Garmin D2 Bravo

The Garmin D2 Bravo is an aviation watch for the active individual. The watch provides pilots with flight-specific features but also incorporates daily tracking and multi-sport functionality. The stylish GPS-enabled wristwatch is packed with features. Highly accurate, the fine-tuned device is as reliable for marathon training as it is for in-air flight use.

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Pros & Cons
  • Ultra classy design
  • Packed with features
  • A sports watch and aviation watch all-in-one
  • Accurate
  • Cons
    • Large display feels clunky
    • Huge learning curve
    • Key Features
      The Bravo is a classic pilot’s watch made for everyday wear. It’s GPS enabled and can also be used to track sports such as running, swimming, and biking. The D2 does everything Garmin’s high-end sport-specific watches can do with the addition of flight-specific features. While the watch is multi-sport enabled, we wouldn’t recommend it to non-pilots. The cost is too high, and there are plenty of Garmin brand watches available for the fitness enthusiast, even watches with as sleek a design as the Bravo.

      Basic Features
      The pilot’s watch features a customizable face and LED backlight for visibility in the dark. A basic stopwatch function is also included on the watch. Pilots can use the multiple alarms to set reminders for things like refueling or can keep those alarms for sport-specific uses. Alternately, use the alarms to set a wake-up alert. The watch can be used for daily activity tracking. At its most basic it counts steps, calories, and total daily distance. Like Garmin’s other watches the D2 provides users with daily step goals and provides move alert reminders every so often. The watch is also TrueUP enabled so data from different Garmin devices can be synced on Garmin Connect without duplicating information.

      The watch is also multisport enabled. If you happen to be a pilot and triathlete, the Bravo is the perfect watch. Track swimming, running, biking, and golf with the wristwatch. For running, there are three onboard profiles including outdoor, indoor, and trail. Keep tabs on your resting heart rate to monitor stress levels and watch for overtraining, too. The Elevate heart rate monitor, however, is only available with the premium titanium version of the watch. In addition to all this, the Bravo can also receive phone notifications.
      Advanced Features
      Most of the advanced Bravo features are aviation related. First up, there’s the inclusion of METAR (meteorological reports) and TAF (terminal forecast) data screens. These two functionalities provide weather updates and info on visibility, wind speed, temperature, and air pressure. The watch also features a built-in altimeter, a three-axis compass, as well as a thermometer and accelerometer.

      For convenience, the Bravo features a built-in airport database and can provide direct-to and nearest routing information with the simple touch of a button. The watch is capable of displaying multiple time zones and can even view a map showing you your route. Waypoint support enables users to save locations for future use. The watch can also be used with Garmin Connect, an automatic flight logger. The watch is sensitive enough to detect changes in altitude and automatically begin logging flights. Built-in alerts will notify you of changes in elevation, as well.

      Compared to the original D2, the Bravo has an incredible array of features and provides a much more versatile set of functional tools for flying and fitness tracking.
      Considering it’s meant for use while flying there’s no surprise that Garmin’s aviation watch is ultra accurate. While it’s not intended as a primary in-flight navigation tool, it’s a well-rounded backup accessory. Sport-specific tracking accuracy is on par with Garmin’s sports watch lineup.
      The Garmin Bravo features Bluetooth Smart, ANT+, and WIFI, connectivity. It can be used with both iOS and Android devices.
      Users can log flights on and use the Bravo with the Garmin Pilot mobile app. Reviewers reported that the watch worked with the pilot-specific application. The watch can also be used with Garmin Connect IQ to download new watch faces and choose from an array of widgets.

      For sport-specific tracking, the D2 can be used with Garmin Connect Mobile to track a ton of different metrics. Whether you’re a runner, cyclist, swimmer, or triathlete, there’s a way to keep tabs on your progress. Choose from graph displays and data logs to find out whether you’re improving.
      The D2’s large design may take some getting used to initially but otherwise, the fit is excellent and the watch isn’t too heavy, say, reviewers.
      The Garmin D2 is available in a more expensive Titanium version. The premium option includes a titanium band. The non-titanium sports option comes in either a black rubber band or brown leather band. Reviewers seemed to agree that the new D2 features a much more stylish design than its predecessor. The look is sleeker, and while it’s still a large watch, the look is a lot more refined.
      The watch’s sapphire screen is scratch resistant, and reviewers felt it was very well constructed. The aviation-specific Bravo also boasts 100-meter water resistance. Both the rubber and titanium bands are also incredibly durable. The watch’s stainless steel construction ensures it’s resistant to bumps and bruises.
      The elegant round face of the D2 sports a chroma color display. An LED backlight ensures visibility is possible even in low light conditions. Reading the screen in sunlight is often an issue with digital watches, but with the Bravo, it’s not a problem.
      The band is available in three options: silicone, leather, and titanium. Reviewers agreed that each option was comfortable, durable, and good-looking.
      Sizes Available
      The three band options available for the D2 Bravo differ in weight. The silicone option weighs roughly 56 grams. The leather band weighs in at about 84 grams and the titanium model, the heaviest of the three, weighs 152 grams. The screen measures 1.2-inches in diameter. Reviewers said that the Bravo was heavy enough to connote quality but light enough that it felt fine for 24-hour wear.
      Ease of Use
      You’ll need the manual for this one. If you’re not a pilot, there’s really no need to pick the D2 over Garmin’s other available sports watches. The main advantage to the Bravo is its included flight specific features. Otherwise, the sports stuff is fairly standard. Multisport modes shouldn’t require too much of a learning curve, but the flight-specific features will undoubtedly require you to, at the very least, flip through the user manual.
      Power Source
      The Garmin Bravo is powered via a rechargeable battery that lasts up to two weeks in smartwatch mode. That is, with the GPS turned off. With GPS enabled the watch battery life maxes out at 20 hours. On Ultratrac mode, users can get up to 50 hours of battery life out of the watch. Reviewers were impressed with the battery on the Bravo and appreciated the Ultratrac option.
      The Bravo is certainly expensive, but it’s a high tech watch with particular aviation features that aren’t easy to find elsewhere. Reviewers were happy with the price they paid and felt the D2, with its combination of fitness and flight features, was well worth its price tag. You’ll pay more for this watch than you would a regular Garmin fitness model, but that’s due to the inclusion of aviation-specific features and sensors. Unless you’re a pilot, most of the features on this watch will be useless to you. While the sleek design might appeal to non-aviators, the watch just isn’t worth the cost for those who won’t use the array of flight-oriented functions.
      Thanks to Bluetooth and ANT+ connectivity, the Garmin aviation watch is compatible with most Garmin sports accessories including the running foot pod and Garmin’s speed and cadence sensors for cycling. The watch also works in conjunction with Garmin’s VIRB camera as a remote for the device.

      Key Features
      - Daily fitness tracking (steps, calories, distance)
      - Move alerts
      - Multi-sport tracking includes running, biking, swimming, golfing
      - METAR & TAF displays
      - GPS enabled
      - Various sensors included barometer, altimeter, compass
      - Wrist heart rate - only with the titanium version
      - Stainless steel construction
      - 32 MB of internal memory
      - Alarm clock
      - Built-in thermometer
      - Bluetooth Smart
      - ANT+
      - WIFI
      - Smart notifications
      - Works with Garmin Connect, and various other aviation specific tools from Garmin
      - TrueUP enabled
      Bottom Line
      The Garmin D2 Bravo is the ultimate sports watch for pilots. With this purchase, you essentially get two watches in one. For the fitness enthusiast who also happens to be a pilot, considering the D2 is a no-brainer. Non-pilots won’t want to pay the extra bucks for functionality they will not use, and the D2 is strictly intended for aviation buffs. The bevy of features is hard to ignore, and the classic design will satisfy the pilot looking for an all-day timepiece. The watch is also incredibly accurate, has convenient daily fitness tracking built-in, and looks a lot better than its predecessor. Compared to the original D2, the Bravo is an incredible update packed with features.
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