Father’s Day: Awesome Gift Ideas for a Runner Dad

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Father's Day: Awesome Gift Ideas for a Runner Dad Father’s Day: Awesome Gift Ideas for a Runner Dad www.runnerclick.com

Father’s Day is on Sunday, June 17. If you haven’t found the perfect gift or gesture to honor your runner dad on this special day yet, search no further. We have compiled a few gifts and ideas that might just help you out.

A Personal Letter

For the lucky ones who still have their dads around, Father’s Day is a day to reflect and appreciate the gift of having a father. Don’t let the opportunity pass without letting your dad know how special he is. Grab some special stationary and write him a handwritten letter.

Write about your favorite running memories with him or how he introduced you to running or being active. Mention to your runner dad things like:

  • how his running has inspired you to do or become certain things
  • how proud you are of his achievements and dedication
  • how he has set a good example for you

Medal of Honor

Is your dad a runner that loves his running bling? Even if he isn’t he will still appreciate a special medal on this special occasion. If you can lay your hands on a general, blank medal you can add a sticker with a special message or a photo to personalize it.

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With a little more time and innovation one could go big with a full-on DIY Father’s Day medal.  Wrap a round or square cookie in shiny foil and decorate it with a ribbon of choice and a photo, slogan or message on the front. Your runner dad will definitely appreciate the effort (and the treat).

Entry To a Race

If your runner dad is one that loves to take part in races or has a specific dream race in mind, a race entry would make a perfect Father’s Day gift. First prize would, of course, be if Runner Dad was to compete in said race with his Runner Child. It doesn’t matter if the race is still far off. Dreaming and training together for a race might be the ultimate way for a running family to spend quality time together.

The Gift of Parkrun

By now your runner dad will either be an avid Parkrunner or would have heard about it but is still mustering up the courage to attend one. If he is the latter, you could encourage him to attend his first Parkrun by entering him on the Parkrun website and surprise him with his personal barcode. With, of course, the intention of joining him on his first Parkrun, if possible.

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If he is already part of the converted you could treat him to:

  • a personalized Parkrun wristband bearing his barcode
  • a Parkrun-cation so he could visit a (few) new Parkrun events in and around the city or country.

Running Picture Memento

If you can get your hands on one of your runner dad’s favorite running pictures we have a few ideas for you. You can:

  • blow it up, put it on canvas or have it framed with a personal inscription of the date and event
  • Pull together a personal DIY frame by painting a suitable frame with chalkboard paint and writing a personal note on it or some details of the day the picture was taken

Running Books

Does Runner Dad love to read? Here are a few books on running which he might love:

  1. Perfect Strangers: Friendship, Strength, and Recovery After Boston’s Worst Day by Roseann Sdoia with Jennifer Jordan
  2. Browning Ross: Father of American Distance Running by Jack Heath
  3. Footnotes: How Running Makes Us Human by Vybarr Cregan-Reid
  4. Virgin Territory: The Story of Craig Virgin, America’s Renaissance Runnerby Randy Sharer
  5. North: Finding My Way on the Appalachian Trail by Scott Jurek
  6. Endure: Mind, Body, and the Curiosity Elastic Limits of Human Performance by Alex Hutchinson
  7. Alternatively, you could gift your runner dad with a subscription to his favorite running magazine

Gifts That Keep on Giving

There are plenty of other ideas for thoughtful gifts that your runner dad might appreciate. Here are some of our favorites:

  • Does Runner Dad run with music? Maybe he would appreciate the TomTom Spark 3 or those fancy earbuds that he’s had his eye on. As a more personal gesture, you could compile and include a personal playlist just for him.

Run Hard Be Strong – Running Medal Hanger

  • If Runner Dad has run his fair share of races in his day, a pretty medal hangar could be just the thing for him. Who wouldn’t love to reminisce (and brag a little) about races and places?
  • A digital photo frame is a wonderful gift under any circumstances, and even more so if loved ones can continuously add photos via cloud access.

Dodow sleep aid device

  • Does Runner Dad have trouble sleeping before a race or in general? Then the Dodow sleep aid device is possibly just the thing for him. The Dodow is a metronome and light system that will teach you how to fall asleep naturally without the use of any medication. According to the manufacturer, someone who normally takes 60 minutes to fall asleep will take no more than 25 minutes and will gain around hundred more hours of sleep per year.


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