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Birthday Gift Ideas for the Runner in Your life

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Do you have a runner, or runners, in your life that you get stumped on what to get them for their birthdays? Runners may seem to have everything already to essentially go out and get a run done. You may seem at a loss on what else they could possibly need besides some running clothes and shoes (hint: they are on the list!). Runners are not a hard group to shop for if you know where to look, and that is why we are here to lessen your load and give you some unique, alternative birthday gifts, in all price ranges, that your favorite runner will love.

For the Budget Friendly…

Body Glide: ($5)

Body Glide is a protective skincare and anti-chaffing stick used to help runners reduce friction from rubbing skin or clothes to minimize chaffing and blistering. Made from plant-derived ingredients, the anti-chaffing stick is non-greasy, dries clear and is most effective when used prior to running.

nuun Electrolytes: ($7)

nuun creates easily portable electrolyte tablets that are gluten free, dairy & soy free, made from plant-based ingredients to help athletes hydrate and replenish electrolytes, safely. With a multitude of flavors, there is sure to be a favorite for the runner in your life.

Run Gum Energy Gum: ($8)

Run Gum is a simple, yet quick and effective way to boost energy before or during a workout. With choices of gum containing 50 to 100mg of caffeine, B6 & B12 Vitamins, and the amino acid Taurine these natural ingredients help with increasing energy and improving concentration for performance.

Janji Watermark Bottle: ($18)

Janji, a unique running apparel store based out of Boston, MA, whose mission is to provide a portion of sales to a clean water initiative. Partnered up with Nalgene, these liter-sized water bottles are simplistic, yet durable, and lets everyone know you will run for clean water.

Run Fast. Eat Slow.: ($25)

The cookbook was written by 4 time Olympian and 2017 NYC Marathon Winner Shalane Flanagan with longtime pal and chef Elyse Kopecky, both have formulated a cookbook to focus on the athlete. With over 100 recipes, they have created snacks and meals that are health conscious, using whole, flavorful foods to promote performance improvement.

Sole Pack SP-1: ($34.99)

For the runner and traveler, the Sole Pack shoe bag accessory is ideal for both. A compact and hygienic way to carry your used shoes, this accessory allows for extra packing and clean space within your backpack and yet is still the perfect size for carry-on during your travels. Ingenious!

Run Blooded Hoodie: ($39.95)

From the great guys at Mind Over Matter Athlete, they have everything from hoodies to hats with mantras to keep the athlete in your life motivated and striving for progression. Cozy and cool would be the best way to describe this brand.

To Running Gifts that are Better than Bling…

361 Feisu: ($120)

361 Degrees is a lesser-known shoe brand that is making a big name for themselves this past season. After signing new elite athletes like American Sarah Crouch, the Feisu has become this elite runners fan favorite. The Feisu is 361 lightest weight model geared specifically for racing. The model uses Qu!kfoam technology for comfort and quick response, a single mesh layer all to keep weight to a minimum for improved speed.

Mercury Mile: ($150-250)

Mercury Mile is a monthly subscription mail order box, who works with and features dozens of running apparel lines, to provide for the runner modern styles and functional running gear. They only charge for what you keep and for what you don’t, they provide free return shipping.

Garmin Fenix 5 Plus: ($799.99)

This premium multi-sport watch is ideal for the runner or triathlete in your life, who seems to do it all. A sleek design with built-in heart rate monitor, GPS, TOPO maps, music streaming, Garmin Pay, along with an 8-hour battery life, it is probably the best sports watch on the market to date.

Nomadic Run: Bolivia Altiplano ($2900)

Join Janji and others this coming May 2019, as they take you on an unforgettable adventure to explore and run the world on a week-long trip to Bolivia. Price includes lodging, meals, transportation within Bolivia and exclusive Janji gear. What an epic getaway!

Or if you want to make the ultimate dream come true, you can pay for the way and race entry for your favorite runner’s Dream Race through World’s Marathons.

World’s Marathons brings together small and big race organizations to let each runner pick a destination run, pretty much anywhere, throughout the world. From Kenya to Hawaii, Greece to Vietnam, no land goes unexplored and the runner/adventurer can tackle out their race-cation dreams. Have your runner create a bucket-list and invite you to view to help them reach and achieve their dream race.

Hopefully, this small list will allow you to find something that fits in your budget that will be unique and special for you runner loved one and to ultimately make their birthday unforgettable. And, cough cough wink wink, maybe you can benefit from some of the “bigger & pricier” options yourself by being able to travel to new places you have never been to before!