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When it comes to keeping up a routine with fitness, having a gym at the tips of your fingers is a great place to start. How might this be possible, you might wonder?  All you need to do is invest in some equipment that is going to keep you motivated to peel off those flannels and eject from our NetFlix watching. For some, this may be a running machine like a treadmill, for others, they may enjoy a peaceful row session in the morning. but for those who want to really build some muscles, you may want to consider a weight bench.

This all sounds fine and dandy, but you want to make sure that your weight bench is quality. Because if it’s not, you can actually really hurt yourself, and that just won’t do. We at RunnerClick want all of our readers to stay fit, healthy, and safe, so to get you started on the right path, we have put together the following list. Enjoy and pump some iron.

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Bow Flex 5.1
  • Bow Flex 5.1
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Posture Correcting
  • Price: See Here
Marcy Utility
  • Marcy Utility
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Great for dumbbell workouts
  • Price: See Here
Powerline Body Solid
  • Powerline Body Solid
  • 4.6 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Adjustable angles
  • Price: See Here

10 Best Weight Benches



Marcy Utility

Marcy is a leading name in the strength and fitness world, providing affordable, high quality benches and fitness gear. The Marcy Utility Flat Bench is a well rounded and well priced and uncomplicated bench. This sturdy bench can support upwards of 300 lbs of bodyweight and 600 pounds of combined weight.
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A Simple Bench
This utility bench is a straightforward and simple bench that is sturdy and solid. It will hold up to your heavy lifting as it’s height from the floor is 17 inches. It has enough padding to be comfortable and functional for any home gym.

Space Saving Design
With the home gym in mind, Marcy designed this utility bench to save your precious space. It has a heavy-duty steel frame that is extremely durable as it is wear and tear resistant with a powder-coated finish. The practical design maximizes your mobility and efficiency when working out.

Cost and Value
This utility bench is a rock solid bench with firm padding and can hold up for even the most ardent of weightlifters. Great design for a small home gym, this bench will not let you down. Stands up to wear and tear as well as durability at a sharp price point.

Sturdy construction

Space-saving design

Ergonomic and portable


No adjustability

Rep FB-3000

The Rep FB-3000 Flat Bench is a heavy duty bench that is constructed with 11 gauge steel which will allow for standing up to 1,000 lbs without a problem. It is designed with durable vinyl so it is easily cleaned. It has a height that allows you to utilize proper positioning of the feet and the arch for the back that will allow you to lift heavy weights with proper form.
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Strong and stable
This bench is a heavy-duty 1,000 lb prominent flat bench. It is a dependable bench that is perfect for the home or even some commercial gyms. It is designed to be used for a variety of dumbbell, smith machine or, cage and power rack workouts, so you can utilize it in a number of ways.

Quality and durable materials
The bench uses 11 gauge steel and has a thick plywood base layer, unlike other benches in its category that use flimsy particle board. It has durable, textured non-slip vinyl that covers a dense foam core with a soft top layer to give you both support and comfort.

Cost and Value
Coming in at 45 lbs, most anyone can easily move this bench around as needed. It is easily cleaned, designed with strength and sturdiness in mind. This bench can support a decent amount of weight which is always a plus for serious and novice lifters alike.
  • Quality bench for the price
  • Easy to assemble, expect to only spend 15 minutes
  • Very stable, doesn’t wobble
  • Firm and comfortable padding that is not slippery
  • Easy to move, not a heavy bench
  • Designed in American but made in China
  • Leveling the bench can be challenging

Powerline Body Solid

The Powerline Body Solid bench is an awesome multi-bench that can support you when you are doing dumbbell workouts. This bench offers 7 adjustment positions that include flat, incline, decline and near vertical. It is equipped with wheels that allows for easy moveability.
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Functional design
This is a truly practical and great all-around bench. It is a space saver with a tiny footprint, the wheels on the bottom make it easy to quickly move about as necessary. It has a slim and minimal sharp design. It is incredibly easy to make adjustments with all the angles you are going to need.
When you are searching for the highest quality equipment for your home gym within reasonable home gym prices, this is a serious option to consider. It boasts a 500 pound weight capacity and that is bodyweight and the weight you are lifting. This is compared to many other benches in this price range who only offer a 250-300 lb. capacity. It is one of the most sturdy benches in its category and you can use it hard at home just like a bench at the gym and it will stand up to the serious lifting you want to do.

Cost and Value
It comes to you folded inside the box, and will take you less than 10 minutes to set up. An affordable bench that is sturdy and made with excellent vinyl plastic pads that will stand up to heavy use. Powerline offers great customer service too if you ever find you need some assistance with your products.
  • Comes already assembled
  • Good customer service
  • Design supports the multiple angles and uses
  • Has useful foot pegs
  • Space saving, easy to store
  • Stickers on the bottom of the bench may cause some stickiness there
  • When you are using it on the incline, the seat can have adjustment issues

Marcy Adjustable Utility

Marcy Adjustable Utility
The Marcy Adjustable Utility Bench is a super affordable and versatile for the novice lifter to the veteran lifter. The utility bench can offer full-body workouts with an adjustable 6 position back pad. It is also easily adaptable to fit most machines such as squat racks, half cages and Smith machines!
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This utility bench can support workouts on it’s own, but also when adapted to other machines. It is as sturdy as any you would find in a commercial gym. Adjustability offers many positions for a wide array of workouts and targeting specific muscle groups. It is simple to fold up and roll to any location.

Easy to transport
While it doesn’t fold flat, it is still easy to fold and ideal for transporting with it’s built-in wheels and a handle grip that will provide you with the most efficient mobility. It can easily be used in the home gym, commercial gym or an outdoor exercise area. This bench also includes hassle-free storage, so you can’t go wrong with the flexibility you get with the Marcy Adjustable Utility Bench.

Cost and Value
This bench is very affordable, easy to set up, very well built and it is comfortable. The ability to be adjustable and adaptable to supplement other machines make it extremely functional. The seat back is wide to accommodate larger bodies all while being very stable with broad feet supporting it on the floor.
  • Stable, made of heavy gauge steel
  • Adjustments work smoothly, the seat and back will stay where you set them
  • Can accommodate large individuals
  • Able to go into the Decline position as well as ability to angle the seat to match
  • Great value
  • Assembly will take some time due to heavy duty materials and pivot points
  • Could have better customer service

Ironmaster Super Bench

Ironmaster Super Bench
The Ironmaster Super Bench is a heavy duty weight bench that is rated for 1000 lbs.! Offers quick adjustments for 11 angles from the decline position to upright. You can add attachments to gain more versatility and personalize it specifically for you. This machine can accommodate dumbbell workouts as well as it can be used with a Smith machine, cage or rack.
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Easily Adjustable and Comfortable
This bench is easy to adjust and super comfortable with extra thick padding that doesn’t flatten out. You can make adjustments very easily and quick, and the adjustments are reliable to accommodate you and your weights. You will never struggle to move from one exercise to the next while putting it into a new position.The bench continues to impress me especially when I get on other benches.

Incline and flat bench
The ingenious seat system allows you to use the seat incline mode so your head will stay rested on the bench pad. You can add the decline attachment as well to offer more angles to pump iron and get those muscles working in every angle.

Cost and Value
This weight bench is solidly built with 12-gauge steel and it offers ease of set up as it comes ready to use directly out of the box. A top bench for the home gym. It is very comfortable offering a 20” flat bench height, 17”x 41” footprint that accommodate heavy lifting and larger individuals.
  • Ready to use right out of the box
  • Incline seat follows backrest pad at any angle
  • Accepts a large list of attachments such as the Crunch Sit Up, Dip Bar Handles and Chin Up Bar
  • Thick padding for comfort
  • Superior quality, as Ironmaster builds very well-made and long-lasting equipment
  • A little narrower than other benches
  • Somewhat high, so some people will have a harder time planting their feet on the ground

Bowflex 5.1

Bowflex 5.1
The Bowflex 5.1 Weight Bench is like a full free-weight fitness center. It offers six different positions from a 17-degree decline to a 90-degree incline. It includes a removable leg-hold-down brace that will offer added decline support. Is ergonomic in that it corrects posture into a stabilizing position so you can lift safely. Bowflex offers a sweet 30 year warranty to boot!
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Nice pads and sturdy construction will allow even the heaviest of lifters confidence in the bench. It is fairly easy to change slants on the fly and it can accommodate short and quite tall individuals. This bench has a nice, robust and sturdy adjustable seat.

Multitude of positions
There are lots of different exercises you can do with this bench. Feel the burn in your abs with incline sit ups or maximize your shoulder workout with the various angles this bench will allow you to utilize. If you aren’t sure how to fully make use of all the different angles and positions, no worries! There is an included workout routine guide that will help aid you in understanding how to best use this bench in the safest and most effective way.

Cost and Value
This weight bench offers a sharp design with a clean and sharp seat back. It is very functional with 6 incline/decline positions and leg restraints for ab workouts and decline presses. You get an invaluable serious 30 year warranty which you can count on.
  • 30 year warranty
  • Easy to adjust
  • Easy to put assemble
  • Incredibly solid
  • Will produce results
  • Seat pads could be better
  • Heavy bench

Body Solid GFID225

Body Solid GFID225
Check this one out, the Body Solid GFID225 has a lifetime warranty, meaning you are covered for everything, FOREVER. Forget about time consuming construction projects, it will come to you fully assembled. It has seven adjustment positions and is commercial rated.
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While many benches intended for home gyms can try to be space-saving by skimping on length and size, you won’t find that here with the GFID225. It is long enough to accommodate tall individuals. You get the space savings from the folding design. You won’t sacrifice comfort or stability either either with this quality bench.

Durable bench with options
You are going to get all the options you want in this bench like incline and decline, seated shoulder press, it can lay perfectly level. Nice durable padding keep comfort and control. It even has pegs for your feet that are perfect for sit ups.

Cost and Value
Outside of the amazing lifetime warranty, this bench is most definitely worth your consideration. It is solid and well built, has the wheels for easy maneuvering, designed with solid padding and wear and tear resistant covering. No stress, here as it comes pre-assembled. Great for home gyms with it’s space saving design.
  • Collapsable to save space
  • Fully assembled
  • Fast Delivery
  • Amazing warranty
  • Solid welded construction
  • Some people have found quality control issues with their packages
  • Bottom seat pad is stationary

Powerblock Sport

Powerblock Sport
The Powerblock Sport Bench offers 5 position back pad adjustment with an optional dip attachment and it can support 550 lb weight capacity. It is 16” high which allows your feet to be flat on the floor when it is level. It is a solid bench whose size is suitable for both men and women.
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This bench can work well for both men and most women. The solid design allows for ease of movement and the cushion materials are will make you very comfortable. It sits low which is great for heavy lifting heavy dumbbells off the ground without bending or overextending and injuring yourself.

Easy to assemble
Drama free assembly process. You receive this bench pretty much put together in the box with little extra effort for the parts that remain. Once together, adjustments for angles necessary for various workouts are a cinch.

Cost and Value
This is a classic FID bench whose design takes into account both male and female users. It is compact in size, easy to assemble, easy to move about with it’s built-in wheels. It is a solid bench, that is easily adjustable and stable. It’s attractive design and respectable 10 year warranty make it a great all around weight bench.
  • Perfect size for men and women
  • Easy to assemble
  • Built solid
  • 10-year warranty
  • Easy to move around with built-in wheels
  • Great for home gyms, but may not serve hardcore bodybuilders properly
  • Customer service could be better

York Barbell Adjustable

York Barbell Adjustable
York Barbell is a long established fitness product manufacturer founded by the “Father of World Weightlifting” bob Hoffman. The York Barbell Adjustable bench is solidly constructed with 2 oversized steel tubes. There is plenty of extra thick cushioning and wheel rollers with a handle to help you easily move it wherever you are working out. You also get the added bonus of a rack that can hold up to 3 pairs of York Fitbells.
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Great all around bench
This bench looks neutral while still having style. Perfect amount of cushioning for comfort and support. The bench adjusts easily with a basic slide pin lock. You can move it easily with the back end wheels. It is solid and strong enough to hold large individuals who want to lift heavy weights.

This is a good bench and will be a worthwhile long lasting investment. You can use it hard for lifting or bodyweight exercises like step ups and bench dips and the padding will keep its shape and support. Make adjustments easily and quickly to keep your workout efficient.

Cost and Value
This bench is a terrific value, it is hard to find another bench at this price point with this many perks. A wide range of individuals from many sizes can easily and confidently use this bench and it won’t wobble or let you down. Easy instructions and hardware included are a breeze to use. Not to mention York is a leading and highly respected name in the fitness industry.

York Barbell is a respected and trusted fitness equipment company Tremendous value Quick delivery Easy to use Functional design with added bonus of Fitbell rack

  • Does not decline
  • Awkward adjustable back

Fitness Reality 1000 Super Max

Fitness Reality 1000 Super Max
This weight bench has a large weight capacity of 800 pounds, and while this may not be enough for some, it's enough for many. It also offers many positions that can be changed and adapted to suit your exact home gym or fitness requirements. Find out more about it below.
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Touch and comfortable
According to most who have tried this bench, they find this bench to be very comfortable and easy to adjust. However, in full disclosure, some found it to be too thin and not quite durable feeling (but this is a very small minority).

The surface is smooth, and this bench offers an easy transition of 12 different positions.

To help with comfort, the backrest is adjustable as well.

Commercial grade

While this may not be found in every gym across the country, this weight bench is built to last, and it will stand the test of use for years to come (that is, according to user's reviews).

Cost and Value

For a small cost, this weight bench is all yours. As stated earlier, it isn't one that you might find in every single gym around; however, it will certainly hold up at home, and it allows up to 800 pounds in weight, so it is no wilting daisy either.

Large weight capacity

Highly adjustable

Smooth transitioning

Can be folded for storage


Some worry about durability and bench area being too thin

How much do you bench bro?  Now that you have some options available to you to check out, contrast and compare which will make the best bench for you, it is time to get on that lifting game. Get ready to go beast mode and start pumping out bench presses. There is just something primal in getting those reps in that makes men and women feel pretty great and ultra pumped.  

Anyone of these benches will serve you well no matter what your training focus is.  It comes down to a matter of preference and design need.


Criteria Used to Evaluate the Best Diet Books


Not all of us are independently wealthy.  Having home gym accessibility is not necessarily a high-end, elite perk for many of us.  Most of us simply have a some limited space we can dedicate to our fitness and that we have a bit of extra cash to invest in that space. If you have more than a couple extra bucks and more than limited space to dedicate, then cheers to you, you lucky duck!  But if you don’t, that doesn’t mean that you can’t have a decent, functional home gym of your own. You don’t necessarily have to spend a ton of money on your equipment to get a quality piece, and price does not necessarily equal quality or value. People of every price and space means can find what works for their fitness routine in their budget and space allotment. Because money doesn’t grow on trees, we wanted to make sure that the benches we reviewed were not just high quality, durable, and practical but also within price ranges that included the affordable range.  Everyone and anyone can use this list to find a top tier bench that also fits well within their wallet constraints, or lack thereof.


You are looking for a weight bench, so you clearly want to lift heavy things.  The weight bench you pick cannot be flimsy. That is not just because a flimsy piece of equipment won’t last, but more importantly a flimsy weight bench could be dangerous.  Nobody wants to tip over on their bench when they lean over and reach for heavy dumbbells. Talk about smashed toes or worse! And for some people of a larger, heavier body frame, you need to not only have your body weight supported simply sitting there, but you also need to be supported when you add additional weight for exercising.  The last thing you want to do is sit on your bench and have it collapse under you or worse, sit on your bench then grab weights to start a press that ends with you on the ground, on your back with your weights slammed on top of you. Not a good time.


Most small home gym owners only have a limited amount of space to dedicate to their fitness room.  You have to make the most out of the space that you have and in order for a clunky, chunky bench to work for you, it needs to have a small footprint.  If not, it should be able to fold up and take up less of your precious space.

You buy a weight bench and it offers a boat load of adjustments which make it a multi-bench that gives you tremendous versatility in your exercises.  It is very important that you can seamlessly move from one adjustment to the next without taking up too much time or effort. Because let’s be honest, if your workout primarily consists of you fighting with your bench to change incline or decline and less time with you actually using your incline or decline, chances are you are less likely to be motivated or encouraged to continue using that piece of equipment or exercising in general, overall.

Many people will use their bench for more than just lifting weights, some will use it for body wieght exercises like dips or step ups.  The additional pressure on the bench will wear it unevenly. A solidly built bench that has tough and rugged materials that can weather the irregular wear and tear and also the repeated heavy wear and tear is very important to your satisfaction with the bench and the longevity of that bench.  


You want to get the most out of your weight bench as you can.  It’s design is particularly important. Is it wide enough and long enough to support your frame?  Is the cushioning not just enough to be comfortable but enough to be supportive? The cushioning should also be quality enough to hold its shape and not break up causing lumpy and uneven padding.  While we are on the topic of padding, the cover materials are also important. The materials need to be durable and easily cleaned. Hopefully you are going to work hard enough to sweat, so you want to be able to wipe down and disinfect your equipment easily when you are finished so it is fresh and healthy for your next workout.

How many adjustments does your bench make?  The more the better. Incline, decline, flat not to mention foot pegs for offering you the widest variety of exercise options. In conjunction with adjustments, the strength of the materials also matter.  Because you can have all the adjustments anyone can dream of, but if the materials aren’t solid, you might be doing more dreaming of those exercises than actually engaging in them.


Other Factors Worth Considering

You can find benches that tick all the boxes of the crucial metrics we used to evaluate our list of weight benches, but if the bench is not comfortable to you, at the end of the day it’s more than likely you won’t use it much.  That is a shame. There are varying amounts of cushioning that each bench has which you can use your preference as to what is most satisfying for your body when you are pumping iron.

Since many people shop online these days, you want to also assess how handy you are and how much work you are willing to do to construct a bench.  Some benches come pretty much fully assembled and may only need a screw here and there, others will come with lengthy instructions and quite a bit of pieces for you to assemble at home.  That can be complex for some people, so take into consideration when you decide on a model to purchase.

Last, in keeping close to the assembly factor, weather or not you purchase a model that has a lot of assembly work or not, you may still run into issues.  Missing pieces, assembly support, poor design that can all be a headache. It is not a bad idea to make sure the manufacturer has a solid customer service and satisfaction operation.  There is nothing more stressful than waiting for your purchase and having it finally come, but with issues and then not getting any support or assistance from the seller. We hit on the stand out companies that do offer this feature in our review above.



Q:  Are there weight benches that can safely hold a 300 lb. person?

Yes, the Rep Flat bench is a great option for that as it is rated for up to 1000 lbs. The XMark Adjustable FID is also a great option as it is rated for up to 1500 lbs.

Q:  Are these benches only for home use or can they be used in a public gym?

We were mainly focusing on reviewing best weight benches with the home gym in mind.  Because we took the quality of construction and design into high priority when reviewing our picks, most all of them can also be used in a public gym environment.

Q:  Can you use a bench for other exercises outside of lifting weights?

Yes!  A quality and sturdy bench is an essential part of a home gym.  You can do so much more with it than just lifting weights. You can do step-ups, dips, you can put your feet on the bench with your hands on the floor and do extra challenging push-ups or work the backs of your legs with frog kicks.  You can use the bench for a wide variety of ab exercises as well. There are plenty of exercises you can use a bench for with or without weights.

Q:  What is the difference between a Standard vs. Olympic Bench?

An Olympic bench will be wider and more stable to support a greater amount of weight.  Olympic benches tend to be higher quality and made of very solid materials. They are designed for very high use and heavy weight, and as such, they tend to be bulkier and cost more than a standard bench.

A Standard weight bench is generally made for beginners and for light use.  These benches will provide a standard level of weight training. They will be more space efficient and often come with a wide range of accessories.  This makes them a versatile and practical piece of equipment with many uses that maximizes their space and their function specifically for the home gym user.


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