Garmin Forerunner 110

The Forerunner 110 from Garmin watch is a GPS enabled watch that is both lightweight and fashionable. The watch gain a lot of popularity when it was launched. It is a watch that tracks once performance while running or working out. It not only tracks the exact route you take for your run but also tracks how fast and far you go as well. One is able to download the tracked running or workout data using the Garmin Connect website that provides analysis and sharing capabilities.

The user controls are user-friendly to ensure the ability to be used effectively and get efficient results, regardless of your tech skills. The watch is easy to set up and when you are out on a long run, the HotFix prediction system constantly relays coordinates with its highly sensitive GPS receiver, which is designed to stay locked onto orbiting satellites. They claim that it even works well when surrounded by trees and tall buildings. The 110 is able to track heart rate with the built-in monitor which will also allow you to accurately calculate spent calories.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • Fairly small and lightweight 
  • It’s a very simple device to use
  • Has a good battery life and connects to GPS satellites quickly
  • The watch records data flawlessly and can be reviewed or used later
  • Cons
    • The interface is simplified therefore a lot of Garmin features have been omitted.
    • The 110 display limited info
    • Not waterproof
    • Not Bluetooth or Smartphone compatible.
    • Key Features
      The 110 is a lightweight watch which stores up to 1000 laps of training data which can be used for review as one runs. It can be worn for walking and other training as well to monitor step count and heart rate. It can also be used for cycling; a separate bike watch mount can be purchased for this purpose.
      Basic Features
      The Garmin Forerunner 110 measures your laps, lap pace, total distance, and total time as you run or walk. It measures the speed of your cycling laps. You can easily navigate through these measures with the press of a button. They are easy to read because of the large size text used on the screen.
      Advanced Features
      The Forerunner 110 has the ability to measure your heart rate as you run or participate in other physical activities, like walking or hiking. To measure your heart rate, you must wear the Forerunner 110 compatible ANT+ heart rate strap. Some Forerunner 110 packages include this strap, while others do not and require that you purchase it separately. This watch can log a history of 1000 laps of data. This is a great feature for analyzing long-term progress in your training to become a better runner.
      This model has the Garmin's Hotfix prediction system, which locks satellite signals even in places where connections are weaker. The 110 also has the ability to stay locked onto the signal of orbiting satellites, even when under the forest canopy or surrounded by buildings. This is primarily due to Garmin's highly sensitive receiver.
      To enable GPS tracking on this model, after the initial charge, simply take the unit outside so it can locate the GPS satellites. The connectivity to the satellites is high quality because of high sensitivity sensors and HotFix satellite prediction. This unit is not GPS enabled. The tracked data is stored in the device, and then it must be uploaded into Garmin Connect on your PC or Mac via a USB cable. Then, the program will allow you to analyze your workout data. To use heart rate monitor straps, you simply have to pair your device with the strap. Note that only ANT+ straps are compatible with this device. The Garmin foot pod is not compatible with the Forerunner 110.

      This watch is compatible with Garmin Connect in its computer-based form (both PC and Mac). In order to upload your data to Garmin Connect, you must plug the watch into your computer using a USB cable, and then save the data within the program. Garmin Connect has much to offer the runner. Individual workout summaries show your route and tell you your distance, pace, elevation, and calories burned. It will also give your heart rate reading, assuming you were wearing a heart rate strap. And, of course, it will also show your individual lap data. Colorful graphs and charts are created to analyze each individual metric, and the program can create a calendar showing your workout and activity schedule.

      This watch is also compatible with an online-based program called Training Peaks, which provides data analysis similar to that provided by Garmin Connect. This watch is not Bluetooth or smartphone compatible, so if you are looking for something a little higher tech that offers immediate data analysis, this is not the watch for you.
      This watch is only able to wear on the wrist, as the strap is not detachable. However, if being used to monitor cycling workouts, a separate bike mount can be purchased. The watch band is made of soft, flexible rubber, so the watch moves with you, rather than inhibiting activity during your workout. It is considered "normal size" by many reviewers, so it is not clunky or overly cumbersome. The Forerunner 110 is lightweight, which also adds to its overall comfort.
      This is an older model running watch, so there are not many color choices available. The Garmin website offers a men's version in red, a women's version in gray and pink, and a unisex version in black.
      This watch is made of highly durable rubber materials. They can stand up to bumps and drop with ease. However, be sure to take off the watch before swimming- it isn't waterproof! It is sweat proof though and can stand up to light rain if you get caught in a storm.
      Runners were pleased with the "normal" size of the face of the Forerunner 110. Many running watches tend to be larger in size, which makes them cumbersome and uncomfortable to wear for some athletes. The face display is 1 inch by 1 inch, making it easy to read while on the go. Although it is not a touchscreen, the metrics are easily navigated with the click of a button.
      Weighing in at just 1.8 ounces, the Forerunner 110 band contributes to this lightweight. It is made of durable and flexible rubber, which is not only comfortable in feeling but also comfortable because it is not too heavy on your wrist. It has a traditional size adjustment system. The unisex version has a black band, the men's has a red band, and the women's has a gray band with a pink stripe.
      Sizes Available
      The Forerunner 110 is only available in one size per style, and there are three styles: unisex black; men's red; and women's gray.
      Ease of Use
      The Forerunner 110 is extremely easy to use the running watch, which makes it great for people that feel overwhelmed by all of the "bells and whistles" offered by much of today's fitness watches and trackers.
      The watch is charged by simply plugging it in. The same process for uploading the data: plug the watch into your computer using its USB cord and Garmin Connect begins the data transfer automatically. A simple press of the button allows you to navigate the metrics screen or connect to the heart rate monitor. This watch offers accurate features without anything extra or unnecessary.
      Power Source
      The battery is rechargeable through a computer USB port or a power socket. When one is training with GPS constantly, the battery will last for up to 8 hours. When one is training for 45minutes per day with GPS on the battery will last up to one week and while using the power save mode the entire time the battery will last up to 3 weeks. The actual battery life of a fully charged battery depends on how much time one uses the GPS and backlight. In order to save battery life, one can do so by taking up much less memory, recording fewer streams and performing the process less often.
      This watch has an MSRP of $230. However, being that it is an older watch (originally released in 2010), it can be found at deep discounts.... if you can find it at all.
      There are a few accessories that can be purchased for the Forerunner 110. First, you can purchase basic accessories like additional charging cables, USB cables, or outlet adapters. Heart rate straps can be purchased if you plan on using the device to monitor your heart rate. These must be ANT+ to pair with this watch. A bike mount can be purchased to hold the watch on your handlebars to monitor cycling workout data. If you need some extra protection while traveling, or if you are a bit clumsy, a carrying case is available for the Forerunner 110.
      Key Features
      -"Normal" size
      -Highly accurate
      -Heart rate monitoring
      -Garmin Connect
      -Easy to Use
      -Not expensive compared to other running watches
      Bottom Line
      If you are looking for a no-frills way to track your workout data, look into the Garmin Forerunner 110. It is easy to use and highly accurate and analyzes your performance using the Garmin Connect computer app. Although not Bluetooth compatible or fully waterproof, this watch provides everything you need to keep track of your health and fitness.
      Where to Buy
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      Where to buy
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