10 Best Workout DVDs Tested & Reviewed


Exercise is very important for healthy living. If you want to live a life free of disease and other conditions, you should eat healthily and exercise. Not many people exercise regularly. Some simply do not have the time or make up excuses for not showing up at the gym, while others find exercise a boring and painful process. However, with the rising need for exercise to stay fit and perform better as an athlete, there has been a need to find more creative and fun ways to make people exercise. For instance, dancing while exercising has proven effective because it is both fun and helps to burn the excess calories that later become fat deposits in various parts of the body. Over time, trainers have learned to devise ways and strategies that help athletes and models to achieve their level of fitness and desired physique. By sharing these tricks and tips through a DVD, a fitness trainer can be able to reach a wider audience out there and compel exercise enthusiasts to exercise more and get in shape. If you are going to invest in one of these workout DVDs, then it is important to know what to expect and how to derive the most out of them. Below is a list of best workout DVDs reviewed for quality.

Featured Recommendations

  • Beachbody
  • 5 out of 5
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Brazil Butt
  • Brazil Butt
  • 4.7 out of 5
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  • Triangle Training
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Zumba Fitness
  • Zumba Fitness
  • 4.5 out of 5
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  • Meal Plans
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Exercising to achieve the desired bikini body does not have to be a painful process. Fitness trainers have found a way to make training a painless and effortless process, thanks to their workout DVDs that feature simple workouts and dance moves that even beginners can be able to perform with minimum effort. The rising demand for these DVDs has resulted in several trainers coming up with various training methodologies in a bid to get the attention of exercisers and consumers of these products.


10 Best Workout DVDs


1. Beachbody

This 30-day in-home fitness program is largely based on dance to help athletes to burn fat and shape their abs without having to go through painful crunches and difficult sit-ups. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced exercise maniac, you will find this DVD helpful as far as shaping your physique is concerned. You will learn easy-to-follow moves in a step-by-step fashion and receive useful training tips from a professional dancer and experienced fitness trainer.
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Diverse Workouts

Athletes can learn different techniques that work the abs to tighten the core. Dance-based cardio makes burning fat a fun exercise. There are also different full-body workouts that help tone your physique.

6-Day Slimdown

The DVD features a 6-day Slimdown routine to jump-start your weight loss process by adhering to a simple plan. You could lose up you 3 inches within a week to have a slimmer waist. If you are an athlete who loves to see results within a short time, this DVD will impress you.

Cost and Value

With a wide variety of exercises to work your full body and a 6-day slimdown program to jump-start your workout routine, this DVD could help you achieve more for less. It is very affordable.

Helps users acquire flat, sexy abs without killing themselves with crunches and sit-ups

Included 10 workout routines

Users also learn how to dance and workout

A one-week slimdown plan for a rapid fat loss around the waist


The background music may not be pleasant

Some exercises and dance moves may be difficult for beginners

2. Brazil Butt

While you may not be a bikini supermodel, that does not prevent you from learning their secrets and toning your physique to achieve a bikini body. If you want a firm, lifted butt, then you have to be willing to make the right investment and put in some work. Famous supermodel trainer Leandro Carvalho takes Brazilian dance and cardio and combines it with his personalized lower-body sculpting moves to help athletes highlight their behind and make the booty the most outstanding feature.
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Leandro Carvalho's Signature Moves

Having trained famous supermodels, Leandro Carvalho has come up with his own proven sculpting moves to help shape the butt and enhance the booty’s appearance. When combined with Brazilian dance and superior cardio, athletes can acquire the supermodel body they have always dreamed of.

TriAngle Training Method

Leandro has devised yet another training method that challenges all the major muscles of the butt from various angles to help firm and lift the buttocks while reducing the thighs and hips. It will tone all the stubborn trouble zones.

Cost and Value

This DVD and fitness program is suitable for athletes who want to acquire that bikini body to look like supermodels. The workout methodologies have been proven to work every time. The price is quite affordable as well.

Workout system is specially designed to help shape and lift the butt

The TriAngle Training Method is effective on major butt muscles

Brings Brazilian dance and cardio to meet Leandro's proven sculpting moves to tone the lower body

3 DVDs with 7 workouts


Some beginners may find the exercises too challenging

May have too many infomercials between different programs

3. Zumba Fitness

Bring the party home by getting yourself one of these incredible slimdown DVD systems. Within the package is a program guide, 5 DVDs, a nutrition guide and sole control wraps. Full-body workout disguised as a dance is all the excess calories need to understand that it is time to leave. A series of high-energy 30-second bursts could significantly contribute to fat loss when combined with cardio, interval training, and strategic muscle conditioning. This could be fun and could significantly impact your weight loss process.
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Meal Plans

The package comes with included meal plans and recipes to ensure athletes who are hungry for results get what they want. The nutrition guide features numerous recipes and healthy eating tips to ensure your fuel does not drop until you achieve optimal fitness.

Workout Calendars

Workout calendars help you plan well and manage your workout effectively. Easy-to-follow dance moves make workouts fun and transform your workout session into a fun calorie-burning party. You never have to miss a workout again, thanks to the workout calendar that helps you stay organized.

Cost and Value

High-energy bursts in this workout DVD will help you slim down by burning all the excess calories. It is suitable for individual athletes looking to burn down calories in a much more fun way. In addition, the DVD is quite affordable.

Combines cardio and interval training to help burn down fat

Unique dance moves make exercises more fun

Included meal plans and healthy diet tips

Contains full-body workouts


Some moves may be difficult for beginners

Some packages may come in Spanish language only

4. Supreme 90

4. Supreme 90
Supreme 90 was created because ordinary workouts become boring and muscles plateau and the athlete stops seeing results. Routine exercises may not be challenging enough to stimulate the body to grow, and this requires some muscle confusion to speed up results. With the Supreme 90, your muscles will always feel challenged, pushing your them to grow.
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10 DVD System

Buying this product give you access to 10 DVDs with challenging workouts that will force your muscles to grow. Your muscles won’t have to plateau anymore.

Supreme 90 Day Training

Your dream body is just 90 days away. Each move will shock your muscles and challenge them to grow. The muscle confusion will push your muscles to the extreme and force them to grow.

Cost and Value

These exercises allow you to break away from routine and challenge your muscles from a different perspective. The DVD system is quite affordable too.

The training works on muscles that plateau and challenges them to grow

Supreme 90-day training to confuse muscles and accelerate growth

The training will leave you feeling stronger

10 DVD system to help athletes achieve their dream body


Some people may find the exercises strenuous

Some exercises may require lightweights

5. Tae-Bo Workout

5. Tae-Bo Workout
This workout is suitable for both genders. From basic to advanced workouts, this “future of fitness” has received much hype for a reason. It combines martial art kicks and boxing punches to make exercising fun. With 4 tapes of different lengths, the workout program is prepared to teach athletes how to successfully complete their difficult workouts. The video raises the bar as far as difficult exercises are concerned.
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Tae-Bo Basics

The video features a 27-minute workout divided into warm-up (5 minutes), Tae-Bo (18 minutes), and cool-down (4 minutes). These will leave your body sweating and heart beating as if you were in a race with a cheetah.

Advanced Tae-Bo

After you are done with the basics you may proceed to advanced 57-minute Tae-Bo that will have you sweating profusely. By the time you are done with these exercises, your heart will be racing fast and pulse-pounding harder.

Cost and Value

If you are interested in learning how to combine boxing techniques with martial arts, then this plan could be best for you. You will move from basic to advanced Tae-Bo and become confident in your abilities.

Designed for both men and women

Mixes hard-hitting boxing punches with kick-ass martial arts kicks in a fun and easy way

Basic Tae-Bo technique for beginners

Advanced Tae-Bo for the advanced athlete


Beginners might find some beginner exercises challenging

The quality of the video may not be very good

6. Mark Lauren

6. Mark Lauren
Mark Lauren has mastered the art of using bodyweight to create lean and strong individuals through bodyweight exercises. He hones this skill while prepping about a thousand trainees and recruits for the challenging demands required of the U.S. Special Operations Community. He has resorted to civilian athletes to help them attain high levels of fitness.
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No Equipment Needed

These exercises are fully based on body weight. You do not need to invest in expensive equipment to get in shape and acquire the sexy body expected of an athlete.

Fast-paced Toning

The fast-paced upper body exercises are designed to tone your arms and chest. You will also improve your posture and appearance.

Cost and Value

If you do not have room for bulky exercise equipment, this workout program will teach you to use your body weight to tone your muscles. It is relatively affordable as well.

20-minute workouts 3 days a week help to tone your muscles

Teaches you to use your whole body to build strength

Leverages natural body motions to ensure injury prevention and safety

Posture training to allow athletes get the right posture


Beginners may find some exercises difficult

Some copies of the DVD may refuse to play

7. Yoga Boost

7. Yoga Boost
Finally, somebody thought of individuals who don’t perform yoga and designed yoga exercises for beginners. This system features modifications to accommodate individuals who are unable to touch their toes. In addition, beginners do not have to put up with painful postures.
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Yoga Basics

The yoga workout system is designed for individuals who have never been to a yoga class or athletes whose yoga skills have become a little rusty.

Boosts Metabolism

The DVD features simple exercises to help boost your metabolism and promote your health and wellness. You will lose weight faster when using this program.

Cost and Value

It is designed to introduce athletes to yoga basics. It features simple exercises modified to suit beginners. You will lose fat while boosting your metabolism. In addition, the cost is quite modest.

Teaches beginners the fundamentals of yoga

Builds muscle through resistance

You could boost your metabolism with weight loss yoga exercises

Yoga stretches help to speed up recovery


Not everyone will be able to do the yoga stretches and exercises

Some people may find the moves too simplistic

8. BurstFIT

8. BurstFIT
This is great for athletes looking to get fit quickly. The DVD program offers different workout exercises to help you stay fit and strengthen your core. It combines strength and cardio training to offer the best results. With 3 included discs featuring 7 intense workouts, the program will help you achieve the lean, toned body you so much desire.
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Burst Off Body Fat

Disc 1 will help to jumpstart your weight loss training and melt away the extra fat accumulated around your waist.

Total Body Shred

Disc 2 is loaded with tons of exercises meant to help you work out effectively. You will achieve more within a short time.

Cost and Value

With the DVD discs to help you burn fat, shred the whole body, and lift your butt, this program will give athletes their money’s worth.

Helps to lose weight around the mid-section

Loaded with exercises to work out the whole body

Tightens and lifts the glutes for a firm butt

Resistance training techniques to stimulate your growth hormone


May not be suitable for all beginners

Very advanced trainers may also not find these exercises challenging enough


Just as the name suggests, it offers a 90-day workout plan that includes cardio and body toning interval-based in-home fitness program to escalate fun-burning process and tone lean muscles. Athletes will feel the impact throughout their entire body. Whether you are just starting out as a beginner or has trained over time to become an experienced exerciser, there is something for everyone inside this package and program.
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90 Day Training Calendar

The 90-day schedule will make help you stay fit and motivated throughout the program. It will also help exercisers track their progress while melting stubborn fat and toning lean muscle. The wall calendar is a guide to demonstrate how your exercises are performed over the 90-day period.

Nutrition Guide

As an elite athlete, you probably know the importance of nutrition to your fitness routine. This nutrition guide takes the guesswork out of the equation to give you a complete guide regarding what you should be eating, including healthy recipes to support your training.

Cost and Value

The DVD guides the athlete through a 90-day program to achieve the perfect physique. With a 90-day calendar to show exercisers what to do and a comprehensive meal plan to back it up, anyone will appreciate this fitness program.

A comprehensive nutrition guide to eliminate guesswork

A wide range of healthy recipes to choose from

90-day training calendar to lead the way and help track progress

10 challenging, yet easy-to-follow exercises designed for different difficulty levels


DVD may not play well if poorly handled

Some exercises may present a challenge for beginners

10. Gaiam

10. Gaiam
Designed by America’s favorite trainer, BODYSHRED is based on holistic resistance in a high-intensity, endurance-oriented 60-day workout plan. The DVD features synergistic 3D body dynamics to help athletes and exercise enthusiasts to explore various movement possibilities for maximized athletic performance. As an athlete, you could do so much within 30 minutes, thanks to the BODYSHRED DVD. You’ll also be able to shed excess fat while defining muscles and taking your entire body through a transformation process that will completely change your entire physique.
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12 DVDs

With 10 incredible 30-minute creative workouts divided into 8 Shred Method workouts as well as 2 Cardio workouts, you can be sure that your physique will undergo a complete transformation. The package also comes with 2 Bonus DVDs to spice up your workouts.

BODYSHRED Rotational Calendar

Athletes can find a complete guide to show them what to accomplish each day to have a total workout. You could easily track your progress using this fitness calendar and ensure that nothing is missed out.

Cost and Value

If you are an athlete looking for an endurance-based fitness plan, then this DVD could provide the guidance you need to achieve your fitness goals. With 12 DVDs to guide your workouts, you could easily achieve your dream physique if you put in some work with this affordable fitness plan.

12 DVDs for a complete workout and fitness guide

Rotational calendar to show you which workout to do each day and help track your progress

60-day meal plan with food guidelines and great tasting recipes

Fitness guide featuring mental preparation with tips and tricks to achieve more


Some exercises may not suit beginners

May come with missing workout calendar/ meal plan

Criteria Used in Choosing the Best Workout DVDs

There are so many workout DVDs currently selling on the market that it often becomes overwhelming when it is time to choose the right one to help with fitness goals. These DVDs differ in their product offering. There have several different exercises that help the exerciser to lose weight, build muscle or firm-specific muscles of the body. If you are going to invest in a workout DVD, ensure it matches your fitness goals and would help you achieve them. It does not make any sense to waste money on training methodologies that would not work for you or do not align with the fitness goals you have set for yourself. In fact, the first factor to consider before spending your money on any of these DVDs is to understand your fitness objectives or what you intend to achieve at the end of the day. In this regard, below are the criteria for evaluating the best workout DVDs.


What is contained is the DVD package is very important. For instance, if you are working toward losing weight, then the exercises should be geared toward weight loss. This is why is it always recommended to first understand your fitness goals before you go looking for a workout DVD so that when you finally decide to launch your search you already know what to look for. For athletes or exercisers looking to lose weight, consider DVDs with exercises that focus on aerobics and cardio. The exercises should be designed to make you sweat to burn the excess calories that might be stored in your body. Such exercises may include strategically designed dance moves that require some energy to perform, thereby resulting in overall weight loss.

On the other hand, if your goal is to build or tone muscles of the arms, chest, legs or the entire body, then you need workout DVDs geared toward resistance training. Some of them may require the use of additional weight while others can be performed using bodyweight only. For instance, DVD programs intended to build and tone muscle may teach techniques such as push-ups to help the athlete challenge his or her muscles to grow. The exercises should also focus on toning the muscles and giving you the athletic physique you’ve always wanted.

For female athletes looking to firm and lift their butt, there are workout DVDs that focus on lifting and firming the behind. You don’t expect to do exercises that focus on the upper body and expect to highlight your behind and make it the most outstanding feature of your body. If you want to look like a supermodel, then identify and invest in a workout DVD that will help you tone the muscles and shed the extra flesh around your waist.

Ease of Use

The DVD should also teach exercises and moves that are easy to follow and understand. It can be very challenging for a beginner trying to follow difficult-to-understand instructions while performing complicated dance moves and exercises meant for advanced athletes. Investing in a workout DVD should give you value for your money regardless of whether you are a beginner or an advanced athlete. Everything from fitness exercises to workout calendars, recipes, and even meal plans should be very easy to understand and use to help users achieve their goals faster.

Difficulty Level

Not all athletes are the same; some are just beginning, some are intermediate, while others are advanced athletes. To choose the right DVD program you first have to understand your fitness level. As a beginner athlete, you need simple exercises specifically tailored for the beginner audience. The dance moves should be easy to perform and yet should present enough challenge for you to feel like you are working out. Difficult dance moves and exercises often discourage beginners from performing them and even causes them to abandon the fitness program altogether. The exercises should also take a short time to perform so that beginners can easily memorize them.

If you are an advanced athlete, you should desist from exercises that no longer grow you. You might want to look for exercises and dance moves are more challenging and interesting. An exercise routine should not be boring, as one of the reasons people abandon training is because they feel they have gotten used to the exercises and they no longer feel challenged by them. In this regard, do your due diligence to find out what types of exercises are contained in the DVD package. If you would like to advance your training and consider programs that teach some basic martial arts, then look for workout DVDs with such programs. However, if you are interested in yoga and would like to learn some yoga basics, then it might help to find programs that teach beginners how to practice and do yoga. It all depends on what you intend to gain from the fitness program and your overall fitness level.

Availability of Dance

Depending on your fitness goals, you might also want to dance and shed off those extra pounds while increasing your flexibility. Dancing is good for the heart, skin, muscles, joints and overall health. By dancing you would be allowing the body to increase its range of motion to become more flexible, thereby reducing your chances of injury. Dancing also works the muscles in a more natural way without stressing them too much. Since it involves a series of compound movements, it requires several muscles to work together to support these movements. If you are going to buy a workout DVD that would also allow you to dance and burn fat, increase flexibility, and reduce the risk of injury, then you should consider one with various dance moves that suit your level of fitness. Different DVDs feature different dance moves depending on the trainer and fitness goals. However, take your time to understand how these dance moves could contribute to your overall fitness before you make your purchase decision.

Special Added Features

All workout DVDs are designed to help users perform various exercises and achieve their fitness goals. However, some come with added features and benefits. For instance, if you have always wanted to get fit and learn some basic martial arts, you could consider workout DVDs that teach basic boxing punches and martial art kicks. You do not have to go to a martial arts class to learn the basics of self-defense. That way you would be getting fit while learning a new skill. Similarly, if your interest is yoga, then you should perhaps get DVD programs that also teach learners some yoga basics. It all depends on your fitness goals and life interests.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are workout DVDs?

A: These are discs that feature fitness programs that teach exercisers how to work out and get fit. They often include meal plans and recipes to ensure the user eats healthy while following a prescribed fitness routine.

Q: Why do I need a workout DVD while I can work out without one?

A: Well, while many people can work out without a workout DVD, others need coaching and training. If you want to solicit the help of a fitness trainer without leaving your home, then you might want to try some of these DVD programs. They also contain step-by-step programs users can follow to perform their exercises. Athletes and exercisers can also gain access to various recipes and meal plans that allow them to eat healthy food options. Fitness enthusiasts could have access to a workout calendar that helps to assess progress and make the necessary changes. If you are concerned about what to eat in order to stay healthy and strong, then you might want to have some of these programs. You could learn how to perform certain exercises without the risk of injury.

Q: What is contained in a workout DVD program?

A: You might get DVDs to teach you how to exercise and practice good form while at it, with rotational calendars that contain complete workout schedules to guide you through your fitness routine. You might also get a comprehensive meal plan with excellent mouth-watering recipes or food guidelines to ensure you eat clean and stay healthy. If you stick to the prescribed meal plan then it will show in the results. The program also commonly features a fitness guide that may include mental preparation as well as tricks and tips to help you accomplish difficult tasks faster. Some may go to the extent of explaining the science and methodologies behind the fitness philosophy the trainer uses to teach his or her students some of the fitness basics.

Q: What is the best workout DVD?

A: If you are looking for the best workout DVD, you should first determine what your fitness goals are. This makes your search easier because you can narrow down to DVD programs that match your training and fitness goals. For athletes who want to shed some pounds or lose some fat, then it is important to consider DVD programs the focus on high-intensity workouts that make you sweat. On the other hand, if you want to build some muscle and tone the arms, then you could consider programs with exercises that target the upper body. It all depends on your short- and long-term fitness goals. The program should also come with some other added benefits such as comprehensive meal plans and enticing recipes to help you eat healthily and stay fit. Lastly, determine whether the program has a comprehensive fitness guide or workout calendar to help you track your progress and see the areas that need improvement.

Q: Where can I get the best workout DVD?

A: There are numerous places to buy your favorite workout DVD. From departmental stores and chain stores to online e-commerce websites and platforms, there is no limit to where you can find the best DVD program that matches your fitness objectives. However, take your time to ensure you understand how the program you are buying will help you achieve your desired physique. Find out the types of exercise and fitness routines the DVD features before you make your ultimate buy decision. The best place to purchase these DVDs is often online because of the convenience provided. You will be able to go through a list of products and select the most desirable ones based on product features and your fitness goals and budget.

Q: How much does a workout DVD cost?

A: With the recent rise in demand for these discs, many trainers have come up to package their products in a way that would benefit the end user. As a result, there has been a sharp drop in the prices of these DVDs because trainers have found more affordable ways to make them and their number has dramatically increased. Regardless, a good DVD program that teaches you some fitness basics should cost a few dollars. Please note that the products have different prices depending on the trainer and the content you expect to get in the package.

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