Garmin Forerunner 630 Touchscreen GPS Watch

The Garmin Forerunner 630 is a unique addition to this popular line of smartwatches. It does not include several of the tracking features that one would find in its predecessors, including those for swimming, outdoor recreation, or various forms of indoor workouts. And while it is able to track and monitor the buyer's heart rate, the buyer will have to purchase this device separately or get the bundle package for an extra cost.

However, unlike earlier versions, this watch is able to be utilized with a touchscreen. Not only does this make for easier set-up, but it also proves to be a great option for those who are still getting used to smartwatches. It also includes advanced running dynamics, tracking features for cycling and daily activities, and customizable workouts via Garmin Connect.

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Where to Buy
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Pros & Cons

-Lightweight and comfortable wear

-Highly durable materials

-Great levels of accuracy

-Long-lasting battery life

-Bluetooth and WiFi compatible

-Simpler and easier to use



-Expensive price tag

-Some connectivity issues

-Not made for cold temperatures

-Fewer features than previous models

Key Features
The Forerunner 630's design allows it to be useful during both day-to-day living and different types of training sessions. Its advanced running dynamics and multiple training and planning features allow buyers to better customize their workouts.

Even during downtime, buyers can still keep track of how many steps they've taken or how many calories they've burned throughout the day. It even comes with features that allow buyers to keep track of their sleeping patterns.

Furthermore, its water rating of 5 ATM allows this watch to be used while swimming, diving, or even jogs through heavy rain. However, it's not intended to be used while scuba diving or during high-intensity water sports. In addition, unlike other watches within this line, it comes with no designated tracking features for swimmers.
Basic Features
Instead of a five-five button configuration, the Forerunner 630 has four buttons. Each one has their own designated function: turning the backlight on or off, turning on Active Mode, marking a new lap, and going back to the previous screen. Of course, most of the watches features can be used with touchscreen.

It includes all of the features that one would expect from their modern watch, including a stopwatch, timer, and automatic daylight savings time. Calendar and weather features are also included for better day-to-day planning, and the watch's GPS and compass allow runners to have a clearer direction of their running and cycling routes.
Advanced Features
The Forerunner 630 comes readily equipped with several advanced running dynamics as well as tracking features for cyclists. With a compatible accessory, it can also track and monitor dynamics such as ground contact time, vertical oscillation, and lactate threshold. It also includes TrueUp, which allows the buyer to switch between compatible devices in order to continuously utilize their watch.

Unfortunately, unlike its predecessors, it does not come readily equipped with heart rate tracking features. Buyers who are looking for this can either purchase the brand's HRM-Run separately or get the bundle option for an extra $50. With this, runners are able to track their heart rate throughout the day and get access to other important factors such as recovery time and stress levels.

As usual, this watch can be further set up and utilized by using the Garmin Connect app. Not only is this how buyers receive access to tracking and monitoring, but it also gives them free and customizable training plans and allows them to connect with other users. Added safety and peace of mind is also offered via the LiveTrack app, which lets the buyers contacts know of their workout route as it's playing out in real-time.
Although not many buyers have commented on the Forerunner 630's level of accuracy, those who have indicated that it's very impressive. While other models within this line have been inconsistent when it comes to this particular quality, reviewers claim that this watch gives very accurate readings when it comes to their routes, timing, heart rates, or other vitals.
According to several reviewers, the Forerunner 630 utilizes Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity. Not only does this activate all of its tracking and monitoring features, including LiveTrack, but it also enables notifications for text messages, phone calls, and even social media. Anyone who has a working iPhone or Android smartphone can set up and customize this watch via the Garmin Connect app.

While most buyers seem to be satisfied with how it functions, a few have claimed that its overall connectivity doesn't always function properly. They've claimed that has some syncing issues when connecting to their laptop, and that its touchscreen responsiveness is inconsistent. It's unclear if this has anything to do with how they're tapping it or some sort of manufacturing error.
As with all Garmin smartwatches, the Forerunner 630 makes use of the Garmin Connect app. Not only does it allow the runner to access the features that can track their progress and statistics more easily, but it also allows them to stay connected to their contacts as they train. This, of course, becomes essential when utilizing LiveTrack.

Buyers also have access to the Garmin Connect IQ Store, which enables them to find and download additional apps that they could use throughout the day. It also provides different watch faces to the buyer can further customize their own watch. They can even use a picture from their smartphone's photo library if they download the Face It app.
As with all other watches that are in this line, the Forerunner 630 has received a great deal of praise for its very comfortable wear. The silicone that forms its wrist band is designed to be textured at the surface but smooth against the skin, and its casings come with no additional bulk in order to avoid feeling cumbersome. Furthermore, its lightweight of only 1.6 ounces makes it incredibly easy to wear no matter what environment they're in.

With that said, there are a few buyers who have claimed that it digs into their skin and leave them with irritation as they wear it. Although this may have more to do with their individual wrist shape or how tight they have fastened the band than the actual watch itself.
The Forerunner 630 has the same general appearance as several of the other smartwatches within this same line. It has a sleek, minimalistic casing that furthers its lightweight wear and blends in seamlessly with its silicone band. Furthermore, the band's various slots and grooves provide a more eye-catching look and add to its easy wear.

Instead of the usual five-button configuration, this watch only has four buttons in total along with its touchscreen compatibility. It's also only available in either black or midnight blue, and both options include white along with the inner band.
Most reviewers seem to be very happy with just who durable the Forerunner 630 proves to be. The lens is made from chemically-strengthened glass, allowing it to avoid scratches and cracks, and the silicone wrist band is able to resist wear and tear, even after coming into constant contact with hand soap or lotion.

As stated before, this watch's water rating is listed at 5 ATM. This means that it can be worn while swimming, diving, snorkeling, or even during a shower or heavy rain. However, it's not meant to withstand activities such as scuba diving or high-speed water sports.

However, there are some reviews which indicate that this watch's inner workings aren't always as durable. The occasional connectivity issues that it starts to have over time can be attributed to either a manufacturing error or simply not enough attention paid to making this watch properly function for longer.
The Forerunner 630's lens is made with a chemically-strengthened glass, as opposed to the Corning brand Gorilla Glass 3 that's been used on previous models. While it might not be on the same level of durability, it's still able to resist scratches and shattering. Its face measures 1.23 inches in diameter on its own and 1.77 inches in diameter and 0.46 inches thick with its casing.

This watch's display resolution is 215 x 180 pixels, which is noticeably lower than many other smartwatches that are on the market. Despite this, most buyers seem to be very impressed with its touchscreen features. Not only does this make the watch stand out amongst other in the same line, but it also allows easier overall usage.
The Forerunner 630's wrist band is made from the same type of durable silicone that's been used for its predecessors. It also features a series of shallow grooves and cuts that allow for greater pliability when wrapped around the buyer's wrist. Although it's not clear what its exact measurement is, it's most likely that it can comfortably fit any wrist that's between five and eight inches around.

It should also be mentioned that the wrist band can be replaced if need be. Compatible bands can be bought on the Garmin website or even on Amazon for around $30, and they even come complete with the tools needed to remove and attach them.
The Forerunner 630's listing shows that its face is 1.23 inches in diameter, which is only a bit larger than the average watch sizing. With the casing included, it measures 1.77 inches in diameter and 0.46 inches thick. While its band's measurements aren't entirely clear, it can still be safely assumed that it can most comfortably fit any wrist that's between five and eight inches around.

In addition, its weight is listed as being at 1.6 ounces. While this may be just slightly more than other models within this line, its still matches it's simple and lightweight design. It also adds greatly to this watch's incredibly versatile wear.
Ease of Use
Most buyers seem to find the Forerunner 630 very easy to use. While most of its features can be operated via its touchscreen, it does come with two buttons on either side for very distinct uses. While those who aren't entirely used to smartwatches may be a bit confused at first, they will quickly be able to learn thanks to the included manual and an instructional video found on the Garmin website listing.

The only obvious downside is that the touchscreen feature may not work for certain finger sizes. Those who have thick fingers or prefer to wear long nails may find this watch more difficult to operate.
Power Source
As with all smartwatches, the Forerunner 630 comes with a USB charging plug to power it up. Buyers can easily plug it into their laptop, attach it to a wall outlet, or even use a portable charger while they're on the go. Whichever method they use, there's always a way to ensure that it can operate.

Buyers are especially impressed with how long this watch's battery life is. According to multiple listings and reviews, it can last as long as four weeks while on Smartwatch Mode. As for its GPS Mode, this model can last as long as 16 hours. So it's quite safe to say that, depending on how they use it, runners can go for up to a month without having to worry about making sure it's charged up.
The Forerunner 630 is set at the exact same price point as several other watches within its line. It can be found on the Garmin website, and at other retailers such as Moosejaw, for $400. The bundle that includes the HRM-Run can be purchased for an additional $50.

A number of buyers can easily justify this smartwatch's expense cost by looking at its overall build and versatile usage. Not only is it highly durable, able to resist scratches and water damage, but it can also be worn during daily activities and high-intensity outdoor workouts. And the fact that it allows buyers to customize their runs and training sessions makes it even more worth the price.

However, it should be pointed out that it does not come with several of the features that are already included on its predecessors. These include tracking features swimming as well as the heart-rate monitors. And since some of the earlier versions were priced at $300, many question whether it would be worth it to pay more for less.
Key Features
-218 x 180 pixels
-Advanced running dynamics
-Garmin Connect
-Garmin Connect IQ
-Water Rating of 5 ATM
-Silicone wrist band
-Chemically-strengthened glass lens
-4-week battery life in Smartwatch Mode
-16-hour battery life in GPS mode
-Heart-rate monitor sold in bundle
Bottom Line
There's no question that the Garmin Forerunner 630 has received plenty of positive reviews across the board. Not only is it simple and sleek, but it also proves to be versatile and very customizable. Buyers are able to tailor their runs and workouts to their individual needs, and the use of a touchscreen makes it truly stand out amongst other watches in this popular line.

However, it still includes quite a few noticeable drawbacks. Not only does it cost more than several of its predecessors, but it also offers them less than before. There are no swimming features, only two features available for outdoor recreation, and the heart rate monitor has to be purchased separately.

In conclusion, this watch is definitely meant for those who are more active yet don't want too many additional features. As long as they know how to fully utilize it, they can easily get their money's worth for a long time.
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