IntenSati: Class We Need About Self-Love

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IntenSati is the high-intensity cardio class that promotes self-love, a healthy body and mind.. IntenSati: Class We Need About Self-Love

Part of what makes running and other workouts so beneficial—especially for women—is that fact that it helps make us strong. But no matter how much we love to exercise, we often still struggle with self-love. Now there is a fitness class that is helping to change that. Called intenSati, this class is all about empowerment and self-love—all while getting in that cardio we love.

intenSati is a fitness class that is all about working on a healthy body and spirit. It does so by incorporating positive affirmations with aerobic exercise. As a result, the participant leaves feeling strong both mentally and physically.

“It is extremely empowering for most people,” intenSati creator Patricia Moreno told RunnerClick. “Often people cry tears of relief not even realizing how hard they have been on themselves. The combination of the movement and the affirmations creates a synchronization of body and mind and often times awakens one’s experience of the power of positivity and self-love.”

Photo Credit: Patricia Moreno | Facebook

Its Beginning

A fitness professional, Moreno landed her “dream job” hosting a national daily workout show. What should’ve been a career-high turned into a low point for her after an executive producer told her she was gaining too much weight.

“I found myself at a crossroads; I was either going to go back to my old habit of extreme dieting, bingeing and purging and abusing drugs to try to annihilate my hunger and cravings for food so I could keep trying to reach my thin ideal and feel worthy of love,” she said, “or I was going to figure out what the real problem was.”

Moreno took the high road, going on a journey that lasted two years that consisted of researching and studying with scholars and gurus.

“I realized that one of the things that is most devastating to our ability to love ourselves is how we talk to ourselves,” Moreno said. “No one abuses us more than we abuse ourselves, and our inner conversations affirm our self-concept. Our life is a result of our own self-concept, our beliefs about ourselves. If we truly want our life, our health, and level of self-love to improve, it is an inside job.”

And so intenSati was born.

“intenSati is the practice of rewriting our self-concept and by retraining how we speak to ourselves while we move our body so we synchronize body and mind and create an emotional experience,” she said. “We exercise our power to choose what we think, say and do. It’s truly life-altering.”

The Class

intenSati is all about physical and spiritual fitness. To reflect that, it gets its name from fusing together “intention” with “Sati,” the word of mindfulness in Sanskrit. “From those two, we created the word “intenSati”. The intention was that it would represent that it is a practice to evolve yourself as a mind, body, and spirit, not simply body parts,” Moreno said.

Photo Credit: Lauren Keating | RunnerClick

The class itself is a combination of kickboxing, martial arts, yoga, and dance. Expect to jump around playfully, do squats and punch the air. The participant does work up in sweat since with is a high-intensity cardio workout, but they feel good doing so since it is fun and freeing.

The class starts calmly with the instructor talking about self-appreciation and our connection to the world. Then the participant is asked to repeat positive phrases while being lead through moves like kicks and punches. This does require some coordination (it’s like rubbing your belly and patting your head at the same time), but people of all fitness levels can participate because the level of intensity is done based on the person’s own effort.

The class is broken into segments where after a portion is completed, participants are encouraged to give high-fives. It’s definitely not a class for those who are overly shy or easily feel silly.

Proclaiming Self-Love

What really makes the class stand out is the affirmations that are declared throughout the 45-minute class. Now more than ever we need a fitness class that teaches self-love.

During long runs, we often use mantra to help push us to the finish line. But in intenSati, the phrases are meant to help us learn a new way to talk to ourselves. And it is extremely empowering to say things like “I am enough,” when doing the power moves. These phrases and repeated over and over, and it’s hard not to be moved by them emotionally.

“How we use language, especially towards ourselves, determines our destiny,” Moreno said. “You can’t become happier and healthier by hating or berating yourself.”

All the affirmations of self-love start with “I am.”

I am powerful beyond measure.

I am stronger than I think.

I am empowered and safe.

These are just a few of the powerful phrases yelled out during a class.

“As we move and repeat these statements we are training ourselves to find evidence that this is true. What we seek we will find. What we ask for we receive,” Moreno said. “We have to be our own healers. No one can think for you so it is important that we wake up and take charge of our inner conversations if we want to free ourselves from the fear of not being enough.”

Empowering Women

intenSati is a class like no other. While it might not be everyone’s go-to for a fat burner, its healing properties for broken self-esteem or those looking for more positivity in their life makes it a must try. This class strips away the need to torch X amount of calories and instead focuses on living a loving and healthy life. It is empowering and refreshing in an industry that is all about how sculpted and tone we can look.

“For far too long we have been taught to self-objectify and to believe our appearance is our social currency,” said Moreno. “The fitness industry is a 28 billion dollar industry that sells us the dream of the thin ideal and reinforces the extreme fatphobia in our society.”

Many feel the pressures to be thin or follow a trendy diet, and when it doesn’t work we often become depressed and feel bad about ourselves.

“If we don’t pay attention and see what we are doing to ourselves we stay stuck in a trance of unworthiness and not only do we pay but the world pays because we never step into our full potential,” Moreno said. “intenSati helps to break the trance, rewrite your self-concept and tap into your heart so you can be more and do more than be beautiful. It’s a privilege to be able to change your mind, we have to exercise it more. The world needs more women stepping up and standing up for women to be valued for more than their body.”

Photo Credit: Patricia Moreno | Facebook

Of course, finding that self-love can often be a journey. One class won’t fix deep-rooted issues but can be a great step taken to improve our well-being.

“It is a practice, and we cannot change our self-concept overnight,” she said. “If we have had a long history of being hard on ourselves it may take a while to rewire our brain for positivity, but it is possible and it is a journey we must accept for ourselves. We have the power to choose love, we have to exercise that power!”


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