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Looking for a way to store your keys, phone, gels and other items while out on a run can be difficult.  Some belts bounce and finding the right fit can prove to be difficult.  And a vest may be a little bit too much if you want to just carry a few things.  So the company Running Buddy came up with a new way for runners to carry their things without having to worry about adjusting a belt or deal with annoying bouncing.  Buddy Pouch is a belt-less, water-resistant pouch that secures on to your pants via magnets.

It comes in four sizes and is made of a technical fabric that will keep your stuff dry and won't chafe skin. For this review, we will be exploring the original Buddy Pouch, but it is worth noting that there are other variations of the Buddy Pouch including the Buddy Pouch H20 which holds a 7oz or 10oz water bottle. And while it has plenty of great pros, there were a few downsides to the Buddy Pouch that some reviewers noted.  However, overall, this popular pouch has solved many problems that runners have with running accessories. Check out the details of the Buddy Pouch to learn if it's right for you!

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • Won't bounce
  • Belt-less
  • Two compartments
  • Good price
  • Water resistant, chafe-free material
  • Cons
    • Doesn't work as well on looser fitting pants and shorts
    • Key Features
      The Buddy Pouch is for runners looking for an alternative to traditional running belts. The belt-less design works via strategically placed magnetics that goes on each side of the top of your pants. Depending on the size you choose, runners can carry as little as a key and credit card to as much as a larger smartphone, passport and more. It also features a side zipper headphone port making it easier to connect your smartphone to your headphones. This pouch has two compartments which reviewers liked in order to separate their items. It is made of a water-resistant fabric so it will protect your items from sweat and rain. This product is perfect for your daily run!

      Overall, reviewers were very pleased with the Buddy Pouch and especially happy that it fit there larger cell phone. Most reviewers had no issues in terms of chafing or bouncing. However, some runners did note it didn't work as well on looser fitting shorts and pants, as it had a tendency to bounce more. The only other minor annoyance that some reviewers had was not being able to look at their phone without taking it out of the pouch. But this was a small issue and did not seem affect the overall positive view of the pouch.
      When it comes to breathability, the pouch itself is not what considered breathable. It is made of a water resistant fabric in order to keep sweat and rain from damaging your items inside. So while the pouch itself may not be breathable, it has no belt and its smaller size does not trap in any unwanted heated on the body since it sits comfortably on the user's waistband of his/her pants.
      Most reviewers found the Buddy Pouch comfortable. The strong magnets that connect the pouch to the waistband of pants prevent any bouncing. However, some reviewers found that the pouch would bounce on looser fitting pants and shorts. The material is made of a dri-fit technical fabric that was comfortable on the skin and prevented chafing. The fact that it was belt-less also added to the comfort factor as users did not have to worry about constantly adjusting a belt. Some felt that the pouch felt a little heavy, but in general, reviewers were pleased with how comfortable the Buddy Pouch was.
      The Buddy Pouch comes in 4 sizes: the Buddy Pouch mini, the regular Buddy Pouch, the XL Buddy Pouch and the XXXL Buddy Pouch. The Buddy Pouch mini will hold credit cards, keys, gel and other small items. The Buddy Pouch, XL Buddy Pouch and XXXL Buddy Pouch are all able to fit larger smartphones and more. Reviewers were happy with the size choices and found that the original was a great option to hold a phone and few other items. Note that some phones in larger protectives cases may not fit into the pouch.
      The Buddy Pouch proved to be an effective, durable pouch that worked well over an extended period of use. The biggest concern some users had was about the magnetic system that hooked the pouch on to the pants. These magnets are very strong and held up well. The material is a durable water-resistant dri-fit fabric and no premature tearing was reported. Runners used this pouch for daily running and had no complaints about premature wear.
      The Buddy Pouch does not come with any additional accessories. However, there is a different version of Buddy Pouch, including the Buddy Pouch H20 which comes with either a 7oz or 10oz water bottle.
      Reviewers didn't have much to say in regards to the style of the Buddy Pouch. The pouch comes in two color choices: all black or black with pink trim. It is a simply designed pouch that is rather neutral in terms of style. Reviewers were drawn to Buddy Pouch for its functionality rather than its style. However, reviewers had nothing negative to say about the style of the Buddy Pouch.
      The original price of the Buddy Pouch was on the high side in terms of running storage accessories. However, it can be found at a much lower price, making it worth the price. The price also depends on the size, the Buddy Pouch mini being the least expensive and coming in at just over $10 while the XXXL Buddy Pouch will cost runners more than $20. The Buddy Pouch to be a great value.
      Key Features
    • Belt-less

    • Innovative magnetic technology

    • 4 sizes as well as other variations including a hydration holder

    • Chafe-free water resistant material

    • Two separate compartments
    • Bottom Line
      The days of adjusting annoying belts are gone thanks to the Buddy Pouch! This belt-less hands-free pouch has been praised by many runners as being secure, bounce-free and a great way to carry a few items along on the run. The dri-fit tech material is comfortable and water-resistant, so runners can run worry-free that their items will be damaged by rain or sweat. Depending on your needs, the Buddy Pouch comes in a small "Mini" size all the way up to a very large "XXXL" size. While not a stylish, fashion-forward piece, its simple functional design has won over many runners. And not only was the Buddy Pouch great for running, but many people enjoyed using it for walking and traveling too. The price for the Buddy Pouch is also very reasonable. Depending on the size, runners can expect to pay between $10-$25. If you are looking for something to carry a few items on your daily shorter runs, runners will definitely want to consider the Buddy Pouch.
      Where to Buy
      By Abbie Copeland
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