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Destination Race: International Roads to Rhodes Marathon

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Destination Race: International Roads to Rhodes Marathon Destination Race: International Roads to Rhodes Marathon www.runnerclick.com

As we long for ways to escape the long winter months, some of us look forward to spring races to keep us motivated and inspired during the cold, snow, and ice. Spring marathons are a great source of motivation for several reasons. For starters, they help us stay dedicated to maintaining a healthy lifestyle during the in the shorter and colder days. Secondly, signing up for a spring marathon gives us a goal date to anticipate while we dream about warmer days when the snow is melting, the sun is shining brighter, and the flowers finally begin to bloom. What better way to give your 2019 a fresh start than not only signing up for a spring race but also experiencing a vacation full of history and beauty on the island of Rhodes in Greece? Not that you really need convincing to come to a sunny Greek island but let us lay it all out on the table for you on why you should participate in this race-cation destination!

Here are 5 reasons why you should consider the incredible experience of running the International Roads to Rhodes Marathon, Half Marathon, 10K &/or 5K for your 2019 spring race and ideal travel expedition.


1. Roads to Rhodes is an internationally recognized & flat course.  

The International Roads to Rhodes Marathon has been going strong for the last 6 years with progressive interest and growth. This officially approved course from the Hellenic Athletics Federation SEGAS along with AIMS and IAAF, is an ideal flat course that is perfect for a personal record. Not only is the course flat and fast, completely car-free and affordable, the scenic views among the course are incredibly picturesque. While you explore the north-east side of the island starting in the center of town, you’ll find your way quickly towards the blue sea and between the medieval architecture, while later taking magnificent images of the mountains on the mainland, runners from all over the world will be left with a breathtaking memory.

Aside from the marathon and half, there are also smaller race distances including a 5K, 10K and a 1000m race for kids which also makes this an ideal event for the entire family. Additionally to enhance the marathon experience, there is a pre-race legendary pasta party organized on Saturday night, free for all runners, where you can socialize, relax, and carb up before the big race day.


2. Big Sponsorships:

Although the Roads to Rhodes Marathon is small, it is mighty and globally recognized by some of the biggest worldwide brands while also remaining intimate by being supported by the Greek community. Gold sponsor includes: Adidas which is supplies all runners with an official race technical t-shirt.

Aegean Airlines, the official carrier of the Rhodes Marathon, is providing a remarkable discount of 20% off for all runners on round trip plane tickets to Rhodes from all Europe and Greek destinations that they operate from. Blue Star Ferries, the official sea transport sponsor of the Rhodes Marathon, is providing a significant discount of 50% off for all runners on boat tickets.

The Rhodes Marathon is also supported by the Municipality of Rhodes and the Rhodes’ Hotels Association. This means there are numerous accommodation options with many offering special rates and benefits for runners, such as a marathon breakfast.

2. Rhodes has great weather year-round.

Race day is April 14, 2019. This spring marathon brings idyllic temperatures with an average low of 12C/53F to an average high of 18C/64F. With about 11 hours of daylight, a 7:30am race start time minimizes the finish from hitting a majority of peak time of sunshine. With an average of only 6 days of rain, there is a pretty good chance for clear skies on the big day. April also brings the peak of tourist season due to the weather being  predictably warm and enjoyable. Great weather will also allow for perfect conditions for seeing the multitude of activities the island offers.

3. All the history:

The island of Rhodes is full of history and ancient architecture that can be marveled and experienced by opting for this destination race. The beautiful island of Rhodes is famously known worldwide for the Colossus of Rhodes, a destroyed statue of the Sun God Helios, which was also considered to be one of the seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Also, the Medieval Old Town of Rhodes is declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO because of its medieval fortifications. Other historical sites on the island include: the ancient Temple of Apollo, ancient theatre and stadium, Palace of the Grand Master, the ruins of the castle of Monolithos, the castle of Kritinia, to name a few.

4. Beaches and sight seeing:

A Mediterranean island next to the Aegean Sea, brings to you an array of beaches and coastline along with mainland activities. Who wouldn’t want to visit the stunning beaches for some rest and relaxation before or after achieving your race goals? From 42 beaches to choose from, some that stand out are: Elli Beach which is closest to Rhodes city, Anthony Quinn Bay which is known for snorkeling, Lindos which is known for its clifftop Acropolis views, Prasonisi which is known for watersports, to Mandomata which is a nudist beach, provides a broad spectrum of beaches to visit and enjoy.

Besides fun in the sun, you can venture out to explore a diversity of experiences Rhodes has to offer including: the Archaeological Museum of Rhodes, Aquarium of Rhodes, Mandraki Port, Monte Smith Hill, The Valley of the Butterflies, along with the Casio and an abundance of nightlife. You’ll be sure to have an overall amazing time on the island.

5. Eating all the amazing food:

The island of Rhodes provides all of its visitors with an exceptional range of restaurants and food options. Known for quality seafood, vegetarian or meat-based dishes, along with authentic Mediterranean menus of hummus, moussaka, pita and greek salads, to sweet local pastries and delicious cocktails, you will be sure to find something the fits your culinary needs.

What’s not to love about the International Road to Rhodes Marathon?  From sunshine-filled days to majestic seas, medieval castles to authentic Greek culture, this athletic event not only provides athletes with a flat course with stunning views, but also an exceptional vacation full of happenings and things to see and do. 

For more information check out the official website: http://www.rhodesmarathon.gr

Facebook: http://facebook.com/roads2rhodes

Instagram: http://instagram.com/roadstorhodes

Twitter: http://twitter.com/roadstorhodes