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The best choices of GPS watches for running Buying Guide
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Best GPS Running Watches Reviewed
If you’re looking to understand, track, and improve your running stats, investing in a GPS watch could really push your running to the next level. GPS watches give you a variety of notifications and information during your run to keep you on track to your goals, increase your motivation, all while re...
The best bike computers are accurate, easy to use, and have tracking and navigation features worth using like the Garmin Edge 1030. Buying Guide
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10 Best Bike Computers Reviewed and Compared
With technology in the palm of your hands—as well as on our wrists—it’s easier to track every aspect of our rides. And both casual riders and competitors can benefit from investing in a bike computer instead of relying on a fitness tracker or smartphone. That’s because the best bike computers are equ...
our list of the best altimeter watch Buying Guide
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10 Best Altimeter Watches Tested and Compared
There are countless fitness tracking watches on the market that measure just every aspect of our health. But best option for those who enjoy the outdoors in high altitude areas is an altimeter watch. Altimeter watches measure the current altitude the user is at based on atmospheric pressure. It al...
In depth review of best pedometers Buying Guide
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10 Best Pedometers Reviewed & Compared
Many fitness trackers measure practically anything you can think of—steps, weight, GPS, mileage, calories burned, heart rate, calorie intake, water intake, weight exercise, and sleep patterns. However, not everyone wants an all-in-one device that tracks everything—for many, a simple pedometer will...
The 8 best fitbits reviewed Buying Guide
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11 Best Fitbits Compared and Reviewed
Have you ever dreamed about smartwatch?It’s a great way to track all your sport activities. However, there are also many different functions that won’t be very useful for running lover. Then Fitbit brand came with the idea of making Fitbits. They’re like smartwatches but they're more personalized for...
The best cadence watches for running Buying Guide
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Best Cadence Watches Tested & Rated
If you’re a serious runner, you might be concerned with your cadence. It is the frequency in which your foot strikes the floor in a given period of time. Typically, this is measured in minutes, and an ideal cadence pattern is around 90 strikes per minute (or 180 strikes per minute if you count both f...
List of the Best Activity Trackers Buying Guide
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10 Best Activity Trackers Tested & Analyzed
Technology is consistently changing so it hard to invest in a pricey (yet beneficial) product knowing it may soon outdated by newer tech. GPS watches,  activity trackers, fitness trackers, and smartwatches have all been evolving during the past decade. It seems like a new model comes out every sea...
An in depth review of the best suunto running watches Buying Guide
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Best Suunto Running Watches Reviewed
Technology is constantly changing and improving. Gadgets get smaller and more compact. We here at RunnerClick regularly update our articles, so the watches in this buying guide are the latest and best quality on the market. Instead of carrying a watch, a stopwatch, a calculator, a chest patch, and a ...
The best Garmin GPS watches for running Buying Guide
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12 Best Garmin Watches for Sports Rated & Reviewed
Garmin Watches are amongst a growing list of gadgets that were gradually introduced into the world of running and athletics. Technology, as always, slowly moves from additions and aids to essential for bettering yourself as a runner. And why not? If this gear can help with training, growth, and perfo...
TomTom GPS watches for runners Buying Guide
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Best TomTom Running GPS Watches Compared & Reviewed
TomTom GPS watches are moving forward all the time in terms of extra technological features, this means much more accurate data is given back to the user for fitness tracking, progress, and achievable aims. This generation of watches will link users to a broad choice of other devices either directly ...
The best GPS devices for running the trails Buying Guide
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10 Best Handheld GPS Devices Tested
The days are now long gone when a trail runner or a long distance cross country runner had to carry a map set with coordinates and keep stopping to check the map and study the landscape. Nowadays we can keep moving, check our position while still running by simply glancing down at a clear readable sc...
Fitness Trackers Buying Guide
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The Best Fitness Watches to Consider Reviewed and Compared
Searching for Fitness Watches? Take a look at the best Fitness Watches of 2018, Pros & Cons and what to be aware of before buying them online or in a store. When considering buying a fitness trainer watch, it is important to consider your running regimen needs, and how a fitness watch will hel...
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