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The Huawei Watch 2 Sport is the Android users answer to the Apple Watch. Android decided that iPhone users shouldn’t have all the fun, so they designed a multifunctional watch that is the perfect fitness companion for the active Android user. In addition to connecting to the internet to make searches and communications a breeze, the watch offers basic and advanced features that make tracking, comparing, and improving the wearers’ fitness level easy and fun. Some of the unique features offered in this watch are a stand-alone GPS and downloadable music function that allow the athlete to workout with music and GPS tracking even without their phone nearby. The watch is designed to last and is even water resistant up to 5 meters of water, so there is no need to worry about running in the rain. This is a more expensive item and might not be the ideal fitness tracker for the athlete on a tight budget. This watch offers a sleek aesthetic that looks good with fitness attire as well as your day to day outfits, so there is no need to purchase a separate watch for both functions.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons

Multiple fitness apps to choose from

Automatic tracking

Water resistant

Stylish design 


Compatible with Android or iOS devices only

Key Features
This watch is designed for both day to day wear, and for tracking more intense physical activities. In terms of day to day tracking, the Huawei tracks steps taken and continuously tracks heart rate. It also provides one on one voice coaching for more extreme activities. Runners love this watch because it is compatible with a variety of different fitness apps that can more precisely track pace, splits, and even design training programs. This watch doesn’t have the capabilities to identify different forms of cardio, such as biking or time spent on the elliptical, but it will identify the overall calories burned and distance traveled, so it is overall, a smart choice for all cardio activities. However, although this watch is water resistant, it is not waterproof, so it is not a good idea to wear this watch during any swimming events or activities that involve the pool, beach, or lakes.
Basic Features
This is a great option for beginning athletes due to the easy to use, basic features that it offers. This watch connects via blue tooth technology and automatically tracks your steps, the calories you’ve burned throughout the day, and the distance that you’ve traveled. Additionally, the watch can notify you when you’ve been inactive for too long and tracks your activity versus inactivity moments throughout the course of your day. This watch also tracks your heart rate during workouts as well as during your daily activities.
Advanced Features
One of the most unique features about this watch is that it can work independently from your Android phone. While most smartwatches require a direct connection to your smartphone to fully function, the Huawei Watch 2 Sport can perform a number of functions independently. This watch features a stand alone GPS that provides live, real time mapping. This is great for distance runners who spend long hours on training runs and don’t want to worry about the complications of a dead battery. Additionally, this watch has the ability to download music and play it directly through the watch without the need of a phone.
This watch connects via Bluetooth 4.1 EDR connectivity and NFC technology which provides automatic updates throughout the day. The data reports, therefore, are very accurate. Many different fitness apps can be downloaded to the adjoined phone for more specific fitness tracking. However, this watch lacks the ability to translate activities to their specific category. This can make tracking steps slightly less accurate than other watches that can distinguish between rowing, biking, walking, elliptical machine training and other cardio activities.
A unique feature of this watch is that it can act as a stand-alone GPS. The vast majority of fitness watches need their partnered smartphone to provide real-time GPS tracking. The watch connects via a Bluetooth, 4.1 EDR connection and state of the art NCF Technology. Runners appreciated that this watch can actually download music and play it without the need to be connected to a phone so even if your battery is low, you can still enjoy music during a run.
User can download a wide variety of apps to use with this watch. The watch has the capabilities to display many apps on the watch face so runners can have their fitness apps, the weather, music apps, and their GPS all accessible to them during a workout. This watch is compatible with most apps that can be accessed on an Android phone, so even non-fitness related apps like payment apps, food tracking apps, and even social media can be accessed via your watch.
At 1.4 ounces, runners reported that this watch is good for fitness as well as everyday use. The band that comes with the watch can fit any wrist size and can also be swapped out to meet the comfort needs of the wearer. The digital screen makes viewing easy and the larger bottom allows runners to comfortably check their steps, pace, heart rate, and distance with minimal discomfort or annoyance during runs.

This watch provides the wearer with a sleek, athletic ascetic. The watch comes with a sleek black band that provides a comfortable, water and sweat resistant look and feel, but other band options can be purchased to provide the runner with a less athletic and more professional look to fit all of their needs.
For starters, this watch is dust and water resistant. While it is not a good idea for runners to wear this watch to perform their underwater activities, they shouldn’t be scared of wearing it in the rain or of stray splashes of water from the sink. Additionally, the watch comes with a high quality, a rubberized leather band that is tear and puncture resistant. This keeps the watch looking new for a long time, regardless of the difficult workouts performed while wearing the watch. The watch face has an AMOLED display that is scratch and crack resistant as well. Finally, this watch does have a limited warranty and runners found its long lifespan to be worth the overall price.
The face of the watch uses a clear to read, digital display. The AMOLED display is 1.2” and is touch-screen so runners can easily access their fitness data, change music, and check their GPS coordinates all without stopping. Additionally, the technology used to create this watch provides the runner with the ability to customize the watch face. Different background colors, designs, and fonts are all available.
There is one band that comes standard with this watch. The materials are a rubberized leather that looks sophisticated and sporty and is designed to withstand sweaty workouts. It is lightweight and breathable so runners don’t need to worry about discomfort or chaffing. This band is 22mm. It can fit a wrist that is at minimum 5.5 inches and a maximum of 8.3 inches. Additional bands can be purchased to customize the look and fit of the watch as well. The band that the watch comes standard with is black, but different color options can be purchased separately.
Sizes Available
This watch and the band that it comes with are offered in a one size fits all option. This is a unisex design that is created to fit both men and women. The 30mm screen size is large enough to see without struggling, but also small enough that it rests comfortably against the wrist without jutting out or causing irritation to the runner. This watch is lightweight and designed to be worn both as a fitness accessory and as an everyday accessory.
Ease of Use
This watch is designed to be compatible with any Android or iOS device. Athletes who are familiar with the technology and operating systems of the Android will have no problem using this watch. Additionally, the watch offers features that make life much easier for the wearer. For starters, the watch comes with a personal voice assistant (Google Assistant) right on your wrist. This feature is similar to Apple’s SIRI. Additionally, for the runner who may need a little more motivation, the watch comes with a real-time workout coach that can provide guidance and data to the runner during a workout. Not only is this watch easy to use, it actually makes a different aspect of your life easier too.
Power Source
The watch connects via Bluetooth 4.1 EDR connectivity. The NFC technology allows the athlete to use a simple one-touch pairing. This technology automatically updates, sending real-time data to the watch for steps, distance, calories burned, and heart rate. The watch has a built-in, powerful 420 mAh battery. This battery is designed to last up to two days without a charge. If the watch is switched to just watch mode, and no apps are enabled, the battery life can last up to 21 days without a charge. The watch comes with its own charging cradle that makes charging a breeze.
This watch isn’t as expensive as some of the luxury fitness brands on the market today, but it is certainly not the best option for the runner on a budget. Since this watch is designed with the most cutting-edge technology and provides athletes with the newest accessories for working out as well as non-athletic activities, users should expect to pay more for this product. However, runners were pleased with the overall durability and found this watch to be worth the overall cost.
A few of the most impressive accessories offered in this watch are its ability to act as a stand-alone GPS and the fact that is can store and play music without the need for the phone nearby. In terms of what this watch comes standard with, runners reported that they wished Huawei offered more standard accessories. With the purchase of the watch, runners can expect to receive a charging cradle and a USB cable. It also comes with a quick start guide, power adapter, and safety information. The watch comes standard with a black, rubberized leather band but other bands can be purchased separately to create a different look and feel.
Key Features
- Stand-alone GPS capabilities
- Personalized fitness coach
- Compatible with any Android or iOS device
- Automatic calorie, step, distance, and heart rate tracking
- Water resistant
- Music can play without the need for the phone
- Google assistant technology
- Comes with charging cradle and USB cable
- 1.2mm Amoled Screen
- Tough Screen
- Bluetooth 4.1 EDR connections
- 420 mAh Battery
- Comes with a 10-week google play music subscription
Bottom Line
The Huawei Watch 2 Sport is the Android equivalent to the Apple Watch. The watch has the ability to track basic fitness trends like steps taken, calories, heart rate, and distance traveled. It also has more advanced capabilities like its ability to be a stand-alone GPS. It also provides the runner the ability to listen to music without the need to always have their phone with them. Although the price tag is higher on this watch than some others, runners found that the combination of fitness and everyday wearability as well as the long lasting durability of the watch makes it a good investment.
Where to Buy
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