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As an athlete, you know how important it is to take good care of your body with a healthy diet and plenty of exercise and rest.  The added stress and strain you put your body through however, means that you might need additional vitamins and minerals beyond what you would get from a healthy, balanced diet.

Vitamin and mineral supplements allow you to make sure your body is recieving everything it needs to perform at an optimum level.  One supplement that is great for athletes is vitamin A.  Vitamin A is a fat-soluble vitamin that improves vision, helps your organs funtion properly, boosts your immune system, and assists in bone development, all essential factors for athletes.  It also has been shown to improve skin health and help maintain a healthy reproductive system.

Check out our list of the 10 best vitamin A supplements, and make sure your active body has everything it needs to thrive.

Last Updated: September 5, 2018
By EJ Callanan:

This update brings you the latest vitamin A supplements from the best companies, to help your body function at its best. We've added a new #1, NOW vitamin A supplement with fish oil, and provided you with up to date information about selecting the right supplement for you.

  • NOW
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Environmentally Sustainable
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Nature Made
  • Nature Made
  • 4.7 out of 5
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  • Eye Health
  • Price: See Here
Bronson Vitamins
  • Bronson Vitamins
  • 4.5 out of 5
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  • Great for Skin
  • Price: See Here

A good vitamin A supplement is a high-quality product that matches your budget. The current regulation on supplement quality is a bit lax, leaving the consumer to shoulder much of the responsibility of choosing the right supplement to help achieve fitness goals. As a novice or professional athlete, you probably already know that quality could make all the difference between achieving good results faster and stalling as far as your professional career is concerned. Therefore, before the regulations change and become stricter, you should know what to look for in a good vitamin A supplement. You should also understand how each of the ingredients used to make vitamin A supplements affect your overall health and wellness. Fortunately, with a plethora of information about vitamin A supplements available out there, you don’t have to consume the wrong product anymore if you want to achieve your health and fitness goals faster. Below is a list of best vitamin A supplements reviewed for quality.


10 Best Vitamin A Supplements


1. NOW

1. NOW
NOW has been committed to proving the best supplement that would help athletes maintain a healthy lifestyle to achieve their goals. Their dedication to healthy living is demonstrated via their high-quality natural products that have been on the market for a while. If you want to boost your immune then you should try this vitamin A supplement. The manufacturer also adheres to environmental laws to ensure they make products that are friendly to the community.
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Tested for Quality

The company operates several manufacturing facilities in the U.S. and Canada, where all products are tested for quality to ensure that meet the highest standards before they are packaged for consumption.

Environmentally Sustainable

The company is aware of manufacturing activities that would impact the environment. As a result, they adhere to environmental safety laws by making products with low carbon footprints.

Cost and Value

Since NOW products have been tested to ensure they adhere to set standards and guidelines, you can be sure they are safe for consumption. In addition, NOW products are quite affordable.

Tested for quality in several NOW manufacturing facilities

Environmentally sustainable

Made from high-quality natural products

Supports immune function


May melt at high temperatures

May cause upset stomachs

2. Nature Made

Nature Made has yet another of its powerful supplements. This supplement could be your best bet if you are looking to improve your eye health and boost your overall immune health. It has been known to help improve eye function and provide better vision. You no longer have to worry about constantly deteriorating eye health once you add Nature Made Vitamin A supplement to your medicine cabinet.
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Essential for Eye Health

This special Vitamin A supplement from Nature Made has been specially designed to improve eye health. It is great for athletes who want to improve their eye health or be able to see well.

Boosts Immune Health

Having a weak immune system can take a toll on you. Athletes need to stay healthy always to allow them to perform and participate in their various sporting activities. With a boosted immune, you will be able to run better an athlete.

Cost and Value

This supplement is great for athletes who want to improve their eye health. It will help them see well and avoid several eye conditions. Since the supplement also boosts the immune system, it offers good value for money in an affordable manner.

Assists the eyes to function better

Helps to avoid various eye diseases

Protects the body from disease-causing pathogens

Boosts immune system


Not everyone will like the taste

The smell may not be pleasant

3. Bronson

3. Bronson
Bronson Vitamin A represents the highest quality formula with the best ingredients on the market. This is a top quality U.S. product and supplement that comes with numerous benefits expected of a Vitamin A supplement. Not only is it non-GMO, but also features the highest potency. This lab-tested product is a highly recognized brand on the market, with a money back guarantee to ensure you get real value for money.
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All-natural Ingredients

This product has been formulated using natural ingredients that have been lab-tested and found to be non-GMO. If you are concerned about what you consume, here is a supplement made from 100% natural ingredients.

Recommended by Nutritional Scientists

This supplement is a highly recognized and recommended brand. Even nutritional scientists highly recommend it. For instance, Dr. Linus Pauling, a Nobel Prize winner and a recognized nutritional scientist, consistently advises athletes to use it.

Cost and Value

If you are looking for a highly recognized and recommended brand, then this supplement could be great for you. It is an all-natural-ingredients supplement that has been lab-tested and found to be GMO-free. It is also affordable.

Natural formula made of highest quality ingredients

Lab-tested and found to be non-GMO

Money back guarantee to ensure customer satisfaction

Recognized and recommended by nutritional scientists


The smell may be unpleasant

May have an undesirable aftertaste

4. Solgar

4. Solgar
This vitamin A product is free of gluten, soy, yeast, dairy, wheat, colors, artificial flavors, or preservatives. Taking one tablet daily to supplement your meals could dramatically improve your health. Health practitioners recommend this product because it could help improve immune and boost stamina. Athletes would find it very useful owing to its contribution toward overall health and wellbeing.
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Suitable for Vegetarians

If you a vegetarian athlete looking to benefit from vitamin A supplements, then this product is ideal for you. It has no dairy or animal products of any kind.

Free of Elements that Bring Allergies

The product has been tested and confirmed to be free of gluten, dairy, soy, wheat, and preservatives. If you are allergic to wheat or soy, then using it will give you peace of mind.

Cost and Value

This is an all-natural product that has no soy or wheat. It is also free of flavoring and preservatives. It is suitable for the vegetarian athlete and is highly affordable.

Free of gluten and wheat

Vegetarian-friendly and suitable for the vegetarian athlete

The dry tablet form is convenient

Supports vision


May cause nausea

Users may experience stomach upset while using it

5. Nature's Way

5. Nature's Way
Nature's Way Vitamin A features 100 softgels to help you live a better and more fulfilled life. Having one of these bottles in your kitchen cabinet could make all the difference between a fulfilled life and a vulnerable one, as it boots your immune system while enhancing your vision and improving your stamina. It is great for athletes who are serious about matters pertaining to their health.
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Boosts Stamina

Running requires energy and stamina to enable the athlete to perform at optimum levels. The supplement is a great stamina booster and can be used to help athletes improve their energy levels.

Improves Eye Vision

If your eye health has been deteriorating or just want to improve your eye vision, this vitamin A supplement could help. You can add it to your regular diet and you will notice the result.

Cost and Value

Whether you are looking to boost your stamina or improve your overall eye health, this supplement will do more for your health than just improve eye vision. It is also affordable.

Improves vision and health

Boost stamina and energy

Contains antioxidant properties

Can boost your immune health


May cause upset stomach

May cause diarrhea

6. Mad Hippie

6. Mad Hippie
This supplement promotes overall health and can be used as a dietary supplement to enhance the appearance and feel of your skin, especially if it's sun damaged, a common occurrence with runners.
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Promotes Overall Skin Health

The product features all natural ingredients including aloe vera for full spectrum skin care. It will soften wrinkles and remove unsightly brown spots from your skin. Reviewers raved about how good applying it felt, and the wonderful effects it had on their skin.

Superior Blend

This product is a revolutionary new form of vitamin A. Because you apply it directly to your skin, it is bioavailable in its current state, without needing to be metabolized by your digestive system.

Cost and Value

This vitamin A supplement is a bit more expensive than other brands, but features a unique delivery system and all natural ingredients, and reviewers felt it was worth the cost. Because of this, we feel it's a good value for your money.

Drastically improves appearance and texture of skin

Improves vision to help athletes see better

Applies directly to skin


Some users didn't find it very effective

7. Thorne Research

7. Thorne Research
This vitamin A supplement bottle contains 90 capsules and can be very effective in enhancing vision. People who use this vitamin A supplement will also experience cellular development and improved immune function. Thorne has set high standards for itself and its products regarding the quality of manufacturing and product testing. They produce high-quality nutritional supplements to help improve the overall health and well-being of athletes, users, and customers.
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Boosts Immune Function

If you want an essential nutrient to help you maintain a healthy immune, then you should probably try this supplement. You will no longer be susceptible to colds when using it.

Bone and Skin Health

Athletes need healthy bone growth to help support their sports ambitions and run faster. This supplement will promote healthy bone growth and support skin health.

Cost and Value

Major allergens are excluded from this product. With no soy or peanut, the user can be confident that no allergies will occur. It will also promote bone and skin health at an affordable price of a few dollars.

Helps maintain a healthy immune system

Supports vision and night vision

Promotes skin health

Good for bones


Some users may experience stomach discomfort while using the supplement

Some people may experience headaches

8. Spring Valley

8. Spring Valley
This Spring Valley product is designed to improve your overall health. From boosting your immune to supporting bone development, consumers of vitamin A supplements could benefit more by investing in this product. Vitamin A is known for supporting skin, teeth and lung health. Athletes stand to benefit more because they could experience a dramatic improvement in their overall performance.
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Bone Development

Runners and sportspersons need strong healthy bones to run faster and jump higher with low risk of injury. Using this product could promote bone development and allow athletes to perform better.

No Odor, No Aftertaste

Besides providing overall body support and promoting lung health, the supplement has unpleasant smell or taste. Unlike most other vitamin A supplements on the market, this product has no odor or aftertaste.

Cost and Value

It is recommended for runners and sportspersons who want to boost their immune and keep cold at bay. The supplement could help you achieve your fitness goals faster by supporting your immune.

If you have a weak immune system, this could help you strengthen it

It contributes to better bone health

Promotes skin health

No aftertaste or odor to worry about


May cause stomach discomfort

Users may experience headaches

9. Nutricost

9. Nutricost
Nutricost Vitamin A features high-quality vitamin A per serving. The 10, 000 IU are high-quality vitamin A tablets. The product is non-GMO and gluten-free. It gives you 500 servings per bottle of Nutricost Vitamin A. It has also undergone an individual testing process to gain the confidence of users. Made in the U.S. in an FDA-registered facility, Nutricost Vitamin A product is GMP compliant.
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This product has undergone testing by an independent facility and has been determined to contain no GMO's. If you are avoiding GMO products, you can take this supplement without worrying about genetically modified foodstuffs.

GMP Compliant

The product complies with Good Manufacturing Practices and guidelines. It has also been made in FDA-registered facilities and you can be sure that you are consuming high-quality products.

Cost and Value

Independently tested and found to comply with GMP guidelines, the supplement is safe for consumption. For just a few dollars, you can add this non-GMO product to your medicine cabinet.

500 softgels per bottle

Tested and verified to be non-GMO

Gluten-free and vegan-friendly

GMP compliant


The capsule can be too thin

A headache and stomach ache are some of the side effects

10. Pure Encapsulations

10. Pure Encapsulations
This product provides all-around nutritional support. Athletes need multi-dimensional nutritional support to help improve their overall health. Your immune health will also improve dramatically when you start using this supplement. Those who have used the supplement consistently have reportedly had healthier vision. From supporting bone development to promoting cell growth, this supplement could just be what you need to kickstart your morning runs.
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Improve Immune Health

If you are looking to boost your immune system and promote bone health, you should incorporate this supplement into your daily diet. You no longer have to worry about colds.

Eye Health

Do not be too concerned about your deteriorating eye health if you can add this vitamin A supplement to your daily diet. You will experience improved vision, including better night vision.

Cost and Value

With the ability to dramatically support your eye health or vision, and the power to boost the immune system, the supplement offers real value for money. It is also affordable.

Can dramatically improve eye health and vision

Strengthens the immune system

Boosts overall health



May cause stomach upset

Users may experience mild to moderate headaches

With a little effort, you could research and find out the best vitamin A supplement to help you avoid wasting your hard-earned cash on products that don’t work or on supplements that would make you feel sick while using them. As an accomplished athlete, deciding to take supplements means you have fitness goals you have set for yourself and would like to leverage the power of vitamin A supplements to help you achieve them. Vitamin A supplements could help meet and exceed your nutritional needs with minimal effort. Remember that there is no “quick-fix” supplement to help you lose weight instantly or have a glowing skin in a matter of minutes. Achieving good health goals take time and effort. Vitamin A is very important to the body, and athletes often need this nutrient to help them have better vision and support their bone development so that they could run faster and perform better at their respective sport. However, since they cannot get sufficient vitamin A nutrient from eating regular food items, they try to make up for the deficiency by consuming supplements that are concentrated in vitamin A.

Criteria Using in Choosing the Best Vitamin A Supplements

If you are going to spend money on supplements, at least do your research to ensure you are not wasting your money, time and effort on products that do not work or may bring you serious side effects and jeopardize your health. Regardless, even health practitioners and nutritionists advise athletes to consume supplements to help them attain the minimum body’s nutritional requirements, but the numerous manufacturers out there have made it difficult to select vitamin A supplements that would improve overall health. Below are the criteria for evaluating the best vitamin A supplement for your overall health and wellness.


The essence of consuming vitamin supplements is to provide the extra minerals and vitamins that the body lacks from your regular diet. Sometimes it helps to track what you are eating to determine what might be lacking in your diet. If you find out that you lack vitamin A, then you might want to make up for it by consuming vitamin A supplements. Going by the supplement option means you have to find supplements that are highly concentrated in vitamin A to get the most out of every tablet, capsule, or softgel ingested. This makes it very important to select tablets with high potency so that you get much vitamin A from consuming less of the supplement. Different products have different potency levels. While some are low potency vitamin A supplement, others are high potency. The latter will allow you to enjoy more of the benefits associated with consuming vitamin A supplements.

Tracking your diet or what you eat on a daily basis is the first step toward determining how much more vitamin A you need to meet your nutritional requirements. You may begin by tracking what you consume for a week before taking the information to a qualified dietician to help with assessing your vitamin needs and advising you accordingly. High potency vitamin A supplements will leave you feeling your best because of their ability to improve skin condition dramatically. Your immune system will also improve much faster than if you were to consume vitamin A from natural foods alone or from low potency supplements. You will gain more when your body can better fight or manage disease than when you are low in vitamin A. Apparently, vitamin A deficiency is associated with some serious health issues, including decreased fertility and poor eye vision. If you are going to invest in vitamin A supplements that will help support various functions of your body, then you need to consider high potency supplements, as they will save you money in the long run and produce the results you want within a relatively shorter time.


The importance of vitamin A in helping athletes fight disease cannot be overlooked. They boost immune function and help to keep colds away. You can easily obtain vitamin A from carrots, veggies, eggs, and liver. Most people can obtain a sufficient amount of vitamin A from consuming regular diets. However, as an athlete, your requirements may be a bit higher. On the other hand, some people may not have access to foods considered to be high in vitamin A. Therefore, the most reliable way to make up for the difference is to supplement your diet by consuming vitamin A supplements. However, no matter how much you invest in them, you might not get as many benefits as if the absorbability is low. The faster your body can absorb the essential minerals the faster it can gain from the benefits of vitamin A. Therefore, when shopping for your supplement, make sure it has high absorption rates to get into your body faster and provide the essential benefits.

If you are not getting all the vitamin A you need from your regular diet, perhaps you need to visit a retail store to purchase your ideal supplement. It should maximize the ability of your body to absorb it quickly to derive the right amount from your intake. If your body is unable to absorb vitamin A efficiently, then you might not profit much from consuming the tablets. Remember that it is not how much vitamin A supplements you consume, but how much your body absorbs. The faster the absorption rate the less the amount of tablets you will need to realize satisfactory results.

On the other hand, consuming vitamin A supplements and tablets when your stomach is empty might not benefit you much. Fat allows the vitamin to be absorbed faster. This means that consuming the supplements on an empty stomach could mean your stomach has low amounts of fat and you could be susceptible to stomach upset, heartburn or serious digestion issues. There are high chances the vitamin will move through your entire system but only a small amount of the vitamin will be absorbed. Therefore, when shopping for the best vitamin A supplement, you should look for a product that is highly absorbable to derive maximum benefit for every softgel or tablet consumed.

Pureness and Safety

The ingredients used to make the supplement are as important as the tablets or capsules themselves. Additives and other preservatives can be harmful to health. As an accomplished athlete, you probably know the importance of consuming all-natural supplements. With many manufacturers making and selling different vitamin A supplements on the market, it can be difficult to know which ones should be avoided and which are safe for consumption. It is recommended that you go for pure or natural supplements, with no flavoring and no additives. If anything, some people are allergic to some of the additives found in supplements. Remember that no matter how much you need vitamin A to help improve the various functions of your body, your safety comes first. The products you introduce into your body should meet the highest standards as far as quality and safety are concerned. Some products can be harmful to your health. They can also significantly deteriorate your performance and slow you down as an athlete. The importance of pureness cannot be stressed enough.

Most manufacturers prefer to use natural ingredients when making vitamin supplements. Part of the reason is to accommodate a wider audience. Plant-based ingredients also attract vegans and vegetarians. Therefore, if you are a vegetarian athlete, you cannot consume supplements that contain dairy products. While most supplements on the market today are made from natural ingredients, you should take your time to confirm whether the product you are buying contains any additives you might be allergic to. Some people are allergic to some plant-based ingredients like a peanut. Ensure the supplement is free of any other ingredient that may react with your body and bring about undesired effects.

Good vitamin A supplements are non-GMO and free of other elements considered harmful to the body. Take your time to understand the product you are going to consume before you make the ultimate purchase decision. If you are allergic to wheat or soy, ensure that the vitamin A supplement is free of these two. The most important thing is to consider your safety first before looking at other features unique to the product. You should give your allergies a priority to ensure you have a smooth or seamless experience with the product. It is not worth buying a product that would react with your body and cause you to become sick. As an athlete, remember that you cannot perform if you are sick and missing your training. Runners need to be on track while footballers need to be on the pitch running and playing with the ball, but none can achieve these without keeping sickness and allergies at bay to allow them sufficient time to concentrate on their sport.

Legit, GMP-compliant and FDA-approved Facility

Good vitamin A supplements are independently tested to ensure they comply with certain industry standards. Meeting the minimum requirements for quality means you can trust the product to be safe for consumption. Ensure that your ideal product is GMP-compliant and safe for consumption. Complying with Good Manufacturing Practices allows the manufacturer to earn the trust of the potential customer. If the products are manufactured in FDA-approved facilities, it means they have met certain standards have been approved to manufacture products that would not cause harm to the health of the consumer.

While there are several manufacturers of vitamin A supplements currently selling on the market, not all of them are made in FDA-approved facilities. Do your due diligence to ensure the product is manufactured in FDA-approved facilities before you can invest your hard-earned money. Many people may ignore this factor but it contributes significantly to your overall health and safety. You don’t have to worry much about a GMP-compliant manufacturer who makes vitamin supplements in an FDA-approved facility, as the authorities have done their part to ensure that consumers get high-quality products on the market.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is vitamin A?

A: These are unsaturated nutritional organic compounds, such as retinal, retinoic acid, retinal, as well as a number of provitamin A carotenoids. This fat-soluble vitamin could help the body to perform numerous functions.

Q: Why is vitamin A important?

A: Vitamin A is important for several reasons. To begin with, it helps to improve vision and immune function. It is also known for improving skin health and bone development. If you are an athlete looking to gain any of these benefits, then you might want to find a way to add more of vitamin A into your diet.

Q: What are vitamin A supplements?

A: These are dietary supplements in form of capsules, tablets or softgels to help the body get sufficient supply of vitamin A. Dietary supplement to allow the users to make up for the deficiency by consuming the nutrient in a more concentrated (high potency) form.

Q: What are some of the natural food sources of vitamin A?

A: Vitamin A is commonly found in food items. Some of the natural sources of this vitamin include carrots, fish, liver, milk, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, parsley, red bell pepper, tomato, and green leafy vegetables.

Q: What is the best vitamin A supplement?

A: The best supplement should be easily absorbed into the body to provide you with the essential minerals your body needs to perform certain functions. They should improve vision and eye health, boost immune health, improve skin, and support bone development. The supplement should also be free of harmful additives, flavoring, and preservatives. Your body does not need artificial ingredients that could threaten your health. The best supplement should also be non-GMO and free of gluten or soy. In addition, it should also be pure and safe for consumption. Products that are GMP-compliant are also safe for consumption and cause the consumer to use them without worrying about personal health and safety.

Q: Where can I get vitamin A supplements?

A: Vitamin A supplement is available in various stores across the country. You can find them in a departmental store and chain stores near you. Some retail stores also stock a wide variety of vitamin A supplements. However, the most convenient place to find good vitamin A supplements is online. All you need to do is just log onto your computer or tablet PC to visit some of the most popular e-commerce sites for a wide range of products to choose from. You need to take your time and go through the features to ensure you are buying a product that meets your needs and budget. You can then place your order and your merchant will have it delivered to your most convenient location.

Q: How much is the best vitamin A supplement?

A: Best vitamin A supplements may vary in price from one manufacturer to another and depending on the added features and benefits. However, with the recent drop in prices, you should be able to find one affordably. They cost a few dollars.


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