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There has been a growing trend on the fitness market that seems to do nothing but increase in popularity. You may wonder what this workout supernova is? It’s as simple as some rubber and rope hanging from a secure place. Well, maybe, it’s not quite that simple, but if you have heard of suspension trainers, you know that they are not overcomplicated or difficult to use, at all.

A suspension trainer is not only very simple to set up, but it offers you complete flexibility in your workout routine. This is because you can take them almost anywhere, even while vacationing or backpacking, so keeping up with your goals to stay in shape never goes ignored. Along with this, a trainer that is suspended from above gives your core an intense workout, because there is no support in that area. In short, you must properly support your ab area, and this helps to build strength. But enough with the small talk, let’s get down to business.

Below you will find a list of well researched and reviewed suspension trainers. Enjoy!

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TRX Basic
  • TRX Basic
  • 4.8 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Easy setup
  • Price: See Here
  • TRX GO
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Includes anchors
  • Price: See Here
Bodyweight Fitness
  • Bodyweight Fitness
  • 4.8 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Affordable and quality
  • Price: See Here

10 Best Suspension Trainers




TRX Basic

Back to the TRX, yet again we can’t gloat enough about the quality of this company when it comes to suspension training. The TRX Kit provides an all inclusive package that has the suspension strap, anchor , door anchor, a full color 35 page workout guide and two bonus workouts.
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Easy to use
Anyone can use this suspension training system easily. Quality materials, and ease of transitioning from one exercise or or weight level to the next, make it a convenient tool. You can easily pack and travel with this system anywhere you go.

Very challenging
You get a wide variety of exercises and guides to help you get your workouts in. You will get a physically challenging workout every time so you won’t get bored. You can change up how challenging it is based on how your fitness level progresses. You can engage your core better than any plank you’d do with any other equipment out there.

Cost and Value
You have no shortage of exercises you can do with this system. There is a DVD of exercises which is super helpful. You can hook it up in a variety of places, so the ease of use is definitely there with this system.
  • Tons of exercises with guidance from guides and DVD
  • Easy to set up
  • Tough workouts will make you sweat
  • Full kit with anchors
  • Convenient tool
  • Pricey
  • This kit’s TRX is the older version/design


TRX is the top brand in the industry for providing suspension training. The TRX Go will allow you to increase or decrease the difficulty of your exercises easily. This lightweight, compact and super durable training system offers over 100 exercises that can vary in intensity easily using just your bodyweight. You get two printed workout programs included in this purchase to help you use this system effectively, immediately.
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It works
This system absolutely works, offering a full body workout that will do exactly what it says it will do. Easy to hook up, from the minute you get this system you can begin working out with either your own training session or use one of the two routines TRX provides for you in this package.

Portable, full gym
You are literally carrying a full gym in a bag. It doesn’t take up much space, so very easy to pack. The material is strong and can hold up to anyone. It is easy to set up and take down. You can literally work out any and all body parts with a solid and well rounded strength and cardio workout to meet your health and fitness goals.

Cost and Value
This is an excellent product and will make a noticeable difference in how you feel when you are done working out. There are so many exercises you can do and so many levels of difficulty. It is definitely a value worth your time and money for sure.

Comprehensive instructions included

Extremely portable and convenient

Surprising value


Limited progression due to lack of additional weights

Bodyweight Fitness Resistance

This simple to use Bodyweight Fitness Resistance System allows you to strap it onto a door or any other area that is stable. It will help you create a strong core because like the others on the list, you use your own bodyweight as resistance. What sets this apart is that it comes with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.
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Quality system
This suspension kit works just as well as the other name brand options. It has high-quality materials and craftsmanship. The straps are easily adjustable and strong. The extra carrying bag allows you to travel with it easily. Because this company feels so strongly about their suspension system, a 100 percent customer guarantee is offered.

Like other systems, this system regulates weight well so there is less pressure on joints. In the comfort of your own home, you can feel secure using the Bodyweight Fitness nylon straps to build body strength.

Cost and Value

For around fifty dollars, US, you can have your very own premium suspension kit that easily attaches to various anchors. You won't need to buy any extra accessories, which is an added bonus, and it comes with a bag that holds it for travel. With all of this in mind, you really do get a good deal. This is also taking into account that you no longer need to pay sharp gym costs, unless you want to.

Simple set up

Quality nylon

Durable and long-lasting

Relatively inexpensive

Solid full body work out when used properly

Lifetime guarentee


On par with name brands, like TRX, but less costly, overall, this product shows minimal cons that are not worth mentioning

Intent Sports

Intent Sports
Intent sports uses a a carabiner hook to for attachments and an integrated door anchor. It comes at a competitive price and the overall materials are quality. This system comes with a nice carrying bag and a set up guide. You get the comfort of a lifetime full replacement as well.
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A convenient bodyweight fitness system that has a helpful storage bag. It’s design makes it easy to take which allows you to bring your gym with you and get a good workout anytime or anywhere. You can attach it to branches, or door can workout hard with confidence.

Easy to use
This is kit is easy to set up and also easy to use when you are ready to workout. You can use any suspension training exercises with ease on this system. The heavy duty straps will hold up to repeated use. You can anchor this system to the door, use single point anchoring, anchor to a cage, you have a variety of options.

Cost and Value
This tool has high quality construction. The dual strap design works so well, a lot of people prefer that to the single point system as it gives greater versatility in doing some exercises. It is a lightweight system that is easily packed up and transported especially because it comes with its own carrying bag.
  • Comes with quality carrying bag
  • Dual strap system
  • Many anchor point possibilities
  • Durable materials
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • Limits space in door frame that may not allow to you to fully close your door if that is where you anchor it
  • Doesn’t come with a mount for a cement wall

TRX Pro 3

TRX Pro 3
The TRX Pro 3 is a commercial grade suspension training kit. This kit is TRX’s most durable, secure and strongest trainer in their lineup. It has three different types of anchors which offers a ton of utility. It includes an eight-week workout program with specialized five body-part digital exercise programs and alot more guidance.
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The TRX system itself is hiqh quality and commercial grade. You have a ton of support resources included in this kit which makes a bit difference for anyone who wants to have specific guidance. You get an 8-week program, five body-part digital exercise programs, a 30-minute total body workout as well as two extra videos. A ton of support resources that everyone can benefit from.

This professional suspension system has improved their design. This system has antimicrobial treated rubber handles and upgraded webbing. The straps were always top tier and can take on quite a load as well as repeated stress.

Cost and Value
This tool is on the higher end, but it is literally all you need anywhere to do a full body workout both cardio and strength. You can attach it to almost anything and in a variety of ways. It has upgraded features and a ton of guidance and resources to help you use it effectively.
  • Lots of guides and exercise tools to help you use it completely
  • Can easily replace clunky weights and other equipment
  • Versatility in anchors
  • Professional trainer
  • Lots of options to keep you motivated
  • Pricey
  • Doesn’t include wall ceiling bracket


The NOSSK system is a completely full system. The trainer comes with a built-in door anchor, 2 foam grips and foot loops. It also has detailed install instructions as well as a quick start guide for working out and getting started. A drawstring bag is included to store and carry this system.
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Highly Rated
People who have bought this system really like it. The price is spot on and it's made with top notch materials. It is going to give you everything you need to perform suspension, bodyweight exercises.

This tool doesn’t skim on the materials used. The webbing is 1st Grade US Military webbing. These materials are also made in the USA! Nice padded door anchor to use in the home or office. Super lightweight, made with 1” webbing with foam handles that keep the hands feeling great no matter how much pressure they have put on them. The foot loops are also comfortable.

Cost and Value
This tool is super affordable and you aren’t lacking quality for the lower price point. Attention to design and materials is noticeable in this system. It comes with resources to help you set it up and use it. You also get a nice carrying case.
  • 1-year warranty
  • Great price
  • Carrying case included
  • Complete body training system
  • Easy set up
  • Brand not as well-known as others in suspension training
  • Could use more workout guides and resources


The QonQuill suspension training system is a complete training kit. You get the resistance straps, a door anchor, an extender strap, a drawstring bag,exercise and resource guides, wall mount bracket and ceiling anchor as well as resistance loop bands.
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Complete bodyweight
If you can do bodyweight exercises on your own, the addition of this system will take your workouts to the extreme. You not only get the suspension system with appropriate anchors you also get resistance bands. It is all portable and easily packed away, it even comes with a drawstring bag.
This tool can allow anyone to use it because it has five anchoring solutions. The multiple anchoring options will allow you to do a higher variety of total body workouts. You can anchor each of the straps alone, use an extension strap, door anchoring individually or together and anchoring with the wall mount bracket that comes with this set.
Cost and Value
You are getting a lot included in this kit at a very reasonable price. You get far more above and beyond the suspension trainer, you also get a ton of mounts with resistance bands. The price is fair and the quality is present so this kit is a tremendous value.
  • Full bodyweight system
  • Five anchoring solutions
  • Top value
  • Easy to store and carry
  • Reliable shipping
  • Not commercial grade, better for home gym
  • Quality system with poor brand recognition

Ultimate Body Press

Ultimate Body Press
The complete system you get with Ultimate Body Press uses a single and multi point anchoring apparatus. It comes with flat handles, a drawstring bag, as well as a poster with exercises and workouts.
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This system can hold up to heavy home use. While they might not be a replacement for all your equipment in a home gym they are non threatening and actually fairly fun to use. They set up so easily and can keep you toned and strengthen your core.

The handles are solid and even heavier individuals can use them with confidence. You aren’t going to feel bending or flexing. The extra loop on the handles can function as a foot tool that allows you to do more lower body exercises and cardio exercising like mountain climbers for instance.

Cost and Value
Priced well below its competitors, it is a decent suspension system. The poster is convenient to put up and use for exercises and full workouts. It is smaller than other competitors, so it packs easily. It provides a variety of full body exercise options.
  • Can be used with anchor over the door
  • Strong
  • Convenient full color poster
  • Easy to set up
  • Practical suspension system
  • Adjusting these straps is very different from name brand models
  • Door attachment could have a better design

Fitting Shape

Fitting Shape
Fitting Shape makes a suspension system that uses dual straps which you can separate. There is an exercise guide that is laminated so cleaning it is super easy. You get a 60-day money back guarantee with full refund if you are unhappy with your product.
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Great kit
This kit is easily installed and just as easy to use. You have the flexibility to do a bunch of exercises and the laminated chart can assist you with understanding how to use the system and what type of exercises you can do. You can easily look to the internet as well for workout videos and this system can accommodate doing those programs and exercises as well. You can pack this easily and take it anywhere. It will fit into any pack with ease, and the added bonus of the carabiner makes it easily attached to your gear, your belt or onto your bags that will save space.

The straps can be separated. They can be positioned as close to or as far from each other as needed, which allows for more flexibility in your workouts and the types of exercises you can do. It also provides a more ergonomic design.

Cost and Value
You can easily adjust between exercises to keep fluidity of your workouts. This also allows the flow of your workout to be fast paced if you wanted to increase your heart rate during your session. Anyone can use this system and develop muscular strength as well as improve their cardiovascular health.
  • Perfect for fitness and rehabilitation
  • Money back guarantee
  • Laminated exercise guide
  • Durable
  • Convenient
  • Shipping can be slow

Lifeline Jungle Gym XT

Lifeline Jungle Gym XT
The Lifeline Jungle Gym XT allows you to use your bodyweight to train with a split anchor design including two non-scuff anchors and adjusters on the straps. Terrific for all fitness levels as workout intensities can easily be adjusted. Has two industrial straps, easy-wipe handles and foot cradles, adjustment buckles, door anchors, strap end adjusters and one non-scuff, duro-link anchor.
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Personal trainers, gym goers, use a lot of the same equipment. Being able to have those points which we touch with sweaty hands and body parts be easily cleaned is extremely important. The handles and foot cradles of this system are made of thermoplastic elastomer. It is a sturdy material that feels like rubber. It is easily wiped down with antibacterial wipes and the material won’t degrade with consistent cleaning.

Comfortable design
The design of this system has the adjustable buckle that is made of a very stable and super hard plastic. It is rounded and contoured which allows it not to have any uncomfortable edging. It lays flush to the handles so it won’t snag you when you are using it.

Cost and Value
Great suspension trainer that whose handles are sturdy and they are comfortable. Nice sized clips that can accomodate large training sneakers. A great alternative to the more expensive brands, you can adjust the anchor points where you want them to change up your workout.
  • Easily cleaned, sanitary
  • Comfortable
  • Affordable frames, support beams, etc.  
  • Highly versatile and portable for a solid workout.
  • Anchors can be adjusted and moved
  • Terrific ergonomics
  • Latches can slip from time to time
  • Handles sometimes flex

Suspension training has really picked up in popularity with personal trainers and at most local gyms.  Created by a former Navy Seal, this type of training increases strength, can improve cardiovascular functioning all while also advance your balance and flexibility.  They are overall pretty easy to set up and use. Once you take the time to understand how to use it properly and know what kind of exercises you can really get a killer workout.  

If you need guidance to put exercises together for a comprehensive exercise program, many of these systems will come with workout guides, but you can always look for resources online and use any of these trainers with those exercises. Literally anyone can benefit from working out with a suspension trainer, and it is actually enjoyable.  It is a nice change to throw in and mix up your routine. This review guide will hopefully help you pick the right trainer for your needs. When you can effectively use your body’s weight as a means to effectively exercise, there is not where you can go that you can’t get a workout.


The Criteria We Used For Our Evaluation


All of the trainers reviewed in this article are made of strong durable materials that will hold anyone, even larger bodies.  As you increase your strength and fitness you need to increase the angle you use your suspension trainer. Using your bodyweight, you want to be confident in your equipment. The straps are generally made of heavy-duty nylon with supports in areas with high wear.


Traditional functional training takes into account the importance of strength and the physical body.  Using your own bodyweight as a powerful and compelling machine that can improve your fitness and health is a valuable part of your training regime.  Adding suspension equipment will boost your ability to vary the type of exercises and as well as the level of intensity.

The benefit of being able to have a durable and secure system that you can easily set up and then take down and pack away allows you the option of training indoors and outdoors.  You can travel lighter and not lose your workout.


The major difference between these suspension trainer systems is the strap system, handles and the mounting options.  Some systems have one or two anchor points. The mounting accessories can be general anchors or those that are made for doors, some have extenders that allow you to anchor to high points or to wrap around large objects such as a tree trunk if you were outside doing your workout in a park for instance.

The straps tend to be adjustable to account for the location of where your system is mounted.  You can adjust them for length and they can be two separate straps or one unit.

Handles tend to vary between systems and tend to be personal preference.  They can be soft, rubber, plastic or have texture on them for grip. They should be made with antimicrobial material and/or be easily cleaned and wiped down with minimal breakdown in the materials.


Top brands will be on the market at a significantly higher price.  However, they tend to have a higher profile of durability and strength and can be used either at home or commercially.  The lower priced suspension training systems we reviewed may not be the best fit in a commercial or professional setting, but they will do the job well at home even for larger bodies at work.  Even though some trainers can be on the pricey side you get all that because you just need to use your own bodyweight, so when you think about it, even pricier options are still economical when you compare other workout equipment that you have to purchase and may not serve as many options.


Other Important Factors to Consider

Other factors to consider when buying a suspension trainer are that many come with multiple accessories like workout guides and exercise charts, the Qon Quill comes with resistance bands!  These added extras can also justify a particular price of a system. Or these extras might be things you really don’t need. The exercise guide in particular that comes with so many of systems is a really nice add.  If you have never worked out with a suspension trainer, having the guidance on what types of exercises and how to perform them is an invaluable tool.

As with any exercise program, understanding how to do the exercises correctly is very important to your overall health and success.  If you are very new to fitness, it might not be a bad idea to first work with a personal trainer or other fitness professional to learn and be comfortable with the basics.  A professional can also help motivate and encourage you as well as design an appropriate program that will fit your specific needs. One thing for sure is, once you start suspension training you are really going to enjoy the variety of workouts you can do and the intensity that you can achieve.  You will also like the results including the strong core you will achieve by doing these stabilizing workouts.



Q:  How do suspension trainers work?

Suspension trainers will have a carabiner that connects to an anchor point.  They use straps that can be adjusted for length and loops or handles are at the end of the straps for your feet and hands.  You basically hang from the straps and use the weight of your body at varying angles to be your resistance. You adjust the length of the straps to change the intensity of your workout.  

Q:  What are the benefits of suspension training?

There are many benefits of suspension training.  These trainers are usually fairly easy to set up and take down and they can fold up compactly.  They are also fairly light, which all combined make them easy to pack and travel with. You can get a full body workout, exercising each muscle group effectively and you can adjust how you do each of your exercises to get your heart rate up and get a cardiovascular workout.  While you are doing your exercises you have to stabilize yourself hanging from the straps, so you are working multiple body parts at the same time.In doing so you are pretty much forced to work your core. Suspension training is low impact and distributes your weight evenly, so it is easy on joints.

Q:  Can you isolate your abs with a suspension trainer?

Yes, you are always engaging your core when you are doing most of the exercises.  However, you can also isolate and target various parts of your midsection with exercises such as knee tucks, front rollouts or pikes to name a few.  Exercise guides with these systems will have information on the many different exercises you can do for any body part.

Q:  Is suspension training good for beginners?

Yes!  Suspension training can be very challenging but it can also be modified.  For those who are new to fitness or this type of training you should first learn proper form.  Then you can adjust the trainer to the length that works best for you and you can go at a pace that aligns with your current fitness level.

Q: What are the benefits of core strength?

Working out and gaining core strength is much more than just flat solid abs.  A solid core provides for our entire body’s strength and stability. When you have a strong core your muscles they will actually hold your spine in place.  That balance will stay adjusted at all times even when we go to bed at night. That proper alignment and improved posture with a strong core doesn’t end there it also helps you by improving your nervous and your circulatory systems. That is not all, when you have a fit and strong core, it provides for the basis to which you can develop strength throughout the rest of your body.

Q: Why is strength training important?

Your muscles help you engage in actions like walking or running and basically all movements you do.  As you age you will see muscle loss, and as a result your body fat increases. Not only will strength training burn calories, but it will also improves and maintains your strength, flexibility and balance and it helps ease the loss of muscle with age.

Q: What is better weight training or suspension training?

Neither type is better, they both are important. The combination of both types of training makes for an awesome platform to build muscle.

Q: Are there any warranties?

Yes.  Many of the suspension trainers we reviewed had warranties on their systems.  Some systems had very accommodating money back guarantees, so if you were unhappy with your purchase or find suspension training isn’t for you, you can engage in a hassle-free return.

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