Jabra Step Wireless Headphones Review

The Jabra Step wireless headphones are designed to be used both during workouts and everyday life. It offers the same lightweight and comfortable wear as similar headsets on the market, which allows it to be quite versatile. And thanks to its soft and flexible GelHooks and three different sizes of EarGels, buyers have also discovered that its wear is very customizable.

The Jabra Step relies entirely on Bluetooth version 4.0 in order to be fully functional, and it's surprisingly easy to connect it to most mobile devices. Its power button and combination remote/microphone, both located on the right side, further enhance its straightforward usage.

However, there have still been several reports of this set's poor connectivity and inability to stay in the buyer's ears. Not surprisingly, both of these factors have had negative impacts on its reviews.


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Where to Buy
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Where to Buy
rei.com Link
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Pros & Cons
-Comfortable fit
-Decent price tag
-Good battery life
-Great for an active lifestyle
-Poor connectivity
-Lacks overall durability
-Does not stay in place
Key Features
On their own website, Jabra states that their Step wireless headset is designed especially for ”life on-the-move.” It's a lightweight and comfortable fit, along with its non-intrusive design, make it a great choice for both workouts and everyday activities such as errands, travel, and even for work.

Reviewers have greatly enjoyed taking this set with them during runs, to the gym, and even on public transportation. It's listing also states that it’s resistant to dust and water, so it can easily withstand outdoor workouts in all types of weather. With that said, its actual water rating cannot be found online, so buyers would be wise to not use this set at the pool or beach.

Some have pointed out that it would be more convenient if this set came with its own travel pouch, which is included with many other wireless headsets. This way it could be stored away safely when not in use, preventing damage to the buds and connecting wire and therefore allowing it to last longer.
Basic Features
One of the Step’s most distinctive features is its pair of soft and flexible GelHooks, which hook behind the ears in order to keep them in place. And, like all other in-ear designs, it comes with three different sizes of silicone ear gels to ensure that all buyers are given their ideal fit. Buyers also have the option to remove the hooks if they prefer, although this may be the reason why so many complain that it won’t stay in their ears.

A wire runs between the earbuds to prevent this set from becoming lost or possibly broken. A start button is included on the right earbud, and remote control is fixed to the right side of the wire. It also includes a built-in omnidirectional microphone with noise-isolation, ensuring a better calling experience.
Advanced Features
The Step is fully functional with the help of Bluetooth connectivity, specifically with version 4.0. Any device that supports this version, whether it’s an iPhone or Android, will be compatible with this set for phone calls, music-listening, and even voice commands.

This set supports Advanced Audio Distribution Profile, or A2DP, which is the default setting for streaming audio via Bluetooth connectivity. It also utilizes AVRCP, or Audio/Visual Remote Control Profile, which enables all remote control functions to work with Bluetooth. Both of these profiles are what truly enable the buyer’s music, podcast, and video experiences while wearing these headphones.

Other advanced features include this set’s 144-hour standby time, meaning that it can stay powered-on for up to six days, and its ability to resist dust, sweat, and water. Although since its actual rating isn’t listed online, it looks as if this particular quality is limited.
Sound Quality
Most reviewers have complimented the Step for its overall sound quality, and they especially love the fact that these are noise-canceling. Those who find their ideal fit really enjoy the fact that they can tune everything else out while they run or travel on public transportation. Of course, this also means that it could potentially be dangerous to use in more high-traffic areas.

In addition, several reviewers have gone into further detail about when they like when it comes to this set’s sound. Not only does it block out a lot of ambient noise, but it also produces a terrific pitch and solid mids.

There were some buyers who wished that it had a stronger bass, while others thought the sound was just too low even with the volume turned up. Although these reviews could be based entirely on personal preferences, they should still be considered when making a purchase.
According to many reviewers, another area where the Step loses points is in its overall connectivity. Like all other wireless headsets, it relies entirely on Bluetooth to function. This one uses version 4.0 and works with any compatible mobile device whether it’s an iPhone or an Android.

Unfortunately, many buyers have complained that this feature is extremely inconsistent. Phone calls will drop and music will stall at random moments, and it continues to happen even after everything has been reset. Apparently, this has been known to happen just weeks after the set has been purchased, and it only gets worse the longer it’s used.
One of the Step's few qualities that's consistently praised is its incredibly comfortable wear. Not only does its lightweight and wireless design allow buyers to feel free to move around, but it's also equipped with soft and flexible GelHooks for a customizable fit. And along with the three offered sizes of silicone ear gels, this set is intended to provide runners with a secure fit that will never cause them any irritation or discomfort.

This, in turn, is why it's unfortunate that so many buyers have complained that this set doesn't always stay in place. Despite the fact that it has ear hooks, and comes with three different sizes of ear tips, a lot of reviewers aren't able to find their ideal fit and are left with a set that always comes loose.
When looking at the Step’s overall style, buyers get the immediate impression that it offers a secure fit that doesn’t leave them feeling restricted or tied to their device. It also looks like an ideal set for those who feel that wireless earbuds would be either too much of a hassle or too easy to lose. And the inclusion of a three-button remote, along with its built-in microphone, let’s them know that it will be a very easy headset for them to use.

Still, its overall design doesn’t appeal to everyone. It does lack the cutting-edge style that’s featured with other wireless headsets, and the large GelHooks could be part of the reason for why it’s so unstable and often slips out.

In addition, unlike some of Jabra’s other headsets, this one is only available in all black. Reviewers don’t seem to mind the lack of color options, however, as this one is able to appeal to many different buyers and can easily fit into almost any setting.
For the most part, the Step seems to be a fairly solid and sturdy headset. When they are properly cared for, and stored away when not in use, they are known to last all the way to the end of their one-year warranty.

However, a large number of reviewers have experienced issues only a few months, or even a few weeks, after purchase. They’ve noticed an interruption in their connectivity, as well as the sound quality faded out over time.

And although it’s marketed as being dust and water-resistant, its IPX rating can’t be found anywhere online. While they could definitely hold up against a sweaty workout, and might fair well in sudden rain or snow, they aren’t recommended for use in or around a pool or open water.
Ease of Use
Most reviews indicate that the Step is an easy headset to use, even for those who are new to wireless headphones. It’s extremely simple to pair it with a mobile device, as all the buyer has to do is turn in on and then immediately go to their phone’s Bluetooth settings to select this set.

The power button, located on the right ear bad, is easily accessible and doesn’t require a very hard press. Those who are still getting used to wireless headsets also appreciate the remote/microphone that’s fixed to the right side, as it makes volume controls, phone calls, and voice commands a lot let complicated during their workouts.

Where things seem to get difficult is this set’s overall level of connectivity, as reviewers have noticed that frequently goes out and that it only gets worse over time. Buyers have also complained about this set’s tendency to fall out of their ears while they run, which makes it a hassle during high-intensity training sessions.
Power Source
The Step comes with its own micro-USB charging cable, which easily plugs into the right earbud. It can then connect to the buyer's laptop, a separate plug for a wall outlet, or even a portable charger while on the go. While this doesn't offer the same amount of convenience as a charging case, which comes with several other Jabra earbuds, it still manages to work just fine for most buyers.

While its battery life isn't quite as impressive as what buyers will find with other wireless headsets, it's still decent enough to satisfy most. Its listings state that it offers up to four hours of music playback and talk time, along with up to 144 hours of standby time. This means that they can go for up to six days without it being in use before this set finally runs out of power.
When compared to many other wireless headsets that are currently on the market, the Step is actually very affordable. Buyers can purchase it from REI or the Jabra website for $60, or from other outlets such as B&H or Walmart for as little as $25. The lowest prices can typically be found on eBay, although buyers should still check the listing's reviews before making a purchase.

When this set works and fits properly, it's considered to be an amazing bargain. Not only is it lightweight and extremely comfortable, but multiple buyers have had nothing but praise for its overall sound quality. They also appreciate its high-quality build and decent battery life.

However, between its constant connectivity issues and overall lack of durability, a large number of reviewers say that they've regretted purchasing this set. Some buyers were also very annoyed by the fact that it doesn't always stay put when they wear it, and others wished that its water-resistant features were stronger.
Key Features
-A2DP for music playing
-AVRCP music controls
-Bluetooth version 4.0
-Four hours of talk time
-144 hours of standby time
-Micro-USB charging cable
-Soft and flexible GelHooks
-Three different sizes of EarGels
Bottom Line
Although most of them seem to be quite positive, the Jabra Step's online reviews are extremely mixed. This set of wireless earbuds does have a lot going for it, which makes it look like it would be an ideal set for most runners. The fit is comfortable and lightweight, it's easy to set up, and most agree that it's sound quality is perfect enough for the average consumer.

Unfortunately, there are just a few major factors that greatly affect how buyers view it. Many have complained about its connectivity issues, stating that its sound starts to drop just weeks after they've purchased this set. They also claim that the earbuds don't stay put and continuously fall out as they run.

Even though this headset costs a lot less than several other wireless headphones on the market, some feel that this is only a reflection of its disappointing quality. Luckily for them, Jabra offers plenty of other models that could meet their expectations.
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