compression is too much, you might find yourself discarding this in the middle of the night.

Cost/ value
You might pay a bit more for this athletic option, but the combination of calf compression and plantar fascia stretch is where the true value lies. Combine that with the breathability, and firm structure of the pro-tec, and you have a powerful tool that can be used whenever issues pop up in the arch, heel, or achilles.
  • breathable
  • lightweight
  • dual purpose
  • tight fit may be uncomfortable
  • soft material means harder to get and keep tight foot stretch

4. Plantar FXT

This splint sits low on the ankle without restricting the shins and calves, while still giving the rigid support needed under the foot, and a more sock-like upper. It is a good middle ground between a bulky splint, and cloth sock option for nighttime plantar fasciitis relief.
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The less bulky design contributes to a form fit which makes this splint easy to wear all night. But like anything you have to wear to bed, some adjustment time is required, and many customers found the best comfort by making slight alterations, like adding a soft insert to cushion the firmer rubber bottom. The people who liked this best were fond of the fact that there was nothing touching their shins and compressing their calves all the way up to the knees.

If you can get past the initial annoyance of having to wear something at night, this type of splint should significantly reduce plantar fascia pain within a month. Just make sure you don’t pull the strap too tight, or your toes might fall asleep!

Cost/ value
This splint is a middle ground cost, for a unique design. You won’t find any other options that sit quite this low on the ankle--most go right up to the knee. The value is in the fact that it is a different option from all the other strassburg socks and splints.
  • less bulky than many other options, only comes up to ankle
  • stays in place/ can’t slide down
  • firm foot bed
  • Toes can go numb if adjusted too tight
  • Not great fit for especially thin legs

5. Powerstep Ultrastretch

Technical fabrics make the Powerstep Ultrastretch a breathable, moisture wicking sock that doesn’t get too hot or sweaty at night. It is lightweight, and flexible enough so that you still get a good night sleep. The lower price point means it is a great option for those who have plantar fasciitis in both feet, and therefore need to buy two socks.
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A soft material that is airy and breathable means the sock doesn’t rub, or hold in too much heat or sweat. This is easy to wear all night without fidgeting, or kicking it off in a fit of discomfort at 3 A.M. Just keep in mind you still have a strange sock on your leg keeping your foot stretched; it’s not going to feel amazing, but getting rid of plantar fasciitis will!

This is a comfortable and easy sock to wear, and wearing it consistently is what is required to heal the plantar fascia. There is noticeable relief with the Powerstep Ultrastretch, sometimes in just a couple nights. It does the trick.

Cost/ value
This is one of the lower cost strassburg socks, so it is easy to try it out and see if it is effective without breaking the bank. But sometimes lower costs do come with drawbacks… don’t expect this sock to last a lifetime. If you plan on having a sock you can pass on to your grandchildren, you might want to consider another option.
  • low cost option
  • soft breathable fabric
  • not restrictively tight
  • easy to adjust
  • not the highest quality
  • loosens quickly

Plantar Fasciitis Sock by Vive

Vive is well-known company who offers devices both for medical use but also for daily use to make happier people with sport injuries and medical issues. This sock can deal both with plantar fasciitis or achilles tendonitis pain. It gives a lot of support while keeping foot in neutral position.
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You can easily adjust the tightness of your foot tension strap. As most people use it during night, it is very comfortable. Made from lightweight material which is made of spandex and nylon. It shouldn’t irritate your skin as it’s latex-free product and there’s also Velcro for better wearing. There are also extra strength fasteners will make your foot stay in place during the night.


With this sock , your morning will be more beautiful than ever. Many users said that the effects had been seen after first night of usage. Of course, it depends how your plantar fasciitis severe is but you won’t wait long for the results.


The price is very competitive comparing to the other models on our list. To be clear, it doesn’t mean that this product is worse.

Effectively reduces foot pain

Easy to wash

You can easily release the straps if you want to wake up fast

Very easy to understand the manual

60 day guarantee


It’s not advisable to walk in it

The PF Sock for Plantar Fasciitis

The PF sock is a night splint but it’s more like a sock so it’s not a traditional night splint. It keeps an ankle in its neutral position. This may help you with healing your Plantar Fasciitis as on company’s website, there are also videos which show how to stretch. This sock and stretching will give you effects.
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Many buyers said it was very comfortable to sleep in it. There is adjustable Velcro strap to make it easier to wear it and it’s a better sleep during the night. Made with lightweight, breathable material will make you forget you’re wearing this sock. There are two sizes available.


This product provides a lot of stretch on the plantar fascia. This is why you feel pain relief in the morning. This device may also work for people suffering from Achilles tendon pain. The company specializes in treatment of Plantar Fasciitis.This sock will let you forget about the pain.


When it comes to the price that we need to pay for this product, it’s relatively low. They are available in stock all the time. If you have problem with two feet, it’s better to buy these two as they’re cheaper but not worse.

Praised for design

Really helps to heal the heel

High quality


Some buyers complained about the product stretching the toes back too much

Aival.  Plantar Fasciitis Socks

Get very good relief for the heel and foot arch through a level of therapeutic compression which will also maximize the circulation of blood.

Better circulation means enhanced oxygen supply which will prevent the building up of lactic acid, the benefits of these socks lead towards promoting the recovery of muscle tissue in the heel area, foot arch, and overall foot.

These socks will give the needed pain relief which is caused by plantar fasciitis, the strategically designed compression zones give relief to all the regions of the foot.

Have a read through our review and decide if this sock is for you.
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The FIT is comfortably compressive, hugs the heel while ensuring blood circulation right through to your toes.

Sweat is effectively wicked to ensure your feet stay cool and dry, the sock is toe-less and can be worn comfortably beneath other socks.

Made from a combination of quality fabrics for comfort, you get Latex Yarn, nylon and Cotton and offered in a darkish grey color.

These socks are thin and very supportive and really comfortable they are fine for wearing night and day


A combination of 7 pressure zones is targetted for very fast relief in the region of the heel and foot arch, promoting the flow of oxygen-carrying blood to the vital areas so that recovery is promoted and fatigue is reduced.


The price is standard and you get a good pair of high-performance socks for good support and performance.


7 pressure zones is targetted for very fast relief

FIT is comfortably compressive

Sock is toe-less

Pain relief


more choice of colors please

Thirty48 Plantar Fasciitis Compression Socks

Thirty48 equals Science equals Technology
This sock shapes itself to the contour of the foot, has top performing wick-ability, built from a combination of durable and comfortable fabrics which work together to create a high performing sock.

Compression is very good and achieved through the fabrics having good stretch/compression features which result in a fully elasticated design feature for the sock. This sock can be worn for sports, everyday wear and are comfortable to wear all day.

The benefits offered by the sock are exactly what we want to see, you get increased blood circulation, the sock structure works to prevent ankle sprains or twists, good pain relief for those with plantar fasciitis or other different foot ailments, the material is really light and gives very good wick-performance so the feet stay comfortable and dry, the sock promotes recovery after exercise and the combination of materials are durable while also feeling comfortable.

This sock made it into our reviews because it's a good product, read our review and see if it fits your needs.
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Nice comfortable graduated pressure compression at 20-30 mmHg which means the sock molds to the foot contour giving a secure tight FIT around muscles and nerves while increasing blood flow circulation and bringing down inflammation. You get good protection for the ankle in order to prevent sprains and twists.

The full elasticated design is a feature which means restriction is minimal so the socks can be work at work, for leisure, and for sports.

Spandex gives stretch factor at 25% and durability with comfort comes from Nylon at 75%, this means thin high-performance material so this sock can be worn under other socks comfortably. You get very good arch and ankle spur support and the moisture wicking capability of this sock is impressive.


20-30 mmHg of graduated pressure compression ensures effective beneficial results from this high performing sock, effective protection for the ankle and the overall foot while giving good foot arch support.


The cost reflects quality and value for money from a good performance sock

20-30 mmHg of graduated pressure compression

Effective protection for the ankle

Good foot arch support

Increased circulation of blood

Aids recovery after exercise

Durable, comfortable combination of fabrics with stretch factor

Good moisture wicking capability


Some runners suggest more color variations.

Dowellife Plantar Fasciitis Socks

This sock ( compression foot sleeve) is designed to have T-Brace-Foot_ Map-Ribbing sock tech for excellent arch support along the same lines as top performing orthotic products. Your energy level regarding foot performance will feel stimulated and you will feel more positive. The graduated compression performance for this sock is good and targets giving support, bringing down inflammation through increasing the flow of oxygenated blood.

As a runner whom will put a lot of constant strain on the foot the graduated compression in this sock will perform to support and ease pain through applying compression at an extra level along the fascia ligament and thus relieves pain while also promoting quicker muscle recovery.

If you are up on your feet for most of the day the compression will work to bring down painful inflammation/reduce swelling.

Look through our review for this sock, it could be the one you are looking for.
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You get bags of comfort from two blended high-performance materials which are Polymide at 75% and stretch Spandex at 25% and an added bonus is that the fabric is anti-odor and prevents the growth of fungi and bacteria.

Comfortable lightweight material giving varying levels of strategic compression starting from the bottom/balls of your foot all the way up to the ankle.

Blood circulation is enhanced which in turn cools down the uncomfortable sensation of inflammation and allows your foot to be more pain-free and comfortable.


The effective T Brace tech gives 20-30 mmHg of focused therapeutic pressure on the foot arch and the gradient pressure increases effective circulation for the blood and this means recovery periods are faster.

T-Brace-Foot-Map-Ribbing means you get a total graduated compression performance working strategically from your ankle down to the ball of your foot.

Light compression zones  -10-15-mmHg.

Moderate zones  -15-20 - mmHg.

The Firm zone -s 20-30 - mmHg.


This sock is offered at a price which makes it a worthwhile investment.



Blood circulation is enhanced

Polymide at 75% and stretch Spandex at 25%

Fabric is anti-odor

Graduated compression from ball of foot up to the ankle

Can wear all day and night


As often the case with compression socks, a choice of fun vibrant patterns/colors please.

Whatever Strassburg sock you choose to start healing your plantar fasciitis, just be sure to consistently wear it to bed, and you can bet on fast results. Any initial discomfort will be far outweighed by the relief of finally being able to get out, be active, and do the things you love without heel and arch pain.

The best part is, all the hard work happens while you are sleeping! This is a passive solution that does not require an extra fifteen minutes of stretching before and after activity. From the first step in the morning after wearing the Strassburg sock, you will be sure your day started out on the right foot.


The Criteria We Used While Searching For The Best Strassburg socks

We are trying really hard to find the best products for our readers. Here are some factors everyone should consider before purchase.

Effectiveness and durability

The most important factor while searching for best products. The first signs of improvement need to appear in a week. If you also suffer from Achilles tendonitis, you can kill two birds with one stone as some of the products are supposed to heal both issues. In the morning, you should feel pain relief and your foot shouldn’t be swollen. Also, search for high-quality materials who are most durable and easy to wash.

Fit and color

Every company making Strassburg socks have different sizing. You should carefully measure your fit and use the measurements to compare it with the sizing available on product’s page. You may buy a sock with Velcro strap to adjust the tightness if the sock doesn’t fit you in 100%. Remember that sock mustn’t disturb your blood flow.


The rule is simple- comfortable sock is a good sock. The Strassburg sock must keep your toes in proper position but they can’t be tightened too much. There must be a constant demand for oxygen. If the sock is worn correctly, you should be able to sleep the whole night without interruptions. Wearing properly the sock may help you to strengthen the arch of the foot and after taking off the sock you should feel relief, not a discomfort. The sock must allow you to move in rather a normal way your feet.

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania runner

Other Important Factors To Consider When


We are aware that our readers look for products both high quality but not overpriced. The good Strassburg sock cost usually more than 15 dollars. What’s more, it’s a price for one sock not a pair of socks. However, it’s better to pay few dollars more for quality and relief in pain rather than buy cheap, useless product.

Isn’t too bulky for You?

Norma Strassburg sock isn’t very big and doesn’t cover too much of your leg. However, when it comes to socks which are a mix between sock and splint, you should know that those who are more like splints are more bulky ones. If you have a small leg, normal Strassburg sock will be the best solution for you.



Q. Does Plantar Fasciitis affect only runners/ athletes?

A. No. It affects both young people but also elders. It can happen to you if you’re overweight or even if you’ve gained weight. Wearing shoes that are improper for you may result in Plantar Fasciitis. If you have any other problems with your feet for example flat feet, there’s bigger chance to suffer from this illness.

Q. Are there any other ways to treat Plantar Fasciitis?

A. Every case is very individual and it depends on the severity of the problem. There are many stretching exercises that you can do. There may be a necessity to take prescribed drugs. The surgery is suitable only in rare cases.

Q.  What is the difference between Strassburg sock and a night splint?

A: As night splints are quite bulky and uncomfortable to wear, the Strassburg sock were invented. With night splints, many users complain about reduced sleep amount.  It’s more comfortable to sleep in a sock but after night splint, you feel less pain in the morning.

Q. Am I supposed to wear my Strassburg sock only when I’m sleeping?

A. No, there are other options. If you work in an office or you do something sitting down, you can use this product.


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